"Crumbling Like Cookies"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 8/14
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This is the 8th episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

After just voting out Lukas, Rose and Cooper planned on bringing their friend Ralphie to work together and fight hard. But soon new plans were made when Selva and Litoral finally merged into one, Vencedor. The alliance of Brady, Skylar, Chip, and Julianna were soon leading the charge against the three Selva, taking in Joel, Casey, and Dover, the other Selva still in the game. Ralphie prevented himself from getting voted out by winning immunity, turning the target on Cooper. But at a shocking tribal council, Brady was sent packing when Cooper pulled an idol out of his pocket and negated 7 votes for him.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Shuffleboard
It's a Survivor version of shuffleboard, where the castaways are divided into three teams: yellow, purple, and blue. They must knock off all of their opponents targets to win.
Reward: A trip to a hotel and spa for massages, a hot tub, and a buffet.
Winner: Chip, Joel, Skylar

Immunity Challenge: Kamikaze
A giant version of Toss Across with coconuts. Break all five of your color-coded tiles on the grid (or have them broken) to win.
Winner: TBA


The remaining nine members of Vencedor return from Tribal Council. Only Cooper, Ralphie, and Rose are the only ones gleeful about the results, while the rest of the tribe is shocked.

I can't believe Cooper pulled that off and we blindsided Brady. We have a little fight left in us. We can do it!


I can't believe that lying son of a (bleep) Cooper got the idol. That little weasel will pay. We will vote him out next, no matter what. Even if I have to use my own idol.


The Selva trio is celebrating on the beach while the other 6 sit at the fire, thinking and discussing plans for taking them out.

Day 22

The Vencedor tribe comes to the challenge arena to compete for their first individual reward challenge.

Quote1Welcome to your first reward challenge as a merged tribe. In this challenge, you will split into three teams of three and play a version of Survivor Shuffleboard. You will each get a chance to try and knock off your own opponents pieces. If you knock your own off, it won't come back on. Once two teams have all of their pieces off, the remaining team will win reward. Wanna know what your playing for?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Vencedor
Quote1You are playing for a mini-vacation. You will head to a spa hotel with massages, a hot tub, and a buffet.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Wow...Quote2- Ralphie

The nine draw randomly and the teams are:

  • The yellow team consists of Chip, Joel, and Skylar.
  • The purple team consists of Casey, Dover, and Rose.
  • The blue team consists of Carmen, Cooper, and Ralphie.

The first round begins and each team has three pieces at the end of the board. Chip starts off for the yellow team. He slides the puck down and hits the blue team's piece, but it doesn't go far enough to fall out. Rose throws her piece for the purple team. It completely knocks off the blue team's piece that Chip had hit. The blue team is now reduced to only two pieces. Cooper comes up and slides the puck, knocking it into a yellow piece. The yellow team's piece does not move more than half a foot.

In the second round, Skylar comes up for the yellow team. She judges the piece and her slide and slides it into a blue team's piece. The piece was knocked off the board, and now the yellow team is in the lead. Dover comes up to the board and tries to knock another blue piece off but misses completely. Ralphie comes up for the blue team and hits a purple piece. The piece is on the edge of the board but does not fall.

Joel comes up for the third round and aims for the purple piece. It barely hits the piece and the purple piece falls off the board. Casey comes up for the purple piece and aims for a yellow piece. It directly hits one and falls off the board. Carmen comes up for the blue team and tries to knock the other piece for purple. She hits, but doesn't give enough force to eliminate the purple piece.

Chip returns and aims for the purple piece. His piece connects and it falls, eliminating the purple team. Casey, Dover, and Rose take a seat on the bench. Cooper returns to the board and tries to hit a yellow piece. It hits and knocks off, evening the score.

In the fifth round, Skylar slides and hits another piece on the blue team's pieces off, leaving the team down to one piece. Ralphie aims but misses a yellow piece.

Joel hits the last blue team piece off the platform, and since yellow has two piece left, they have won.

Quote1Chip, Joel, and Skylar win reward!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Chip
Quote1Woohoo!Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Yeah!Quote2- Joel
Quote1A boat is arriving right now to take you to the spa. For the other six of you, I got nothing. Head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The three wait for a boat to arrive to take them on their getaway while the other six head back to camp. The boat soon arrives and the trio are taken away to a spa. There are massage tables, a hot tub, and a buffet table is lines from one side of the room to the other. the three realize they can finally relax.

