"Do Me a Favor and Look Directly At the Sun"
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The fate of the Final Two rests in the jury's hands.
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 14/14
Episode Chronology
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Do Me a Favor and Look Directly At the Sun is the season finale of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously On Survivor...

Thrity-six days ago we started with twenty castaways, who began a journey of a lifetime. On the first day, they began a challenge to determine the teams. Jo and Aleskan picked who their tribemates were. Early on, Kufra was extremely dysfunctional, going to every pre-swap tribe council. Scorpio on the other hand were extremely unified, winning nearly every challenge. Roberta, Lilly-Bo, and Devin created the first alliance of The Sahara, wanting to take the other seven out. VJ made himself be a bad guy by being a douche. Jo was very bossy and arrogant. One by one, Kufra has its members ulonged.

On Day 12, a tribe swap occurred, switching Katniss, Gwendolyn, Jeremy, and Aleskan to Kufra and Devin and Roberta to Scorpio. The original Scorpios began to pick off the Kufras one by one, until none were left. With Roberta's alliance divided, Devin began to plot against his former ally, which quickly got him out shortly before the merge.

On Day 21, the two tribes merged to Qattara, and quickly the target shifted from Roberta to Gwendolyn and Jeremy. Jeremy and Gwendolyn were voted out in quick succession due to Katniss and Aleskan suspecting Gwendolyn of being sneaky and her thinking she was safe. The target shifted back to Roberta, as well as Aleskan for his immunity streak. With a surprise double elimination on Day 33, Robert was voted out, and Aleskan believing he was safe, passed off his immunity to Katniss. Aleskan pulled an Erik and was eliminated unanimously. With six left, Montana was targeted because of her queen bee attitude. Montana then idoled Bianca with the idol she found on her third exile trip and because of Judas and Bianca's love for each other. Montana then soon won the next immunity challenge, forcing Katniss and Judas and Dawn and Hibiki to vote each other, with Montana as the swing vote. Hibiki was taken out of the game, leaving his girlfriend in the game.

Now four people remain:

  • Dawn, the sweetheart of the game. She came in not to cross anyone, or make any enemies. She wanted to be friends with everyone. She stayed in the background and went with the majority. As the days went on, she and Hibiki began to get closer and closer. Eventually they became a couple on a reward trip. No one took the couple seriously as a threat, but because of them not crossing anyone, they needed to be separated. She now has to stand on her own if she wants to make it to the finals.
  • Judas, the downer of the game, and the eventual strategist. He came into the game, not caring if he won or not, usually in the background. He began a friendship with Bianca, who he thought was very girly, but wasn't. He steady rose to power, usually getting someone out. His power dramatically increased at the merge, as he began to plot Aleskan's elimination. Judas then admitted his love to Bianca, and Bianca loved him back, but as soon as they admitted it, Bianca left the game, idoled by Montana. He then began to go on a rampage, wanting to kill her. He now hopes to get her to the final two, as she is the best person to go up against.
  • Katniss, the strong, social girl of the game. She wanted to be the dominatrix of the game, but it wasn't so when Aleskan became the immunity hog of the game. She did, though, share a bond with him. She did begin to suspect people of being sneaky or thinking too high of themselves. When Aleskan was eliminated, she took his place as the powerhouse, but only one one immunity and loosing a luck-based challenge. Being the powerhouse, Katniss can be easily seen as a threat and could go home soon.
  • Montana, the queen bee. She came into the game hoping to get power. She flirted with Aleskan to get clues from Exile Island. Unfortunately, Aleskan swapped over to Kufra, and couldn't scrounge for any power. Eventually she finally found an idol while on her most recent Exile trip. Being lazy, invisible, and bitchy somehow got her to the final four. If she can redeem herself in three days, she may have a chance to win. If she can't she'll be out faster than Jo.

These four have to compete in two immunity challenges, two more will go, two will face the jury, and one will be crowned the Sole Survivor.


