"Devil's Advocate"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 12/14
Episode Chronology
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This is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Turn in Style
The Chalam tribe will be divided into two teams of three. One by one, players must dive down from a floating platform to retrieve a key (there are six keys total). Once all six keys are collected, the entire team must swim back to shore and use the keys to unlock a chest containing pieces of a dismantled turnstile. Once the turnstile is built they must work the it to raise a flag. First team to do so wins reward. Players may do the diving portion of the challenge more than needed, but everyone must try diving down at least once before swapping out.
Reward: The winners will immediately leave the challenge area, and they will have an elephant ride atop of a mountain where they will have an authentic Thai feast, with Thai dancers to entertain them. Also, a clue to the rehidden Chalam idol is also hidden somewhere their lunch table.
Winners: Helena, Brody and Colin

Immunity Challenge: Word Puzzle
Inside a sand pit, players, armed with a set of coordinates must dig for four bags of puzzle pieces to a word puzzle. Each bag has the next set of coordinates tied onto it. Once the puzzle is formed they must locate the intersecting letters to form a three word phrase. First player to produce the phrase ("SAFE FOR THREE MORE DAYS") wins immunity.
Winner: Aries


Night 31

The Chalam tribe goes back to camp after the women pulled off a double cross on Aries. Aries, who is still visibly stunned by how the women outplayed him. He confesses:

The rug was pulled off me tonight. I don't know who to trust anymore. If anything, Colin and Donny knew this all along.


Aries approaches Megan and Helena and asks them how they perpetrated the blindside. Megan confesses she had two idols since the merge feast, and ever since Aries made the deal to vote her out, the Naak alliance regrouped and left him on his own. Colin joins in the conversation, and adds that he and Donny knew they cannot trust him after trying to swerve the vote by talking to the enemy. Donny ends the explanation by saying that nobody trusts him anymore since his deal with Jarakay.

The trip back to camp was pretty interesting. At Tribal, Aries was so shocked about the double idol play, he is still traumatized when we got back to camp! Now he know where he really stands...on a piece of thread!


Meanwhile, watching Naak turn on Aries, and with the idols play, Brody, the last remaining Jarakay outsider is glad to see how a sudden turn of events gives him a glimmer of hope.

I am no longer a target, or at least as big as before. Now, Aries takes that role. Aries made a deal with us, and it blew to his face. I have to stay low and let them turn on him, better yet, just look for the idol for my own safety. I have no allies left. It's all on me now.


Day 32

Brody is about to get their Tree Mail, when Aries comes up and approach him. Being the common enemy of the majority alliance, Brody insists that they should stick together, with no strings attached (referring to his frequent side-dealings with Jarakay to further his own interest).

To be honest I really do not want to work with Aries anymore, but what can you do? I really don't have a choice.


The six remaining castaways meet Jeff Probst for the Reward Challenge. The tribe of six is divided into two teams of three. The blue team consists of Helena, Brody and Colin. The red team consists of Megan, Donny and Aries. The challenge is merely child's play for the blue team, which comprises the tribe's best swimmers. Megan, a terrible swimmer, struggles diving down. Megan tries to redeem herself by calling out the shots by leading her team to build their turnstile. While her team builds their turnstile first, the other team raises their flag first, winning themselves reward. After congratulating Helena, Brody and Colin, three elephants arrive at the challenge beach to fetch them.

On their way to the reward location, Colin, who never rode an animal his entire life, is absolutely terrified of the ride. At the reward location, Helena, Brody and Colin are dazzled by the Thai dancers' stunning dance number. Before the food is served, Helena asks the dancers to teach her the dance they just did. While Colin and Brody enjoy watching Helena re-enact the dance, Colin notices a piece of parchment sticking out from the pillow he is sitting. Knowing it is a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, Colin continues to act jolly watching Helena dancing, while trying to tuck the clue inside his pocket unnoticed.

Thai culture, or any culture that is, is best learned when you're witnessing it firsthand. It was an awesome experience. The feast, the dance, it was gorgeous. I will defintely come back here.


I noticed a paper-y below my seat, then I realized that I literally was sitting on the idol clue! I have yet to do something drastic strategically, but with this, I think this is the time for me to really play and really think of my endgame.


During their meal, Brody directly asks Helena and Colin if he is the next to go. Helena bluntly answers him, saying he is the obvious target. Brody expresses his desire to stay, and he is willing to give his jury vote to either of them if they vote Aries over him.

Brody is fighting to the death at this point. He is willing to throw Aries under the bus. But quite frankly, he is not in the position to offer me anything.


Back at camp, while Aries is fishing, Donny talks to Megan about letting Brody stick around for longer and vote Aries out. Megan detests the idea, because Brody is respected by their Jarakay comrades, which comprises almost half of the Jury. Donny says he and Colin could beat him at any challenge. Megan remains doubtful, but makes a compromise: Split the vote between Brody and Aries in case of an idol, or if either of them possesses an hypothetical Hidden Immunity Idol. During the heat of the conversation, they notice that it has been a long time since they last saw Aries (two hours). Meanwhile, Aries, while still trying to fish, writhes in pain, as he has been suffering stomach pains which he doesn't want to tell anybody.

I don't want to be pulled out from the game this late in the game, so I have to hide this. I reckon this stomach ache is not your typical stomach ache though.


