"Do I Look Like I Care?"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 10/14
Episode Chronology
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Do I Look Like I Care? is the tenth episode of Survivor: Hainan.

Previously on Survivor

After the merge, the old Lei Gong tribe quickly crumbled and split into multiple alliances. At the same time, old Yu Shen Alliance, together with Fion, Ingrid, and the returnees from Redemption Island, Elisa and Penny, quickly formed the majority alliance, effectively voted out Dash. Yet, an idol was played by Albert, booting Nancy instead. That didn't affect the pagonging by this alliance, eliminating Gabriel and Johnathan next. Only eight are left in the main game, who will be voted out tonight?


Combined Reward/Redemption Duel: Balancing Point
With one hand they will balance a sword on a shield. With their other hand, they will stack (unevenly sided) coins on the handle of the sword. As the stack of coins gets higher, it will get more difficult to balance. When the stack becomes too high, the coins may fall and they will then be out of the challenge. The last four people standing win reward. The first two inhabitants out would be eliminated.
Reward: Traditional Hainan chicken rice awaits on a boat, while enjoying champagne and shower overnight.
Winners: Albert, Fion, Ingrid, Lucas
Eliminated: Gabriel, Nancy (In order of elimination)
Immunity Challenge:You Have That Puzzled Look
At the center of the Arena, there are twelve puzzle sets, featuring twelve different faces. As all the pieces are mixed up, each castaway must fight for pieces that they think it'll fit. First four castaways win reward, while the last two inhabitants are eliminated.
Winner: Ingrid


Night 24

Albert and Bobby finally found themselves in trouble.

They were splitting the votes. Now only Bobby and I are left in this minority, we have to stir up to pot, and do whatever we need to do to stay.


However, Ingrid had a different idea of staying in a solid six.

We all know that Elisa and Penny cannot get to the end: They both strategized and fought their way back. I hope somethings gonna happen soon.


Day 25

The tribe went to the Redemption Island Arena for the first post-merge challenge. Jeff announced the challenge and the challenge was started.

Castaway Number of Coins
Gabriel 2
Bobby 5
Keith 5
Penny 6
Nancy 6
Johnathan 8
Dash 9
Elisa 10
Gabriel gaps grayNancy dorris gray
Gabriel, Nancy

Albert, Fion, Ingrid and Lucas went on the reward. On the boat, Albert began chatting, mentioning that he could be the next going home.

Quote1I mean, Bobby and I were the two that had completely no clue what happened last night.Quote2- Albert
Quote1Well, I understand why you voted for Elisa though.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1I might sound like I'm simply saving myself, but if, I'm just saying... What if Elisa or Penny ended up in the final 3, I would definitely vote for them.Quote2- Albert
Quote1It would be a good plan to eliminate them, if there's any.Quote2- Fion
Whoever going home next is not me, that's all I know. Do I look like I care who's next? No! That's how much I trust people.


Day 26

The reward winners returned to the beach. All members of the tribe shared the last bottle of champagne, while Ingrid pulled away Fion and Lucas.

Quote1Would it be a better idea to eliminate Elisa or Penny first? Just like what Albert said?Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1We only have four, us three plus Keith. If we take this risk...Quote2- Lucas
Quote1Albert and Bobby are both kinda physical. If they stay until very end, I'd worry.Quote2- Fion
Quote1And we know when Nancy was eliminated, it was Penny that switchedQuote2- Lucas

Day 27

The tribes arrived at the immunity challenge. Right after the challenge was revealed, Jeff announced another twist. In the following tribal council, everyone was going to vote for one player, but the players who received the top two amount of votes would be eliminated. That meant, two players would be eliminated in one vote.
The winner of the challenge was Ingrid.
After the challenge, Fion, Ingrid and Lucas continued their discussion, trying to eliminate two people other than their alliance. A split vote was suggested by Lucas, such that both Albert and Bobby were targeted.
At the tribal council, Jeff asked Keith what his immediate reaction was. He answered that he could be doubly troubled, or it could be a good timing to strategize. Lucas also stated that he would based his vote on saving himself in a majority alliance. Jeff asked Elisa and Penny whether or not they feel like they were targeted in the vote, as the both returned from Redemption Island. Penny took Ozzy from South Pacific as an example, he was not in control during his two re-entry points, yet she claimed she felt secured when she re-entered.
The voting results were as follow:

Voting Confessionals

No one wanted you.


Well you are strong, and you are fighting your way back. I'm not letting that happen.


What if an idol pops up?


Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee gray
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash gray
Elisa smith
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps gray
Hope holmium nickle gray
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott gray
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris gray
Oak timm gray
Penny smith gray
Qwerty filex gray
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye gray
Tifanie case gray