"Do You Want to Tango?"
Season Survivor: Ireland
Author DVMP
Episode Number 5/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the 5th episode of Survivor: Ireland.

Previously On Survivor...

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Reward ChallengeSurvivor Pole
Both tribes must run into the woods, to find ten different pieces of a totem pole.  Once the ten pieces of the totem pole are taken, the tribe  must put the pieces of the totem pole together.  Whichever tribe's totem pole is put together first, wins.
Reward: A tarp and work kit to build the shelter.

Immunity Challenge: Straddle the Paddle
Both tribes would run into the woods to retreive six different paddles.  Once those paddles are retreived, the tribe will use the paddles to paddle out on boat, to a platform in the ocean, where they will solve a slide puzzle, showing their tribe's name.  The first tribe to do so wins immunity.
Winner: Waterford


Night 10

Coming back from tribal council, the whole tribe is shocked at Daniel's choice to eliminate Darla over Jonah or Wing, most of them angry.

Tribal council was a disaster for me. I lost my ally in Darla, and now the whole tribe is against me, my only hope is that I have an idol that I can use, and that maybe, just maybe, I can turn the tribe against Daniel, because apparently, he turned on them too.


I have no idea what's gotten into Daniel, voting Darla like that instead of taking out the bigger threat in Jonah, but now I'm worried that our alliance might not be able to stay strong.


Day 11

Morning at Wicklow is tense, as no one wanted to make conversation with Daniel around. Daniel, feeling the tension, tried to make small talk with Janette. However, when he tried to do this, Janette snapped, and told him to shut up already, shocking Daniel, who in return, get's angry at Janette. Soon, an argument brews between the two, about Daniel's flip, with the tribe nervously looking on.

My decision to flip on my alliance to vote out Darla shouldn't have been taken that badly, she was a drain on camp, and the fact that she's gone, I didn't think would cause any of my allies to get angry at me, since we still have our core five intact. Now, even my closest ally in Janette snapped at me, and I don't know where to turn.


I really though I could trust Daniel, and him betraying the alliance like that, no matter if it was a one-time things, hurts.


Honestly, I don't see the big deal about Daniel's decision to vote Darla out. We still have our five strong, and we can still control this tribe, but with Janette and Daniel, two people I thought were very close, arguing, I have no idea what's going to happen next.


The arguing and tension at Wicklow was similar at Waterford, with Nancy itching to get back out and search for the idol, but Chaswell's scheme to make sure no one does causing Nancy to be on watch for almost the entire day.

Honestly, I know what the idol clue is, and I've been thinking of places where it might be, but I can't even go out and look for them without having half of the tribe following me! This is really driving me crazy!


Meanwhile, Barbara goes down by the beach to relax and socialize with Nalia, and talks about their life, mostly chatting about Nalia's job as a zookeeper. Barbara reveals to Nalia that she has survived breast cancer, and didn't want to tell anyone else for the sake of pity votes.

I feel like I really have gotten to know Nalia, me and her, we're like this *Crosses fingers*, which is why I revealed to her that I am a cancer survivor, which hI didn't want to say to anyone coming out here, because i didn't want pity votes. I think we both have a mutual trust for each other, so hopefully that means we can go far together.


Barbara's a cool gal, and she obviously trust me to reveal something like that, she's my closest friend in this game.


However, Chaswell was annoyed by this, as Nalia and Barbara weren't watching over Nancy, Riley, sand Jordan with the rest of the alliance. Worked up, Chaswell storms down to the beach and asks them what they're doing, not watching over the other three. This sets off Barbara, who tells Chaswell that she's not going to watch over them, because Chaswell never asked her, just told her. The whole tribe notices this verbal confrontation, and it causes tension in the "Oddball" alliance.

Chaswell really ticks me off. Now that he's in power, he thinks he can boss around whoever he wants without asking them first. I'm sick of it!


