"Dirty Little Secret"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 5/13
Date Uploaded January 1, 2013
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Dirty Little Secret is the fifth episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

Represcussions from the last tribal council hit Ishrin. Monica and Christina felt on the outs after Brett didn't inform them of the plan to get rid of Adam. While Monica and Christina were on one side, Spencer and Sydney were on the other, and both were vying for Brett to side with them. However, Brett was more focused on winning to keep Ishrin's chances of merging even alive. At Wahid, Brandon and Kelly joined Deena's plan to get rid of John. Despite Brett's efforts to unite the tribe, Wahid continued their winning streak at the next reward and immunity challenge. At tribal council, Brett thought of the strength of the tribe, and Christina was voted out. 12 are left, Who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Build it Up, Break it Down
The tribes are given a bundle of stick and rope. They would then have ten minutes to use these items to build a blockade of the other tribe's tunnel. The tribes would then race to tear apart the other tribe's blockade of their own tunnel and get all the members of their tribe through to the other side.
Reward: Food from Outback Steakhouse, and a day at fancy resort.
Winner: Ishrin

Immunity Challenge : The Maze
Each tribe must race against the other, collecting five medallions in a specified order while navigating through a giant maze. First tribe to collect all five medallions in order and to exit the maze wins.
Winner: Ishrin


Day 13

The Ishrin four had made it to the final 4...of their tribe. In fact, nobody else had been voted out except the other four members of Ishrin. The tribe now stood at half the size of the Old School, Wahid tribe. The four of them woke up and sat around the fire, waiting for someone to begin talking about what was going to be done about their situation.

We're 0 for 7 in challenges, and 4 for 4 in tribal councils. Something needs to change.

–Spencer Duhm

Last night Brett, Spencer, and Sydney made the decision to try and keep the tribe as strong as possible by eliminating Christina Cha, who they felt was the weakest member. In fact, from the beginning people thought she was. It was time that Ishrin stopped trying to further their strategic game, and start to focus on winning challenges.

"Well we're the last four," Brett said breaking the silence.

"Of the tribe," Monica scoffed.

Everyone stared into the embers of the fire, trying to take their mind somewhere else. Nobody was motivated to work. Nobody was motivated to strategize. For 12 days straight they'd done nothing but that.

"I think we just need a break," Sydney said honestly.

"This isn't a vacation sweety," Monica said sarcastically.

"It could do us some good," Spencer said defending his friend. "After all, Wahid has plenty of  time to relax since they never go to Tribal Council, let's just take the day off and re-energize."

It's a lot easier for Spencer and Sydney to say, "Oh yeah, let's take a break," when their necks aren't on the line if we lose.

–Monica Padilla

"I'm all for it," Brett said.

Monica rolled her eyes. Since today was going to be all about taking a break, she excused herself from the fire, crawled back into the shelter and took a long nap.

The remaining three Ishrin tribe mates waited for her to fall asleep so they could begin discussing what to do, should their losing streak continue.

"She's been really negative lately, haven't you noticed?" Sydney asked inquisitively.

"Meh, that's just Monica, nothing new," Brett said shrugging it off.

"I feel like if she went into the challenges with a little more heart we'd be able to win something, thats all," Spencer said.

"She gives it her all, she really does," Brett promised.

"It's just not as good as the rest of us unfortunately," Spencer said sympathetically.

Brett painfully agreed. He hated to admit that his friend was the weakest link, but he knew that she was. If anyone was dragging the tribe now it had to be his friend and ally from Samoa.

"If we lose again, which I don't plan on doing, I think it's best for us to send her home," Spencer said honestly.

"I hate to do it, because I love Monica, despite the craziness that's gone on the past few days, but she just doesn't have it in her to go the other 26 days," Sydney said.

"I gave her my word to the final two though, and you guys know how important my word is to me," Brett said honestly.

"At this point in the game though...can you really be thinking about the final two, we'll be lucky if we all make the merge even," Spencer pointed out.

Brett nodded.

"I'll think about it," Brett said honestly. It just doesn't sit well with me.

