Derek Phu
Derek Phu
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 2, 1985 (1985-12-02) (age 32)
Hometown Arlington, WA
Occupation Snowboarding Instructor

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Alazani
Placement 8/20
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 30

Derek Phu was a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


Always going with the flow, Derek Phu, a 26 year old Snowboarding Instructor from Arlington, Washington, plans on sailing through the 39 days of Survivor. Although on the way, he hopes on making big moves, creating solid alliances, and having the best time of his life. He thinks that he got a lucky break in getting cast on Survivor and won't waste any minute of this once in a lifetime chance.

Survivor: Caucasus

Derek started off the season on the Alazani tribe. His tribe unfortunately lost their first immunity Challenge and Derek, along with most of the tribe, were approached by Stan Bailey about getting rid of Van Stevenson. Derek was apprehensive, and later voted out Stan at Tribal Council.

On the morning of Day 5, Derek accidentally brought down half of the tribe's shelter after he slipped and fell which immediately ticked off tribemate Lauren Faas.

I really went and messed up on that one. I just hope everyone can forgive me, but judging from Lauren's reaction, I doubt it.


Luckily, his tribe won their first challenge, keeping Derek safe from elimination. On Day 8, Derek proposed an alliance between himself, Daniel Marvin, Amy Corazon and Mary-Jean Pettie, to which they all agreed on and then planned on getting tribe leader Sebastian Hibbard to join. However, their first attempt ended in failure.

Over the next two days, Derek and Daniel tried to get Sebastian to join their alliance, but were received with unsure answers. After his tribe lost the next Immunity Challenge, his alliance targetted Lauren for her bad work ethic. However, Sebastian ended up voting with Van and his alliance, sending Mary-Jean home instead.

The next day, Sebastian finally decided to join his alliance after feeling guilty about voting out Mary-Jean. The alliance then decided that they needed to have someone from Van's alliance to flip or else it would lead to a deadlocked tie. They tried to get Van, but failed at first. At Tribal Council, the three girls, Lauren, Phoebe Noyola, and Samantha Marino pushed for Derek's elimination, but Van decided that he didn't need their help anymore and sided with Derek to eliminate Phoebe.

After a suprise tribe switch at Tribal Council, Derek ended up on the new all-male Alazani tribe.

It really bums me out that Amy got switched to the other tribe, but I'm so psyched that I'm still with Daniel and Sebastian! Dudes 'til the end!


The four original Alazani members then decided to stick together and eliminate the former Rioni members one by one. After losing the Immunity Challenge on Day 19, the foursome struck through with their plan and Martin Bowell became their first victim.

The next day, Gerardo Guzman tried to pursuade Derek and Daniel to into voting out Van. Daniel was all for the idea, but Derek was able to shoot it down. After losing their next Immunity Challenge, Gerardo once again tried to get Derek and Daniel to flip. In the end, Derek decided to join Daniel, Gerardo, and Aaron McCarthy in voting out Van.

After the vote, Sebastian, Derek, and Daniel decided to add Gerardo as their fourth member, thinking that Gerardo would abandon his former Rioni ally, Aaron. Luckily, Derek's tribe was able to win immunity and the two tribes would eventually merge on Day 25. After the merge, an alliance of seven would be formed, which would include Derek's old allies, Sebastian, Daniel, and Amy, Gerardo, Yessica Chang, and Samantha Marino. Their sole purpose was to get rid of Heather Villegas and Aaron.

However, after Heather won immunity, they shifted their target to Aaron and the outsider Agatha. But not wanting his ally to get voted out, Gerardo was able to get his alliance to target Samantha instead and she was voted out at Tribal.

On Day 28, Derek, Amy, and Sebastian managed to win an overnight stay at a Georgian village. Unfortunately, Sebastian suffered an accident and had to be removed from the game.

Poor Sebastian! He loved this game way too much to be taken out like that. Hopefully, Amy, Daniel, or I will be able to win this whole thing for him.


Derek and Amy, who witnessed the incident, arrived back at camp the next day, but were able to not let it affect them much. The now alliance of five decided that since they didn't have enough numbers to split the votes, they had to try to vote together and hope that an idol was not played.

Unfortunately for Derek, Gerardo told Heather and Aarn of the plan and used the idol on Aaron at Tribal, negating all five votes against him and sending Derek to the Jury with three votes.

Voting History

Derek's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Stan -
2 Alazani Tribe Immune
3 Alazani Tribe Immune
4 Lauren -
5 Phoebe Phoebe, Lauren,
6 Alazani Tribe Immune
7 Martin -
8 Van -
9 Alazani Tribe Immune
10 Samantha -
11 No Tribal Council
Aaron Heather, Aaron,
Voted Out, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Derek's Luxury Item was a Magic 8-Ball.
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