"Divided We Stand"
Season Survivor: La Mosquitia
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Episode Number 2/13
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This is the 2nd episode of Survivor: La Mosquitia.

Previously on Survivor...

Sixteen new castaways were dropped off in the La Mosquitia region of Honduras to compete in a whole new season of Survivor. Right after arriving, the tribes were asked to voted for one of their own right away. But instead of voting someone out, the tribes voted for their competitor in the first reward challenge. Segovia's votes were all over the board with Esther receiving only two votes and being the majority. Warunta was the complete opposite. They were unified as they voted for Inez unanimously. After the vote, Esther's athleticism and puzzle solving skills proved far too much for Inez and Esther won the challenge for her tribe. At the Segovia camp, the tribe was still fractured. Quinlan and Tevin became fast friends. Keena and Alina talked but didn't do anything gameplay wise. Erick was cold and talked to no one. Parker and Esther connected instantly and became inseparable. Only Olive had the game on her mind. She joined in on Esther and Parker. Olive viewed Esther as someone who would go far in the game. At the Warunta camp, two factions rose. The larger faction consisted of Astrid, Dennis, Lester, and Xavier formed an alliance. Piper, Ivan and Michelle didn't officially become one, but they were the other faction. Inez was on the outside and she knew it. At the immunity challenge, Segovia and Warunta went back and forth until Warunta pulled out the win. At tribal council, Segovia stayed all over the board with five people receiving votes sending Alina home with only three votes.

Fifteen are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Free Falling
Each tribe starts on a 20 foot raised platform. One by one each tribe member must jump off the platform and re-assemble at a meeting point. Once all the tribe members have reached the meeting point they must race over a balance beam and then a rope bridge. Once across, the tribe must then race across a finish line. Once all tribe members are across, the tribe wins reward.
Reward: A full fishing kit
Winner: Segovia

Immunity Challenge: A Crate Idea
Two castaways from each tribe race out to a giant tribe-colored crate. Once they reach the crate, they would roll it back. Upon reaching the tribe mat, the next pair run out to get the next box. Once all 6 crates have been collected, the tribe members would stack the crates, solving a puzzle on the side of the crates (spelling out a key phrase). Once it has been stacked correctly, the castaways would climb up the crates to a platform. First tribe to get all tribe members to the top wins.
Winner: Segovia


Night 3

Segovia returned to camp. Despite losing a member, the tribe seemed unfazed. That worried Olive a little.

What is going on with this tribe? There is no sense of unity. We are tribe of division. How are we going to win anything if we aren't on the same page? I don't think we can.

–Olive Canton

Olive approached Parker and Esther. She said, "This tribe is full of division. I don't see how we can win with this without being a unified front."

"I know what you mean," Esther said, "This is a team game right now. If there is disjointment, there is no win. I've seen it on the field before."

"Field?" asked Olive.

"She's a cheerleader," Parker said.

"Oh really? For what team?" Olive veered off subject.

"Philadelphia Eagles," Esther said.

"I'm a Bronco's girl myself. I was born near Colorado and I currently live in Colorado so the Broncos are all I need," Olive replied, "Anyway, back on subject. Let's get some rest tonight and figure out how to unify this tribe tomorrow."

Day 4

Free Fallin'

Jeff called in the tribes for the reward challenge. Warunta came in first and then Segovia. Jeff said, "Warunta, getting your first look at the new Segovia tribe. Alina was voted out at tribal council."

The tribes got situated and Jeff went on, "Are you guys ready for today's reward challenge. For today's challenge, each tribe starts on a 20 foot raised platform. One by one each tribe member must jump off the platform and re-assemble at a meeting point. Once all the tribe members have reached the meeting point they must race over a balance beam to a second checkpoint. Once all your member are there, then you will cross a rope bridge. Once across, the tribe must then race across a finish line. Once all tribe members are across, the tribe wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?"

Jeff uncovered the reward, "You will be playing for a full fishing kit that you will be able to use in the river next to your camp. You can get a little protein in your diets. I know it's already worth playing for. Warunta, you have one extra member. Who's going to sit out?"

Michelle raised her hand and she took a seat on the bench. After several moments, the tribes were ready. Jeff said, "Survivors, ready? Go!"

