"Conversational Science"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 7/15
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Conversational Science is the seventh episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Nut Bucket
Two pairs from each tribe would each hold on to a rope that is holding up large nets above the ground. Members of the rival tribe, one at a time, attempt to toss rocks into their nets. A winner is determined if the rival tribe has dropped both nets.
Reward: A trip to a private resort, where the winning tribe would enjoy a dinner buffet and stay the night.
Winner: Noyon

Previously on Survivor...

Once tribes were formed on Day 5, the yellow tribe, Manlai, went on a impressive winning streak. They had yet to lose a challenge and Katie, who was in the majority alliance, found an idol. “ God! This is it! This is the real thing!” “The dilemma I face now is do I tell anyone...” She did, as she told Jake and Melissa about her idol. “I’m glad she showed it to me. This cements our alliance going forward.” However, at the last reward challenge, Manlai dropped the ball and was absorbed into Noyon and Sevrei, splitting up Manlai’s majority alliance. On the reward in which they won, the original members of Noyon made a pact to the final four. “One, two, three, Noyon!” Back at the new Sevrei, Julia immediately welcomed her new tribemates while Cassie and Tony questioned where they stood. “I feel like Tony and I are in danger at the next Tribal Council we go to...something just doesn’t seem right here.” At the immunity challenge, the castaways were informed of a Double Tribal Council and would be playing for individual immunity. In the end, Jake survived to win for Sevrei, and Katie won individual immunity for Noyon. After the challenge, Julia, Scott, Jake, and Melissa created a revival of the Pretty People Posse and targeted Benjamin. Meanwhile, Benjamin was doing his own scheming. First, he went to Scott and then to Cassie and Tony in talks of voting out Melissa. “You’re sure that he’s got everybody on board?” “Yeah, I’m pretty positive.” Unsure of the plan, Tony went to confirm the plan to Scott, who lied to his face. At Tribal Council, the Pretty People Posse prevailed and voted out Benjamin, leaving Cassie and Tony on the outs once again. Noyon then went to Tribal Council, as the Noyon Four stayed strong and voted out the perceived threat, Heather. Twelve are left. Who’ll be voted out tonight?


Night 18

The camera fades in to the members of Noyon returning from Tribal Council in the darkness of the night. The six remaining members of the blue tribe set their torches against the shelter one at a time.

Not that it was a surprise by any means, but we know what the lines in this tribe are now. It’s myself and Katie versus everybody else. We basically have to win out until the merge if we’re going to stick around.


The Noyon Four congratulate one another on surviving another vote while being respectful to Katie and Antonio.

Eric (to Antonio and Katie): Hey, I know it was difficult to watch Heather leave and no ill will towards her, but we’re happy you guys are still here. We mean that.

Elliott, Jenn, and Ruth share Eric’s sentiment while Katie and Antonio thank them. The sky transitions from a clear, starry night to the next morning with fog and clouds upon the horizon.

Day 19

Katie and Antonio are seen walking along the path to tree mail by themselves.

Antonio: So, what are we going to do about this?

Katie: About what?

Antonio: Well, I figure if Heather went last night, one of us is next if we lose another immunity challenge.

Katie (after a brief hesitation): I can't really see any cracks between those four. We just have to work our asses off at the challenge.

Antonio brought up our numbers, or lack thereof, situation this morning on the way to tree mail. A part of me definitely understood where he was coming from, but at the same time, I'm really apprehensive to using my idol prematurely. That's the only way we're going to survive until the merge, and I really don't want it coming down to that.


The two former Manlai members arrive at their tree mail only to find it empty.

Katie: Well...we'll check back tomorrow I guess.

The two walk back to camp empty-handed.

I'm a little anxious to get this challenge going cause winning this next one is going to be mine and Katie's safety net. I just want to get out there and keep doing what I've been doing with these challenges. I just hope everyone from the original Noyon doesn't get in the way of that.


The camera transitions back to the Noyon camp, where the Noyon Four are sleeping in the shelter. Ruth rolls on to her side as she snores.

(intro plays)

The camera flies over the lush mountains and plains of Mongolia and transitions to Sevrei as Cassie and Tony are seen collecting firewood in the woods.

So, Tony and I, once again, got blindsided last night. We thought we were going to pull the plug on Melissa, and...(laughs)...that's not what happened at all. Scott lied right to our faces.


Tony: You have to wonder how long they're going to keep doing this to us.

Cassie (slightly upset): I know. I'm just tired of being so naive.

Cassie drops her pile of branches and twigs and cups her hands in her face. Tony sets his pile down and hugs Cassie, who begins to cry.

