"Disaster Land"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 4/13
Episode Chronology
Previous More Dangerous Than Before
Next Somewhat New Beginnings

Disaster Land is the fourth episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Reward Challenge: Concentration
The castaways would play a variation of Concentration with thirteen pairs of survival items plus four unpaired dummy items hidden under covers. One tribe member at a time would uncover two items. If the items matched, they would score one point for their tribe. The tribe with the most points at the end of the challenge would win.
Reward: A trip on a boat that sails around Tuvalu, includes scuba diving.
Winner: Funa 
Immunity Challenge:
Survivor Smorgasbord
Eating competition of usually gross, native food. If a castaway chooses to not eat, their tribe automatically loses.
Winner: Vaitu


Day 10

Kelie ended boot camp for Funa, so Funa did not do any boot camp. Because of this, Cassandra was lazy around camp. The rest of the tribe had to do everything. Cassandra got on Rocky's last nerve. He started to argue with her. In the middle of fighting, Rocky announced out loud that she was going home. In a confessional, Cassandra knew that that was true. So, she started to look for a Hidden Immunity Idol. Albert noticed she was not around camp as much so he told his tribe something was going on. Edd already had guessed what she was doing. She told Kelie and Yoshirou, but he told Yoshirou not to tell the others. Yoshirou then got suspicious and told Rocky and Albert that there was an alliance going on between the two. So Albert, Yoshirou, and Rocky formed an inner alliance. Yoshirou then told them that they would eliminate Cassandra, then vote out those two. The other two agreed, but especially Rocky, because he could not stand Cassandra and wanted her out as soon as possible.

Vaitu woke up in good spirits. Bobby and Anda did a lot of work around camp while Yakawae fished with Stephennie, who gained a lot of interest in fishing. Anda told Bobby about Tribal Council and strategy. She told him that she wanted to vote out either Yakawae or Stephennie, who were bobby two closest allys. Bobby was irritated by this, so he just told her he was voting for Xuan, Anda's biggest ally. Anda put the pieces together and realized that Bobby was close with Stephennie and Yakawae. she tols Xuan, Penny, and Raphael that Bobby needed to go next, not realizing that Raphael and Penny were still in the alliance with the three. After that, Penny could not take it. She went into the water with Raphael. Raphael talked to her about what Penny felt. Penny thanked Raphael then ate the fish that Yakawae and Stephennie, who actually started to catch fish, cought.

Day 11

At the Reward Challenge, Vaitu was winning, but at the last minute, Funa came alive and won. 

Funa enjoyed the nice reward. They saw many sharks and other smaller fish. Kelie found a shark and wanted to keep it, but everybody else said no. 

Day 12

The tribes met Probst at the Immunity Challenge. He introduced the new Funa tribe then they started eating. Anda dominated for Vaitu, and so did Bobby and Raphael. The last round was Penny vs Albert, but Penny surprisingly won. 

At Funa, Kelie and Edd held on to eliminating Albert. They told Cassandra either she would vote for herself or Albert. If she voted for Rocky, she would automatically be voted out. Cassandra promised to vote for Albert, although she was mad, and even yelled at Edd. Edd talked to Yoshirou. Yoshirou then realized that if he voted for Cassandra, there would be a tie. However, he did not like Cassandra, saying she caused Funa to be "Disaster Land." He came to Tribal not knowing what to do. After Cassandra brought up Albert losing the challenge, Yoshirou made his decision. Albert was voted out 4-2.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Albert (4 votes)
Cassandra, Edd, Kelie, Yoshirou
Cassandra (2 votes)
Albert, Rocky
Albert West

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"Did not expect that coming, I am great physically so I do not understand why they voted for me. Why not Cassandra? She does not own any social skills. She needs to learn how to communicate with every day people, and plus, she is lazy."


Still in the Running

Next Time on Survivor: Tuvalu...

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Author's Notes

  • This is the first Funa Tribal council that:
    • Less than 3 people received votes.
    • Cassandra did not vote for Rocky.
    • Cassandra was not the only person who voted for someone.
    • Yoshirou did not vote with Albert and Rocky.