"Dead Weight"
Survivor Palawan
Season Survivor: Palawan
Author User:MisterGohan
Episode Number 4/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Don't Mess With Me
Next Slippery Eel

Dead Weight is the 4th episode of Survivor: Palawan.

Previously On... Survivor!

Blood vs. Water officially came into play, once Matt L. and Joshua switched places on Redemption, leaving Josh to fight for his life on Redemption Island. Luckily, their plan worked, and Joshua survived.

Jeff Probst: Joshua wins the first spot and stays alive on Redemption!

It came down to Craig an Orrin, and in the end Orrin couldn't solve his puzzle fast enough.

Joshua gave Breanna the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which proved to be a good thing, when Breanna found the idol.

Breanna Pep “You got out one of my friends, it's time to pay back the favor.”

Once word got out about Breanna's, the lines between Visayas' alliances were even more prominent. While the majority alliance was set on getting Charissa out, Cody had his mind set on Grant, whom he considered a physical threat.

Cody Galn “If all the stronger guys are out, who's left to compete for their team? No one but me.”

Mindanao once again won immunity, earning an ice cream reward. Though it was beneficial for others, John was having trouble dealing with their prize.

Stacey Kraper “I think it's more than his appetite that's up with him though. I think John may be ill; only time will tell.”

At Visayas, more controversy arose when Cody was unwilling to vote out Charissa.

Cody: If we're not voting Grant, I'm voting with them.

Noah Meeq “Cody's a piece of work. He won't stop until we get Grant out.”

At Tribal, Breanna's idol took a spin, with no one knowing what she was going to do with it. In the end, Breanna falsely played the idol on herself, with Grant receiving the majority votes.

Jeff Probst: Grant, the tribe has spoken *Snuffs torch*.

Fifteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Night 8

Visayas walks in to camp. Charissa and Breanna are walking together, straying from the others.

Charissa: This stinks, big time. What can we do now?

Breanna: Try and find the idol again. They usually have it one more cycle, then we have to wait for the merge.

Charissa: We might not even last to the merge.

Breanna: I think we will. Tribe swaps are eminent, and we're sure to find cracks.

Breanna Pep “Looking at Tribal tonight, there's obvious cracks. Alex seems annoyed with his alliance, and Noah seems to have issues with Cody. If Charissa and I can just stay a little long enough to see the cracks, we might just last through this thing.”

The scene changes to Mindanao, where John is shown in the back throwing up. Siera is over there to comfort him.

Siera Honne “John has been looking really pale, and it's starting to worry me. He didn't keep down the little food he got today, and at this point I think he's sick. And I don't just mean he got sick for a little bit, this may be a drawn out ordeal.”

Day 9

The morning rises on Mindanao, with John laying in the shelter with his buff over his face.

John Pizaz “Last night was not a fun experience. Out of the eight days prior, that one had to be the worst. I'm still feeling a bit shaken up. I'm afraid to eat anything in fear of regurgitating. Oh well, I'll just have to suck it up.”

Larisa, Opal, and Stacey are sitting by the fire. Stacey glances at John.

Stacey: Just for his own safety, I think if we lose tomorrow we should vote out John.

Opal: I'm still pressing for Matt M..

Larisa: Be considerate Opal. If John's sick, then we need to get rid of him so he can be better.

Opal: But Matt's gunning for me!

Stacey: At this point, it really doesn't matter. Matt may be a heavy load to get through, but John's dead weight right now.

Opal June “Matt M. is annoying, I don't care what anyone says. He's an annoying punk and I don't want to be around him. Let John be sick, I don't care. If he's sick we can vote him off another day.”

Larisa Pep “Opal needs to calm down. She's letting emotion get into the way of the game. Of course we are when we say we want John out for his health, but it's more of a strategic thing too because it gets us a step farther.”

Stacey Kraper “In my opinion, I think Opal's worse than Matt. He's been laying low and not causing a whole lot of issues. Opal's the opposite. She's been set on going after Matt when he hasn't done a thing! I'd rather her go before Matt.”

The camera shows Mindanao sitting at Redemption Island. Visayas walks in.

Jeff Probst: Mindanao, getting your first look at the new Visayas tribe. Grant, voted out at the last tribal council.

John: That's... shocking.

John Pizaz “Grant being voted out was... not what I expected. I thought that one of the girls were going. They just voted out two strong people. I might not be as much of a liability now.”