Monica's done a lot of shady things, but she's my friend outside of this game, and the strongest ally I have here, so if I had the choice I really wouldn't wanna lose her.

–Brett Clouser

Strategically losing Monica benefits us from both a physical and strategic stand point. Our tribe will be stronger and Sydney and I will have all the power

–Spencer Duhm

Brett decided to join Monica in the shelter after some time. Sydney and Spencer left to go for a stroll down the beach. On the beach Sydney decided to comfort Spencer at a time that was critical for him in the game.

"I know you're nervous about the next three days, but it's gonna be ok. The two of us are solid, no matter what," Sydney reassured him.

"It's just pivitol that I make it through this round. I don't wanna go home the same time I did in Tocantins. I'll seriously feel like the biggest loser ever.

Sydney gently patted him on the back and reassured him that everything was going to be ok.

"Brett if far more likely to turn on Monica, than we are to turn on one another, that's for sure," Sydney said truthfully.

Spencer smiled, and nodded. He appriciated his friend's loyalty. How thankful he was that he kept her in the game instead of voting her out several days prior to this vote.

Day 15 is going to be a huge milestone for me. If I can survive that I know I'll be able to balls to the walls the rest of this game.

–Spencer Duhm

"What do you think happens if its a tie?" Spencer said.

"Rocks maybe?" Sydney said unsure.

"If i drew the purple rock at the next tribal council, I seriously think I may need therapy after this is over," Spencer said only half joking.

"Relax Spence, we haven't even been to the challenge yet. Who knows what might happen, we might even win for once," Sydney said smiling.

"You're right aha, I need to shake this off, for a little while at least.

Spencer has been on edge today about finishing in 12th again, it just makes me nervous on what he'd be willing to do to prevent that from happening again.

–Sydney Wheeler

Back at camp, Brett and Monica discussed their future in the game as well.

"Wake up sleepy head," Brett said giving Monica a playful shake on the head.

"ehhhh... I really wanna go back to sleep," Monica said in a dreary voice.

"They're not at camp, we need to talk like now," Brett said seriously.

"Fine," Monica said rubbing her eyes, and sitting up to face Brett.

"They still think you're with them?" Monica said grinning.

Brett nodded.

"Good," Monica said. "If it comes down to a tie, one of them is bound to flip anyways, right?"

Brett nodded agian.

"Are you gonna talk or not, cause if you aren't I"m gonna go back to sleep?" Monica said irritated.

"Yeah, they want you gone, they've tried to convince me all morning," Brett said.

"Bitches," Monica said jokinlgy.

Brett smiled. "Don't worry, you're not going anywhere I promise," Brett said.

"What are you gonna tell them then?" Monica asked.

"I told them I'd think about it and I'd get back to them," Brett said.

"I suggest you stop thinking about it now then," Monica said jokingly.

"I'd like to win something so we wouldn't have to," Brett said honestly.

Monica nodded.

Spencer and Sydney think that Brett is on their side, so I've just been acting like I've given up, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Brett and I are going to be here on Day 16 together, I can promise you that much.

–Monica Padilla

"I'm going back to sleep," Monica said, laying her head down on the shelter floor once again.

"I think I'll join you," Brett chimed in.

The morning at Wahid was far less relaxing than at Ishrin. While a tribe of four could easily rest. Paranoia was running high in the big bad tribe of eight.

John Caroll sat down cooking breakfast. He watched as Deena and Gina talked. Deena then went to Penny. Penny went to Kelly, Kelly went to Brandon, Brandon went to Gervase, and Gervase went to Varner. Though nothing ever got back to John. He wondered why all of a sudden he'd become so out of the loop on everything.

Something fishy is going on and I'm determined to get to the bottom of it.

–John Caroll

Deena and Gina had reassured him time after time that nothing was going on, yet everyone seemed to be fratenizing with the enemy more and more recently. Penny had become somewhat well-liked recently. John noticed that, and that scared him more than anything. So he decided to get a second opinion on what was going on.

"Hey fellas," John said as he approached Jeff Varner and Gervase.

"What's shakin' Johnny Pots and Pans?" Varner asked.