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades
Sixteen questions about the other castaways and their lives, highest score wins.
Winner: Judas

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Hand On A Hard Idol
Hands on the idol, feet on the stump. Castaways must switch their position every 30 minutes.
Winner: Judas


Night 36

The remaining four return to camp. They are all ecstatic to be in the final four.

I can't believe I'm in the final four. I'm so close to winning this thing.


Who would of thought, that I'd be in the final four. This is cool.


Three people to go before I'm crowned the Sole Survivor. I'm so winning this thing.


It's great to be in the final four, but it's sad that Hibiki isn't here with me. I will win the game for the two of us. I swear.


The final four decide to get some sleep.

Day 37

During the day, Dawn and Judas are talking in the shelter.

Judas: "Listen, I'm sorry we voted out your boyfriend."

Dawn: "It's okay, you had to do what you had to do."

Judas: "Here's the thing, I need your vote."

Dawn: "For who?"

Judas: "Katniss, but if she wins immunity, Montana."

Dawn: "Got it."

I need to get Katniss out, because not only is she a physical threat, but a social one. She could get that entire jury to vote for her.


Later, the final four were summoned to the challenge area. They arrived and Jeff explained the challenge.

Jeff: "Your challenge for today is a quiz. This is not as simple as it seems. The questions will be about former castaways and their lives. The person with the highest score wins. Also, if a person gives an incorrect answer, they can steal it, but only if it's right. Let's draw for spots."

The four castaways are given a podium with a buzzer.

Jeff: "First question, who was the first female to win individual immunity?"

Katniss buzzes in.

Katniss: "Jo was."

Jeff: "Correct."

The score stands 1-0-0-0.

Jeff: "Next question, who was the person sent to Exile Island after the tribe swap?"

Judas buzzes in.

Judas: "Gwendolyn."

Jeff: "Correct."

The score stands 1-1-0-0.

Jeff: "Who is the only unemployed castaway."

Katniss buzzes in.

Katniss: "VJ."

Judas: "Correct."

The score stands 2-1-0-0.

Jeff: "Who is the only woman to have worn lipstick when the game started?"

Montana buzzes in.

Montana: "Felicity."

Jeff: "Correct."

The score stands 2-1-1-0.

Jeff: "Who spent the majority of his time looking for a hidden immunity idol at camp?"

Judas buzzes in.

Judas: "Grimsley."

Jeff: "Correct."

The score stands 2-2-1-0.

After a few minutes, only two questions are left. Katniss has 5, Judas has 5, Dawn has 3, and Montana has one.

Jeff: "Second-to-last question. Who is currently working on their third marriage?"

Montana buzzes in.

Montana: "Giselle?"

Jeff: "Incorrect."

Dawn buzzes in.

Dawn: "Ira."

Jeff: "Correct."

The score stands 5-5-4-1.

Jeff: "Montana, sorry with one point, you are unable to catch up, you may sit out. Now, Dawn if you get this correct, we go to a tiebreaker. Final question, who is the only girl to like slasher films."

Judas quickly buzzes in.

Judas: "Bianca."

Jeff: "That is, correct. Judas wins immunity. He is guaranteed a spot in the final three."

Back at camp, Dawn and Judas are talking in the shelter. Katniss is confused on what's going om. Montana is still deciding on who she's going to vote.

Right now, I'm not sure who we are voting for. I'm assuming it's Montana, because Judas hasn't talked to me.


I'm trouble on who I'm voting for. I could vote Dawn or Katniss. It's going to be hard on who to vote for.


Qattara heads to tribal council. They put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Jeff: "Let's bring in the members of the jury. Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Roberta, Aleskan, Bianca, and Hibiki, voted out at the last tribal council."

The jury walks in and takes a seat on their bench. Hibiki is now wearing a light blue shirt with a diagonal white stripe, blue shoes, and a pair of blue shorts.