The Mindanao tribe is shocked.

Jeff Probst: Courtney, why is the Mindanao tribe so shocked?

Courtney: Well, Grant just seemed like a strong guy. It's just placement of alliances, I guess.

Jeff Probst: Grant, what was your reaction?

Grant: I don't think I should have gone home. If I get back in the game, you better bet I'm going to wreath hell.

Jeff Probst: One of the opportunities at Redemption is that you can swap places with your Loved One. Is Grant's Loved One going to swap places with him?

John: Jeff, I'm going to stay right here. I think the conditions are worse on Redemption Island. A tad bit more than I can handle. Besides, I think Grant can handle it over there.

Jeff Probst: Alright; Grant you're staying right there. Let's get to today's Redemption Island Duel.

Challenge: Cube Crisis
The two castaways would race to retrieve puzzle pieces and then assemble them into a cube. The first castaway to assemble the cube would win.
Winners (in order of finish : Joshua Wunder and Craig Johnson (Joshua gave Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Breanna Pep)

Redemption Island
Duel 3
Joshua WunderCraig Johnson
Joshua & Craig
Grant Philosky
Duel: Playing Bridge
1st 2nd 3rd
Joshua Wunder
Craig Johnson
Grant Philosky
Grant Philosky

Jeff Probst: Grant, your time on Redemption Island was short lived. Drop your buff in the fire and head on out.

Final Words:

Grant Philosky “It's safe to say I'm pissed. I didn't want to be in this position. I expected to at least make the merge, but I'm the third person out. This frustrates me, and I wish I lasted a whole lot longer. Screw Cody, and screw Alex.”

Jeff Probst: Joshua, you once again have won first, you get to decide who gets a clue to the idol.

Joshua: I think I'm going to hand it over to Breanna over there once again.

Breanna: Thank you Josh.

Breanna Pep “Another clue means another idol, hopefully. It's all I can hope for at this point.”

Matt Lich “I'm glad Breanna's been getting the clues. Since Grant's gone, it seems as though Alex is getting a lot more powerful. I'd like to take him out once I get on the same tribe as him.”
Matt L.

The scene changes to Visayas hanging around camp. The fires dim, and Charissa puts wood onto it for fuel.

Charissa Anderson “I think Grant was the main enforcer of the work load around here. Now we're not doing much when we need to. I'd talk to people about it, but if I do I risk being a target for being out. It's a double edged sword I guess. If I don't say something, nothing is going to get done. But if I try to confront people, I could very well see my name down at the next Tribal.”

Charissa: It pisses me off that people aren't doing anything and leaving us to do the work.

Breanna: Once we're gone nothings going to get done. We've got to do something.

Charissa: Yeah, okay so you have that clue. Are we going to look at it?

Breanna: Actually, no. I have an idea.

Breanna Pep “The longer I get clues, the longer I'm on the outs. That's how I see it. I have a plan called "Slippery Eel". I will be slipping away from everyone's thoughts of me going after them. They'll get a sense of comfort before I shock them. It may take a bit of a kissing ass, but it's worth it to be honest.”

Breanna and Charissa are sitting with the others, Breanna having called a tribe meeting.

Alex: This is going to be good.

Breanna: Alright, first things first. We all know I'm on the outs of this tribe, both Charissa and I are. I'm not going to bull**** here, I have the clue right here. It's still tied up and everything, I haven't opened it.

*Breanna tosses the note into the fire*

Breanna: There, it's gone. And just as the clue burns, I want the past to burn with it.

Alex Lewis “Breanna gave a nice little speech. Short sweet, and to the point. Do I buy it? I shouldn't, but in terms of a game standpoint, it's the best move she can make. I'm glad she did it, it may actually by her a few days.”

Noah Meeq “Breanna's a dumbass. If she really think that's going to work then she's got another thing coming.”

Krista June “I don't trust Breanna after her conversation to the whole tribe. I wanted her out on the first day, and it's the same now. She's just the kind of person I would not hang out with on a daily basis.”

Mindanao camp is shown, with John still sitting in the shelter. However, the camera zooms out to show Stacey, Courtney, and Larisa.

Stacey Kraper “There's stuff that hasn't been sinking well into my head lately. I just can't shake the feeling that Opal's going to go into a whole new world of villain. It's not going to end well for anyone, and I want to do something about it.”

Stacey: I've been thinking. John's most likely going to get evacuated soon, the way he's been shaping up.

