"Dazed and Confused"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 12/15
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This is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Survivor Sudoku
The survivors would direct their blindfolded loved ones through an obstacle course to collect nine planks with numbers on them. After collecting all the planks, they must arrange them into a 9x9 sudoku board. First player to show a complete grid wins immunity and reward, while the second and third place finishers win join the first placer on his reward.
Reward: Individual immunity for the first placer, and for the top three finishers, they will win a picnic lunch with their loved ones.
Winner: Cap


Night 33

Returning from Tribal Council, Cap wonders how he got a vote. Beatrix explains it came from Jordan who secretly plotted against Cap to save himself. While still in the minority, Cap is delighted to have Jordan gone.

Apparently, Jordan tried to stick a knife on my back to save himself, but karma kicked in fast.


Day 34

With no challenge to worry about, Cap and Beatrix bathe by the beach. Not having a real opportunity to get to know each other, the two decide to let loose and put the game aside. Beatrix confides about how alopecia attributed to her anxiety, especially when Rosita was voted out. She states she fainted when Rosita was voted out because she had enough time with being bullied and rejected because she looked different due to her having alopecia. In return, Cap reveals he is a three-time divorcee. While Cap claims he is capable to provide for his seven children (from all three of his ex-wives), he kept his secret of having ADHD from his ex-spouses, and it hurt his relationships. The two hug each other, mutually expressing respect to the other.

It is nice to let loose from the game a bit. I didn't expect getting to know Cap being this easy. It just sucks that I am committed to my alliance, so I have to get rid of him. I want to get to know him more because he actually has a story to tell and not everybody's willing to listen.

–Beatrix, on Cap

Meanwhile, Dominic tries to convince Lana and Cataleya to reconsider rebuilding the all-American alliance. Unbeknownst to them, Budd is behind the bushes, hearing the entire conversation.

Dominic is extremely charismatic, and he is playing this game for a cause like me. But, if Lana and Cataleya decides to jump ship, unless we have an idol, Beatrix and I are screwed. I hope Lana and Cat remain loyal to us.


Budd tells Beatrix about the conversation, saying they need to find a Hidden Immunity Idol and one must win individual immunity. Beatrix, who trusts Lana and Cataleya is confident they will remain loyal to her. In a confessional, Beatrix can use her hard time with the Rosita vote to convince Lana and Cataleya to take her to the end as their goat.

Though I am confident that Lana and Cat will stay with me and Budd till the end, but there is still a chance of them flipping. Either I find an idol or bring up my hard time with blindsiding Rosita and act dazed and confused so they'll take me to the end. If in case Budd goes, he will give me his vote regardless.


In the evening, Lana and Cataleya sit by the beach, discussing their vote plans. Lana asks her friend, that regardless of what decision she makes, she would let her know.

Day 35

The six remaining castaways meet Jeff Probst for the next Immunity Challenge. Jeff reveals it is also for reward, which is a picnic lunch with their loved ones. The host introduces the loved ones: Beatrix's husband Bill, Budd's fiancee Daniela, Dominic's father Anderson, Lana's mother Gordana, Cataleya's mother Sitti, and Cap's eldest child (from his first wife) Dennis. Jeff adds the loved ones will compete with their survivors.

Seeing my husband after a month was euphoric. I am beat down and depressed over Rosita's blindside, so Bill coming here...It couldn't have come at a better time. Winning the challenge will rejuvenate my desire to win this game.


Beatrix, Budd, Cap, Lana and Dominic effectively direct their loved ones to their planks, while Cataleya struggles because of her mom constantly tripping on the obstacle course. Budd takes the lead in solving the sudoku puzzle, while Cap (through his son's sudoku solving prowess) and Beatrix are also getting close. In the end, Dennis solves the puzzle for Cap first, winning his father immunity and reward. Beatrix and Budd finish second and third respectively, winning reward. After awarding Cap the Immunity Necklace, Jeff announces that though Cap, Beatrix and Budd win reward, everybody's loved ones will stay overnight.

Cap, Beatrix, Budd, and their loved ones are taken by a motorboat to a luscious island where they are welcomed by a lunch table full of food. As everyone downs their food, Beatrix notices a Hidden Immunity Idol clue under her plate. Dennis secretly catches Beatrix tucking a scroll of paper inside her buff and tells his father about it.

They say you can't get the best things in life aren't served on a silver platter, but this is ridiculous.

–Beatrix, on finding the idol clue

So, Bea's found the Hidden Immunity Idol under her plate. I knew I brought the right loved one.


While the reward winners catch up with their loved ones and the goings-on in their hometowns, the mood at Bathala camp is just as festive. Lana teaches her mother how to chop a coconut. Gordana is terrified during the entire process, saying she did not expect someone like her daughter, a person who is highly averse about the outdoors, can do fishing and chopping coconuts.