This reward is something I needed. This game sometimes takes a toll on your body. I can finally get the knots out from 21 days of this game.


Chip and Skylar are sitting in the hot tub while Joel gets a massage. They are chatting randomly with each other.

Quote1This reward was pretty awesome.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Why?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I have two cool people with me.Quote2- Chip
Quote1*blushes* Chip...that's so sweet of you!Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Heh heh, thanks.Quote2- Chip

Chip is something different. He just has some charm that just attracts anyone towards him. He might seem cold and a little intimidating from the outside, but he has quite the soft spot.


Back at camp, Carmen goes off into the jungle. She stops at the well, and almost begins to cry. No one is around to see that she is slowly breaking down.

I can't get over the fact that Brady is gone. He's been my only ally, my best friend this whole game. We never separated, until yesterday night. Cooper is such a liar, and so is Rose. They both lied saying they wouldn't vote Brady, and yeah we voting him out, but we didn't promise him we wouldn't! He took my closest ally away from me. I just want him gone.


Dover stumbles across Carmen sitting by the well, crying. He sits next to her to see what's wrong.

Quote1Hey, why are you crying?Quote2- Dover
Quote1I don't know! Brady left and I thought I would get over it but I can't! He was a good ally to me, almost a brother.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I feel like it's my fault.Quote2- Dover
Quote1It's not even! Rose said Julianna had the idol and lied. Cooper said he would never vote Brady and they did!Quote2- Carmen
Quote1It's alright. They have 3. We have 6. Three rounds would go by and boom, we are all together, happy.Quote2- Dover
Quote1But then what! Chip, Skylar, and Joel could take us over.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1It's oka-Quote2- Dover
Quote1He has the idol.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1What?Quote2- Dover
Quote1Chip, he has the idol.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Oh, ok. Well, we need to find them and make sure they stick with us.Quote2- Dover
Quote1You think we can?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Yeah. Me and you, we can go far.Quote2- Dover

Cooper will pay. If Ralphie wins immunity again, he's gone. He's gotten too strong.


Dover goes off to confront Cooper while Carmen heads back to the shelter. Dover finds Cooper at the beach with Ralphie and starts an argument.

Quote1Hey, you and me, we're gonna talk.Quote2- Dover
Quote1What?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1You are a sneaky liar.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Hey, guys, calm down.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Sneaky! I'm sneaky! You're the one who completely jumped ship from our tribe! You're a traitor!Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Guys, stop it.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1We're coming after you and your bodyguard.Quote2- Dover

Dover storms off away from the beach. Cooper and Ralphie are almost stunned at his outburst.

Dover really is angry. Like, a lot. He needs to go, but we don't know if anyone else will be for that. We are basically screwed, but if we can knock one of them out again, they'll soon be crumbling like cookies.


Dover walks back to find Carmen and Casey talking at the shelter. Dover sits down and the two know he just fought with Cooper.

Quote1We're down with taking Cooper out.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Yeah...Quote2- Carmen
Quote1We're switching the vote to Cooper. He's really getting on everyone's nerves.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I agree, he needs to go.Quote2- Casey

The three sit at the shelter and continue to talk about the game by the fire pit.

Day 23

Dover organizes a new alliance meeting at the well while the others are fishing and hanging out at the beach. Chip, Skylar, and Joel, who weren't informed much, are confused on this new meeting.

Quote1Hello, we are all here right now to discuss the vote. I don't think we are making the best decision with voting out Ralphie.Quote2- Dover
Quote1What do you mean? He's the biggest threat to win immunity.Quote2- Chip
Quote1He's useless without Cooper. Him and Rose are relying on him to make moves.Quote2- Dover
Quote1He's awful too. He thinks he's so cocky that he can lie to us saying he didn't have the idol.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1He can win this game if he gets to the end.Quote2- Casey
Quote1I think we should vote him out, he is getting to be a threat.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Alright, let's do it. If Ralphie wins immunity, we'll easily vote Cooper out. But I really am doubting voting out Cooper who won't win a challenge compared to Ralphie. But let's do it.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Thanks. We can totally do this.Quote2- Dover

I really don't like the plan. It seems a little risky. Dover wants to keep Ralphie, someone who is physically capable of going far, over Cooper, who just controlled some votes. I don't like Dover trying to take over. He is trying to make it his game, heh.