Tony: I know it's hard, but think of it this way. We're still here, aren't we?

Cassie (choked up): But how long can we keep saying that? After last night, we're practically next.

Tony sighs heavily as Cassie continues to cry in his arms.

Tony: We'll figure something out.

I can understand Cassie being upset and frustrated. Scott straight up lied to us when we thought we were starting to work with him. We've been blindsided, bamboozled, whatever for long enough. I'm going to start playing a more aggressive game now cause it kills me to see bad people go further than the people that actually deserve it. Scott made a 20-year old girl cry, and it's time I do something about it.


Tony continues to console Cassie as the camera cuts to the other members of Sevrei, except Julia, doing odd jobs around camp.

Julia's starting to become a pro at the whole 'sitting around and doing nothing' thing. My patience has worn thin with her, and I have to say that I'm this close to snapping.


It cuts back to Scott visibly angry at Julia, who is oblivious to him. Tony and Cassie return to camp in time to see that Scott is upset about something. It then cuts to later in the day as Tony and Scott are sitting together on one side of the camp.

Tony: Look, the first thing I want to bring up is last night's vote...

Scott (interrupting Tony): I know. I know. I wasn't honest with you, and I'm sorry for that. I didn't know where Benjamin's head was at, and I hate that I had to lie to you.

Tony (feigning understanding): Okay, cool. I just wanted to get that off my chest. We didn't really want to vote Melissa either, so we just threw our votes to Julia. Speaking of which, are you guys good? I know you were tight when we started this whole thing.

Scott: I couldn't even tell you, to be honest. She's been so lazy and whiny ever since Henry left. Like today, we were all working while you guys were getting firewood, and she was just sitting there. I mean it's almost making me want to vote her out next.

Tony: Cassie and I would be on board for that.

Scott: Well, let's see how these next couple days go, and I'll let you know.

The two guys walk back to camp.

Scott and I talked earlier today about the prospect of voting out Julia because she's gotten lazy and whiny as of late. Firstly, it's coming from Scott, who's lied to me on multiple occasions. Second, even if what he said was not true, he still said it to me. I can use that 'information' and go to Julia and have her potentially target Scott.


The camera cuts to Julia continuing to lie in the shelter as Cassie, Jake, and Melissa continue to work around camp. The focus then transitions to later in the evening at Noyon, where the six remaining members sit just outside the shelter eating rice and various fish caught by the tribe.

Antonio (with his mouth half-full): This food is great, guys. Thanks for letting us have some. I know we're on different sides of the vote, but it means a lot for you guys to share what you all have.

Jenn: Hey, for the time being, we're a family. So, let's eat like a family.

Everyone vocally agrees except for Elliott, who continues to solemnly eat his meal.

I'm not really on board with sharing the food with the old Manlai. Sure, they may be on our tribe for right now, but those two haven't really done anything to earn our food. They can go catch their own food!


The tribe continues to eat as a group as Katie looks over at Elliott briefly. He does not make any eye contact with anyone, as Katie looks back at her dinner and returns to eating.

Antonio and I really respect the old Noyon members for letting us eat some of the food that they caught and had left over. My only problem was Elliott. Everyone else was being gracious towards one another, and he's just eating and not talking to anybody, like he doesn't want us there. That kind of seems like conversational science to enjoy dinner and actually try talking to your tribemates, especially in a game like this!


The camera cuts to the sun setting behind the mountains, and the moon and the stars becoming more visible as the night progresses. It then comes down and focuses on the Noyon Four huddled around one another.

Jenn: So, Elliott...let me ask you. What was your deal at supper earlier?

Elliott: What do you mean? Aren't we supposed to distance ourselves from the enemy when it comes to our food? I didn't know we're supposed to become best friends with the people that came from the other tribe and share our food with them! That's food we worked for!

Jenn (starting to become irritated): But don't you realize that we could maybe use their vote at some point? We don't know what's going on with the other tribe, so we need to make nice with these two in case we need their vote.

I don't think Elliott realizes what's going to happen once we merge. Our alliance is nothing but four, and in a merge scenario of ten or eleven people, that's nowhere close to a majority. I'm trying to make sure that we have as many numbers as possible going into a merge, and I'm trying to do it the nice way.


It cuts back to the Noyon Four discussing strategy as Eric and Ruth chime in with their thoughts.

Ruth: Elliott, we know you're trying to be really strategic and keep your distance from everyone outside of our alliance, but try to play nice.

Elliott (quietly): I don't think we need their votes. They're just going to run back to the old Manlai, anyway.

Eric: How do you know for sure?

Elliott: I don't know. That's just my gut feeling.