I am proud that my daughter made this far, and I cannot believe she survived 35 days in the middle of nowhere. She never once accepted went camping with her father, but look at her now. She can now survive in the wilderness.

–Gordana, on her daughter Lana

The reward winners return to camp after their lunch. Cap warns Dominic that Beatrix acquired an idol clue, and he must follow her every move, even asking him to at least find the idol before Beatrix does. While Cap tries to get the loved ones occupied by teaching them how island life is like, Dominic and Dennis follow Beatrix and Bill in the woods. Believing they lost their pursuers, the couple stops to read the clue aloud, not knowing Dominic and Dennis pursuers are listening. The clue tells her the idol is inside a giant clam submerged underwater. Dennis insists to Dominic to rejoin his dad and let him do the spying alone. Beatrix walks to the beach and catches up with the survivors and loved ones. Beatrix is cautious about leaving the group far too long, as they might suspect her trying to look for the idol. To keep her cover, Beatrix invites her husband for a swim, unwittingly passes by the clam that actually contains the idol.

The clue says the idol is hidden inside a giant clam, but I cannot look for it with prying eyes.


Dominic tells Cap about hearing Beatrix aloud and Dennis looking for Beatrix all by himself, saying the clue is hidden inside a clam. Under the premise that he will go fishing, Cap brings the spear to make his story believable. Beatrix notices Budd not really using his spear, making her believe he is actually looking for the idol, deducing that she is being stalked the entire time.

This is a goose chase for the idol!


Beatrix observes Cap while he pries giant clams open. Beatrix rereads the clue and realizes that the idol is hidden inside a giant clam. Cap goes back to the beach to urinate while Beatrix swims at sea under the premise she is taking a bath. Beatrix goes to the opposite direction from where Cap swam earlier. The said area is also filled with giant clams. After half an hour trying to pry clams open, Beatrix finds the idol.

Cap better watch out.


Day 36

Morning at Bathala, the survivors and their loved ones enjoy one final breakfast, after which, the castaways bid them goodbye. The tribe lounges in the shelter, where Beatrix is trying to convince Lana and Cataleya to stay in their alliance, while Cap and Dominic are in front of them doing chores. Beatrix tells them Cap will just take them to the end as goats so he can win, while with her, they are more assured of Jury votes because of her incident with Rosita and she was loyal to them. Cap chimes in, telling Lana and Cataleya that Rosita's blindside is enough evidence that Beatrix has the capacity to backstab her own allies to meet her own ends. Cap apologizes to Beatrix, though Beatrix understands Cap is just trying to save himself.

As the tribeprepares for Tribal Council, Cap tells Lana and Cataleya that if they ever decide to join them, the plan would be a split vote between Budd and Beatrix. Knowing that Cap lobbied against her, Beatrix also tries to convince the two to vote Dominic, the only remaining member of Cap's alliance.

Cap will not go down without a fight, so will I. If Dominic goes, Cap is completely crippled, and there is nothing he can do other than win the remaining Immunity Challenges.


Cap already decided for me who to vote for. While voting our Beatrix makes sense, voting Dominic out also makes sense.


At Tribal Council, Budd and Beatrix and Cap and Dominic plea their cases to Lana and Cataleya as to why they should side with them. Jeff asks Cap if nationality still plays a role in the game. While Cap agrees, Lana disagrees, telling him it's no longer about Americans versus the Internationals, but who is more trustworthy and beatable now that the endgame is in sight.

After the vote, fearing that Lana and Cataleya will go against her, Beatrix plays her Hidden Immunity Idol. Turns out she is correct, as the Americans split their votes between her and Budd, forcing a 2-2-0 tie between Budd and Dominic. Not liking the idea of a deadlock (since a deadlock would mean Beatrix and Dominic becoming immune with Cap, while the two of them and Budd draw rocks), Lana and Cataleya return to Beatrix's side, voting the more likable Dominic out, 3-1. Cap shakes his head in disappointment.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
First Vote (Tie) Revote
(Budd and Dominic ineligible to vote)
Dominic (2 votes)
Beatrix & Budd
Dominic (3 votes)
Beatrix, Cataleya, & Lana
Budd (2 votes)
Cataleya & Lana
Budd (1 vote)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Cap & Dominic
(votes not counted)
Dominic Stoops

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • With no allies left, Cap's back is against the wall. Now his only chance of winning is through individual immunity. Will he be able to survive the remaining three days?
  • Budd feels the pressure being the only guy in his alliance. With the Hidden Immunity Idol rehidden, will he be able to survive?
  • Beatrix and Lana/Cataleya argue over strategy. Will this make a crack in their final three pact?

Author's Notes

  • The challenge is a tweaked version of the final pre-merge Reward Challenge of Survivor: China.
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