"David & Goliath"
Daniel and Gerardo battle it out for control of the game.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 12/14
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David & Goliath is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

With successfully eliminating Samantha from the game, Gerardo was finally forced to choose sides. As the game went on, he continued to make people believe he was on their side. However, Sebastian and Yessica eventually grew suspicious of him as he'd spend time with the enemy alliance consisting of Heather and Aaron.

On Day 28, Sebastian, Derek, and Amy all won an overnight stay at a Georgian village where they would enjoy a traditional feast. But while participating in a folk dance, Sebastian accidently fell into the fire, substaining serious burns that required him to leave the game.

Now with a member short, the alliance of Daniel, Derek, Amy, Yessica, and Gerardo didn't have the numbers to be able to split the votes, so they planned on throwing all their votes at Aaron, hoping that the idol wouldn't be played on him. Gerardo, who had alligned himself with Aaron and Heather had the option of either divulging true or false information to them. At Tribal Council, all five alliance members voted for Aaron, but the idol was used on him, courtesy of Gerardo, and Derek was blindsided with three votes against him.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
The Survivors would have $500 US dollars to bid on numerous items including food, comfort items, ect. Players may not pool money or share items. Auction will end without notice.

Immunity Challenge: Keep It Up
Each contestant would have to hold two poles against a platform above their heads. If any of the two would fall, that contestant would be out. The last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Daniel


Night of Day 30

After having Derek voted out of the tribe, the final seven returned back to camp. Amy, Daniel, and Yessica were sad at the outcome of the vote. However, Gerardo, Heather, and Aaron were pleasantly satisfied, although Gerardo tried to put on a sad face for his grieving alliance.

Before Tribal, I told Heather to use her idol on Aaron. I felt bad betraying my alliance, but in the end I realized that I have a way better chance at winning if I'm sitting next to those two.


I feel so stupid for having trusted Gerardo. I'm 100% sure he told the other alliance about who we were voting out when he snuck off to talk to them right before Tribal Council. He's going to pay.


The castaways then went to sleep. But later that night, Daniel woke up Heather and told her to meet him at the watering hole.

Heather: "What?"
Daniel: "How did you guys know we were voting for Aaron?"
Heather: "Lucky guess..."
Daniel: "It was Gerardo wasn't it?"
Heather: "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."
Daniel: "Cut the crap Heather."
Heather: "Well, if it helps me go to sleep faster, then yes, he did tell us. But there's nothing you can do about it anyway. Gerardo chose his side at Tribal and even though he voted with you, it was only to keep his cover. It's us four against you three."

Spilling the beans about Gerardo keeps the target off me and puts it right on him. We may be alligned, but I'm not going to be taking the blame for Gerardo's actions. At this point, it's every player for themselves.


Day 31

The next morning, Daniel took Yessica and Amy aside and told them what Heather told him the night before. Upon finding out about Gerardo's betrayal, the two girls and Daniel agreed to confront him about it later.

To think you could know a guy. I've had my suspicions about him since the merge, but this just proves all them true.


Later, Agatha and Heather went on a walk to check treemail. On the way there, Heather thanked Agatha for letting her and Aaron use her "Hidden Immunity Idol".

Heather: "Thank you Agatha. If it wasn't for you, Aaron would have definately been eliminated yesterday."
Agatha: "No problem. I felt like I owed it to you for all the bad things I've done to you in this game. And the idol was originally yours anyway."
Heather: "It's great to have someone you can count on."
Agatha: "Agreed."

It's reassuring to have Heather play this game right alongside me. She's really overbearing, but I know I can count on her and when we make it to the finals, that might work in my favor.


After Agatha handed me back the fake idol that was given to her by me ages ago, I immediately had to destroy it. I couldn't risk her finding out that she was being lied to all this time. And I guess now she'll never know.


The two then returned back to camp with treemail instructing them to head to their next Reward Challenge. Upon arriving at the designated location, Jeff welcomed the final seven to the Survivor Auction. He handed them envelopes and stated the rules for the auction.

Jeff: "Inside your envelopes are five hundred US dollars. One item at a time, you guys will bid, in increments of twenty, for the items of your choosing. There will be no pooling of money and any food bought may not be shared. This auction will end without notice. Let's begin."