"Just wanted to see what you fellas were up to," John said casually.

"Just kickin' back, gettin ready to kick some ass later today big dawg, that's what's goin on up in here," Gervase said with his big grin.

John laughed.

"To be clear, tha plan is still Penny, right?" John asked hesitantly.

"I haven't heard any differently," Varner said honestly.

Gervase nodded in agreement.

"It's just...these women, they're always plotting with one another, like they're constantly whispering. It makes me really paranoid," John said almost shaking as he said this.

"Relax brother, Penny ain't goin no where fast," Gervase said, "Besides, Kelly's solid with the tribe anyways, she'd let us know if something crazy was about to go down."

"You have a deal with Kelly?" John asked.

"We're willing to wheel and deal with anyone who isn't named Penny," Varner said cackeling.

"Then how bout the three of us make a deal, to the end?" John proposed.

"The 40+ club, eh?" Gervase said.

"Well I say us older gentleman show these new kids how it's done," Jeff said with his fake cheesy grin he loved to flash oh so much.

Having this deal with the guys definitely puts me a little bit at ease. I think I can at least trust them for now.

–John Caroll

John came at the perfect time. I'd been lookin for a sucker to help take our foursome to the top, and he pretty much volunteered.

–Gervase Peterson

"So you guys have Brandon and Kelly too I'm asssuming?" John said. He'd been observing the four for quite sometime, he knew that they had a very strong bond with one another.

"You're just on the money, aren't ya fella?" Varner said condescendingly.

"Well normally I just like to win the money, but I'll take it whatever way I can get it," John said laughing at his own joke.

Gervase and Varner pretended to laugh at such a horribly cheesy joke.

"You guys willing to shake on this?" John said seeking reassurance.

"Hell yeah, baby," Varer said. "Here's to three old dudes nobody's gonna be thrilled to see in the final three," Varer said laughing.

The three shook hands, and John Caroll walked back to tend to the fire.

As soon as he was out of hearing distance both Gervase and Varner began laughing as hard as they could.

"We're like the freaking god fathers man, everyone here just wants to roll with us," Gervase said.

"John is seriously the most paranoid person I have ever met," John said.

"And we're gonna give him even moer reason to be," Varner said laughing.

"Smelly Kelly is gonna die when she hears this," Varner said

I have no loyalties to John. I have no loyalties to anyone except me, myself, and I.

–Jeff Varner

"Kelly, get your ass over here," Gervase yelled.

"What's up?" Kelly said.

"We just wanna let you know that we're taking John Caroll to the final 3," Varner said unable to say it with a straight face.

"Well, I hope you two will be very happy together," Kelly said smirking.

"No girls allowed Kelly, so you're gonna have to step off," Gervase bantered.

"You guys suck," Kelly said, "literally," she said taking a seat down next to the guys.

"For real though, we're thinking about taking him to the final 5," Varner said.

"," Kelly said bluntly.

"Damn Varner, she just rejected you," Gervase said.

"He drives me crazy, there's no way I can put up with him that long, I can barely take three more days of him. Even Penny is less annoying than he is," Kelly said.

I'm not dragging John to the end. I'm not planning on dragging John to the next round so, the boys are gonna have to deal with it.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"How sweet," Varner said.

"I really don't wanna have to deal with him that much longer," Kelly said begging Varner.

"Not like it matters really, we're likely all gonna make the merge,"

Kelly took her two fingers to make a gun shaped sign and pointed it at her head.

The three laughed and sat around until they moved on with their day.

Kelly seems mighty determined on fixin' to get rid of John. I'd like to see him stay cause he'll do anything we say as long as he's safe.

–Jeff Varner

On the way to get the water Penny Ramsey decided to take this opportunity to get better aquainted with Gina Crews.

I know Gina's had the hardest time with keeping me over John, so I wanted to get to know her more, warm up to her a bit.

–Penny Ramsey

Miss Penny offered to help me get some water this morning which was excellent. She's really been stepping up her work load the past few days.

–Gina Crews

"Alright, can you hand me that one jug please?" Gina asked Penny sweetly.