Jeff: "Katniss, last time you barely escaped being eliminated, the same story tonight?"

Katniss: "I fell like I'll have a vote cast for me tonight, but that's it."

Jeff: "Montana, let's shift to you. For the past few tribal councils, you've been on the chopping block, do you feel like you're going tonight?"

Montana: "I feel the same as Katniss, I feel that I might have a vote against me, but I'm not 100% sure."

Jeff: "Dawn, for the past month, you've never had a vote cast against you. Do you feel vulnerable tonight as well?"

Dawn: "Much like the other two, I feel that a vote might come my way, but then again it may not."

Jeff: "Judas, at this point, why would you vote someone out, strategy or emotion."

Judas: "At this point, strategy, because you want to bring someone into the final two, you'll look better in comparison."

Jeff: "With that, we'll get to the vote. First, Judas are you giving up your immunity?"

Judas: "No."

Jeff: "Alright, with that, it's time to vote. Dawn, you're up."

One by one each castaway votes. After everyone finishes voting, Jeff gets the urn.

Jeff: "Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final, the person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Katniss. Next vote, Katniss. Montana. One vote left, seventeenth person voted out of Survivor: The Sahara and the eighth member of the jury is..................................................Katniss. Katniss, please bring up your torch."

Katniss grabs her torch and brings it up to Jeff.

Jeff: "Katniss, the tribe has spoken."

Katniss exits the tribal council area.

Jeff: "Good news, you're part of the final three, bad news, one more will go. You may head on out."

Qattara leaves the tribal council area.

Night 37

Qattara returns to camp, both happy and sad.

Who would have guessed that I'd be in the final three. With one challenge left, someone will win, and someone will go.


The final three decide to get some rest.

Day 38

The next day, the castaways are instructed to go the former Exile Island. The final three arrive, where they see a note. It says that they must take the marked path with the torches and to take the wooden slab with their name on it and burn it after they collect all of them. Then they are to proceed to the immunity challenge.

The first torch they see is Ira's.

Dawn: "Although he wasn't in very long, he looked like a strong competitor. I feel bad he was the first boot."

Montana: "He didn't deserve to go first."

Judas: "Agreed."

Judas grabs the wooden slab.

I really wished that I could have stayed out here longer. It wasn't my fault my tribe was a bunch of misfits. Despite being out here for three days, it was wonderful to see a place you normally never go to.


The next torch is Kurt's.

Judas: "The guy looked really looked physically strong. I can't believe Kufra vote him out after Ira."

Dawn: "That was major suicide for them."

Montana grabs the wooden slab.

Being out here shows that I need to be open to other people's ideas. It was not fun to be blindsided, especially with four votes.


The next torch is Jo's.

Montana: "Although she was on the other tribe, you could really see how competitive she was."

Judas: "Hopefully she gets help."

Dawn grabs Jo's wooden slab.

Those (bleep) voted me out on Day 8. That is so unfair. I should be on Day 38 now, but no, my tribe said is was a mental case. I guess they were right. I swear I will get therapy, after the game.


Felicity's torch was next.

Montana: "Felicity was really beautiful, I really wish we could have been friends."

Judas: "She looks like she's just out here for her 15 seconds of fame."

Judas grabs the wooden slab.

I was backstabbed by Giselle, which really upset me to the point where I stopped talking to her. But I did forgive her. It was wonderful to meet by BFF in the game.


The next torch is Grimsley's.

Judas: "He really should of been more social."

Dawn: "I agree, he screwed himself over."

Montana: "Yeah, by looking for a nonexistent idol, chump."

Dawn grabs the wooden slab.

My biggest flop of the game wasn't making any alliances or socializing with the others. I regret looking at camp for a idol that didn't exist, but to be fair, past seasons had them hidden at camp.


The next torch is Giselle's.

Montana: "Giselle, another girl I could of been friends with."

Judas: "Well I don't really know her."