The challenge was on. Both tribes sent out their oldest player first. Quinlan and Inez landed on the nets. Quinlan was quick to get up and make his way down to the checkpoint. Inez made it off the net as Tevin jumped down for Segovia. He quickly made his way to the checkpoint at the same time as Inez. Piper went next for Warunta as Parker jumped down for Segovia. Piper quickly made her way off the next and to the checkpoint before Parker did. Astrid jumped off and then was followed by Esther. Both women made it to the checkpoint at the same time. Once again a player from each tribe jumped off at the same time. Olive was next for Segovia while it was Ivan for Warunta. Olive lost a little time as Ivan made it to the checkpoint first and Xavier jumped for Warunta. He was quickly followed by Erick for Segovia. Xavier continued to make up ground for Warunta as he reached the checkpoint first. Dennis jumped next and was followed by Segovia's last member, Keena. Dennis made it the checkpoint first, but with Segovia ahead a person, they continued on to the balance beam as Lester jumped off for Warunta.

"Segovia is now starting on the balance beam. Pick up, Warunta. You are still in this!" Jeff announced.

One by one Segovia walked across the balance beam. They went in the same order as before. Quinlan crossed easily. Right as he reached the other side, Lester made it Warunta's platform and they were crossing the beam as well. Tevin, Parker, Esther, Olive, and Erick all made it across without hiccup for Segovia. For Warunta, Piper, Ivan, Astrid, Dennis, Lester, and Xavier did the same thing to tie it up with Segovia. The tribes were tied at six people across with Keena left for Segovia and Inez left for Warunta. Inez gained a lead on Keena, but fell off giving Keena the lead. Keena made it without falling and Segovia went on to the rope bridge.

"Segovia, move on. Warunta, don't panic. You can still do this," Jeff said.

One by one Segovia made it across the rope bridge to the third checkpoint. Inez time and time continued to fall over for Warunta. All seven Segovia member reached the checkpoint and took off to the finish line before Inez had even crossed the balance beam.

"Segovia wins reward!" Jeff announced. The tribes retook their places on their mats. Jeff went on, "Segovia, this is yours. Enjoy it. Go on and head out. Warunta, I've nothing for you. I'll see you later."

The two tribes walked out.


Segovia returned to camp joyous at their second reward win.

Okay, maybe not being a unified front is bad. We won. We can win without being a cohesive unit. We proved that. If we don't unite, Parker, Esther, and I can take control of this tribe, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. For right now, however, this is Segovia and divided we stand.

–Olive Canton

"For an old guy, you sure showed us how it's done," Tevin told Quinlan.

"Age is just a number, you know. I may have been born seventy years ago, but I don't think I'm seventy years old. Not all old people are slow and fragile," Quinlan smiled.

"You showed me that today," Keena said.

"We just need to continue to win and we won't have to even think strategy," Tevin said.

Olive's eyes widened at that.

What are they thinking? You have to have strategy to win. If a tribe swap happens, Segovia is screwed. How can this tribe survive without strategy? It can't. Warunta was one front when they voted for Inez. Even though we won today and I said divided we stand, we can only do that for so long.

–Olive Canton


Warunta walked back into camp and it was obvious the alliance Astrid formed was targeting Inez. Astrid said, "We lost today because of Inez. She has to go next. If we lose immunity in a couple of days, it's Inez who is going to go home."

"I agree 100 percent," Lester said.

"Me too. She's a good person and all, but at this stage in the game, it is survival of the fittest and she is not the fittest," Xavier said.

"She could use the excuse she's old, but look at the old guy over there. He was excelling today. Age factors in no doubt, but she can't use that as her excuse for being slow and bad at a challenge," Dennis said.

"I don't think she made any excuse," Astrid said, "She didn't say anything in fact. She knows she cost us so she's being silent. I don't know where you got her making excuses from."

"I'm just saying," Dennis said and then shut up.

"On a positive note though, the other three want Inez gone too. We can take out two birds with one stone. Take out Inez and gain control over this tribe," Astrid told the other three.

"I like the sound of that," Xavier said.