"The only thing that's difficult is now we have three water jugs cause of the raid," Penny said.

"It'll keep us hydrated longer though. The more jugs we got the less trips we'll have to make later," Gina pointed out.

"Have you always been this resourceful?" Penny asked curiously.

"Well I"m a nature guide. It's what I do for a living. I"m pretty much out in my element here, it's like a big camping trip it's pretty awesome," Gina said smiling. "How bout you, do a lot of camping out in Texas?"

"Here and there, but nothing like this. I couldn't imagine doing something like this everyday," Penny said.

"Oh there's so much to explore around here it's pretty cool, I'm sure there's a lot of things in this neck of the woods we could find if we really tried," Gina said smiling.

"Why don't we go on an adventure then?" Penny asked.

"Well...we have to get the water back," Gina said hesitant.

"It's not like it's gonna go anywhere on it's own," Penny said.

"That's true," Gina said.

The two ventured off the marked path in search of something interesting. They followed a small creek in the woods so that they could trace their way back to the water hole in case it was dark or they needed to come back quickly.

"Oh my word, Miss Penny, look at all those coconut trees," Gina pointed out.

Penny's mouth dropped in awe.

"I think we need to get some of those, we just need something that'll help knock them down," Gina said.

They looked around for any debris from the trees that would help. They found one that was just large enough to reach the lower branches of the cocounut tree. Gina crews leaped into the air and whatcked the fallen tree branch against the side of a coconut bundle. After several failed attempts she managed to bring down a large bundle of coconuts for the tribe.

"Excellent," Gina said smiling.

"I'll carry these, you wanna go back with the water?" Penny said.

"Sure thing,"

The two marched back into camp with food and drink for the tribe, though the tribe's excitement could not match that of Penny Ramsey's.

I never thought Gina and I would have much in common, but sometimes all it takes is a great adventure into the outdoors to really get to know someone.

–Penny Ramsey

My afternoon has been the best once since I've been here. I went exploring, we got some food for the tribe, and I think I just made a new friend out here.

–Gina Crews

They raised their coconuts up and began sipping the milk out of it to hydrate for their next challenge. Water started to be boiled, and the well oiled machine that was the Wahid tribe was back up and running.

This tribe really is a force to be recconed with when it comes to camp life, challenges, we're up for anything to be honest.

–Deena Bennett

"Hey y'all, we got some tree mail," Brandon announced.

The Challenge today was going to be interesting, no doubt. Half the Wahid tribe  would be sitting out, while the other half would be required to take part in the immunity challenge. Both times the Ishrin four would half to compete.

Today's challenge had an empty blockade. To the right were a pile of sticks and ropes that the contestants could use to prevent the other tribe from getting through their blockade. The first tribe to get all four members across to the other side would win reward. Today they were playing for food delivered from Outback Steakhouse to a fancy beach house where they would spend the day and get showers, then return to camp in the evening.

Wahid took a huge risk in sitting all four men out of the challenge so they would be ready to compete in the immunity challenge.


All four members of Ishrin worked together collaboratively to build one giant blockade in the center of the crawl. They even began tying ropes on the outside so that none of the women could crawl inside and begin untying the knots. As time was running out Sydney and Monica worked on the large blockade while Brett and Spencer frivilously threw and tied down sticks to opposite ends of the crawl through to make it more difficult for Wahid to get through.

On the Wahid tribe, Deena had taken full control of the women. She and Gina worked on a blockade at the front that was going to be their largest one while Penny and Kelly were delegated to construct smaller blockades throughout the rest of the crawl through, the fortresses were somewhat similar yet far different.

Once time was up, Jeff gave the signal for  both tribes to start tearing apart eachothers on the crawl through.

Brett and Spencer furiously ran over and began attacking the front blockade Wahid had set up. Every ounce of  strength went into breaking down the shelter. Monica and Sydney began climbing on top to get rid of the smaller pieces.

On the other side the four girls collaborately worked together to get rid of the middle blockade. It was difficult to break through, yet all their effort was focused on one thing as opposed to the Ishrin side. The girls were tiny and they knew that if they could just get through the first part of this blockade fast enough they could win reward for their tribe, with no help from the men.

