"Debbie Downer"
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Season Survivor: Venezuela
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 3/14
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Venezuela.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Dear Liza
Working in teams of four, the tribes would race to fill and carry a bucket of water from a water tower filling station to a container several yards away. The bucket would have several holes in it which the castaways would have to plug to prevent water from running out of the bucket. The first tribe to have enough water in their container to tip a seesaw and raise their flag would win
Reward: Fishing gear, and an ice chest with four large fish.
Winner: Arawak

Immunity Challenge: Pilfering Pirates
The castaways must race across balance beams to retrieve tribe-colored flags. When two castaways of opposing tribes met in the middle, they must battle until one falls into the water. First tribe to collect twenty flags wins immunity.
Winner: Mapoyo


Night 5

Returning to camp from Tribal Council, the tribe unanimously agrees that with Gordon gone, the tribe will be a much more unified, cohesive, group.

Now that Gordon gone, I see our tribe winning the next few challenges. I can't see why we won't win against Mapoyo. Inconceivable.


At Mapoyo, Louise decides to hold a tribe meeting. The tribe, minus Dante, who is already asleep, cautiously listen on what she has to say. Carefully trying to pick her words to not throw Domino under the bus, Louise deduces that Maggie may be the one responsible for planting the Hidden Immunity Idol inside her bag, explaining that while she was taking a bath, she saw Maggie went past the tree with the large hole where she placed her bag, and after bathing, Louise returned to the shelter to leave her bag, and that's when Mai found the idol. Domino steps up to confirm the information, saying she did catch Maggie walking past the river and the said tree. Vince asks Louise as to why she revealed this just now. Louise explains that no one would have listened to her at the time because the tribe was still in the heat of the moment. Vince and Mark apologize for judging her early, in which the accessories designer accepts. Witnessing Louise's reconciliation with her alliance, Mai is visibly sullen. Before the tribe climbs back to the shelter, Vince and Dante convince Mai that Louise is just a pawn, and she is still part of the alliance. Nevertheless, Mai still feels uncomfortable.

So, Louise makes this speech about Maggie being the culprit of the idol incident and everything went hunky-dory. How stupid these people can be? Sure, I believe her, but what does that do for me? Mark and Vince are totally assuring my safety, but you'll never know.


At Arawak, Maggie returns to her camp, and reveals to her alliance the truth regarding the Hidden Immunity Idols, saying that the idols are hidden at the other camp, and she obtained both in separate occasions. Katrina asks what did Maggie do to the Mapoyo idol.

Quote1I found the idols.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1IDOLS?Quote2- Jaycee (whispering)
Quote1I found both, and I had at least one of them at one point. But here's the thing: The idol I found here at camp was for Mapoyo.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Katrina
Quote1The point of kidnapping is that you have to find the idol at the opposing tribe's camp. I have ours now. I found it at Mapoyo.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1What happened to the Mapoyo idol then?Quote2- Edward
Quote1Here's the deal: I can't just give the idol entirely without putting a target on my back, but the truth is, and this is the absolute truth, I secretly planted the idol in Louise's bag. She is in an alliance with Domino, Dante and Vince. I overheard them. And while Louise was taking a bath, I decided to plant the idol in her bag so that if her idol gets found, she's done, because no one trusts her anymore. I know I took a risk, but then, I couldn't just discard the idol.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1I actually agree with you. You can't just hand it like a Christmas present.Quote2- Jaycee
Quote1I'm so not sure about this.Quote2- Ellis
After hearing some stuff, I knew I can't trust Maggie, and it still stands tonight. Only time will tell whether or not her move will be good for us, or will hurt us.


Day 6

Morning at Arawak, Jaycee tells Maggie to make the most of her stay at Mapoyo, because it is highly likely for Mapoyo to kidnap her again. Jaycee's statement prompts Maggie to give her idol to him for safekepping.

I rather not have the idol in case I get kidnapped by Mapoyo. That way, they'll lessen the suspicion of me having an idol.


Being continually kidnapped by the other tribe sure will make a toll on Maggie later on. However, her being is the perfect opportunity to sabotage them. Now I have Maggie's idol. While I'm so tempted to keep this for myself, I'd rather give it back once Maggie returns. Compared to her position to mine, I like mine better, because this idol is power and poison at the same time. I don't deserve this much power, and even if I do, I'd still not take it.


The tribes convene for the next Reward Challenge, which is for fishing gear and four large fish. With both tribes having eight members each, everyone participates.