This whole situation with Inez is more of a blessing than a curse. Well it is for my alliance anyway. We know that the whole tribe wants Inez gone. We get her out and suddenly my alliance is in control of Warunta. Because we have four and the other members add up to three. They may join us, but we are the core four and we will be the final four. I'm very stoked if you can't tell!

–Astrid Beaumont

Piper, Michelle, and Ivan noticed that the Astrid and the other men were tight and talking among themselves. Piper said, "I think we have a problem. They look to be in an alliance."

"If that's true, we are in some trouble. We need to find the immunity idol," Michelle said.

"Do you think there is one?" asked Ivan.

"There is one. There is always one," Piper said.

"Jeff hasn't mentioned it yet," Ivan said.

"It's probably one of those seasons where we must find it on our own," Michelle said.

"If that's the case, we need to be look for it. Buddy system style. Two of us go off to get water or some firewood and while we are out, one searches for the idol and the other keeps an eye out," Ivan said.

"That sounds like a good idea," Piper said, "When should we start?"

"I say now," Michelle said.

If Astrid, Xavier, Dennis and Lester are in an alliance, that puts the rest of us in a predicament. Inez will slow our tribe down so we have to get rid of her. After that it's three to four and we are in the minority. Something needs to happen for us to stay safe. Finding the hidden immunity idol would be nice.

–Piper Milton

Day 5


Parker and Esther were walking down the riverbank in the late morning. The two of them had been inseparable since they met. They thought about what Olive had said about their relationship. It was true that if there was no game, they would probably go out on a few dates, but this is Survivor. Being romantically attracted to someone is dangerous. That could get you voted out, but in the tribe they were in, they weren't scared of being eliminated.

After half an hour, they decided to sit down to take a break. Esther asked, "So what do you think about our chances in the game?"

"I personally think were in it for the long haul," Parker replied.

"Are you sure?" Esther asked as she looked at Parker.

"Yeah, this tribe is fractured. We are really strong competitors. We have Olive. She knows everything that is going on here. If we merge, it would appear that we are just members of an alliance with Olive, which we are, and they won't know anything other than that."

"I see your point," Esther said. She looked around to see the mangrove trees that were in the river.

Esther stood up and ran to the river. Parker jumped up to follow her. Esther jumped in the river and swam to where she was inside the roots of the mangrove tree. Parker jumped in the river he stopped right outside the roots. He asked, "What was that all about?"

"Nothing," Esther smiled, "I just always wondered how it would look from the inside of these roots."

"Seriously?" asked Parker.

"Yeah," Esther nodded. She turned to see the roots that were in the mud behind her. She noticed something weird about some of the roots. They were clumped in an unnatural position. She pulled some of roots and found something wrapped in cloth. Suddenly serious, she said, "Parker."

Parker heard the tone of her voice change and he got worried, "What's wrong?"

Esther didn't say a word and swam out of the roots and went back on land. Parker was right behind her. Esther showed him what she found. Stunned he asked, "Is that?"

Esther unwrapped it to find the hidden immunity idol. Esther's face lit up, "It is. It's the immunity idol."

"Who would have thought to look there?" asked Parker.

"I don't know. I just chose that tree by chance," Esther said.

"Good chance," Parker smiled.

What are the chances that I would find this on a random swim in a random tree just because I wanted to be inside a mangrove tree's roots? It's crazy, but I'm loving it!

–Esther Walker

Day 6

A Crate Idea

Jeff called the tribes in and said, "Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first. Warunta, I'll take it back...Immunity back up for grabs. For today's challenge, two castaways from each tribe will race out to a giant tribe-colored crate. Once you reach your crate, you will roll it back to your mat. Upon reaching your mat, the next pair will run out to get the next crates. Once all 6 crates have been collected, you will then stack the crates, solving a puzzle on the side of the crates. Once it has been stacked correctly, you will climb up the crates to a platform. First tribe to get all tribe members to the top wins immunity. Since this challenge is in pairs. Segovia, you need to sit out one. Warunta, you need to sit out two. Michelle cannot sit out this challenge."

