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"Damage Control"
Damage Control
Nobo takes action, while two members of Tanah reconcile, but at what cost?
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 7/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012 - Present
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 7 of Survivor: Malaysia .

This episode is titled "Damage Control"

This episode chronicles Days 19-21.


Reward Challenge - Storytime

For this reward challenge, each tribe must test their skill of recollection by listening to a story (read aloud be Jeff) of an ancient Malaysian myth. Once the story is completed, each tribe will get together and take a quiz on a pamphlet, containing 25 questions about the story. The tests will be compared, and the tribe with the higher score wins reward.

Winner: Lautan
Reward: Malaysian Native (For 1 Day)

Immunity Challenge - Survivor Sling-Off

For this immunity challenge, each tribe will send out a member at a time to a very large slingshot. The object of the challenge is to take a beanbag and launch it as close to the center of the target as possible, which is 60 meters away. The target is a four-ringed structure, with the outer white ring worth 1 point, the second blue ring worth 3 points, the third green ring worth 5 points, and the red center worth 9 points. Once everybody has shot two beanbags, the scores will be added up to determine a winner.

Winner: Lautan

Day Nineteen


Dante and Alice were feeling vulnerable as AJ was now a part of a majority alliance. Alice, who had lost her closest ally, was surprised at herself for not wanting revenge.

If they have the power to get rid of Samuel, they have more than enough to get rid of me. I can't risk my game in here to avenge him.


After heavily contemplating what to do, she decided to try to join the ranks of the alliance, which would leave Dante to fend for himself. She knew exactly how to convince Temera to accept her.

Alice: Hey what is your plan for merge?
Temera: What do you mean? This is random.
Alice: Well, you may not have the numbers to get very far. It's looking to be even, and if we win immunity, Beverly or Elena will be gone.
Temera: Well that's true, but why are you asking me this?
Alice: I can help you with numbers. I am you're plus one.
Temera: You're willing to betray your own alliance?
Alice: Well, you can tell I'm in a rough spot right now. I want to stay alive in this game, and I considered you my opposition. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... right?
Temera: I like the way you think...

With Alice now feeling like she was in a better spot, she subsided her strategizing for the day.

Temera, with her new information, relayed it to Sam, because she wanted to make sure he was with her. After telling her everything that Alice had said, he agreed to, until she is not needed, keep her around.

Yeah, it's good having all these extra people. But, this can really screw us up too. What if we get to the merge and they go back? We'd be stuck. It's just a lot to think about...



I have majority now, but Samuel was an original member of tanah that went the other day on a tribe where he should have had majority numbers. Something clearly must be going on at Tanah, and once the merge comes, it'll be chaos.


Steve wanted to get closer to Nobo, who was a clear frontrunner in this game. He told him what he has realized. Nobo acknowledged him and was equally concerned. Why would a Tanah member go home on a tribe with more than half of original Tanah members? Did he do something wrong? Or was there a blindside? There was much to think about, and if any, the proper actions to take, or at least plan to take.

Steve may be right, we may not have sufficient numbers come merge time. We have been so narrow-minded. We have to think a few steps ahead, and the steps are looking steeper and steeper with every passing minute.


Nobo: So what do we have for numbers as of right now, come merge time?
Steve: Well should we assume that either Dante, Alice, or AJ is not with us?
Nobo: Do you really think that they might have switched?
Steve: I don't really see any other way Samuel could have gone home.
Nobo: You're right. Well there are seven tanah members, and five lautan members, but with one of us switched that evens up the numbers at six a piece.
Steve: Well then we're in a good position.
Nobo: Why is that?
Steve: All we have to do is lose immunity and get rid of one of them right?
Nobo: My thoughts exactly.

Meanwhile, B and Elena were feeling like sitting ducks. The two were the only remaining "original" Lautan members on the tribe, and were clearly aware of it.

If we make merge, that gives us a little bit more time, but the problem is getting there in the first place.


Day Twenty


Tanah lost the reward challenge, which frustrated Dante, as he was sick of losing.

I was never a good loser, and clearly nothing has changed. I am giving more than 100% and it seems that nobody sees that. I don't know what else to do.


As Dante momentarily left to retrieve firewood, Alice gathered around everybody and quietly discussed Dante's presence.