Larisa: Alright... so?

Stacey: If he gets evacuated when we lose a challenge, we could very well have to vote someone off.

Courtney: Who do you have in mind?

Stacey: Opal. I think we'd have the numbers too. We could get Matt M. and Siera. That's five votes, which is enough.

Larisa: Why do you want out Opal?

Stacey: Just her personality. She thinks she's better than everyone, it doesn't sit well with me.

Larisa Pep “I think Stacey has a point. Opal's a threat. The longer we keep winning immunity, the closer we get to the merge. Opal needs to be taken out before then. If not, it could end disastrously.”

Courtney Sikat “I completely agree with what Stacey's been saying. Opal is a rude person, and rudeness isn't something I like to be around. I like to surround myself with nice people, and I feel like anyone here but Opal is as nice as they can be.”

Larisa: What if we threw the challenge? We just keep Matt L. and Opal out of the loop. We tell everyone else.

Courtney: Throwing challenges is never a good idea.

Larisa: The merge is drawing closer and closer, I think it's a good idea to get her out. If John's in a world of hurt, I'd prefer to get Opal out before John. We'd be losing two members regardless.

Stacey: I think it's as good idea as any.

Day 10

Dawn rises on Mindanao's camp. A bird is shown flying by as it changes to the afternoon. John is sitting up, looking worse than ever.

John Pizaz “I've been trying to hold it out for as long as possible. I think I'm too old for this. So I wanted Jeff to come up here today. I gave it a lot of thought last night. It's just too much for me to handle now.”

The tribe circles John in their camp, as Jeff arrives on the beach.

Jeff Probst: John, you called me up here. What's the problem?

John: I've been feeling out of it. It's gotten worse these past few days for me. The longer I'm out here, the worse I feel and become.

Jeff Probst: So, do you want to get a medical out here to take a look at you?

John: There's nothing the medical crew could do for me now. I'm pulling myself from the game, whether I like it or not.

Jeff Probst: Alright, we'll get a boat headed out here.

Opal June “I'm glad John's gone. Our tribe's only stronger because of it. The immunity challenge hadn't happened yet so I'm glad he did it when he did. He was dead weight, and that weight's lifted off of us.”

Matt Lich “I think I'd've done the same thing John did in this situation. He was in the minority so it doesn't affect me. But if I was in his spot, sick, puking, I'd quit too. I feel... sympathetic towards him, I guess.”
Matt L.

The boat comes to take John away. Jeff Probst gets onto the boat as well, and it heads off.

The Mindanao tribe waves him goodbye.

Siera Honne “I got to know John, better than anyone out here. It's depressing knowing he's not here anymore. I'm going to miss him a whole lot.”

Immunity Challenge

The Visayas tribe walks up first.

Jeff Probst: Visayas, getting your first look at the new Mindanao tribe. John felt too sick to continue, and pulled himself from the game.

Alex Lewis “Being a superfan, most would think I'd be pissed about this. Everyone's looking at John and saying "that could have been my spot! I deserve to be there!". But here's the thing, only John was Grant's relative that they saw fit to bring on. You never know what it's going to be like out there, so I sympathize with him. Regardless, I'm going to stick it out to the end.”

Jeff Probst: Alright, let's get to today's immunity challenge.

Challenge: Game of Throw-Ins
Each tribe will divide into pairs and be tethered together. One pair from each tribe will race through an obstacle course to retrieve their tribe colored ball. They will then attempt to shoot it into a basket. If they miss, the ball will bounce away from the shooters, forcing them to chase after the ball. The first tribe to score three points wins immunity.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Charissa and Siera deciding to sit out. We've got Alex and Breanna, versing Courtney and Larisa in our first round. Survivor's ready, go!

Alex and Breanna race through in an attempt to reach the ball as fast as possible.

Larisa and Courtney stumble into the area, bumping into things due to Larisa and Courtney's height differences.

Alex and Breanna reach the ball first and make their way towards the basket. Alex grabs the ball and scores.

Jeff Probst: Breanna and Alex score! Next pair, come on up!

Noah and Cody come up against the two Matts.

Jeff Probst: Survivors ready... go!

Noah and Cody decide to go over the parts, whereas Matt L. and M. go under.

Matt M. and L. reach the ball first and race to their area. Matt L. shoots quickly and scores. Noah and Cody never reached their ball.

Jeff Probst: The Matts score! We are tied, next pair come on up!

