Colin Terry
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 1, 1975 (1975-06-01) (age 42)
Hometown Green Bay, Wisconsin
Occupation Statistician

Survivor: Ghost Island

Tribes Marau
Placement Second Runner-Up (3/18)
Alliances Xane's Kalou Alliance (affiliated)
Joint Alliance
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 39
Colin Terry is a contestant on Survivor: Ghost Island. He placed 3rd.


Survivor: Ghost Island

Name (Age): Colin Terry (37)
Tribe Designation: Marau, Tekivu
Current Residence: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Occupation: Statistician
Hobbies: Spending time with my children, Fishing, Football
Pet Peeves: Sore Losers, Complainers
3 Words to Describe You: Smart, Loyal, Quiet
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Anyone who's flown under the radar.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: My house is in foreclosure and I'd like to pay it off.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: Easy, by staying loyal and switching if I need to.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Being able to think more logically than most of the others.

Survivor: Ghost Island

Voting History

Colin's Voting History
Episode Colin's
Voted Against
1 Cindy
2 Jake
3 Marau Tribe Immune
4 Wesley
5 Yvette
6 Shaniqua
7 Shaniqua
8 Frank Frank
9 Alec
10 Alec
11 Samantha
12 Hilbert Individual Immunity
13 Rebeckah
Ashleigh Ashleigh, Kenni
Jury Votes
for Colin
Second Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In The Lesser of Three Evils, the vote ended with a 4-4-1 tie between Kenni and Xane, forcing a revote. Colin was not involved in the tie and could not be voted to win.


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