Eric (putting two fingers on his brow out of impatience): We can't go off of guts...

Jenn: That's why I'm saying to not ignore them. It never hurts to be a little nice to the enemy. Know the saying 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'? That's what we're doing.

Elliott: I think we need to talk about this more in-depth tomorrow.

Jenn (frustrated): Fine.

The Noyon Four end their discussion.

It doesn't make sense to me why everybody in my alliance needs to make nice with these people. I know from the first vote these people were tight with almost everybody on Sevrei right now. Besides, with this (shows idol), I can make votes come to us rather than trying to woo our enemies with food. I'm absolutely positive of that.


The camera focuses on Antonio and Katie sleeping and fades to break.

Day 20

The camera fades into the sun rising on the Sevrei camp as Jake and Melissa are viewed walking along the path to tree mail. They discover that they have tree mail and hastily return to camp with it.

Jake (shouting through the woods): Hey, guys! We've got mail!

The members of the red tribe huddle around as Melissa begins to read their newly acquired mail.

Melissa (reading tree mail): You're given a net to hold and rocks to throw. When it's time to give in, your arms will let you know. In a battle of wills, precision, and aim, the losing tribe shall lose yet another flame.

Scott: I would like to go ahead and nominate Jake as one of our rock throwers today.

The group briefly laughs at Scott's quick quip as Cassie and Tony glance at each other with worry.

This is a really huge challenge for Tony and myself cause after this last vote, we're clearly on the bottom. Well, we've been on the bottom for a while, but it's definitely apparent that we are now. If we win, then that buys us some time.


The camera cuts to the site of the immunity challenge, where four nets can be seen hanging from wooden structures and a very large pile of rocks sitting in front of the nets. Sevrei files in first as Noyon follows them in.

Probst: Sevrei getting your first look at the new Noyon tribe. Heather voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Noyon finishes filing in as Probst asks for the two individual immunity necklaces from Jake and Katie. After receiving both necklaces, he proceeds to explain the challenge. Afterwards, the two tribes huddle around one another and decide on the throwers and the net-holders. Holding the nets for each tribe respectively are Antonio and Katie for Noyon and Julia and Scott for Sevrei. Probst commences the challenge as one at a time, each thrower takes a crack at the opposing tribe's net. After the first round of both Eric and Jake missing their rock, Tony is the first to connect a hit on Katie's net. Shortly thereafter, Jenn lands a rock in Scott's net. As the challenge continues, Melissa exclaims to target Katie and her net in an effort to concentrate on one net and go to the next when the first net falls. Noyon continues to evenly distribute between Scott and Julia, as both tribes are hitting most of their shots. Katie begins to struggle as all four of Sevrei's throwers concentrate on her net. Julia begins to show signs of struggling as Noyon keeps connecting on her net but miss Scott's. Katie can finally hold on no longer as she loses her grip and releases her net. As Antonio remains the only holder for Noyon, the four throwers for the blue tribe begin to focus on eliminating Julia and her net as she has the most weight to bear. Sevrei's throwers, minus Jake, begin to miss more shots as they get tired from throwing rock after rock. Eric and Ruth do not slow down as they hit two rocks on Julia's net causing it to collapse. Realizing that Julia's out of the challenge, Scott begins to dig deep since he has more weight to hold than Antonio does. Jake, however, goes on a hot streak and continues to put more pressure on Antonio with each rock he hits. Now at even weight, Antonio strains to hold on to his net as Scott starts to struggle. The next three shots fail to hit for Sevrei as Elliott hits his shot on Scott. As Jake begins to throw, Scott's rope slides through his fingers, winning the challenge for Noyon. The camera cuts to after the challenge as Probst begins to explain how the reward would work for Noyon. They would fly to the resort from the challenge site. There, they would have a dinner buffet with items such as various meats, vegetables, and fruit to go with juices and iced tea. Also included is a note that is not to be read until prompted to. Probst then tells Sevrei that he has nothing for the red tribe, and that he shall see them at Tribal Council that evening. The camera zooms out and fades to break.

It fades back into the plane carrying the members of Noyon flying over the mountains of Mongolia and eventually landing at a private resort located deep in the mountains. The castaways get off the plane only to see food as far as the eye can see.

Everyone was stoked when we landed at the resort. When we got off the plane, it was nothing but food. Antonio and I just looked at each other, and I could tell that his mouth was already watering! This was a really big win today.


Eric and Antonio rush to the meats, specifically the chicken and beef, as everybody else follows suit. As everyone continues to stuff their faces with food, Elliott takes a break to find the note Jeff mentioned at the challenge.