Quinlan sat out for Segovia and Inez and Astrid sat out for Warunta. Jeff gave the signals and the tribes were off. Xavier and Piper went out first for Warunta and Esther and Parker went out first for Segovia. Esther and Parker's long strides got them to their crate first and the two of them tossed the crate back like it was made of air. Segovia took the lead as Olive and Keena ran out before Piper and Xavier returned. When Keena and Olive reached their crate, Lester and Michelle were off for Warunta. The lead didn't change as crates were brought back by Keena and Olive and Tevin and Erick by Segovia while the crates for Warunta were brought back by Lester and Michelle and Dennis and Ivan. Esther and Parker ran back out for Segovia while Warunta changed up pairs and sent out Dennis and Xavier. Parker and Esther continued to fly through the challenge. Once they brought back their second crate as a pair, they went out for a third time.

"Parker and Esther are out for second time. They have been the pair to beat this challenge. They have just reached their third crate a pair just as Dennis and Xavier bring their crate to Warunta. Warunta has ground to make up. They are down by one crate and could be more if Esther and Parker continue to speed through this," Jeff commentated.

Parker and Esther ran back out for the sixth crate for Segovia and their fourth as a pair. Segovia now had a two crate lead over Warunta, but it was short lived as Xavier and Dennis made it for Warunta. Warunta sent out Piper and Ivan next to attempt to close that gap, but Parker and Esther extended the lead.

"Segovia, start working on the puzzle. Warunta, you need to hurry up!" Jeff announced.

Esther became the voice for Segovia as she figured the word on the side of the crates was their tribe name. What Esther said, her tribe listened. Soon they all saw what the puzzle was by the time Warunta made it back to their mat. Slowly, but efficiently Segovia put crate and crate in place until only one remained. Parker used his height to hoist the final crate up as Tevin, Erick and Olive pulled up. Soon they placed it in place and ran up to the top.

"Segovia wins immunity!" Jeff yelled. The tribes climbed down and retook their spots on their mats. Jeff handed the immunity idol to Segovia, "Segovia, I will not see you tonight. You are safe. Warunta, as for you, I'll see you tonight where one of you will be voted out of this game."

That's it. My time in this game is over. I know it. It's been a fun six days, but my time has come.

–Inez Zapata


Once back at camp, there was no planning or plotting. This was an easy vote. Inez was going home and she already knew it.

Tribal Council


Warunta walked into tribal council and lit their torches. Jeff interviewed the tribe and the consensus was that Inez was going home and she knew it. Jeff then asked Michelle to start the voting.

Voting Confessionals

This is a throwaway vote. You and I both know that.

–Inez Zapata

This vote establishes me in command of this tribe. My alliance will benefit greatly from your exit.

–Astrid Beaumont

Sorry, you are the one slowing us down.

–Piper Milton


Jeff went to get the urn. He returned and said, "The person with the highest number of votes will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

The first vote went to Astrid, but every vote after that went to Inez until she was voted out. Jeff said, "That's five. That's enough. Inez, please bring me your torch."

Inez brought her torch and Jeff snuffed it, "Inez, the tribe has spoken."

Inez left and Jeff addressed the rest of tribe, "You seem like you are united. Maybe getting rid of Inez was the way turn this lose to positive. Go ahead and head out."

Tribal Council 2:
Ines Zapata
Inez (7 votes)
Astrid BeaumontDennis ColemanIvan ConnellyLester Greene
Michelle RosasPiper MiltonXavier Griffith
Astrid, Dennis, Ivan, Lester
Michelle, Piper, Xavier
Astrid Beaumont
Astrid (1 vote)
Ines Zapata
Inez Zapata
Inez Zapata

Final Words

I knew this was coming. Since Day 1, when they voted against in the first vote. I'm not surprised. I only hope that a Warunta wins this game.

–Inez Zapata

Still in the Running

Alina Jenkins
Erick Varney
Esther Walker
Keena Flowers
Olive Canton
Parker Mathisson
Quinlan Barthalomew
Tevin Southern
Astrid Beaumont
Dennis Coleman
Ines Zapata
Ivan Connelly
Lester Greene
Michelle Rosas
Piper Milton
Xavier Griffith

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  • The title of this episode was said by Olive Canton when she talked about her tribe and it's division yet it still wins challenges.