A few hours later, at the shelter, Cooper and Rose are approached by Chip and Skylar.

Quote1Hey, wanna talk?Quote2- Chip
Quote1Sure, what's on your mind?Quote2- Rose
Quote1Dover is going a little insane in trying to take you out.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Figures. We just never got along, at all.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I really don't like this plan, but we can blindside Dover. If you really down for it.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Anything to get us farther will be good.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Cool, we'll talk about it later.Quote2- Skylar

Chip and Skylar could be a new light for our game. We just need them to hopefully get dissuaded so much by the others that they flip.


Day 24

The tribe meets for there next individual immunity challenge. Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1C'mon in guys! First off, Ralphie, I need to take it back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hopefully I can get to wear this necklace again.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Once immunity is up for grabs. For this challenge, you will each through sandbags through tiles, trying to break all five of your tiles. Every round you will throw a sandbag. But, you can still get a tile knocked out if your opponent his it and breaks it. Let's draw for spots and begin.Quote2- Jeff

The order goes Chip, Carmen, Ralphie, Joel, Dover, Cooper, Casey, Rose, and Skylar. In the first round, Chip throws at the closest one and connects, smashing one of his tiles. Carmen overshoots hers and hits Rose's tile, breaking it. Ralphie goes for his farthest target, but it misses slightly and hits Skylar's tile. Joel goes for his closest tile and hits it. Dover tries to go for his most leftmost target, and hits Carmen's tile, smashing it. Cooper aims for his closest piece in the second row. He hits it and it smashes the tile. Casey goes long for his farthest target and just overthrows it, not even hitting anything. Rose aims for her tile in the third row but it goes through Cooper's already smash tile. Skylar throws last, and throws for the one behind Rose's. It hits, and she smashes a tile. After the round, Skylar has three tiles left, Carmen, Chip, Cooper, Joel, and Rose all have four tiles left, and Casey, Dover, and Ralphie have all five tiles still in.

The second round begins. Chip goes for a closer target, hitting another one of his targets. Carmen goes for her longest one and throws it short, hitting Rose's tile. Ralphie aims for his closest one and hits it. Joel goes for his farthest one, but hit's Chip's tile, knocking him down to two tiles. Dover goes for his closest one and hits it, smashing it. Cooper goes for a middle piece but aims two far right and hit's Ralphie's tile. Casey aims for the tile that is surrounded by smashed ones and breaks it. Rose goes for her farthest one but throws it too soft and it hits Skylar's tile. Skylar goes for a close one but misses the tile and board completely. Chip and Skylar now have two tiles left, Ralphie and Rose have three tiles left, and Carmen, Casey, Cooper, Dover, and Joel have four tiles.

The third round starts. Chip goes for a farther tile but hits Casey's tile instead. Carmen goes for a tile closer to her and directly hits it, knocking her amount left to three. Rose tries to go for her farthest one, and almost misses it, but smashes the tile. Ralphie goes for a closer one, but hits Carmen's tile, breaking it. Joel goes for a tile but overshoots it, hitting one of Dover's. Dover misses his next shot. Cooper aims for a tile by itself and hits it, almost knocking out an entire corner of the board. Casey aims for one of his tiles that are next to each other, but misses and hits Chip's tile, leaving him with one left. Rose hits one of her tiles, and Skylar misses hers completely.

The next round ends quickly when Chip tosses his sandbag and smashes his final tile winning himself immunity.

Quote1Chip wins immunity! Congratulations Chip.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Thanks Jeff.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Tonight, Chip has a one-in-eight shot of winning immunity. For everyone else, this could be your last day on Portugal. Head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Returning to camp, Cooper tries to restate the plan to vote off Dover.

Quote1So, Dover is going?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Yeah, we can try to take him out.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1We can turn this game around.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Us five can go all the way to the end.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Totally.Quote2- Chip

The Selva three go back to shelter to prepare for Tribal Council, leaving Chip and Skylar to talk to each other.