While everyone was gorging themselves to death, I wanted to look around the resort, first for the note Jeff was talking about. Second, just because I thought the resort was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. But seriously, I'm thinking that note is a clue to another idol. If anybody's going to get a clue, it's going to be me!


Everyone else is oblivious to Elliott's absence as they continue to indulge in the buffet. Unsuccessful in his efforts to find the note, Elliott quietly returns to the buffet table and continues to eat. As they eat, a Mongolian native approaches them with the note Elliott had been searching for earlier. The members of Noyon set their food down as the native hands the note to Jenn and signals her to open it.

Jenn (reading the note): While you feast and indulge, be prepared to share. For tomorrow, two becomes one, so it's only fair.

The six castaways look at each other in amazement knowing that merge was imminent. They then celebrate and hug one another.

Knowing that we merge's an awesome feeling, I gotta tell ya'. For as much as I have been through throughout this game, I'm on top of the world right now.


Eric: So, does that mean stop eating or what?

The native tells them, in rough English, that they can continue to eat, but they must save approximately half of it for the merge feast that would take place the next day.

Ah, the merge! Man, I'm so excited but cautious. I'm really hoping that another Manlai doesn't get voted out. Ever since the switch, it's been nothing but Manlai members voted out. I'm crossing my fingers it's not a clean sweep.


The camera shifts to the members of Sevrei, unaware of any sort of developments about the merge, returning to camp after the challenge loss.

That one literally slipped through our fingers. Jake carried the throwers like I thought he would. Julia, on the other hand, sits around and does nothing around camp still. With all of this energy reserved, you would think she would perform well in the challenge. (nods his head back and forth) Today was quite the opposite.


It cuts to Scott talking to Jake and Melissa around a heavily forested area near camp.

Scott: So, who are you all thinking?

Melissa: Hey, if it isn't me, I don't care. I'm good with whatever you guys are good with.

Scott: Well, what about Julia tonight?

Jake and Melissa look at Scott briefly in slight disbelief that he would turn on his closest ally.

Jake (caught off-guard slightly): Why Julia?

Scott: Cause she hasn't been productive in any way at all. She sits around camp all day, and with all of that energy to spare, she lays a goose egg in the challenge today.

The former Manlai allies look at each other in uncertainty.

Scott: I'm telling you, that seems like the smart vote tonight.

Going into the conversation with Scott, I was thinking either Cassie or Tony. He brings up Julia, and I'm thrown the sickest curve ball! She didn't do that bad in the challenge today, but I understand the laziness around camp argument. I don't know where Scott's head is at.


It cuts to Jake and Melissa back at camp discussing their options.

Jake: I have no idea what to make of this.

Melissa: I'm with you. I thought those two were tight from the beginning. At least they seemed like it.

Jake: Well, they're putting it on really well if they aren't. Do we tell her what Scott said, that's the thing.

Tony walks in on Jake and Melissa talking.

Tony (innocently): I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Jake tries to keep everything hush until Melissa spills the beans.

Melissa: Well, Scott's trying to get rid of Julia.

Tony (not surprised): Why?

Jake: Only because he thinks she's become a liability to the tribe around camp and in challenges.

Tony: But Scott's a liar. He's lied to my face about at least two votes since we've been here. The guy can't be trusted.

Jake: So, are you saying that what he said isn't true?

Tony: No, I'm saying let's flip it on him.

Jake and Melissa are caught off-guard once again about Tony's plan.

Tony: I know I'm speaking from outside your alliance, but who would you rather have? A loyal vote or a constant schemer who is scheming against his closest ally right now?

Jake and Melissa once again look at each other in silence.

Tony (as he walks away): Cassie and I will be writing down his name tonight. You guys decide on what's best for you.

I had no idea this was going to unfold today! First, Scott wants Julia out. Then Tony walks in on us strategizing. Of course, I'm not the best with keeping quiet, so I lay it all out there to Tony and he's trying to flip it on Scott now. This is absolute chaos!


It cuts to later in the day as Jake and Melissa approach Julia, who is lying in the shelter.

Melissa (whispering): We have to talk to you.

The three then walk out into the woods as Cassie and Tony look on.

Tony: We're voting for Scott tonight.

Cassie: Is that what they're going out to talk about?

Tony: Let's hope so.

It cuts to the three walking in the woods a fair distance away from camp.

Jake: We're not trying to alarm you, but Scott has thrown your name around today.

Julia (almost shouting): He what?!?!

Melissa (trying to shush Julia): Shut up! Look, he said you were lazy around camp and didn't do as well in challenges as he would like you to.

