"Don't Be a Hero"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 9/13
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This is the 9th episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Previously On Survivor...

Haley plotted revenge on Leo for betraying the Croix tribe. Meanwhile, Justice was getting angrier by the fact that he was powerless in the game. Mark then decided that it was best to show Leo the Immunity Idol. While alone at camp, Justice destroyed the shelter, then claimed that the wind did it. In the reward challenge, Tiffany, Felicity and Octavia won a feast of breakfast foods, while Haley and Justice were exiled. The three girls decided then, to form an alliance. In the Immunity challenge, Harrison was the winner. Afterwards, Leo convinced Mark to give him the idol. Later at Tribal Council, Haley was unanimously voted out. Eight are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Voodoo
Answer questions about the players in the game, then try and guess the answers most commonly given for the same questions. For correct answers, chop a rope making a torch pivot, until the third chop sets a player’s voodoo doll (designed in the player’s likeness by the player themselves) alight. Last one left wins.
Reward: The winners will be brought by helicopter to a spa, where they will get a shower, mud massage, and to wash their clothes, along with getting a large feast and to spend the night there.
Winner: Harrison (shared with Katrina and Leo)
Exiled: Justice

Immunity Challenge: Don't Lie To Me
Castaways will be asked questions from their lie detector tests, which were conducted prior to their departure from the United States. Players will be sitting above a pit of water, each holding a placard with the word "truth" at the front and "lie" at its back. The objective is to match their answers to the answer that was read by the polygraph test machine (regardless if it's the absolute truth of not). For each correct answer, they will move on to the next round unscathed. For every mistake, one of three ropes that supports the seat will be chopped by the host. If a player's three ropes are chopped, the player's seat will drop, sending the player to the water pit and eliminating them from the challenge. Last person standing wins reward. How it goes: The host will show them a portion of a video of the lie detector test, from when the conductor asked the question, until the player answered "yes" or "no." The host will pause the video from there, prompting the survivors to answer. The host will then continue playing their video to reveal whether the machine detected a "truth" or a "lie" (the conductor will show a placard showing the words "true" or "lie" behind the player, who doesn't know what was read by the polygraph machine).
Winner: Harrison


Night of Day 24

After Tribal Council, Katrina is feeling bad about aligning with Thomas.

I spent just as much time with Croix as I did Thomas, but Haley and I had a connection. I feel terrible after voting against her. However, I must continue with the game.


Felicity, Octavia and Tiffany met up once again, to discuss their next strategy. Tiffany recommends that they add another member to the Breakfast Alliance. Felicity and Octavia agree, due to the fact that there are only eight people left, therefore, they need at least half. Tiffany thinks that it should be Katrina, thus forming an alliance with all the women.

With eight left, we'll need the majority alliance. If we add another member, we'll have half the people here. It will work out perfectly, and we'll be running the show! I think we should throw Katrina in, because that way, we'll be all women.


Day 25

Early in the morning, Harrison realizes that almost all of the food is gone. So he decides to go fishing.

Our food supply has seen better days. I'd best be fishing to fill it up again.


Mark feels empty about giving Leo the idol. He begins to wonder if it was the right decision. Mark then went to Leo, asking if it was the right thing to do. Leo tells Mark that it was.

Mark probably just wants to look like a good guy because he gave me the idol. But one thing that you must always remember on Survivor... don't be a hero!


Meanwhile, Tiffany, Octavia and Felicity approach Katrina about forming an all-girls alliance. Katrina decides to think this through.

My boyfriend's gonna kill me if I join a women's alliance. He told me specifically not to before going on this show. But, out here, I have to do anything and everything it takes.


Katrina ultimately decided to join in. This delighted Tiffany.

We have to show these guys that us women know how to play this game. With Katrina on our side, we're going to dominate!


Meanwhile, Justice reveals to the camera that he is secretly taking food from camp, to starve the others. He then takes a lot of the food, and dumps it in the ocean.

These fools think that they can treat me however they want. Well, they can't!


When everyone else returned to camp, they realized that even more of the food was gone. Octavia suggested that maybe some wild animals ate it all.

There are a lot of animals out here. The possibility is there that they ate our food. However, I don't like the look of Justice. I'm beginning to suspect something about him. Possibly involving the food.


Day 26

At camp, tree mail gives the Lionel tribe equipment to make dolls in their likeness. Justice keeps his doll plain, while Octavia and Katrina make their dolls look pretty.

