"Consider It Done"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 12/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the 12th episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Second Chances
The survivors will face elements of past challenges:

  • First leg: The survivors must finish a tapestry puzzle that if solved, would reveal a set of coordinates to the location of a bundle of tiles in a sad pit, which they will use to complete a 5x5 Sudoku board. First five players to finish move on.
  • Second leg: The five remaining players must bounce a rattan ball along steep hills using their limbs but not their hands. Only three will move on.
  • Final leg: The final three competitors must throw hatchets at a wall with intertwining ropes, that when cut, drapes would fall, revealing a heaping plate of animal offal. First person to eat their entire serving wins reward.

​Reward: A brand-new 2013 Ford Focus ST (similar to what Nigel won at the Temptation Reward) and a barbecue feast with two tribemates in tow. The three will have a relaxing moment at a waterfall where their feast awaits.
Winner: Molly (chooses to bring Kendra and Donna)

Immunity Challenge: I Peg You
Tribe members will be standing at a wall with 15 numbered pegs to hold on to—13 detachable and 2 permanent. Players may hold and step on any peg, but every five minutes, the host will pick a peg number that the castaways must remove from their wall. A player who falls out from the wall will be eliminated. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Danny


Night 30

As the rest of the tribe prepares to sleep, Danny chastises Rashad for not following his lead and still voted out Jolanda. Rashad says he does not play with fear, and he trusts his alliance fully; and he would only care of his personal safety after Danny gets voted out.

Danny says I play this game fearfully by joining Kendra's alliance. For now, I could care less of my own safety. Like Danny can vote for me. I am confident I will be staying. Danny goes. The clock is ticking for him,


Molly pulls Rashad aside to tell what he knows. Rashad reveals to her that Danny secretly called him and asked him to vote Kendra out. Molly laughs, stating that the Three Tribes Alliance will do what it takes to deny Danny of the Immunity Necklace.

Danny must go. The boys must go, so me, Donna and Kendra make it to the top. But first things first: Danny.


Day 31

At Tree Mail, Kendra and Donna open a box containing a key - implying that the next Reward Challenge will be for a car. Kendra says she don't need a car. Donna says Molly needs the car, so she will just throw the challenge. Kendra disagrees, saying that it might offend her. On another note, Donna brings up Danny, asking Kendra her options should Danny wins the next Immunity Challenge. Kendra replies, saying that if Danny wins the necklace, they would resort to Plan B, which is to vote one of the males out, and her best candidate would be Rashad, who just entered the alliance.

I am worried of what's to come in the next three days. If Danny wins immunity, we have to cannibalize. But hey, if Danny does not win, consider it done.


The seven remaining Galone members goes to the challenge grounds for the Reward Challenge, which they recognize as an amalgam of some of the previous challenges of the season. The tribe is puzzled on why Jeff is still not around, until a raving red 2013 Dodge Dart R/T rolls out of the jungle. Its driver comes out and turns out to be Jeff. Jeff explains that the winner of the challenge wins the car he just drove, and a tailgate barbecue feast. After giving out the challenge instructions, the castaways are subjected to the challenge.

Most of the survivors have a hard time figuring out their tapestry puzzle, but Rashad and Molly finish their puzzle, with Kendra, Zach and Danny right behind them. Conway catches up by retrieving his coordinates first. Donna is out of it. Conway extends his lead by nearly finishing his Sudoku, while Molly catches up at him. Conway moves on to the second round where he is followed by Molly, Danny, Kendra and Rashad. At the second round, Molly leads the pack, saying she was playing with the rattan ball to kill boredom back at Galone camp, and finishes first. Danny and Rashad also move on. The three then throw small axes to drop their drapes. Molly and Danny both drop their drapes, revealing a plate of animal offal. It is a close race between Molly and Dannyl and while Rashad tries to catch up, Molly secured victory by sliding her remaining servings in her mouth, winning herself a brand-new car. In a state of euphoria, Molls is asked by Jeff which tribemate will she bring to the barbecue feast, in which she asks Kendra, to pay her back for bringing her to a reward two episodes ago. Jeff then tells Molly she may bring another tribemate, which she chooses Donna. Molly sends Danny back to Exile Island to prevent him from talking to Zach, Conway and Rashad.

I am for returning favors, and Kendra helped cope with my anger issues, so it's a no-brainer sharing my reward to her.


Ecstatic with her new car, Molly takes a map from Jeff and asks Kendra and Donna to get in the car, before speeding away to their reward place. Back at camp, Conway, Zach and Rashad contemplate on Danny's alliance offer. Realizing that the women are indeed tighter than it appeared, the three will talk to Danny once he goes back to camp. Conway, being the owner of the Magan Hidden Immunity Idol, he knows he is safe, but is worried of what will become of the next Immunity Challenge.