Barbara's really not jiving with the group dynamic, everyone else is fine with watching over the minority except her, and her attitude is making tension in the tribe! The annoying thing is, she says I'M the one causing the tension, which is ridiculous.


Chaswell certainly knows how to ruin a good day, he doesn't seem self-aware enough to catch that his attitude is turning people away, I'm starting to regret choosing him as my number one ally.


Day 12

Morning at Wicklow still had tension in the air, as little strategizing was going on before, no one knowing what the other was thinking. Wing approached Wanda and Shaun, and asks what they think they should do. Wanda says that Daniel voting out Darla was a personal decision, and wasn't a decision to flip against the group, and that they should still be targeting Jonah. Shaun agrees, saying that Jonah's weaker than Daniel in challenges, anyway. Wing says that Daniel's still a threat, and that they should at least consider it, though Wanda and Shaun don't budge.

I was personally up for blindsiding Daniel, but Wanda and Shaun don't seem up for it, I'd have to find someone else for it.


Honestly, we need physical strength to start winning some challenges, and Jonah's shown time and time again that he's not physically strong, at least in challenges, while Daniel's done good in most, if not all of them.


Wing's starting to become a bit suspicious to me. Me and Shaun both agreed to keep Daniel around, but Wing insisted that Daniel was the best option. I definitely need to keep an eye on Wing.


Meanwhile, Jonah pulls Janette to the side, and shockingly reveals to her that he has the hidden immunity idol, telling her that next time they go to tribal council, they'll have to take out one of their own, as he has it.

Holy crap! Jonah just talked to me, and said that he has the hidden immunity idol, which he assumed he didn't have after he didm;t played it last tribal council. Now, if we go to tribal council, we'll have to take out one of the core 5, and Daniel seems like the obvious option.


I decided to reveal my idol to Janette, because now she knows that if I play it, one of her five will have to go, and that I'll be in control unless she does something. Heck, the way she looked, all scared, I may have scared them off from voting me and bought myself another night here, and maybe I won't even have to USE the idol!


Both tribes arrived at the reward challenge, and after explaining the rules, Waterford decided to sit out Chaswell and Nancy. Right after starting, on Wicklow, Wanda struggled to find anything in the woods, though her tribemates fared better than her, all finding once piece of the totem pole before she got to find any. On Waterford, everyone found a piece, though Bruce worked especially hard, and by the time the rest of the tribe ran into the woods to find another totem piece, he came out with the second. Nalia, Barbara, and Tommy couldn’t find a second piece of the totem pole, while Jordan and riley found two, and Bruce found three, getting all 10 pieces. Wicklow was right behind them, with everyone except Wanda getting two pieces, though Wanda got none. Janette, Daniel, and Shaun worked the puzzle for Wicklow while Nalia, Jordan and Riley worked the puzzle for Waterford. Wicklow worker well together, while Nalia was confused by Jordan and riley’s directions. Soon, Wicklow grew to an insurmountable lead, and Waterford was unable to catch up as Wicklow put the final piece on the totem pole, winning them reward.  Wicklow chose Riley to be kidnapped again, while Waterford, at Nancy's insistence, chose Wanda.

There seems to be some sort of relationship going on between Wanda and Nancy, but I need Nancy on my side to survive, so I can't have her go off, and allying with the other tribe!


Back at Wicklow, Riley noticed tension in the air, as Wicklow headed back to camp, even with their reward win.

The tension around Wicklow is so thick you could cut through it with a knife, they used to be a dramaful, yet happy tribe, what happened?


Riley approached Janette and Daniel to see how her main alliance is doing, and is shocked when she's informed that they aren't speaking to one another, after fighting earlier. Riley attempts to pull them together, but when she mentions her father, while talking about people to trust, it hits a chord with Janette, and she goes storming off into the woods, unable to stop herself from crying.

I'm trying to pull these two together, and suddenly, when I'm trying to talk with them, I apparently said something hurtful, because Janette cries uncontrollably and runs into the woods. What is going on in this tribe?!