Contestants Item(s) Bought Total Money Spent
Aaron McCarthy
  • Chicken breast ($280)
Agatha Christenson
  • Phone call from home ($300)
  • French fries w/ ranch dipping sauce ($180)
Amy Corazon
  • Boiled grubs (sealed item; $60)
  • Chocolate sundae ($420)
Daniel Marvin
  • Lamb liver (sealed item; $340)
Gerardo Guzman
  • Note (to be read at the next Immunity Challenge; $500)
Heather Villegas
  • Donuts w/ coffee ($180)
  • A shower ($260)
Yessica Chang
  • Cheeseburger w/ ice cold drink (sealed item; $200)

As the seven castways came back from the auction, Daniel, Yessica, and Amy decided to confront Gerardo in front of the whole tribe.

Gerardo: "I'm thinking that this note will give me an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge. This means we have a better chance at beating Heather and Aaron out of immunity!"
Yessica: "Gerardo, we know you told Heather about who we were voting for at Tribal."
Gerardo: "What?"
Daniel: "Don't play stupid."
Yessica: "Yeah, we know you've been playing both sides since the merge. Heather told us."
Gerardo: "She what?! You guys should know not to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. And I'm honestly offended that you would question my loyalty!"

Before Daniel and Yessica had a chance to reply, Gerardo ran off.

I can't believe Heather sold me out, especially after I've been busting my ass these past couple days, trying to protect both her and Aaron. Some damage control needs to be done now!


I'm literally heart-broken right now. I thought Gerardo and I had made a special connection, but now I see that he'd rather sit next to the likes of Heather and Aaron at Final Tribal rather than next to me.


Gerardo rushes over to Heather and takes her aside, demanding an explanation for why she ratted him out to the others.

Gerardo: "What the hell Heather! Why'd you sell me out to them?!"
Heather: "Calm down. There's no need to yell."
Gerardo "Then answer me."
Heather: "They already knew you backstabbed them. Last night, Daniel wouldn't stop bugging me until I told him the truth, so I did. But it's not like it even matters, we have the numbers anyway."
Gerardo: "But now they're going to be coming after me. And you never know what can happen."
Heather: "Just relax."

Apparently I'm still safe even if I don't win immunity, but I don't want to take any chances. This note I bought at the auction better give me a good advantage at the challenge.


Meanwhile, Daniel, Yessica, and Amy were discussing their plan of action, which involved eliminating Gerardo.

Daniel: "We can't let him win immunity tomorrow."
Amy: "I know, but what about that note he got at the auction? Won't he get an advantage?"
Daniel: "Then we'll have to give it our all. Right Yessica?"
Yessica: "Wait, what?"
Amy: "Is something the matter Yes?"
Daniel: "Yeah, you were spacing out there for a moment."
Yessica: "No, it's just hard to accept the fact that Gerardo betrayed us like that."

For some reason, I don't want to see Gerardo go. Maybe giving him another chance would help him redeem himself, but Daniel and Amy seem so dead-set on voting him out.


After the camp calmed down, everybody decided to go to sleep.

Day 32

The next day, the castaways arrived to the location of their next Immunity Challenge and were welcomed by Jeff as they lined up on the mat. Jeff then proceeded to explain the challenge details.

Jeff: "You guys will have to balance two poles between the backs of your hands and the platforms above. If any of the poles fall down, then you're out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity. Gerardo, you bought a note at yesterday's auction. Please open it and read it outloud."
Gerardo: "Instead of starting the challenge at the same time as the others, you will be entering the challenge fifteen minutes after the challenge has commenced."
Jeff: "That means if everyone is out of the challenge by the time the fifteen minutes are up, then Gerardo automatically wins immunity. Alright, take your spots."

Elapsed Time: 5 Minutes

After five minutes, everyone seems to be doing well. However, Amy's poles seem to be getting dangerously close to the edges. Minutes later, her poles drop and she's out of the challenge.

Elapsed Time: 10 Minutes

At the ten minute mark, Agatha begins to struggle in keeping her arms up and eventually drops out. Heather's poles are slowly inching their way to the edges of the platform while Daniel, Yessica, and Aaron still seem to be doing well.

Elapsed Time: 15 Minutes

After fifteen minutes, Gerardo is instructed to join the challenge. At the same time, Heather's pole falls, leaving only four left in the challenge. At this point, Yessica's poles are the closest to the edges, but suprisingly, Aaron is eliminated after relaxing his arms, allowing his poles to fall. This leaves Gerardo, Daniel, and Yessica still vying for immunity.

Elapsed Time: 20 Minutes

After twenty minutes, Yessica's poles are hanging for their lives as Daniel and Gerardo's seem to have not moved since the challenge began. Shortly after, Yessica is eliminated from the challenge.