Everybody's on edge right now. Like, I know Kendra and I have a close bond since our days at Magan, but I can't get over the fact that the girls are taking each other in rewards, which scares me. Then there is Danny. If he wins immunity, we have to blindside the girls, but if Danny loses, we will stick to the plan. Danny's ass is gone. But I am wondering, if Danny goes home, what next?


Zach proposes that they should stick with the plan in voting Danny out in case he does not win immunity. But if he does, the men would band together against the females. In case of Conway's idol, Conway may gain intel to what the girls are thinking, to determine the outcome of the next Tribal Council.

For once, I won't rely on the alliance. I have feet, and I will use them. This has been my strategy all along. My master plan. Let them do the damage, and catch them off-guard when it matters most.


At the reward, the women cannot help but to think about the men if they are banding together. While Kendra cooks their barbecue, Donna and Molly converse on what to do if Danny wins immunity.

Quote1If Danny wins, what will we do?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Let's say vote Conway out. He's the slickest of the three. He's not a threat in physical challenges, but he is a wise kid. We cannot afford to keep someone like him for long.Quote2- Donna
Quote1I've been thinking about that too. But he has the idol. Like can we make them believe we will vote out Conway, but in truth, we will vote out either Zach or Rashad? Thoughts?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Maybe we could subtly scare him to use his idol so he will just waste it?Quote2- Donna
Quote1I'd say we talk this over when we get back to camp. We don't know what's happening at camp, and if anything, the guys are scheming too as we speak. Knowing Conway, he is smelling our plan, but it's too early to cannibalize right now. Let's wait for the challenge. We'll take off from there.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1But there is an outside possibility that the men will band together regardless if Dan wins immunity or not.Quote2- Donna
Quote1More so, Conway has the idol, and if he uses it against us, we are dead.Quote2- Molly
Quote1The challenge hasn't happened yet, and I am not being complacent. All I'm saying is that, Molly, I have a secret...I have the Nagar idol.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1What?! For how long?Quote2- Molly
Quote1I kept this secret for a long time. I found it since the switch-up. I'm just scared to tell you because my Nagar tribemates had you on their crosshairs. I thought I won't need to tell anybody except Donna because I thought we will be successful. But in these dire times, this calls for desperate measures. I hope you understand. Sorry.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1I understand. But I can't help but become weary of you after I learned you kept your idol a secret from me, but i'll cope.Quote2- Molly
This paranoia thing's giving me a headache. I hope and pray Danny does not win immunity, or else, we will prematurely turn on each other. And if worse comes to worst, the men will band against us, and we're screwed, I think it's time to use my idol. Oh by the way, didn't I tell you I just told Molly me secret idol? Molly's hardheaded, and if she discloses my secret, I am further screwed.


I just learned some things. Kendra never told me about the Nagar idol she has been keeping in her shoe sole this whole damn time. I understand why she kept it from me, but I really cannot help but become suspicious. Donna knows it but not me? I have to calm down. I came here to change my life for the better, not to magnify my pugnaciousness. I have to trust her. It's for my survival after all.


The girls return to camp in the evening. Kendra immediately asks Conway how the afternoon went at camp. Conway states the three men believes them, and the alliance must stay strong and anticipate Danny's defeat. Molly goes to Rashad and asks the same question, and Rashad says the men are still loyal to them no matter what.

Day 32

As the rains continue to batter on Exile Island, Danny fixes his roof, while thinking of his strategy.

I hope the guys realize the girls were just playing them, and I hope we band together to oust them. It's not being sexist, it's how the game went. With that, we have to play like them.


Back at Galone, the Three Tribes Alliance are forced to remain in the shelter due to the harsh rain. While they have rain parkas, the survivors are still vulnerable to the strong winds.

Day 33

The tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. Danny returns from Exile Island, telling Jeff and his tribe that if he does not win immunity, he will be the next to go. But Danny confidently adds that he will win immunity. True to his word, Danny remains to be unmoved. While the others struggle to keep their footing, Danny quietly waits for his tribemates to step down. After an hour and a half, only two pegs remain, both from above the survivors' shoulders. By this time, only Zach and Danny remain. Not wanting to have Zach lose his concentration, the majority alliance cheers Zach by whispering. Their support, however is ineffective, as the unthinkable happened. Danny is the last man standing and wins immunity, forcing the alliance to turn on each other. Danny, wearing the Immunity Necklace, gloats on his tribemates, to the tribe's chagrin.

What you have right now is a necklace. It ain't keloidal scars. Unlike keloidal scars, that necklace is not permanent.