Both tribes were relatively neck and neck. Progress began to happen on both sides, it was simply a matter of who was going to get through first.

"YES!" Spencer cried out as the fortress Wahid created had nearly been penetrated.

The Wahid women worked to keep up, but the crack had not been large enough to sneak through.




Brett, all across!


"OH MY GOD!" Sydney screamed.

The four of them broke into a huge group hug. They had finally done it, after 13 days Ishrin had won their first challenge.

Tears streamed down Sydney's face. "We finally won something," Sydney said proudly.

They all set out on their huge reward, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

The four Ishrin tribe members arrived at a small little resort. They quickly ran inside and stripped off all their clothes and began to bathe.

Afterwards the four met outside to begin dining on the food they'd been craving for so long.

Each of them ordered steak, ribs, a blooming onion, and many drinks to go around.

"I was seriously terrified that we weren't going to win a single challenge," Monica said smiling.

"What a great one to win too," Brett said stuffing his face while he talked.

"This is the best day ever," Sydney squealed.

"You guys, here's to continuing to kick ass, and sticking together like we promised we would from Day freaking 1," Monica said raising her glass.

The four clincked their glasses and enjoyed their first day as winners.

Today we came together like we never have before. It was so rewarding to see us all work together so harmoniously. We have momentum now, we just gotta keep it going.

–Sydney Wheeler

Day 14

Deena Bennett woke up the next morning and spat in the fire. Yesterday had been their first taste of defeat since they'd arrived in Arabia and it had come under her leadership.

"Losing sucks," Deena said, still disgusted with her performance yesterday.

"It's not your fault," Kelly reassured her. "We should have had two guys and two girls play in the challenge, there's no way the four of us were going to beat Spencer and Brett in that challenge."

"I just wish we could, you know?" Deena said upset. "I'm just so afraid that Gina's going to think we're not capable of winning without John here."

"We can win without John here, it's not like when John gets voted out Brandon, Gervase, and Varner are just going to walk on out with him, that'd be absolutely ridiculous," Kelly pointed out.

"I guess it was his poor decision anyways," Deena said.

"Exactly," Kelly said with a particular shred of confidence in her voice.

We lost yesterday, which is freaking amazing, because hopefully we'll lose again and we can take out John.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"You gotta lose a few battles to win the war," Penny pointed out.

"Besides, I think even Varner and Gervase would be willing to vote John out if we lost today, I've been talking with them and I think they'll be down for it," Kelly pointed out.

"Oh, you don't need to let them in on what's going on, we already have the numbers," Deena said.

"I just thought that I'd give 'em a heads up before the vote," Kelly said confused.

"Nah, we're good," Deena said smiling.

You'd have to be completly oblivous not to realize that Kelly is tight with the boys. I'd rather have her stick with us instead of stratelling the fence.

–Deena Bennett

"Alright then..." Kelly said

"It'll be us girls' dirty little secret," Penny said smiling.

They all took a finger to their mouth and said "shhh" as there way of solidifying the deal they'd made to get rid of John the first time they went to tribal council.

Naturally it's a little uncomfortable to be told that I can't tell my own allies how I'm voting. People who want to be in control of things like that are definitely going to be dangerous down the road.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly Goldsmith, who had been weary of the secrets she was supposed to keep from her alliance decided to have a conversation with Brandon Quinton, her best friend and ally later that afternoon.

"Like...I don't wanna screw up my entire game, just because Deena told me too," Kelly said bluntly.

"It's not even a big deal, it's not like you telling them what's up means that you're not with them," Brandon said reassuring her.

"Exactly," Kelly said moving her hands forward as she spoke.

" the guys even want to get rid of John?" Brandon asked.

"No, they're still dead set on getting Penny out the first time we have an opportunity to do so," Kelly said becoming disgrunteled.

"Well if we tell them we're gonna do it with or without them, I'm sure they'd budge," Brandon said.

"If we even tell them what's going on," Kelly said annoyed.

