Colton Bentley
Colton Bentley
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 6, 1977
Hometown College, AK
Occupation Animal Rescue Center Owner

Survivor: Malaysian Islands

Tribes Minat
Placement 14/16
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 9

Colton Bentley is a contestant from Survivor: Malaysian Islands.


Name (Age): Colton Bentley (37)
Tribe Designation: Minat
Current Residence: College, AK
Occupation: Animal Rescue Center Owner
Personal Claim to Fame: Starting my own company that helps endangered animals or hurt animals to basically have a better life.
Inspiration in Life: It would have to be my animals. There is no better feeling in world than to know that somebody out there needs you. I live in Alaska, so there ain't that many people to go talk to, 'ya know. Animals always keep you happy.
Hobbies: Animals, Running, Working Out
Pet Peeves: I get very irritated when somebody can't own the mistakes they made.
3 Words to Describe You: Happy, Positive, Socially Awkward
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are the Most Like: I would say that I am a improved version of Zane. I am also alittle socially akward and a social outcast. But that don't mean that we don't have brains.
Reason to Being on Survivor: I live in one of the least populated places on Earth. I just wanna get out there and make friends for life basically. The conditions are nothing to me. Heck, I live in a house with no electricity whatsoever.

Survivor: Malaysian Islands

Colton started his Survivor experience as one of the eight members of the Minat tribe, which was picked by its oldest member, John. Colton started the game as the under-the-radar player. He made relationships with everyone. Since Day 5, he was sick and the sickness made his tribemates worries. He eventually recovered and started to play a game, starting an argument between Courtenay and John, just so he could get them to vote for each other. Courtenay was the one to bring that information to her allicemates and Martin wanted Colton gone as he was being the only strategic threat to him at that point. Colton's tribe lost two immunity challenges. After they lost immunity on Day 9, the alliance of Courtenay, Martin and Parke made a move against him, voting him out in a vote of 5-2.

Voting History

Colton's Voting History
Episode Colton's
Voted Against
1 Colton's Tribe Immune
2 Lisa -
3 Courtenay Courtenay, Elyse, Lisa, Martin, Parke
Voted Off, Day 9


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  • Colton is the only contestant on Survivor: Malaysian Island that has not finished high school.