Dawn: "Me neither."

It sucked being out because of a power move. The only regret was that we didn't decide to pick off the Scorpios before we were picked off.


The next torch is VJ's.

Judas: "He looked like a complete douche from my perspective."

Dawn: "I think so too."

Montana: "Whatever, he should of been gone by Day 3."

(bleep) this game. I'm never playing it again.


Drayden's torch is next.

Montana: "Roberta said that Drayden was very fatherly, wise, and kind."

Dawn: "He really should of been in the merge with us."

Judas: "He probably be another Jeremy."

Being eliminated prior to the merge, and for little reason, other than tribe unity, hurt me. I really wished Ira and Kurt stayed longer. Not Jo, that bitch can rot in my wife's grave.


Up next is Devin's torch.

Montana: "This asshole can go (bleep) himself."

Dawn: "Trying to get your ally out is a really dick move."

Judas: "I can't wait to burn his name."

Roberta got (bleep) lucky. That (bleep) can go to hell. I never cared for anyone on my tribe. By the way screw you final three.


Lilly-Bo's torch is next.

Dawn: "She looks really nice."

Montana: "She probably be a major threat if she made it any further."

Being out here showed that anyone can be screwed. I really got screwed when Roberta and Devin were put on the other tribe, then when Roberta was betrayed by Devin, and when Drayden was voted out. It's great, though, I'm part of the jury. I got real lucky.


Next is Jeremy's torch.

Montana: "Jeremy, he was a good kid."

Judas: "He was more mentally prepared, not physically."

Dawn: "I wish he wasn't so smitten by Gwendolyn."

This game's taught me never to trust every pretty girl. Gwendolyn was probably using me, and I didn't see it. I'm so goddamn stupid.


Gwendolyn's torch is next.

Judas: "Gwendolyn, a sneaky bitch. Good thing Kat ans Aleskan caught her early."

Montana: "And screwing her over by voting out her only ally was priceless."

Honestly I imagined Katniss, Aleskan, and Roberta as the final three. Not the goth, the major bitch, and the freak. But this game shows you that people can spot your intentions, even before you make them.


Next is Roberta's torch.

Dawn: "Roberta, she was very sweet and kind. Even when Devin tried to get her out."

Montana: "That's why she had to leave."

Being the last person standing of the Kufra tribe was sweet. I really hope that wasn't the reason I left the game when I did.


Aleskan's torch is next.

Judas: "Aleskan, the strongest guy here."

Montana: "Lucky he pulled an Erik."

Dawn: "Yeah, he probably be here now."

Maybe I should have been more concerned about my standing. I completely forget people like to target immunity hogs when they lose. Oh well, who knows I could play again.


Next is Bianca.

Montana: "Bianca, the bitch that tried."

Judas: "Don't talk about her like that."

Montana: "And why not?"

Judas: "Do me a favor and look directly at the sun."

Dawn: "Guys relax, you don't want to be ejected one day before the final tribal council."

It was fun being out here. I met people I think I'll be friends with for a long time. I even met someone I love.


Next is Hibiki.

Dawn: "Hibiki...."

Dawn breaks down into tears.

Montana: "It's okay you'll see each other again."

Judas: "Let's move on."

Well honestly this is the best experience I've ever had. I met someone I can truly love. Good luck sweetheart!


The final torch is Katniss's.

Montana: "Lastly, Katniss."

Dawn: "He was a nice person."

Judas: "Very perfect for this type of game."

I really wish I could be in the final three, but I'm fine on the jury. I know either Judas or Dawn will win.


The final three arrive to a fire pit and begin to throw the wooden slabs into the fire pit. After all the slabs are burned they leave for the immunity challenge.

Dawn, Judas, and Montana arrive to the challenge area. Jeff then explains the challenge.

Jeff: "For your final challenge, we decided to bring in a Survivor classic. You must keep your hands on the idol and your feet on the stump. Every thirty minutes you'll change positions. Let's start."