Alice: What do you think about voting out Dante if need be?
Sam: He's probably the only chance we have of winning challenges. He is such a physical threat, but we need him right now.
Alice: But don't you think the merge should be quickly approaching?
Temera: We don't think to the merge and act, we think to the merge and plan to act. Although he is also an enemy, thanks to AJ, we already have the numbers at merge, and it should stay that way.
Sam: Why do you want him to go so badly?
AJ: Yeah that seems a bit suspicious!
Alice: With 100% honesty, I just don't want it to be me.
Temera: Well this is all unnecessary, because we haven't even lost the challenge.
Adam: Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow. Then we can all talk.

They didn't even tell me not to worry. This is frightening. As much as I want to just kick and scream, I am trying to keep my cool. It's a bit more difficult than I thought.


Dante returned, and AJ, who was kept out of the loop of who the main Lautan members had planned to boot, was suspicious that Alice had convinced them. AJ talked to Dante, in private, telling him of Alice's plea.

I truly am all alone out here. Alice betrayed me, and I didn't even see it. I had to hear about it from the one person I couldn't stand in this game. What do I do?


Dante decided to confront Alice about her betrayal, who tried to act fast and deny it, but was caught when she changed her story. Realizing her mistake, she confessed, saying that it was just her trying to get farther in the game. This made Dante furious, and he stormed off.

I know I should be back there trying to mend broken connections, but I am way too frustrated right now. It's hard for me to forgive.


After a while, he returned, and went to sleep. He was only focused now on winning the immunity challenge the next day.


Elena was particularly pleased, because she knew she could prove her worth once again. She could speak Malay, and could really communicate with the native.

This malay native is speaking a language I am actually fluent in. I have been learning all of his tricks for some of the strange looking plant life in the woods.


As she followed him for the day, she gained knowledge about different plantlife and what you can and cannot eat. The malaysian native also showed them several ways to get the bananas that are to high to reach.

This is incredible. I am so glad we have Elena here, because we can really take in what he has to say and understand it immediately. We can avoid the whole communication through gestures and hand movement thing.


As they continued, Nobo's mind was elsewhere. It was focused more on finding a way for it to seem like he only had one.

Some people may think I am overthinking this, but it's an important part of my game. If I play it right, I can end up with two idols, one of them unknown to the others, and still have all of my allies trust me. If I play it wrong, both of my idols will be known, and nobody will trust me. I have to do this carefully.


Nobo, after thinking carefully, decided to tell Sonya of his findings. He knew that he could trust her, and believed he could convince her to keep it quiet.

Nobo: Sonya, I have kept something quiet for the last few days. I have to tell you. After the switch, I decided to look for this camp's idol. I found it.
Sonya: So you found a second one? This is amazing. But why did you wait to tell me?
Nobo: At first, I wasn't going to tell anybody. But then Eli saw me find it.
Sonya: So Eli knows about this one? What about the other one?
Nobo: Only this one. And I wanted you to find out from me rather than from him. I hope you're not mad.
Sonya: Well I expect you to be able to tell me everything, but I understand why you waited.
Nobo: Thank you. I have been thinking long and hard as to what I should do. I'm glad I have you here.
Sonya: Well thank you, but this isn't over. We have to tell Eli. You have to tie up all loose ends. He's your elder, and he's wise. He will understand your situation.
Nobo: Sonya, please. The less people to know about this, the better.
Sonya: You have to be smart about this. Tell Eli, because what happens when you play two idols and ELi doesn't know about both? He won't trust you.
Nobo: Okay, I'll do it. Thank you for being so understanding.
Sonya: You're my best friend out here. I will always trust you.
Nobo: I'll always trust you too. But let's tell Eli together tomorrow. For now, I'm going to bed.

Day Twenty-One

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Immunity Challenge Information

Quickly, it became obvious that mostly everyone was trying to avoid the target. It was clear that only Elena and Beverly for Lautan and Dante for Tanah were trying to win. They were also the only three to score any points, until AJ decided to try to help out Dante. It was all for not, as Elena nailed her first shot worth nine (9) points, and her second shot hit the five (5) point mark. Both of B's shots hit the the blue ring, totaling six (6) points. The Lautan total was 20. Dante, who wanted more than anything to win, hit the middle ring both times, totaling eighteen (18) points. AJ purposely missed her first shot, and then tried to hit the target. She hit the outer ring, worth one (1) point. Lautan wins 20 - 19.