Jeff Probst: Stacey and Opal, heading up against Krista and Lisa. Survivor's ready, go!

Lisa and Krista go quickly, but end up bumping into Stacey and Opal.

Jeff Probst: Big collide from Visayas! Lisa and Krista reach their ball first! Lisa going to score... and she misses!

Opal and Stacey do the same and miss. Both go to retrieve their balls.

Krista takes the ball instead of Lisa and shoots. She scores for Visayas!

Jeff Probst: Visayas scores once again! We have a rematch now, last time Alex and Breanna were victorious. If history repeats itself, Visayas will win the challenge. Survivor's ready, go!

Breanna and Alex storm through to their ball. Larisa and Courtney meet it around the same time.

Larisa and Courtney stumble through to their area and shoot. It circles around the goal, but eventually falls out.

Breanna and Alex reach their ball finally. Alex takes a while to aim up his shot. Larisa and Courtney have caught up to them, having retreived their ball.

Alex shoots... and scores!

Jeff Probst: Visayas wins immunity! Lhohi, got nothing for you but a trip with me to Tribal Council.

Immunity Challenge: Game of Throw-Ins
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Out
TBA Visayas Alex LewisBreanna PepCody GalnKrista JuneLisa JohnsonNoah Meeq
Alex, Breanna, Cody, Krista, Lisa & Noah
Charissa Anderson
TBA Mindanao Courtney SikatLarisa PepMatt LichMatt MeeqOpal JuneStacey Kraper
Courtney, Larisa, Matt L., Matt M., Opal & Stacey
Siera Honne
Round Winner Loser Score
1 Alex LewisBreanna Pep Courtney SikatLarisa Pep 1-0
2 Matt LichMatt Meeq Cody Galn Noah Meeq 1-1
3 Krista JuneLisa Johnson Opal June Stacey Kraper 2-1
4 Alex LewisBreanna Pep Courtney SikatLarisa Pep 2-1
Visayas Wins!

Stacey Kraper “This was the exact thing I was sort of hoping to happen. We can go to Tribal now and cut off some negativity in our camp. That negativity being Opal.”

Matt Lich “I'm pissed. Had John stuck it out for like, five hours; not even. We would've had an easy vote. Now we have to get rid of someone on our tribe that shouldn't've gone home.”
Matt L.

Mindanao arrives from the challenge, seeming to be down in the dumps.

Courtney Sikat “We were doing really well! We won the last two challenges, and Alex was in the majority so for me it didn't matter if he loss. Now though, we're going back to Tribal and I don't really know what to do. We had plans to vote off Opal before, but I need to know if that's the way things are going to go.”

Courtney: Are we still going to vote for Opal?

Stacey: That's who I'm going for.

Larisa: Same here.

Larisa Pep “I'd like to be the one running this vote, but at the moment it's not the best plan for me to do that. If Stacey wants to orchestrate Opal's demise, it'll be Opal's blood on her hands, not mine. The leader always gets the backlash.”

Opal and Matt L. are talking with Siera.

Opal: We know you're great friends with Meeq.

Matt L. That being said, we need you to vote with us to get him out. It's going to be a more difficult vote for you. The way I see it, it's either Meeq or you.

Siera: There's no other option?

Opal: Nope, it's your choice. You can vote with the majority and maybe work with us farther in, or go right after Matt.

Siera Honne “Are you f***ing serious, Opal? There's a reason I don't like you. One, you're a condescending bitch. Second of all, you're bossy. Third, I heard your name tonight. So, I guess you'll get a shock at Tribal.”

Tribal Council

Mindanao walks in and sits down. Jeff is already waiting for them.

Jeff Probst: Last time I saw you guys, Craig was voted out. How has it been holding up now?

Opal: We were all mad when Craig went home. We lost Joshua too, but gained Matt, who I love a lot. *Pats Matt's back*

Matt L.: Yeah, I was worried coming into this group. I came in with high hopes though, really happy with this tribe.

Jeff Probst: So, let's get down to it. John quit today; how'd you all feel about that?

Siera: I had grown close to John. Him leaving saddened me. Now though, he's getting the help he needs and I'm happy for that.

Matt M.: I wish John had grown a pair and stayed. That way, if we lost we wouldn't have to vote someone out who shouldn't've.

Jeff Probst: The bad news is, you guys did lose John and you are here tonight. The good news is, you guys are not voting someone out. You can grab your stuff, and head back to camp.

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