The Lionel tribe later meets Probst for the reward challenge, where the dolls come in. Before the challenge, the contestants were told to privately answer questions about each other.

Harrison won reward.

Afterwards, Harrison was given the ability to choose two people to join him on the reward trip, as well as who to exile. He chose Leo and Katrina to join him. And without question, chose to exile Justice.

Harrison, Katrina and Leo are picked up by a helicopter. Katrina is excited, for she had never flown in a helicopter before. Harrison and Leo enjoy watching the view from up in the air.

When the helicopter lands, the three find food waiting for them. They rush over to it and begin eating.

The reason I chose Leo and Katrina, is because Leo is my closest ally. And Katrina's the one that I need to align with, to help us vote.


While eating, Katrina and Leo joke about Justice being just about all the answers in the challenge. Harrison joins in on the laughter.

Back at camp, Mark is upset that he wasn't chosen.

I'm a little depressed that I wasn't picked for the reward. I really would have loved to go on it.


Felicity tells Tiffany and Octavia her fear. Since Katrina is on the reward trip, they run the risk of her aligning with the guys.

The guy's got our friend, Katrina, with them. She just might betray us to help them. We don't know how much she trusts us.


At night on the reward trip, Harrison, Katrina and Leo had a nice dinner. Leo attempted to get Katrina to align with them, by suggesting that the three of them form an alliance (His plan was to make it seem as if Harrison wasn't already in an alliance with him.). Katrina told the guys that she would consider it.

Reward trips are supposed to be a break from strategy. I'm not going to align with two people that I just went on a reward with.


On Exile Island, Justice uses a rock to write "JUSTICE ISLAND" in the sand. He claimed that Exile Island was much better than the normal island.

Exile Island is the best place to be on this show. The other place is where you put up with a horde of idiots. Exile is where you can be alone and have peace.


Day 27

Everyone arrived to meet Probst for the Immunity challenge. First, Justice returned from Exile Island.

Harrison won Immunity.

After returning to camp, Katrina went to speak with Mark. She brought it to his attention that Leo was the main strategist and had to go. Mark, being aligned with Leo, didn't want to vote him out. However, Katrina was able to convince Mark to vote out Leo, when she convinced him that Leo was voting out the ex- Croix members, of which Mark was the last of.

I'm so angry right now. What a waste of an idol! I thought I could trust Leo, but that fool decided to plot against me!


Mark told Justice and Harrison to vote out Leo. Harrison, being allies with Leo, told Leo this. Leo began to fear Mark because of this.

Harrison and I need to really think tonight through. There are many people that would be good to vote out. Tiffany, Felicity and Octavia are like three peas in a pod and Mark and Katrina are strategists. I'd like to keep Justice though, because people hate Justice more than me! As long as he's here, I'll be safe.


At Tribal Council, Justice confessed that he loved Exile Island. When Probst brought up the Double Immunity Idol, Mark claimed that no one knows who has it, or if anyone found it yet.

When voting, Leo received the majority vote. However, before Probst read the votes, Leo stood up. Leo then gave Probst the idol, negating all votes against him. This meant that the only votes that counted were Harrison and Leo's. Due to this, Mark was voted out in a 2-0 vote. Everyone was shocked, for no one knew that Leo had the idol. Not even Harrison. The Lionel tribe then returned to camp, still in disbelief.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Lukep (13)
Leo (6 votes)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Lukep (10)Lukep (12)Lukep (3)Lukep (4)Lukep (14)Lukep (15)
Felicity, Justice, Katrina, Mark, Octavia, Tiffany
(votes not counted)
Lukep (4)
Mark (2 votes)
Lukep (11)Lukep (13)
Harrison & Leo
Mark Fielding

Voting Confessionals

I can't believe that I once trusted you.


Final Words

I am the biggest idiot in the history of the world. I've never made such a stupid move in my life. It's hard to reflect on all the fun I had, when that just happened. It really hurts.


Still in the Running

Lukep (3)
Lukep (10)
Lukep (11)
Lukep (12)
Lukep (13)
Lukep (14)
Lukep (15)

Next Time on Survivor...

The Survivor Auction is here! And someone just might be removed from the game.

Author's Notes

  • The Immunity challenge was used in Survivor: Burma as a reward challenge. The writer, IAmNothing712, personally requested that I use this challenge.