Daniel Braun
Daniel Braun Big
Contestant Profile
Age 28
Hometown Manassas, Virginia 
Occupation  Actor/Veterinarian

'Survivor: Ireland'




Daniel Braun is a contestant from Survivor: Ireland.


Name (Age): Daniel Braun (28)

Tribe Designation: Wicklow

Current Residence: Manassas, Virginia.

Occupation: Actor/Veterinarian

Personal Claim to Fame: "Being able to balance two completely different jobs at once, while stilll thriving at both.."

Inspiration in Life: "If I had to pick somebody, I'd say my parents, they've always supported me while I tried different things throughout my life, and raised me in a great christian family."

Hobbies: Chess, Skiing, Scuba Diving

Pet Peeves: "Anyone who tried to be annoying on purpose."

3 Words to Describe You: "Intelligent, comedic, empathetic."

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: "I think I'm like a more well-spoken Amanda Kimmel, a less self-righteous Spencer, and a more friendly Russell Hantz all in one."

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: "I've watched survivor since I was little, and it's been my dream to go out here and play the ultimate social and strategic game."

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: "I have the strategic capabilities too, and have always been a bit of a class clown, so I think I can charm my way to the end while making moves at the same time."

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: "Like I said before, I will make moves this game, and I am great at making strong relationships that last, while protecting those relationships so I don't damage my chances at earning jury votes."

Daniel Braun has the highest IQ of anyone since David from Survivor: Redemption Island, and yet, he's always wanted to go into the artistic field of work, and has always wanted to take care for animals.  Since college, he's been hassling two jobs, unable to decide which one to keep.  If Daniel wins Survivor, he plans on his fame boosting his acting career, and being financially sound enough to pursue whatever he wants.

Survivor: Ireland

Voting History

Daniel's Voting History
Episode Daniel's


Voted Against


1 Nina
2 Brendan

Brendan, Darla, Jonah

3 Immune
4 Darla
5 Wing Jonah
6 Immune
7 Immune



Chaswell, Nancy, Riley

Nancy, Wanda

9 Tommy

Barbara, Bruce, Nalia,

Nancy, Riley, Tommy

10 Nalia
11 Jonah
12 Barbara
13 Nancy
14 Jonah Janette, Jonah
15 Bruce Bruce, Riley
15 pt. 2 N/A Riley
Voted Off, Day 38

Voted For Sole







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