"Come to His Rescue"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 5/13
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This is the fifth episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

A Tribe swap occurred which put Katrina and Sparky on Thomas, and Alexis and Leo on Croix. Samantha also received a ticket to Exile Island during the swap. After swapping, Sparky told his new tribe about his unusual condition. This caused the tribe to see him as a threat. On Exile Island, Samantha came across the fake Double Immunity Idol that Leo made. In the Immunity challenge, Thomas came out victoriously. This meant that Alexis and Leo were the targets for elimination. Alexis intended to target Haley, but Leo joined the rest of the tribe in voting out the weak Alexis. Twelve are left, who will be leaving tonight?


Reward Challenge: Key Collecting
One at a time, one person from a tribe will race another to a key tied to a post. They must untie the key and race back with it. Once back with all five keys, the tribe members must try and open a series of chests, figuring out which key goes where. First tribe to open all chests wins.
Reward: A basket of fruits.
Winner: Croix
Exiled: Felicity


Night of Day 12

After returning from Tribal Council, Samantha was happy to be home. Leo decided to try out his new strategy of acting sad about his partner's demise. This way he could get sympathy.

I'm not sad at all about the demise of Alexis. She had it coming. However, if I act sad about it, I will get some big sympathy points.


Leo looked sad and sat away from everyone else. Haley suspected that this was because Leo knew he would be next. She decided to go cheer him up, by telling him that they'll spare him if he proves himself as a strong player that can help the tribe.

Poor Leo was sitting all alone, looking depressed. We don't know how strong his friendship with Alexis was, but Leo looked sure that he was next to go. I thought it was time that I come to his rescue.


Day 13

At Thomas, Harrison was hoping that his ally, Leo, survived.

Leo and I were allies when he was on this tribe. I sure hope he survived last night.


Meanwhile, Tiffany tried to talk to Sparky. In hopes that he will socialize more. Justice, standing in the back, then threatened Sparky, saying that if Sparky doesn't talk more, he will be gone. This angers Tiffany.

If Sparks or whatever his name is won't talk, he's gone. He had to know the truth. When I was young, my father would always tell me the truth, even if it was the worst thing I've ever heard.


Octavia and Felicity then spoke with Katrina. They formed a friendship after getting to know each other. Felicity then asked Katrina to be a part of her duo with Octavia. Katrina agreed to it.

Felicity and Octavia are a lot closer with each other than me. Maybe I can change that sometime later in this game.


At Croix, Samantha secretly showed Haley the Double Immunity Idol that Leo made. Haley was shocked at the fact that Samantha found it. Leo, who was in the distance, overheard it. He sneakily looked and saw that it was the idol he made. Leo then ran off away from camp in private, and began laughing hysterically.

I can't believe that Samantha found the Double Idol! She is now a huge threat. Unless of course, she protects me with it.


Zachary then meets with Mark to discuss strategy. Zachary states that Haley may have to go next, because she is too strategic. Mark agrees, even though he and Haley have been friends since the first day.

Haley really needs to go. Otherwise, we're all going to.


I won't feel good about writing my companion's name down, but Zachary knows what he's talking about.


Day 14

The tribes met Probst for the reward challenge. The Thomas tribe were saddened at the sight of their friend gone.

In the challenge, Harrison and Katrina sat out. First off, Sparky went against Zachary. Zachary returned first, sending out Leo. Sparky then returned, sending out Felicity. Leo returned, sending out Mark. Felicity returned, sending out Justice. Mark returned, sending out Samantha. Justice then stumbled and fell, allowing Samantha to return and send out Haley. Justice returned, sending out Octavia. Haley then returned, allowing Croix to start on the locks. When Octavia returned, Thomas started the locks. However, Croix worked quicker and won reward.

Croix chose to exile Felicity, because she seemed like the strongest. Croix also won a basket of fruit.

Back at camp, Mark felt that the food reward would help the tribe greatly.

Finally we get a food reward! And we won it! This will be just what the tribe needs to get into shape.


On Exile Island, Felicity decided to just relax and not look for any idols.

Someone's probably found both idols by now. No need to waste my energy. I'm going to take this as a moment to just get away from everyone else.


Day 15

Early in the morning at the Croix tribe, Haley heard Zachary shout in pain. The entire tribe rushed over to find Zachary on the ground with a huge open wound in his leg.

Seeing Zachary like that was frightening. I didn't know what to do.


Zachary claimed to be in tremendous pain. So the medical team arrived, along with Probst. Zachary revealed that he was getting wood for the camp, when he tripped and a very sharp piece of wood went through his leg when he fell. The medical team then examined Zachary's leg.
After examining it, the medical team stated that the wood hit Zachary's femoral artery. Zachary's injury is serious and could be fatal unless treated immediately. They said that Zachary had to be removed from the game.

Zachary said his farewells and wished his tribe luck, as everyone tragically said goodbye. Zachary was then taken out of the game, diminishing the Croix tribe even more.

At Thomas, treemail was received stating that there would be no Immunity challenge, stating what happened at Croix. Felicity was then brought back from Exile Island to rejoin her tribe.
After hearing the news about his closest friend on the show, Sparky ran off and began trying to hold back tears. Katrina, too, was saddened by this. At night, Harrison lead the tribe in a prayer for Zachary's recovery.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
No Vote
Zachary Renstin

Still in the Running

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Next Time on Survivor...

Sparky will make a big move to his place in the game.

Author's Notes

  • I had to do research to determine how Zachary was evacuated.