For Arawak, Jaycee, Maggie, Lucinda and Bash are the the first quartet, while Mapoyo has Domino, Dante, Vince and Maeve. Lucinda trips three times throughout the course, losing valuable time and water for Arawak, giving Mapoyo a slight lead. Mapoyo's lead fizzles as the second Mapoyo quartet, Mark, Mai, Louise and Dahlia all slip, losing all the water they collected. For Arawak's third pass, Maggie insists to have Lucinda replaced with Edward, which pays off. Being a tribe with a 5-3 women to men ratio, carrying the large container proves to be a challenge. In the end, Arawak manages to finish the task first, winning themselves fishing gear and four large fish. Arawak chooses to kidnap Dante while Mapoyo chooses to kidnap Maggie once again. Jeff informs them they will be returning to their tribes in time for the next Immunity Challenge. Dante keeps the idol clue, while Maggie tears it apart again.

Being kidnapped by Mapoyo for a third time is like having an anonymous someone paying rent for a house I don't even want to live in.


At Mapoyo, as soon as the tribe returns to camp, Louise pulls Maggie aside, deliberately accusing her for planting the idol in my bag. Louise tells the nun that Domino caught her walking along the river looking frantic the time the accessories designer was taking a bath. Maggie confesses she did plant the idol, saying that she has no choice, and her decision to sabotage her is something she'll regret along the way. Louise forgives her but warns her that her entire tribe already knows her secret, and their eyes are on her. Maggie explains that she did so because she didn't want people to catch her for directly giving the idol to someone, which would put a target on her back. Maggie continues to explain her reason behind her move, but conitnues to be careful of her choice of words because she does not want to give away the fact she is aware of the twist regarding the idol, and the fact that she found the Mapoyo idol at Arawak camp.

I told Maggie she's in trouble for planting the idol in my bag, and oh boy, the bitch is sweating cold bullets. She better watch her back, because giving the idol to me will be her worst move in this game.


I just hope my wording was enough to keep her away from the fact that the idols were hidden at the other tribe's camp, and she already has the idol.


At Arawak, with another torrential downpour incoming, the tribe is unable to go out and make use of their new fishing gear. To add insult to injury their flint gets washed away as flash floods plague their camp. Dante tries to save the flint, but Jaycee insists that he should stay inside their shelter. Tiffany becomes emotional throughout the ordeal.

This is a camping trip from hell. I signed up for this game knowing mother nature will not be so nice to us, However, I didn't sign up for cyclones and flash floods.


With their flint gone, the Arawak tribe uses the little fire they have left, they transfer it in their pot, and use their frying pan to cook their fish. Though Tiffany insists they should eat the fish with Maggie for ethical reasons, she and Dante would end up eating most of their first fish, to the tribe's chagrin.

Tiffany's a very outspoken woman. She is a little self righteous. But when she gets hungry, her ethics and morals are waiting at the door.


Late afternoon at Arawak, the men, including Dante attempt to find the missing flint. While searching, Dante pulls Jaycee and Bash aside and asking them if they can be in an all-male alliance together, as two men already left. Jaycee and Bash, knowing where their true loyalties lie, seemingly agree to Dante to feed his ego. Dante is confident he can use this in Mapoyo's favor. However, the men fail to return to camp with their flint.

Not only does Arawak lost their flint, Jaycee and Bash agreed to make an alliance with me. How pathetic.


Poor Dante. He's the most unassuming, clueless twat I've ever met. Does he really think we're going to fall for him? He's the white Phillip Sheppard.


While tending the fire (which they brought out after the rains has stopped), Katrina and Edward discuss on who should they vote next. The two debate between Lucinda, who has done consistently poor in challenges; and Tiffany, who complains a lot.

We have Lucinda, who clearly can tough it out with the weather, but she's terrible at challenges; then we have Tiffany, who is good at challenges, but she does not seem to be well-equipped for this game. Who should we keep, the girl who clearly has given her all (Lucinda), or the girl who has more to give (Tiffany)?


I love Tiffany to death, but she's a loose cannon. A complainer. A Debbie Downer.


Day 7

The sun has come up, and the tribes are elated to finally see sunshine after days of rainfall. At Arawak, wanting to dry the clothes on his back, Jaycee strips naked and continues to be that all day, sending his male tribemates and Dante to stitches, while the women feel disturbed.

Jaycee's adorable. You can't dislike him for more than five minutes. You gotta give him his due. He makes us laugh through the hard times.


Moments later, Tiffany wakes up irritated because of having to scratch her back all night to because of bug bites. Her ire continues until noon time when she has a new concern: Having to poop in the woods, something she has yet to do in the seven days she has stayed in the game. Katrina accompanies Tiffany to the woods, teaching her how she did it.

For a girl who claims to have grown in hardship, Tiffany kinda acts sheltered. She has to swallow those tears or she's going next.