The three castaways begin the challenge.

Elapsed Time: 1 Hour

After an hour, all three castaways are still on the idol and switched positions twice.

Elapsed Time: 3 Hours

A few hours later, the castaways change their positions. Montana is struggling.

Montana: "In the words of Richard Hatch, I'm out."

Montana drops out of the challenge.

Elapsed Time: 6 Hours 30 minutes

At six hours and thirty minutes, Dawn and Judas are still holding on.

Judas: "Dawn, please drop out."

Dawn: "Why should I?"

Judas: "I'll bring you to the finals with me."

Dawn: "Fine, deal."

Dawn drops out of the challenge.

Jeff: "Judas wins immunity, he is guaranteed a spot in the final two."

A few hours later, the final three arrived to Tribal Council. They put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Jeff: "We'll bring in the members of the jury. Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Roberta, Aleskan, Bianca, Hibiki, and Katniss, voted out at the last tribal council."

The jury takes a seat on the bench. Katniss is wearing a blue blouse, jeans, blue suede shoes, and a pearl necklace.

Jeff: "Judas, I'm assuming that you're not going to give up your immunity, correct?"

Judas: "Yes."

Jeff: "All right, tonight, Montana and Dawn are going to say why you should take them to the final two. Montana, start."

Montana: "Judas, I've never like you, but you'd be crazy to go up against Dawn. She's kind and more open that you. Seriously, think, I've pissed off most of the jurors, you'd have a better chance of going up against me. The jurors would give it to Dawn in a heartbeat. That's all."

Jeff: "Alright, Dawn go."

Dawn: "Judas, take me to the finals. We both have even footing. I don't care about the money. I will tell people to give it to you. Please take me to the finals."

Jeff: "You've heard the two girls, so Judas it's time to vote."

Judas goes and votes. When he returns, Jeff grabs the urn.

Jeff: "Once the vote is read, the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. Alright, the eighteenth person voted out of Survivor: The Sahara and the final member of the jury is ..................................................................................Dawn. Please bring up your torch."

The girls are surprised about Judas's decision. Dawn bring her torch up.

Jeff: "Dawn, the tribe has spoken."

Dawn then leaves the tribal council area.

Jeff: "Congratulations, you are our final two. Now, all you have to do is the final tribal council, you may head on out."

Judas and Montana leave the tribal council area.

Day 39

The next day, the final two receives their victory breakfast. Montana and Judas make eggs, some pancakes, bacon, and some champagne.

Montana: "This feels so weird."

Judas: "What that we're the last two, or that you're never gonna win?"

Montana: "The first thing, you (bleep) douche."

Judas: "Just drink you're damn champagne."

Well today is judgement day. Either me or Judas is going to win the million.


My chances of winning are pretty damn high. No one in their right mind would vote for Montana.


After some time, they look for the last time the camp.

Montana: "This is the last day we're out here."

Judas: "I know, the last time we're going to see the Sahara."

The two make their way to the final tribal council.

The final two arrive for their last tribal council.

Jeff: "Let's bring in the members of the jury. Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Roberta, Aleskan, Bianca, Hibiki, Katniss, and Dawn, voted out at the last tribal council."

The jury takes a seat on the bench. Dawn is wearing a light green dress with green shoes, and some turquoise jewelry.

Jeff: "Before we start, we'll hear from our finalists, then from the jury. Montana start."

I know that I was the bitch for the latter half of the game, but seriously, Judas was the one who got the majority of you out. I was at least nice and friendly in the beginning, remember Aleskan. This guy is cold and anti-social. If you (bleep) think that Judas should win, you're all mistaken. The only bad thing I've done is idol Bianca and flirt with Aleskan, that's it. I deserve it.