AJ clearly tried to help out Dante. The plan was to lose. She almost ruined that for us. She is not a trustworthy ally and she needs to go.


Adam and Temera both agreed that AJ was not trustworthy, while Sam argued that they needed her for numbers.

We need the numbers and AJ can help us. Dante is clearly against us. What's the positive of keeping him? I don't see one.


AJ helped me today. I obviously was wrong about her. She seems to be second guessing herself. I'm proud.


Dante immediately went up to AJ to thank her. She seemed upset, and wouldn't talk to him.

I feel bad for Dante. Everybody wants him gone, but I betrayed him. I tried to help him today, but it backfired, and now I'm getting shunned. I just wanted to help him.


AJ asked Alice what was happening, to which Alice claimed that she didn't know, but both Dante and AJ's names were being tossed around.

Worried, AJ approached Dante, and was ready to talk.

AJ: Dante, I'm sorry for giving you the cold shoulder. I just wasn't good enough in the challenge today.
Dante: Thank you for trying to help. To tell you the truth AJ, I didn't think you were my cup of tea. I thought you were selfish and didn't want anything to do with me. I was wrong.
AJ: Dante you are very strong and smart, I just want you to know that you're a good person. I want to help you out, but unfortunately, I fell short.
Dante: You more than helped me. Maybe not in the game of Survivor, but you are a glowing example of not to judge to quickly. Thank you.
AJ: Speaking of Survivor, what have you heard?
Dante: Hah, I never hear anything! I have no idea, but I reckon my time is up.

Meanwhile, Sam and Temera were discussing who to vote off. Sam urged her to rethink about AJ's situation. Sam was trying to convince her that they could trust AJ more than Dante. Temera, skeptically, eventually agreed.

Before tribal, Dante tried to convince Sam and Adam that Alice is not to be trusted, and she should go. Without much to work with, he lied about her duties on the other tribe. He said that she was constantly changing her mind about things and always second guessing herself. Same and Adam were not convinced.


After the win, Nobo and Sonya both approached Eli, and told him everything. Eli was delighted to hear that Nobo has two idols, and was also happy that Nobo built up the courage to tell him.

I'm not sure why he was overreacting so badly. He wanted to tell me. But he wanted to be safe. As long as he is with me, he is useful.


I guess I underestimated how understanding these two were. I'm lucky to have them.


Tribal Council

At tribal, Jeff asked the tribe why they tried to throw the challenge. Adam claimed that it was to keep the original tribe of Lautan in higher numbers than the original Tanah. Jeff then asked how they could be sure that the other members on the other tribe haven't switched alliances. Sam argued that they were better off getting rid of people they can't trust than those they might be able to trust. Jeff asked if he was talking about anyone in particular, to which he pointed out AJ and Dante. Jeff asked Dante how it feels to be a clear opposition to the majority alliance. Dante got upset and pointed out that he has worked hard for the tribe he is on, not the allegiances he has set. Jeff then beckons AJ to go to the urn, to start the voting process. Upon retrieval of the urn, Jeff read the votes. Dante was sent home with a 4-2 vote. As he left, he looked to AJ and nodded in approval, clearly insinuating that he was proud of her for sticking with him, despite their rocky adventure together.

Tribal Council 7: Tanah





AJ, Dante




Sam, Adam, Temera, Alice

Voted Off:


(NZ Man123)

Voting Confessionals

No matter what happens, ya know, I learned something valuable.


Don't try to throw me under the bus, you'll be gone real quick.


Alice, I'm voting for you because I have decided to stick by Dante.


You can't be trusted, nearly as much as AJ can. So you can't stay.


Blah blah blah you are going so just leave.


Answer this riddle... Who's name is written most tonight, yet the least for the rest of the game? Give up? It's you...


Final Words

I had a rough start, but I learned a valuable lesson in judgement. Thanks AJ, and I wish you the best of luck.


Still in the Running







































Next Time on Survivor...

Numbers are reevaluated and concerns are great in looking ahead for the possible merge.