"Are you seriously thinking about not telling them?" Brandon asked concerned.

Kelly is a mess at the moment. She wants to get rid of John, but she doesn't wanna tell people she's getting rid of John cause Deena told her not to. Like, pick a side bitch.

–Brandon Quinton

"I'd say hopefully we win so I don't have to make a decision, but I'd really like to lose so that I can write John's name down," Kelly said putting her hands on her head.

"You really don't like him," Brandon said.

"He's been out to get me from the get go Brandon, he even made up that s*** about Penny trying to get rid of me," Kelly said.

"John's not the issue, it's whether or not you're gonna stay true to our original alliance," Brandon said.

"I wanna stay true, but does that mean I have to tell them what's up?"

"I believe that's how it works, ho" Brandon said.

The two were about to continue their conversation until Gervase and Varner walked over.

"Smelly Kelly, what are you up to today?" Varner asked her.

Brandon shot her a glare.

"Oh nothing, just filling in Brandon on everything that went down yesterday about your deal with John," Kelly said smiling.

"Deal?" Brandon said confused.

"The one I just told you about," Kelly said shooting him a glare.

"Oh right, the great compromise, the deal of the century, nice work fellas," Brandon said cynically.

Kelly rolled her eyes. Without his snarkiness nobody would believe a single lie that came out of his mouth. He was so her at least.

"So Brandon, you with the boys or are you and Smelly Kelly trying to stank up the tribe with Penny for a few more days?"  Gervase asked.

"I could go either way, to be honest," Brandon said.

The men, the women, I could vote either way, I mean I pretty much can't stand anyone here anyways.

–Brandon Quinton

"We might as well get rid of John anyways, regardless of numbers we're gonna go into the merge with an advantage," Kelly said.

"Penny will flip the first chance she gets," Gervase pointed out.

"What are the odds of the Ishrins being able to stomach Penny for a conversation longer than ten minutes," Kelly said.

"I made it through a 15 minute convo with her once," Varner said jokingly.

"Oh Varner, such a saint," Brandon said mockingly.

"All of y'all best believe that," Jeff Varner said.

"We can just make a decision after the challenge if we're fortunate enough to visit tribal council," Kelly said.

"Thank goodness, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one just itching to vote someone out of here," Varner said cackeling.

"8 is definitely a crowd here," Brandon remarked.

The four allies headed back to camp, no decisions made, and nobody informed about the women's plan.

At Ishrin the tribe had slept in once again, and had just begun to woke up at noon.

"Oh my god, my stomach still feels like it's going to explode," Monica said moaning.

"Same here, but it feels soooo good," Sydney said chiming in.

The two girls giggeled as they attempted to help eachother stand up to walk over to where the boys were sitting.

"Morning guys," Sydney said.

Brett waved hello and motioned for them to come over.

Spencer Duhm was silent. Today was recconing day for him. If they could just win this challenge, if they could win today's challenge then he would have surpassed his previous placing, and he'd be the first All-Star to do so.

"How you holding up Spence?" Sydney asked.

Spencer gave her a thumbs up.

She  took a seat next to him and began combing his hair. "You're gonna be fine," she whispered to him so that nobody else could hear. She didn't want to tell anyone what Spencer was going through. If they were lucky they'd be able to face the day they previously finished too. Afterall Sydney's was only three days away as well.

Today is pretty much judgement day for Spencer. I'm going to give it my all today to make sure that he's here on the morning of Day 16.

–Sydney Wheeler

Sydney has been super supportive over the past few days. It's crazy how long it took for me to trust her, because now I trust her completly.

–Spencer Duhm

"Challenge Day," Monica said as perkily as possible.

"We're going to be taking on four totally kickass dudes today," Spencer pointed out.

"We can do it," Sydney said. "We have the will, we have the drive, we have the stomach's that are fueled and ready to go, I think we're gonna pull an upset today," Sydney said.

"I can feel it," Brett said. "The energy in this game is about to shift you guys, we just have to stay strong, and more importantly, stay together."

"Can we just put our hands in and cheer?" Sydney said.