I deserve the million more than the bitch next to me. It's true that I got people like Hibiki, Dawn, Katniss, Aleksan, and Roberta out, but it was to get some threats out. Hibiki, Dawn, you're really nice and kind, the jury would practically give you the mil. Roberta, your motherly attitude is a threat because you could manipulate anybody. Katniss and Aleskan, both of you are major immunity threats that could be sitting here instead of on the jury. I've never really lied to any of your faces. So please give me the million.



Lilly-Bo: "Hello, I'm Lilly-Bo. I know that none of you played with me, but I did hear things from the others. Judas, everybody says that you're loyal and really smart."

Judas: "Thanks."

Lilly-Bo: "Everybody says that you're cold, but are a nice person. Montana, I've hear really bad stuff about you. You love to have power, which got Bianca out. I do have to ask, why did you idol Bianca."

Montana: "Well, she and Judas were getting really close, and if I said something, I'd be gone."

Lilly-Bo: "Alright, thanks and congratulations to the both of you."


Jeremy: "I have no questions for the two of you, but I do want to say some things. Judas, I know I really didn't work with you closely, but you can be very loyal and very secretive. I think that's what's need to win."

Judas: "Alright, thanks. By the way you might want to become a bit physically stronger."

Jeremy: "Noted. Montana, I can't see why I should vote for you, at all. You're trying to make other people the bad guy."

Montana: "No I'm not."

Jeremy: "Yes, you are."

Montana: "No , I'm (bleep) not."

Jeremy: "Whatever, screw you bitch."


Gwendolyn: "Judas and Montana, the final two. I really didn't see you guys here at all. Judas. I know that people say that you're loyal and strategic, but you got four former tribemates out."

Judas: "Before this I said that I got them out because of them being threats."

Gwendolyn: "I got that, but if you insist. Montana, I'm giving you props for getting Bianca out. There was no way anyone else had the balls to do so. I'm proud of you."

Montana: "Thanks, Gwen."

Gwendolyn: "You're welcome."


Roberta: "Congrats Judas. Montana, you can go (bleep) yourself. That's all I want to say to the two of you. I all ready made up my mind."

Montana: "(bleep) yourself, too bitch!"

Roberta then flips Montana the bird.


Aleskan: "I kinda wish that I was where you guys are right now. First off Judas, I get why you got me out and I understand."

Judas: "Alright."

Aleskan: "Montana, I going to ask you, were going to use me?"

Montana: "Well, um..."

Aleskan: "Were you or were you not going to use me?!"

Montana: "Um, I, uh..."

Aleskan: "Answer the damn question!"

Judas: "Answer the question, Montana."

Montana: "Yes."

Aleskan: "Alright, thanks."


Bianca: "Well, I'm going to congratulate you Judas."

Judas: "Thanks."

Bianca: "Montana, what is the real reason you voted me out?"

Montana: "I was spying on you guys when you admitted your love to each other."

Bianca: "So that's why, you didn't want us becoming like Rob and Amber, right?"

Montana: "Yes."

Bianca: "Thanks for telling me the truth."


Hibiki: "I have a question for the both of you, why did you want me out?"

Judas: "Well, like I said earlier, you could of just been handed the mil. Plus you're stronger than Dawn, which could make you a potential threat."

Hibiki: "And you Montana."

Montana: "I really didn't want a tie to occur at the final four between either me and Judas and you and Dawn. Also I didn't want you guys to get too much power."

Hibiki: "Thanks for your time."


Katniss: "Congrats both of you. I've already made up my mind so I don't need to ask you any questions. Good luck."

Montana: "Thanks."

Judas: "Thanks."


Dawn: "I only have one question, and it's for Judas. Why vote me out at the final three, and not take me to the final two?"

Judas: "It was to get me a larger chance of winning. I could possibly get less votes than you if you were in the final two."

Dawn: "Thanks, and good luck."

Afterwards the jury goes up and votes. After they're done voting Jeff gets the urn.

Jeff: "Thank you all for your participation. I will see you all at the reunion."