Returning to Galone camp, Zach talks to Conway and Rashad, figuring out who will they vote out. Conway brings up the Nagar idol, thinking that Kendra might have it. Factoring in Kendra's possible possession of the idol and the fact that Molly already used hers, Molly and Donna are the only viable choices. Conway and Rashad agree, but as Conway is about to relay the message to Danny, he sees Kendra talking to Danny in the woods, talking about voting out Zach. Conway secretly listens to the conversation.

Quote1Hey, Danny. I know you are too bent to get rid of the girls. But look, will you sacrifice backstabbers you can defeat in challenges, or save the people who can beat you at them?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1I have to weigh my options. If anything, you might have the idol, and none of us knows it. There has been much talk on the whereabouts of the Nagar idol, and we think you have it.Quote2- Danny
Quote1I will use it tonight to save myself.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Who are you voting for anyways?Quote2- Danny
Quote1Maybe Conway. Out of us six, Conway has the idol. It's confirmed. We talked about it before when we're still back at Magan.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1How can you be sure Conway's not gonna use the idol?Quote2- Danny
Quote1We've been mutually loyal to each other, so I know he will trust me.Quote2- Kendra

Unknown to Conway, Kendra sees his white sneakers behind the bush. After her conversation with Danny, Kendra turns away and continues to collect water, smiling.

This afternoon is the most mind-boggling so far. I saw Conway's sneakers behind the bush. It didn't seem like I don't know he was there, but when I saw the sneakers, it's him. Change of plan, a big one.


Conway finally gets his opportunity to talk to Danny, saying that he heard his conversation with Kendra, and tells him that he, Zach and Rashad agree on his all-male alliance. Danny smiled in this turn of events.

I'm quite happy to see this alliance in disarray today. Hopefully it continues. Though I still don't know who to align with, at least they're turning on each other.


Right before the Galone tribe heads to Tribal Council, Kendra approaches Conway, asking him who are they going to vote for. Conway tells her that the guys will vote her out because she does not need the money. Kendra admits that the girls will vote Rashad or Zach out because they know Conway has the Magan idol. Conway does not give a direct answer, saying that he does know if Kendra has an idol.

My mind is at a tailspin right now. Will she give her idol to someone? And will I give mine too?


At Tribal Council, the jury members are in a much lighter mood after seeing Danny with the Immunity Necklace.

Quote1Conway, the Three Tribes' Alliance seem to be pretty working well, until this afternoon. After Danny won immunity, what happened?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Basically, we got divided into two sub-alliances defined by gender, because we realized that the three girls were the first ones who got exiled, they stick together, and they always bring each other at rewards. If that's not a final three plan, I don't know what is.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Can I say something?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Bring it!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, I brought Molly not for strategic reasons. At the lie-detector challenge, she was beyond unraveled. Having a friend that tormented needs help. So I helped her. And for the record, don't blame me for not taking you to the reward, I was chosen at Molly's discretion, so it's not my fight to fight.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1But, at camp, you do things together, you talk together more than us. Point blank.Quote2- Zach
Quote1Okay, let's see how this vote turns out. By the looks of it, this is a game-changer. Danny's keeping the necklace, no one can vote for him. Molly, you're up.Quote2- Jeff

Thinking that Kendra might be doing a reverse psychology on him (e.g. telling him they will vote out someone else, but they are really going to blindside him to flush the idol), Conway uses his Immunity Idol for himself. Kendra then reveals her own idol to ensure her safety. But in a surprise turn of events, both Kendra and Conway's instincts are both correct, with the four men voting for Kendra, while the three women voting for Conway, thus making the vote null and void, prompting a revote. In this second round of voting, Danny (who has individual immunity), Kendra and Conway are safe from elimination, leaving Zach, Donna, Rashad and Molly in danger. Since all seven votes are voided, all seven players will vote once again. Molly, Kendra and Donna remain strong by voting Zach, while Conway, Zach and Rashad send their votes at Donna. Danny, the swing vote makes an unprecedented move by to voting Zach as well, sending a blindsided Zach after a 4-3 vote. The jurors and the remaining Three Tribes Alliance members are in total shock by the said move.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14:
First Vote (null) Second Vote
(used Hidden
Immunity Idol)
Conway, Danny, Rashad, & Zach
(votes not counted)
Zach (4 votes)
Danny, Donna, Kendra, & Molly
(used Hidden
Immunity Idol)
Donna, Kendra, & Molly
(votes not counted)
Donna (3 votes)
Conway, Rashad, & Zach
Zach Daniels

Voting Confessionals

First Vote

Second Vote

Next Time on Survivor

  • Will Danny continue to win immunity, or will the Three Tribes Alliance finally get rid of him?

Author's Notes

  • This is the second time a null vote occurs in the author's fanon series, following "Queer the Pitch".

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