The four of them put their hands in the center and on three chanted "ISHRIN!"

The four then worked on a game plan that would get them the immunity idol tonight. They'd wanted it for so long, and they'd been waiting 14 days for their time to shine, and today was going to be the day.

They all walked to tree mail hand in hand and read it aloud.

The four of them put their hands on one anothers shoulders and marched into the challenges as one solid unit. A tribe that was no longer divided.

The challenge today was a giant labrinth. The four tribe members would be tethered together and have to navigate throughout a giant maze and untie 5 wooden circles that represented each of the five check in points on the maze. The tribes would have to gather the ciricles in order and then run out of the maze and step on the mat to win Immunity. Because the women sat out of the reward challenge, the men would be competing for immunity.


The men sprinted out onto their maze. The Ishrin tribe did their best to keep up with the pace the men had set in the opening moments of the game. Now each tribe was in their respected labrinth navigating through with no sign of how the other tribe was doing. Both managed to come across the first wooden circle quite easily. They each progressed in search of their second. Both stumbeled upon different numbers. Ishrin found number three, while Wahid had landed in the center where number five was. With the help of their leaders in the maze John and Brett both managed to secure their second circle. Ishrin headed toward their thrid which they had already passed, while Wahid continued searching. Ishrin had made up a lot of time and secured their third while Wahid was still searching. Ishrin then found the center with the fifth cookie while Wahid had caught up. Both headed towards the corner of the maze they had not yet checked for their fourth circle. The two simultaneously found the fourth circle and ran toward the center. Both tribes retrieved it and began weaving their way through the maze. The first to come out of the maze would win. "Sh**, it's a dead end, we gotta go back," a voice cried out from one of the mazes. Although, it was too late because the Ishrin four were already done.

"AHHHHHH!" Monica screamed as they ran out of the maze.

"HELL YEAH BABY," Spencer shouted.

The four hit the mat and fell to the ground in excitement.


The four broke out in a huge hug on the challenge floor. For one tribal council would be going on and none of them would be there to experience it. It'd been a great day for Ishrin.

After so much struggeling, we've finally come together as a team and started working alongside one antoher, and it feels amazing.

–Brett Closuer

"Wahid, after a huge winning streak, tommorrow you guys are gonna lose your first member, I'll see you all at tribal council tommorrow," Jeff Probst told them.

While some people on Wahid felt defeated, most of them were delighted that they would finally get to be casting a vote against someone that was long over due.

Day 15

The sun was shining bright over the Ishrin camp this morning. Today was going to be a day devoted to peace and relaxation, because for once in this game the Ishrin tribe would not be going to tribal council.

They all lounged on the beach, soaking up the sun, and their two back to back challenge wins. They'd found their rhythm as a tribe, and it was bound to be a great day for them.

All the paranoia, and deception has just vanished over the past few days. It's amazing how much winning can do for your spirit.

–Monica Padilla

Although nobody was happier than Spencer Duhm. Finishing in 12th place in Tocantins had been embarassing for him. Today, he was officially going to enter the deep unknown of Survivor. He didn't know what Day 16 had in store for him, but he was going to be there, and that was what was important to him.

It's like starting a new chapter of this game. I'm so excited to see what's in store for me, because now nothing is gonna stop me.

–Spencer Duhm

"I really wish we had some chicken dinner, isn't that what winners eat you guys?" Sydney said jokingly.

The four laughed at Sydney's cheesy joke and continued to bask in the sun for the rest of the day. The harmony at their camp was long over due. 15 days over due one might say.

There's been so much drama, and so much game going on since the game began and it's nice to just take a step back and enjoy the experience for once.

–Sydney Wheeler

At Wahid, the tribe was getting their first dose of what it's like to get back into the game of Survivor.

We've had a 15 day vacation in this game, so now it's time to buckle down and start playing a little bit harder.

–Penny Ramsey

Penny Ramsey was off gathering some wood for the fire. Deena had told her to stay away from camp early this morning so that they could reassure the men that everything was all good.

"So Penny tonight, right you guys?" John said.