Janette runs into the woods by herself, and cries alone.

It hurts, being betrayed out here. I thought I could trust everyone out here, like I did my father, and I just want to make him proud, and I can't let anything jeopardize it. I just need some time on my own.


Daniel tells Riley to stay at camp, and runs into the woods after Janette, only to find her crying.

"Janette, what's wrong?" -Daniel

"It's so hard, being out here, I thought I could trust everyone. I just want to make my dad proud, and I saw him in you, because I thought you were trustworthy and nice, just like him." -Janette

"Janette, I'm sorry for voting out Darla last night.  I really am. If I could take it back, I would.  I'll promise never to vote against you again, because I want to work with you." -Daniel

"Really?" -Janette

"Really." -Daniel

"Alright, please don't betray me then, you already hurt me enough.  I promise not to backstab you." -Janette

Daniel made me a promise today that I could trust him, and that he'd always stick by me. I have to trust him, because if I can't trust him, then I'll have no one to lean on.


What Janette told me about her father, and how she thought I was like him, made me realize what an immature move voting out Darla was. These people are my friends, especially Janette, and I can't hurt them any further, I just know I don't have it in me. I'm loyal to Janette, and I know she is to me. There's no way I'm messing that up.


The drama at Wicklow was no match for what was about to go down at Waterford. As Wanda arrived back at camp, Nancy filled her in on the situation, telling her about how the conditions still stand, and how Chaswell and Barbara fought.

From what Nancy told me, apparently, this idol watch is still going on, which is horrible for us two, because we have a clue to the idol! Another thing that interests me is that Barbara and Chaswell fought, so that means that their alliance might not be as solid as everyone's thinking.


As crazy as it sounds, at this point, I have to say, Wanda's probably my closest ally. It's really dismal, being stuck at camp when we know where the idol is, but tension's in the air, and I can feel something coming, and soon.


Nothing is going on at camp, as the tribe sits around the campfire. Suddenly, Wanda walks off into the woods to look for the idol, not caring about the previous rules. Chaswell immediately jumps up and asks her what she's doing, to which she matter-of-factly says she is going to get the idol. The whole tribe turns their heads around, and after staring each other down, Wanda sprints into the woods, while Chaswell follows.

Today, Wanda just strolls on out of the shelter into the woods, and when i asked her what she was doing, she said she was looking for the idol! It's on Wanda, because there's no way you're finding that thing before me.


I realized that really, as long as I have a good relationship with Nancy on this tribe, I don't need anyone else, so I can upset all the people I want if I have an idol. No one except me or Nancy will be able to find it, hopefully, since we're the only ones with clues!


Nancy, seeing the opportunity, rushes Jordan to help her look for the idol, while Tommy, Barbara, Bruce, and Nalia, seeing this go down, jump into action and join the group in looking for the idol.

Wanda just made a really bold move, and now, the whole tribe's looking for the idol! This is hilarious!


I've always been a good one for finding things, being a zookeeper, so the idol should be no different! Here I come, idol!


Chaos broke loose at camp when Wanda started searching for the idol, and now the whole tribe's in a race to find the darn thing. This tribe is starting to become a bit too chaotic for my taste.


Soon, the entire tribe was looking for the idol, though Wanda was being closely watched by Chaswell.  No one was having any luck, as they didn' thave the clue to the idol, except Nancy, who was able to slip away while the tribe looked for the idol.   She ran to the waterfall near the tribe camp, and swam under the water, as the clue noted that the idol was underwater.  After turning over rocks unsuccessfully, right before Nancy was going to give up, she turned over the rock, containing the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Yes! I'm ecstatic right now, because now I have the most power out of anyone only tribe, with this Hidden Immunity Idol! Now if they target me, I will be able to protect myself!


The rest of the tribe continued to look for the idol, without any luck, Nancy still pretending she hasn't found the idol, in order to look like she hasn't found it yet.