–Bash, on Tiffany

Sensing she might have annoyed her tribemates, Tiffany volunteers to put their new fishing gear to use. Dante offers his assistance. Jaycee and Edward look at each other subtly.

Dante offering his help Tiffany on fishing duty clearly shows how obvious he plays this game. Of course he's planning to make deals with her...


While Tiffany and Dante are away, the tribe's fire suddenly runs out, much to Bash's frustration. He, Jaycee and Edward attempt to make a new one, ultimately fails. Even with their dry "emergency tinder", the tribe still fails to spark a fire. Meanwhile, Lucinda tries to look after the tribe's lost flint.

I know I'm bad at challenges, but hopefully by finding the flint, I'll be able to get their trust and keep me.


True to Edward's prediction, Dante attempts to work his charm on Tiffany by making jokes on his tribemates. Tiffany easily warms up to him. The pair paddles their way back to camp with a bucket full of fish. On their way back, Tiffany sees something glistening on the riverbank. Tiffany and Dante paddle closer to it, finding out it's the tribe's flint. Tiffany surprises her tribe by presenting them with her catch and shocking them further by showing them the lost flint. Instead of being happy, Lucinda screams in anger, saying it's her only chance to prove herself. The tribe comforts her, saying they commend her for her work ethic.

I couldn't be any happier. Alleluia for Tiffany finding the flint! But then, out of nowhere, Lucinda shrieks like a witch on her period.


I'll give Lucinda credit for having enough awareness that she's going next. Personally, I don't think finding the flint will do her good. She's still going home if we lose again.


It's disheartening to see your only chance to shine taken away from you.


At Mapoyo, Louise takes Maggie aside, confronting her about the idol incident. After Louise cites her evidences, Maggie admits she did plant the idol. Louise attempts to intimidate Maggie by asking her if she has found Arawak's idol. Maggie happily obliges to show the contents of her bag, confidently saying she doesn't have the Arawak idol.

Being a nun, I'm happy to share everything I have.


She must've hidden her idol somewhere. She found our idol, and definitely, she has found theirs in the same spot in there camp where ours was found.


Day 8

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes convene for the Immunity Challenge. 

Lucinda falls off the balance beam four steps in, while Mai zooms through the course. Dante and Jaycee meets up at the middle, engaging themselves in a battlet. Jaycee defeats Dante, moving on but he falls down, losing his flag. Lucinda is defeated by Domino in the midpoint. The rest of Arawak, notably Tiffany, does well. The challenge gets to a point where both tribes are down to their last flag. Jaycee and Vince attempt to retrieve their tribe's final flags. Ellis waits for Vince at the middle to engage him in a battle to prevent him from bringing Mapoyo's 20th and final flag so Jaycee can safely bring their winning flag. After a valiant effort, Vince defeats Ellis, and after a harrowing last minute loss of balance, Vince brings the Mapoyo tribe the win, sending back Arawak to Tribal Council.

It sucks to lose another immunity. I don't want to go back to Tribal Council. Lucinda is going. Poor lady can't even stand for a second on that balance beam.


Back at camp, Jaycee returns Maggie's idol, saying he doesn't want to do anything with it. The two compare notes at each other. Jaycee campaigns Tiffany's ouster, saying that while Tiffany is strong and nimble at challenges, she has the tendency to be very disrupting due to her constant complaining; and she flirted with Dante. Maggie wants to vote Lucinda out for her "consistency" in challenges.

It's a toss up between Tiff and Lucy. I have connections to neither of them, as both of them are part of my alliance, but both women have pros and cons. Tiffany is strong, agile and reliable in challenges, but she does complain a lot. Then I heard some stuff about her on Dante flirting with her, which makes her a threat. On the other hand, you have Lucinda, who is undeniably loving and caring, but it can only take her so far in the game because she has consistently done poor in the challenges, though I can use her in the long run. I'm so torn right now.


Meanwhile, Tiffany is talking to Lucinda in the woods. Tiffany feels threatened by Maggie for being kidnapped far too many times, and has leaked too much information about them. Lucinda says she is on board, to save herself.

The chaos at camp came a new opportunity. Tiffany, I gotta give her her due because her pitch made perfect sense. Maggie has stayed at Mapoyo far long enough to have the capacity to spill the beans. I like the woman, but she has to go. Better her than me.


Tiffany attempts to convince Katrina and Ellis in voting out Maggie. Katrina briefly considers voting Maggie out, but doubts immediately in doing so, as Maggie has been completely transparent to everyone; while Ellis is more than happy to vote Maggie out.

I've seen Maggie cry because she misses home and stuff. She is clearly a strong woman in her daily life, and I gotta say, there is no doubt in my mind Maggie had done her best on not trying to sell us to the other tribe.