Elapsed Time: 25 Minutes

With twenty-five minutes having gone by, both Daniel and Gerardo have no intention of dropping out of the challenge. Daniel confesses that his arms are beginning to feel fatigued, but manages to go on.

Elapsed Time: 30 Minutes

After half an hour, Daniel tells Gerardo how betrayed he felt after finding out about Gerardo's side alliance wtih Heather and Aaron. Gerardo states that he's just trying to play the game. The talking seemed to have made the two players lose their focus, as both of their poles were closer to the edge.

Elapsed Time: 35 Minutes

At thirty-five minutes, Gerardo was trying to get his poles back to their original positions, as they were really close to the edge, but while doing so, accidentally loses his concentration and is eliminated from the challenge. With Daniel as the only player left, wins immunity and gets a one in six shot at winning the game.

It's so awesome that I was able to beat out Gerardo for immunity, even when he had an advantage! It's just like David & Goliath!


I had immunity in the palm my hands, and I just let it slip away from my fingers. This sucks!


After arriving back at camp, Daniel, Yessica, and Amy quickly went off to talk strategy while Heather, Gerardo, Aaron, and Agatha did the same thing.

Amy: "So it's Gerardo for sure?"
Daniel: "It has to be. He's the biggest threat right now and his betrayal can't be left unpunished."
Yessica: "Can't it be Heather or Aaron?"
Daniel: "I know it's hard for you, but you need to take your emotions aside and just think of Gerardo as another obstacle that you need to get overcome."
Yessica: "Alright then. But what are we going to do about the numbers? It's four of them against the three of us."
Daniel: "We have to get one of them, preferably Agatha, to flip, or somehow find an idol if one's been rehidden."

Winning immunity was just step one of our plan. Now we have to concentrate on getting the numbers in order to eliminate Gerardo. It seems like an uphill battle, especially since Heather has her strings wrapped around Agatha.


Meanwhile, Heather's alliance tries to figure out who to target out of Yessica and Amy, since Daniel managed to win immunity.

Aaron: "I say we vote for Yessica. She's way craftier than she lets on."
Heather: "Yeah, I agree."
Gerardo: "Does it have to be Yessica? I say Amy's likability makes her more of a threat than Yessica at this point."
Heather: "I know you still have some feelings for Yessica, but you chose your side and it's either vote the way we want or get eliminated yourself. Because I'm definately sure that they'll be targetting you tomorrow at Tribal."
Gerardo: "Fine then."

Gerardo made his choice and now he has to live with it. It's too late to come crawling back to them, so whether he likes it or not, he's stuck with us. Which means he has to vote however we want.


Night fell upon the camp and everybody decided to go to sleep.

Day 33

The next morning, Amy decided to wake up early so she could look for the Hidden Immunity Idol in case it had been rehidden.

I'm an early riser, so I thought that since everybody was still asleep, I would go out and look for an idol. I absolutely had no idea where to look, so I just searched through the bushes.


As Amy rummaged through the bushes and searched within the holes of trees, she managed to find an idol, which was actually a fake idol. However, seconds after finding the idol, she caught the glance of another one.

Amy: "What the..?"

Confused about finding two idols, Amy wandered back to camp where she ran into Agatha who had just woken up. Agatha asked her what was in her hands and Amy, who was caught red-handed, was forced to tell Agatha of the two idols.

Agatha: "What's that you have in your hands sweetie?"
Amy: "Uhh. These."
Agatha: "Wait, where did you find those?"
Amy: "They were hidden right around here. Really close to eachother oddly enough."
Agatha: "May I see them for a second?"
Amy: "Uhm. Sure..."

As Agatha examined the idols, she came to a shocking conclusion that these were exactly like the one Heather had given to her on Day 9. Agatha asked Amy if she would take her to where she found the idols, to which Amy reluctantly does. After some searching around, she found many similar-looking idols. Amy then takes this chance to try to get Agatha to vote with her alliance.

Amy: "Hey Agatha. Please keep an open mind, but I was wondering if you would help us vote out Gerardo? I know you're really tight with him, Aaron, and Heather, but please take it into consideration."
Agatha: "Will do."
Amy: "Great! Thanks!"

Heather, that lying bitch! When she gave me the idol, she told me it was a sign of how much we could trust eachother. But it turns out that it was all fake, just like the idol! Right now, I can have all this blow up in her face by voting out Gerardo, or I can keep my mouth shut, vote out Yessica, and expose her for the red-headed devil she is at Final Tribal Council.