Helena, Colin and Brody return to camp, where Donny pulls Colin aside, telling him about his conversation with Megan. Colin is more than on board with the plan because nobody would suspect that he has an idol clue, and he can buy more time looking for the idol without prying eyes. Meanwhile, Megan pulls Helena aside and tells her their next plan. Helena is on board as well.

Evening at the Chalam camp, Colin acts sick to have an excuse for sleeping early, but in truth, he wants to wake up as early as possible to look for the idol without nobody suspecting.

Day 33

Around 5:30am at the Chalam camp, Colin wakes up to read his clue. Not having the opportunity to read it yesterday, Colin tries to decipher the clue. He deduces that the clue is buried where the former Naak shelter used to stand. After digging for half an hour, he finds the idol, before going back to sleep.

Regardless, I am going to be in the final four!


Colin remains asleep when the rest of the tribe wakes up. Donny takes the opportunity to talk to Megan and Helena, and makes a final three pact with them, insisting that Colin would be tough to beat at Final Tribal. Though cautious since they still have common enemies in Brody and Aries, the two girls agree. All three agree to keep their talks about this on a minimum.

When I'm done with Aries and Brody, Colin is my next target. I like the guy, but I can't think a scenario or any final three combination where Colin can lose.


By the looks of it, Donny tries to pull a blindside on Colin once we get rid of Brody and Aries. It would benefit me and Helena. That guarantees me a jury vote almost.


Day 34

Colin starts the day by cheering up his tribemates. Though Donny genuinely laughs at Colin, he is cautious

The final fix meet Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. The men easily find their bags, but all struggle to form their word puzzles. Megan, who struggles the most at the beginning of the challenge, goes ahead by finishing her word puzzle first. Megan has determined all the letters needed to form the mystery word, but finds a hard time to solve the mystery word. Aries catches up, and identifies the mystery word, but he fails to locate the final intersecting letter. Aries finally finds the last letter, and shows to Jeff "Safe for three more days" - winning himself immunity. Helena, Megan, Colin and Donny secretly nod heads, confirming Brody's impending elimination.

Back at camp, at the water well, Donny consults Helena and Megan about his idea of splitting the votes between Brody and Colin. Helena reminds him to lay low and save his plan for the next Tribal Council. Donny expresses that Brody might possess an idol, and therefore, they should do his plan. Though Megan sees Donny's point, she cannot afford sending an ally who would set all hell loose at the Final Tribal Council.

I'm being the devil's advocate right now. As much as I agree with Donny, voting Colin out would hurt my endgame because I am potentially sending another angry juror on the other side. I agree with Donny about getting rid of Colin, just that it's too early to talk about it.


During the heat of Helena, Megan and Donny's strategy talk, Colin happens to walk by. Though he does not hear their conversation much, he chooses to not do anything because he knows Megan and Helena would do anything to keep their final four plan in motion.

I am scared of Colin. He's my island best friend out here, but he is turning into a bonafide threat and nobody's seeing it.


I was shocked that they were trying to vote me out, but I'll try not to do anything for a moment. Megan and Helena should know better that getting rid of me will not benefit them at all. As for Donny, all I need to do is to buy time and get the cards I need to pull something on him. If they see me as a threat, well, I will prove to them they are right.


Colin returns to the shelter, where he sees Brody and Aries conversing about trying to usurp the strong Naak alliance.

Quote1Colin, do you know where you stand in your alliance?Quote2- Brody
Quote1I'm doing pretty good. We wanted to do a tiebreaker at the final four.Quote2- Colin
Quote1How could you be sure, you're one of the most likable ones here left. why do yo think that is?Quote2- Brody
Quote1They know I will tear them apart at final tribal.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Look, just hear me out.Quote2- Brody
Quote1Okay. What do you have?Quote2- Colin
Quote1We are planning to vote Helena out. If you side with us, Aries, you and I will be the final three. You have my word for it. I don't know how Donny, Helena and Megan shook hands with you or the things they said to you, but I'll be baring my all if you join me.Quote2- Brody
Quote1I'm going to mull it over. If i'm siding with you, you'll know it at the vote itself.Quote2- Colin
Brody's last minute scrambling scares me. Though I am apparently at the bottom of the totem pole, enforcing a tie and pulling rocks would lessen my chances of winning. I'm 60-40 right now between sticking with my alliance and siding with Brody.


At Tribal Council, Donny directly tells Jeff that either Brody or Aries goes home. Colin carefully listens to Donny's answers to Jeff's questions on how strong the four-person alliance is. Aries butts in, saying that though he made unorthodox moves, he did it for the betterment of his alliance with Donny and Colin. Colin detests, saying that it was clear that Aries was thinking more about his own longevity than the welfare of his alliance, and as understandable as it was, not being informed by an ally is just the same as betrayal. This speech scares Donny, fearing that Colin might have known his plans to vote him out at the next Tribal Council. Jeff then turns on Brody, who is obviously the odd-man out. Brody states he it was an interesting afternoon, because he tried his hardest to break in the alliance, and there was nothing much he can do. In the end, Aries and Colin decide that pulling rocks would hurt their chances of staying. They unanimously vote Brody out, 5-1. Accepting his fate, Brody leaves Tribal Council smiling.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Brody (5 votes)
Aries, Colin, Donny, Helena, & Megan
Helena (1 vote)
Brody Bright

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • It's the loved ones challenge! 
  • One castaway turns on a close ally.
  • "History will repeat itself."  

Author's Notes

  • A devil's advocate is someone who is has takes a side in an argument, but not necessarily accepts its beliefs. Before fully supporting a position, the devil's advocate will try to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

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