Quote1What do we do? Those three could just vote us off final five.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Yeah, I know. But Dover is leading the charge now, do we try and blindside him, or do we keep him around?Quote2- Chip
Quote1I just don't know.Quote2- Skylar

This vote, is very hard for me and Skylar. We are the swing votes to change this game. But can we outlast those three? We are literally still thinking about it, and we are about to go to Tribal Council.


The Vencedor tribe prepares and heads to Tribal Council. They put their torches behind themselves and sit down.

Quote1Welcome to tribal council. Last time here, Brady left with only 3 votes cast against him, as all of the votes were negated by Cooper. Cooper, do you feel in the minority after having 7 people try to get you out?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah, it sucks. I thought people were trustworthy, but I was wrong. I was glad I had the right suspicions, and a little spy.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1And who would that spy be, Cooper?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1That would be me? I kinda accidently overheard some people trying to vote off Cooper that lied to us, like Brady.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Carmen, hearing that, you must feel a little hatred.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah, I am a little annoyed. Actually, I was almost very upset the day after. They took a really cool ally out from all of us. Brady was a nice guy.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Ralphie, does this worry you? They have the numbers to get their vengeance on their fallen comradeQuote2- Jeff
Quote1It is very worrying, we can easily go one, two, three if they were tight enough to stick together.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1What do you mean "if they were tight enough"? It seems it is Dover and Litoral against you three.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We possibly might have convinced some people to flip against their alliance, as they can't stand some on their alliance.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Casey, that's a shocking statement that Ralphie just said. Someone could possibly flip from your side to the other. How does that feel?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I'm shocked on why someone would do that. We are all a nice group and that we can all stick together and reach the final 6 without them.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Chip, why do you think someone could flip to the other side?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, a lot of people in our alliance are trying to take over. It's almost a clash of the egos. Maybe someone can't handle that and want to play for their own game.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Alright, I think that sums it up right there. It's time to vote. Carmen, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff

Everyone goes up to vote one at a time. Afterwards, Jeff collects the urn and tallies the votes.

Quote1If anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1...*sits*Quote2- Everyone
Quote1Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person with the most votes will be asked to leave Tribal Council immediately. First vote, Dover. Second vote, Dover. Third vote, Dover. That's 3 votes Dover, 0 votes to anyone else. Fourth vote, Cooper. Fifth vote, Cooper. Sixth vote, Cooper. We are tied with three votes each for Dover and Cooper, three votes left. Seventh vote, Cooper. Eighth person voted out of Survivor: Portugal and our first member of the jury...

Cooper. Cooper, that's five votes, which is enough. Cooper, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Damn...Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Cooper, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Should've have seen it. Good luck Ralph and Rose.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1You just took out a strategic threat from the game, and now, Ralphie and Rose, you remain by yourselves. Head back to camp, goodnight.Quote2- Jeff

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Cooper Selva
Cooper (6 votes)
Carmen LitoralCasey LitoralChip Litoral
Dover SelvaJoel LitoralSkylar Litoral
Carmen, Casey, Chip,
Dover, Joel, and Skylar.
Dover Selva
Dover (3 votes)
Cooper SelvaRalphie SelvaRose Selva
Cooper, Ralphie, Rose
Cooper Selva BW
Cooper Booke

Voting Confessionals

I really can't stand you. This is strictly for Brady, liar.


Really simple vote.


I wish I could stick with you, but that's basically shooting my own foot.


This can be epic.


I've waited a while to do this. Good bye, rat.


I hope no one flips against us. This should be straightforward.


Dover, you flipped against us, and this is payback.


I really wish I could stick with you, but you made a bad decision.


I just can't side with you.


Final Words

Wow, Chip and Skylar are cowards. I thought I had this game but I didn't have luck on my side. I just wish it all worked out, but I just can't have everything. I hope Ralphie and Rose go farther in this game.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva BW
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva BW
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva BW
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral BW
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Can Rose and Ralphie get a new hope in Dover?

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is a variation of the challenge used in the Survivor: The Amazon episode, Sour Grapes, the Survivor: Vanuatu episode, Now Who's In Charge Here?!, the Survivor: Tocantins episode, It's Funny When People Cry, the Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode, Jumping Ship, the Survivor: Redemption Island episode, Mystery Package, and the Survivor: South Pacific episode, Free Agent.
  • The immunity challenge was previously used in the Survivor Palau episode, I'll Show You How Threatening I Am.