After all of that, disappointingly, I wasn't able to find the idol, and I doubt anyone has, since everyone's been looking up to the last minute!


Day 13

The tribes arrived at the immunity challenge, Wanda and Riley switching places again. After Jeff explained the rules, Waterford decided to sit out Riley and Tommy.  Right off the bat, Wicklow sprinted into the woods, the whole tribe determined to find the paddles.  Waterford has less luck, with Nalia and Bruce wandering in the woods, unable to find a paddle.  Janette wasn't having much luck either, looking for her paddle, though the rest of Wicklow found their paddles, leaving only one left to be found.  Waterford's members, without Bruce and Nalia, came right behind, bringing four out of the six paddles.  Jordan and Nancy ran back into the woods to find the remaining two paddles, but not before Janette finally found the 6th and final paddle for Wicklow.  Wicklow had a small lead paddling out in the ocean, but their lead deminished as Waterford paddled to keep up.  When the tribes arrived at the station in the water, it was neck-and-neck, Nancy doing the puzzle for Waterford and Jonah doing it for Wicklow.  The challenge was very close thrughout the whole puzzle, but Jonah made a mistake of swapping two parts incorrectly, which let Nancy narrowly finish ahead of him, winning immunity for Waterford.

After tonight, Wicklow's going to be down to five members, against Waterford's eight.  It's really frustrating, losing all these immunity challenges, despite winning the reward challenges, our tribe just cannot pull it together!


Coming back to camp for Wicklow was tense, as the tribe was disappointed in losing another challenge. Jonah almost immediately approached Janette, knowing he was on the outs, to ask where her head was at.

"So, Janette, do you want to tango?" -Jonah

"*laughs* Honestly, I want to work with you, but the rest of my tribe is still probably going ot target you." -Janette

"If I play my idol tonight, then tomorrow, we only need one more for majority!" -Jonah

"I know, it's just that I feel nervous about stabbing my allies right now." -Janette

"LIsten, siding with me will be a big move, and I'll leave you to it.  I'm voting out Daniel, and I think you should do the same, after he stabbed all of us last tribal council." -Jonah

"I'll definitely think about it." -Janette

Jonah's really complicating my game and putting a wrench in my plans. If I side with him, after tonight, we're still in the minority, and I still don't trust anyone except Daniel, who woucl get out if I go with Jonah, completely to side with us in that case. But, if I don't side with him, then tonight, he has all the power and I'll look foolish not siding with him.


I gave Janette my pitch, so hopefully I can get my revenge at Daniel tonight.


Meanwhile, Wing once again approached Wanda and Shaun, asking them if they would still consider voting Daniel out, to which Shaun and Wanda decline. They meet up with Daniel and Janette afterwards, and officially agree to target Jonah.

My radar is really going off with Wing, we had a solid five-some, and we can easily just eliminate Jonah tonight, and there should be no bumps on the road, but he's certainly making one. Now I'm paranoid, which is never good!


Voting out Jonah seems foolish, but it's my only option, I know that he has the idol, and he's likely to play it tonight, but unless I hear any other options, I have no choice but to risk it.


I don't trust Daniel one bit, but if the alliance isn't willing to target him, then oh well, at least we have the numbers regardless of what he does.


Wanda approached Daniel, shortly before going to tribal council, and the two discuss tribal council. Daniel admits that he knows Jonah has the idol, to which a lightbulb goes off in Wanda's head. Wanda suggests to Daniel that instead of giving all the power to Jonah, then they should target Wing. She exposes Wing's campaigning against Daniel, to which Daniel excitedly agrees.

I just came up with a devious plan to get rid of Wing, who I really am feeling uncomfortable around. Basically, if Daniel, me, and one of Janette and Shaun all vote Wing, then with the other two voting Jonah, and Jonah most likely voting Daniel, we'll have the votes in our favor, 3-2-1, and if Jonah plays his idol, it's wasted, and Wing goes home!