Jeff then walks out of the tribal council area.

He then walks back into the tribal council area. It is actually months after the show finished. The finalists and the jury are in New York City. Judas is wearing a black dress shirt, black jeans, dress shoes, and a red bowtie. Montana is wearing a white one-strap dress with white heels, and has her hair in an updo. The finalists are wearing the clothes they wore in the game.

Jeff: "Welcome to the reunion of Survivor: The Sahara. We have our finalists, and the jury. We have nine votes. It takes five votes to win. First vote, Judas."

The audience cheers.

Jeff: "Judas. Judas. Next vote, Judas."

The audience roars.

Jeff: "And the Winner of Survivor: The Sahara is............................Judas!"

The audience roars with excitement. Confetti and balloons are shot all over the stage congratulating the winner.

Jeff: "Everyone can go up and congradulate our winner."

Judas is given the million dollar check. Bianca then goes up to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Everyone begins to talk amoungst each other.

Jeff: "He originally had no intention of winning the game. He then became friends with Bianca, which opened up alliances. Judas became the major strategist that everyone went to at one time or other. He was able to have no votes casted for him and obtained all the jury votes, winning the game. I hope you join us next season for Survivor: Battle of the Ages. It'll four teams divided into age groups. We hope to see you then."

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 17:
Katniss (3 votes)
Dawn, Judas, & Montana
Montana (1 vote)
Katniss BW
Katniss Evergreen

Voting Confessionals

Katniss, sorry, it's time for you to leave.


Kat, don't take it personally, you are threat if you stayed in the game.


Hopelly, Judas, you are voting for her too.


Please let this be the right decision


Final Words

I wasn't expecting me to leave so short of the finals, but it's okay, I can see their reason for me getting out


Day 38

Tribal Council 18:
Dawn (1 vote)
Dawn BW
Dawn Tyson

Voting Confessional

Sorry Dawn, Montana is right, I have a better chance off winning against her than you.


Final Words

Oh well, I'm out. It was really fun to meet new people, and to fall in love. Judas, I'm hoping you win.


Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 19:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Montana (0 votes)
Judas (9 votes)
Aleskan (Jury)Bianca (Jury)Dawn (Jury)Gwendolyn (Jury)
Hibiki (Jury)Jeremy (Jury)Katniss (Jury)Lilly-Bo (Jury)Roberta (Jury)
Aleskan, Bianca, Dawn, Gwendolyn, Hibiki, Jeremy, Katniss, Lilly-Bo, & Roberta
Montana BW
Montana Sherazi
Judas Vladmirescu

Voting Confessionals

Judas, your loyalty is what wants me to give you this vote.


Judas, you are a very respectful person.


I was joking. Montana doesn't deserve to win. You do.


I was always going to vote for you.


Montana is a complete bitch. Judas, you earned this.


Judas, I know this is biased, but you really deserve it.


You deserve it for what you've done.


And one million goes to you.


Here's my vote to you to win.


Final Results

Devin BW
Drayden BW
Felicity BW
Giselle BW
Ira BW
Kurt BW
Lilly-Bo BW
Roberta BW
Aleskan BW
Bianca BW
Dawn BW
Grimsley BW
Gwendolyn BW
Hibiki BW
Jeremy BW
Katniss BW
Montana BW

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  • Sixteen new survivors begin their adventure of a lifetime in the Cook Islands. They'll be divided into four teams, depending on their ages. Only one person will win Survivor: Battle of the Ages.

Author's Notes

  • The Day 37 challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor Borneo episode, The Final Four, Survivor: The Australian Outback episode, The Most Deserving, Survivor: Africa episode, The Final Four: No Regrets and Survivor: Marquesas episode, The Sole Survivor
  • The Day 38 challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Borneo episode, The Final Four, Survivor: Africa episode, The Final Four: No Regrets, and Survivor: Marquesas episode, The Sole Survivor.
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