I literally felt like peeing my pants when Agatha saw me with those two idols. But according to her, those, along with the others we found, turned out to be fake. This explains why Stan pulled out a fake idol back in Day 3. But luckily, this gave me the chance to talk to her alone and hopefully I managed to sway her to our side!


Later, when everyone had woken up, the two alliances held their last meeting before they left for Tribal. Amy told Yessica and Daniel about the talk she had with Agatha. Meanwhile, Gerardo wanted to make sure that his alliance was all in for voting for Yessica.

It's funny how this all comes down to Agatha. By taking one look at her, one wouldn't think that this old lady would hold all this power. Hopefully, she makes the right decision.


I definately know that I have Aaron and Heather's vote, but I feel like Agatha's a wild card. Ever since this morning, she's been giving Heather the cold shoulder. This better not have anything to do about me.


When it got darker, the seven castaways made their way to Tribal Council. As they sat down, Jeff welcomed the Jury members. This time, Sebastian was in attendance, as well as Derek who was voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Jeff starts by asking Heather and Aaron if they feel vulnerable this Tribal, to which both of them reply that they don't. When asked who should be, Heather and Daniel immediately point to Gerardo. Jeff asks why and Daniel responds that Gerardo's been playing both sides since the merge and has finally been caught. Jeff then gives Gerardo a chance to explain to which he says that what he did was necessary for his gameplay. He didn't mean for anyone's feeling to get hurt, but that it was just how it played out. When Jeff asks Yessica how she feels about all of this, as she and Gerardo were close in the beginning of the game, she says that he vote tonight would be the hardest one she would ever cast, to which Gerardo nods in agreement. Jeff then tells Amy to vote. Once everyone had voted, Jeff gets the urn and begins to tally the votes.

Jeff: "I'll read the votes. First vote... Gerardo. Gerardo. That's two votes Gerardo. Third vote... Yessica. Yessica. That's two votes Gerardo, two votes Yessica. 5th vote... Gerardo. Yessica. We're tied, three votes Gerardo, three votes Yessica, one vote left. The thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Caucasus and the fourth member of the Jury.... Gerardo. Please come bring me your torch."

Everyone is shocked at the last vote, especially Heather who turns to Agatha and gives her a nasty glare. As Gerardo brings his torch to Jeff, he gets a pat in the back from Aaron.

Jeff: "Gerardo, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."

Gerardo gets his torch snuffed and leaves. Daniel is happy with his small victory while Yessica is tearing up that she had to vote one of her closest friends out of the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Gerardo Guzman
Gerardo (4 votes)
Daniel MarvinAmy CorazonYessica ChangAgatha Christenson
Daniel, Amy, Yessica & Agatha
Yessica Chang
Yessica (3 votes)
Heather VillegasAaron McCarthyGerardo Guzman
Heather, Aaron & Gerardo
Gerardo Guzman BW
Gerardo Guzman

Voting Confessionals

Hopefully my talk with Agatha managed to convince her.


Your time's up.


Gerado, I never wanted to make this vote, but as far as I know, you could be voting for me. Sorry.


I'm sorry Gerardo that you were caught in the middle of this, but this vote I am casting symbolizes a vote for Heather. But don't worry, she'll get a real one soon enough.


I deeply apologize for this Yessica. I tried to get them to switch to Amy, but they won't listen.


It's quite funny how Gerardo decided to side with us instead of you. Just shows how great your social game is.


You played a great game, but your fatal mistake was siding with Heather, who in the end, sold you out. If you stayed with us, you could have made it farther.


Final Words

I tried to play this game the best way I could, but I ended up falling short. I put my life in the hands of someone who would cut me loose the first chance she could. I'm sorry to Samantha, Derek, Daniel, Amy, and especially Yessica. I hope you guys can forgive me.

–Gerardo Guzman

Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman BW
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell BW
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson BW
Winston Grant BW
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu BW
Lauren Faas BW
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola BW
Samantha Marino BW
Sebastian Hibbard BW
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • With two episodes left, the game heats up.
    • Heather and Aaron get romantic once again.
    • The threesome of Yessica, Daniel, and Amy try to make it to the end.
    • Tensions flare between Heather and Agatha.

Author's Notes

  • The Immunity Challenge is the same challenge used in Apple In The Garden Of Eden from Survivor: Gabon and Loose Lips Sink Ships from Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.
  • This episode's title was said by Daniel.
    • Coincidentally, the people he was referring to share the first letter of their name; David - Daniel, Goliath - Gerardo.
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