Just when I thought that I was doomed, Wanda, my savior comes up with a brilliant plan! Apparently, Wing's been going behind my back to target me, so instead of eliminating Jonah, if we can get Janette to vote with us, then me, Wanda, and her would have the majority over the other three! I just feel nervous, because I know Janette is still wary of trusting me, especially after stabbing her last tribal council, but I have no other options, I need to trust her.


Daniel approached Janette, and tells her about the 3-2-1 plan to eliminate Wing. Janette is hesitant to join them, but knows she has to make a decision quickly.

The whole tribe is tugging at me, and it's really stressful. Originally, it was just going to be everyone voting Jonah, with Jonah possibly playing his idol and eliminating Daniel. But now, Wanda and Daniel want WING out of all people out, which would save Daniel from Jonah. I have no idea what to do, I could either tell Wanda and Daniel to vote Jonah, and vote with them or vote with Jonah to eliminate Daniel, or I could even side with them to take out Wing! All these variable are flying through my head about what the right decision is, and I barely have any time to think.


To play the idol or not to play the idol. There's been a lot of scrambling going on between everyone, and hopefully, Janette will come through for me, but maybe I should play it safe and play my idol anyway. Things look uncertain for me, but I know one thing, and that is that this is going to be one hell of a vote.


Tribal Council

At tribal council, Jeff asked Shaun about their multiple immunity challenge losses, to which Shaun says he's confused, since Wicklow keeps winning reward challenges, but cannot pull it together during immunity challenge. When asked if their tribe is unified around camp, Daniel admits that he's angered most of his tribe mates by voting out Darla, to which Wing rolls his eyes. Jonah says that he feels in danger tonight, and that he has been on the outs practically the whole game.After the votes have been cast, Jonah decides to use his Hidden Immunity Idol, but to his shock as well as Wing and Shaun's, Daniel, Janette, and Wanda voted out Wing, blindsiding him in a 3-1-0 vote.

Tribal Council #5:
Wing Hoo Small
Wing Hoo (3 votes)
Janette Naway SmallDaniel Braun SmallWanda Wiggins Small
Janette, Daniel, Wanda
Jonah Scott Small
Jonah Scott (2 votes)

(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)

Wing Hoo SmallShaun Limmons Small
Wing, Shaun
Daniel Braun Small
Daniel Braun (1 vote)
Jonah Scott Small
Wing Hoo B&W Small
Wing Hoo

Voting Confessionals

Sorry man, but you've outstayed your welcome.


I never understood why blindsides were so fun until now.


You gotta do what you gotta do, even though this vote conflicts me.


Good-bye, Jonah.


If things go the way I planned, you're going out of here just like you cam in: a snake.


This is purely out of self-preservation, if I could have done anything else, I would have.


Final Words

This game has been crazy, and I'm shocked that I got out, but I guess the odds weren't in my favor. Good luck Wicklow, hopefully you'll do better in future challenges!


Still in the Running

Brendan Larrone B&W Small
Nina Langley B&W Small
Daniel Braun Small
Darla Burgundy B&amp;W Small
Jonah Scott Small
Janette Naway Small
Wanda Wiggins Small
Wing Hoo B&amp;W Small
Shaun Limmons Small
Jordan Black Small
Barbara Drew Small
Shai Ninka B&amp;W Small
Nancy Chowdry Small
Nalia Filasco Small
Bruce Lasker Small
Chaswell Gorby Small
Tommy Bond Small
Riley Jones Small

Next Time on Survivor...

  • An all-female alliance is in the works at Waterford.
  • With Wicklow down 5-8, will they finally be able to pull it together?
  • A all-tribe idol hunt bursts out on Wicklow, once again caused by Wanda.

Author's Notes

  • This is the second time in a row Janette, Daniel and Wanda have all voted together, while Shaun and Wing voted together.