Jake: Well, he mainly said that you sucked at today's challenge, but the point is we need to talk to you about tonight.

Julia: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not writing my name down, are you?

Jake (assuredly): No, of course not. We just need to know what you want to do as far as the vote's concerned.

Julia: Uh, write his (expletive) name down. That's what I want to do.

Melissa: Then that's what we're going to do!

The three shake on the deal as the camera cuts back to camp as Scott tries to cement the plan.

Scott: So, this is a done deal?

Jake: We're good.

Melissa nods as Julia enters the picture.

Scott (to Julia): It's Cassie tonight. She just didn't pull her weight at the challenge today.

Julia (avoiding eye contact with Scott): Alrighty!

Their talk is brief and awkward as it cuts to the six members of the red tribe grab their torches and begin the trek to Tribal Council.

I'm feeling pretty good right now. Jake, Melissa, and I are voting for Julia, and it doesn't really matter who Cassie and Tony vote as long as Julia doesn't catch wind of this. I'll say this, tonight's going to be a shocker for one of us, and it's not going to be me!


The camera fades to break.

It fades back in to six torches lit and filing in to the hut that is Tribal Council. Each member of Sevrei places their torch down and takes a seat as Probst watches on. Probst begins his questioning with how to vote as there may be a potential merge on the horizon.

Scott: You have to view everyone as threats. Whether they're likable, challenge threats, or flying under the radar, you can be a threat no matter what way you look at it.

Julia adds on a point.

Julia: ...or strategists.

Probst: Julia, what have you seen to add that point on to that?

Julia: There's certainly been some strategizing going on today, and I don't appreciate the fact that my name's been thrown around.

Probst asks who Julia has heard her name mentioned by. Her answer is very short and simple, Scott. Scott begins to grow weary as Julia begins to explain their alliance from the beginning of the game and how it deteriorated over time. He then starts to grow agitated the more Julia goes into detail. Scott then interrupts Julia to say that if she was overall more productive, then her name would not have been pulled into question. Julia escalates things by going on an expletive-littered tirade to Scott about how he never did anything to repair the alliance after Henry was voted out. She continues on as Cassie, Melissa, and Tony try to calm her down from her rage. Little is mentioned after her tirade, except for Tony bringing up the point of who the vote is between. Probst proceeds to the vote as he instructs the castaways to make their way to the voting booth. Julia and Scott's vote for each other are aired as Probst goes to collect the votes.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No idols surface and Probst reads the votes.

Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out, will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Scott (1)

Second vote: Julia (1-1)

Third vote: Scott (2-1)

Fourth vote: Scott (3-1)

Fifth vote: ...

Probst: Ninth person voted out of Survivor: Mongolia...Scott. That's four, that's enough. Need you to bring me your torch.

Scott looks at his tribemates in shock and disbelief as he gets up from his seat. Julia smiles from ear to ear as Tony has a smirk on his face from having started the plan. Scott then sets his torch in front of Probst.

Probst: Scott, the tribe has spoken.

As his torch is snuffed, Scott walks away and turns around to stare his former tribe down. He then disappears into the forest beyond the Tribal Council area.

Probst: Well, as eventful as this Tribal Council was, he still didn't see it coming. If that doesn't tell you to be on your guard at all times, I don't know what will. Also, one more order of business to attend to before you head back to camp.

The five remaining members of Sevrei look at one another puzzled.

Probst: You can drop your buffs. We are merged!

The former Sevrei tribe drops their worn and dirty red buffs in celebration as Probst throws a handful of new black buffs to Cassie.

Probst: What's going to happen is you will not return to the Sevrei camp. You will instead leave from here to what was the Manlai camp. Any and all rewards everyone has won up to this point will be shipped over that camp. Here's a map to your new home. Okay, you can now grab your torches and head to your new home. Good night.

The group of five leave Tribal Council excited but also knowing that the game has shifted once again.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Scott (5 votes)
Cassie, Jake, Julia, Melissa, Tony
Julia (1 vote)
Scott Colston

Voting Confessionals

Just lazy and rude. I guess that's my fault for aligning with you in the first place. Now be on your way.


I'm not going to try to sugarcoat or say this in a fancy way. You're an ass.


Final Words

Wow...just wow. I thought I had it all lined up. That's the game, I suppose. You can never be so sure of anything. I was feeling really comfortable, and I guess that's where it all went wrong for me.

–Scott Colston

Still in the Running

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Time on Survivor...

The merge begins with fireworks...Fifteen minutes in and she's already stealing food!...and alliances continue to shift...


  • The episode title was said by Katie as she was describing Elliott's unsociableness.