Maggie is the shadiest person I know here. She is keeping a secret, none of us know about, she has bonded with Mapoyo. She's a huge threat, and she has to leave.


Katrina relays the information to Maggie, Jaycee and Edward, explaining that Tiffany and Lucinda are gunning for her, and Ellis is threatening to jump ship. Jaycee suggests that the best way to maintain the numbers is to cut Ellis from the alliance, and put in Bash instead, and due to Bash being cordial to them, convincing him to join the alliance should be easy.

All of a sudden I'm on the hotseat! Goes to show how this game mangles you up in a matter of seconds.


Minutes before Tribal, Katrina privately talks to Bash, saying that she wants him in her alliance. Bash is irked by the idea of voting Tiffany out because she is strong and insists that they should vote Lucinda instead.

Katrina pitches on me that we should take out Tiffany first because of her constant griping. The tribe needs manpower now that we just lost our second Immunity Challenge, but no one seems to care about losing. I want Lucinda gone, but at the same time, I wanna be in the numbers. You want your voice to be heard, but not too much because people get shifty easily in this game. Everything's about to go south tonight.


At Tribal Council, the conversation gets to a point where Maggie cites Tiffany's constant griping and her soft moment with Dante during her absence, saying that she could be used by Dante to infiltrate them. A visibly ticked-off Tiffany talks back, saying that if there is anyone who should be worried about getting voted out for spilling information is her, because she had more time with the Mapoyo tribe., Maggie, how are you going to vote?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Camp this afternoon had this very shady vibe all around it, and lots of names have been thrown, but the most recurring ones were Tiffany and Lucinda. We had to look a spot for Lucinda to work with in a challenge, and whatever spot we put her in, she fails. On the other hand, you have Tiffany, who complains a lot, plus she had a moment with Dante-"Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Woah, woah, woah! If there is anyone from this tribe who should be worried of going home for talking with the other tribe, it's you. You've been kidnapped by them three times!Quote2- Tiffany
Quote1I didn't want to be kidnapped.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Doesn't make you avoid them and not talk to them. What were you at their camp, a mute? Of course you've said things about us!Quote2- Tiffany
Quote1Do you really think I was leaking information? Do you know how hard it is to even open my mouth there because I don't want to leak too much information? Don't you dare talk to me like that, woman.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Just did.Quote2- Tiffany
Quote1Again, don't go there.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1You've talked to the other tribe long enough, so don't put a finger on me for talking to just one of them while you, have talked to an entire tribe.Quote2- TIffany
Quote1I hate feeling attacked like this.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Are you being attacked in your personal life, Maggie?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1There is something I need to tell my tribe. While me being a social worker is true, I haven't revealed everything about myself. The fact is, I am a nun. Being verbally attacked by other people about my faith had took a toll on me. Having Christians shed in a bad light on a show like this just hurts me, and I tried my best to assimilate myself within this tribe, play the game as hard as I could, and not be in the "preachy, holier-than-thou" crazy Christian you every so often see on TV. So for her to test my loyalty to this tribe and verbally attack me that she did is very disheartening!Quote2- Maggie (sobbing)
Quote1Get a hold of yourself, lady. We are not talking about religion here. You're basically coming across as, sorry for saying this but, a hypocrite for targeting me because I talked to one person from the other tribe, then here you are, who clearly got the chance to know the entire other tribe. For real, woman?Quote2- Tiffany

Despite outing herself as a nun, Edward, Jaycee, Katrina and Bash stick with Maggie, outnumbering Ellis, Lucinda and Tiffany. After a harrowing 5-3 vote, Tiffany goes home.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Tiffany (5 votes)
Bash, Edward, Jaycee, Katrina, & Maggie
Maggie (3 votes)
Ellis, Lucinda, & Tiffany
Tiffany Alder

Voting Confessionals

Go back to the convent. You have no place in this game.


It won't take long before you start having those prayer circles.


Sorry, lady. Better you than me.


I love you to death, but your constant griping is very disruptive, and it throws us off. You may be better at challenges, but we have to stick with the plan. Sorry, woman.


Hey girl. I'll miss our frequent girl talks, but your complains have gone far enough. Also, you trying to take Maggie out is the last straw. Hope you get to watch my Broadway debut after this.


Maggie being a nun is a surprise. This vote however, is not.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • After outing herself as a nun, Maggie struggles to balance being a player and violating her ethics.
  • At Mapoyo, a rivalry is brewing.

Author's Notes

  • The Arawak tribe does a rotation of two people who would tend the bonfire overnight. The two would then take turns in taking a nap and tending the bonfire.
  • The tribes have two cooking pots. Arawak had kept their fire going in one of them during the flood. They also have reserve dry firewood in case of emergency.

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