Kelly rolled her eyes. She wanted an exact number of times John had said "So Penny Tonight, right you guys?" over the past fifteen days. Everyday he saught reassurance from his tribe and every day the told him that everything was going to be fine. Although...the girls knew that it wasn't.

This day is really annoying me, because I know John is gonna follow me all day and keep asking me to save him, and I'm going to say it's ok, and he's going to beg again and this will go on for hours until I get to walk up to the parchment BY MYSELF and write his name down.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"We know who shes going to vote for?" John asked curiously.

"Probably you," Kelly said bluntly.

John was taken back. He expected this response, but hearing someone say it was completly different.

"Me?" John said.

"Yeah," Kelly said. "You kind of piss her off."

"and everyone else here," Kelly mumbled under her breath.

Brandon heard this and covered his mouth to prevent him from giggeling.

"So it's setteled," We all vote for Penny.

"Gina and I are going to go head out and get some more coconuts before we leave for tribal tonight," Deena announced.

The two walked away. Kelly tried to walk back into the shelter to escape the drama at camp, but she was stopped dead in her tracks.

"Kelly, wait," John called out.

Kelly rolled her eyes, and then tearned around with her sweet little grin.

"You have to swear to all of us you're voting Penny tonight, we just wanna make sure there's no funny buisness going on between you and the girls," John said firmly.

"Well it's not like their sleeping together Johnny," Varner said snarkily.

"It's not like any of us want to sleep with you either," Kelly said back sharlpy.

The two could banter with one another for hours. They had a very strong friendship between the two of them.

"Fine, I swear that Penny's going to go home," Kelly said bluntly. "Satisfied?" Kelly said.

"Geez, I was just asking," John said.

Kelly is kind of a bitch. People want to cement trust with one another, and everytime I ask her, she gives me a foul answer.

–John Caroll

"And you got an answer, if you have any other messages leave them after the beep," Kelly said


She walked away pissed off at John.

"Is she always like this?" John said taken back.

"Nah, she just hates losing," Brandon said.

"More like losers," Varner whispered in Brandons ear.

They both started laughing and carrying on with their work.

If John wasn't leaving before, his ass is grass now.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"We're all solid on voting out John, right?" Kelly asked.

"We just checked in with Gina, and she says she's willing to do it," Penny said smiling.

"Really Gina?" Kelly said gleefully.

"Yeah, the women work harder than him anyways, we'll manage," Gina said.

This game isn't all about getting what you want. Most people think it is, but it's about helping other people succeed so that they'll help you later down the road.

–Gina Crews

"Can we please just tell the guys what's going on though, I don't see the point in keeping it from them," Kelly said earnestly.

"I don't see the problem with it either Deena," Penny said. Giving Kelly a wink.

"No, it's the chicks all the way, we don't need them to vote alongside us," Deena said firmly.

"Alright, I'll go tell Brandon what's up before we head out," Kelly said.

Kelly walked over to Brandon and informed him of the plan. She grabbed her torch and watched Gervase and Varner pack for tribal council. If she was going to let them know now would be the time to do so.

Everyone here pisses me off. But tonight, I know someone's going to be pissed reardless of what decision I make.

–Kelly Goldsmith

At Tribal Council the votes came in and were about to be read.

First vote.

"Penny," That had been John's.

"John," That one had come from Penny.

All the women perked up on their stools waiting to hear the next vote, ready to see John's face.

Next vote, "John," that had been Gina's

John bowed his head down, he knew what was about to come.

"John," that vote had come from Kelly.

"John," Deena's vote appeared.

4 votes John, one vote Penny.

Fifth Person voted out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.


A blindsided John turned away from his tribe, he didn't look one of them in the eye. He walked over to Jeff and had his flame extinguished.

"John, the tribe has spoken,"

John departed tribal council.

Before it was over Deena shot Kelly a look. Somebody had told Gervase and Varner about the vote....but it sure as hell wasn't Kelly.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5


John Caroll
John (7 Votes)
Brandon, Deena, Gervase, Gina, Jeff, Kelly, Penny
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John Caroll
John Caroll

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