"Don't Jump to Conclusions"
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Some Isabel's talk strategy around the fire.
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User: Henzzy
Episode Number 6/14
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This is the 6th episode of survivor: Solomon Islands

Previously On Survivor...

A tribe swap ruined alliances, and made them. Stephanie and T-man where on opposite tribes, and Brad was seperrated from his alliance. T-Man got eighteen year old Tammie into an alliance with him by flirting and feeding her lies. But Tammie didn't eat them. She could see throgh T-Man but pretend to be dumb. Brad formed an alliance with the new members of his tribe. And plooted against Carol, Heather and long time rival Andrew. When Isabel lost immunity, Elizabeth was voted out because of her weakness in challenges, but T-Man showed his real colours by making fun of her leg and disessed husband, shock his tribe. 15 are left who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: The Great Escape
Each tribe will be locked inside a prison-like cage. In order to escape, the tribe members must untie a series of ropes in order to release a machete. Then the tribes must use their machete to cut through a rope, then they must undo another series of knots in order to release a plank, which will in turn release a pole. They must use the pole to retrieve a set of keys on the outside of the cage. Once the keys are collected, they must unlock their chains and release their escape hatch
Reward: A picnic will be waiting back at camp.
Winners: Choiseul

Immunity Challenge: Basket Brawl
Three members from both tribes will race to retrieve a ball in the water and shoot it into their tribe basket. The other tribe must intercept before their rival scores. Each successful shot is worth one point. First tribe to accumulate three points wins immunity.
Winner: Isabel


Night 14

Returning from Tribal council, everyone is keeping distance from T-Man. T-Man is unaware people don't want to be around him. He goes straight to sleep.

I feel really bad voting out Elizabeth, but i feel even worse for not voting T-Man. He is a terrible person. Really rude and a bully! He needs to go home, right away!


T-MAN! Do you want to get voted out? Really? Really? Than shut ya mouth! That was uncalled for, and because i act like his friend, it puts a target on my back! Im regretting letting him flirt with me!


Im gonna keep this short: T-Man is a d**k H**d!


Day 15

The tribes went to their reward challenge. Choiseul sat out one person, that person was Heather. Choiseul got a big lead early on in the challenge. Isabel fell along way behind. Choiseul followed throught and wonn reward and went back to camp to enjoy a picnic.

Our tribe is doing really well. Choiseul has been the more domontant tribe the whole time, and the whole time i have been a choiseul! I'm happy to keep winning. But there are people here who i do what to vote out but i would never lose on purpose just to do that!


i think im kind like, well um the weakest. I'm always sitting out challenges. But i do have a bad ankle and its not getting better fast, but anyway, Andrew, Brad, Johnny and Lucas are strong men who keep winning for us. So yeah its great!


things have really gotten better since i came to Choiseul! Im winning, im eating more im defiantly getting on better with the tribe, because there is no T-Man or rachael.


The tribe eat there picnic and talk about the dominance.

Andrew: I'm glad to be on this tribe, we are doing great!

Stephanie: Yeah! But I wish T-Man was here...

Regina: I'm glad to be here on this tribe.

Brad: Well, if we keep it up, we can be Koror and they can be Ulong! I think we could do it!

Carol: Yeah but we mustn't get overconfident or cocky or anything.

Johnny: Nah, no one is cocky! But we are really good and I think im the best bit of mucsle on this tribe.

Carol: Johnny, please dont get cocky...

Johnny: oh Carol, don't worry!

When they finish they go off and talk stratiey. Brad talks to Larry about voting out Heather if they lose because she is the weakest and has a bad ankle.

Brad: hey Luke, if we lose tomorrow, i think Heather would be the best person to vote out. What do you think?

Lucas: um...yeah, but io thought you dispite Andrew...?

Brad: i do, but he is strong, it would be silly to vote him out now.

Lucas: yeah i guess. So Heather if we lose, got it!

Over at Isabel, Rachael and Chris talk about voting out T-Man if they lose.

Rachael: T-Man needs to go!

Chris: oh deffinitaly! I can't stand him!

Rachael: and his angry! Its horrid. We can't have a person like him on our tribe.

Chris: I know! Would you consider throwing the next challenge to vote him out?

Rachael: no, only because we are a person down and we cant be down by two!

Chris: yeah, your right.

Tammie and T-Man get close to each other while T-Man flirts. T-Man takes Tammie into the water where he flirts with her even more.

Its hard to try act like i love T-Man after last night, he does have angry issues but im trying to advance my self in the game. So i need to act like i am some stupid teenage b***h! ha ha ha It ain't easy!


T-Man askes Tammie what she thinks of her.

T-Man: Tam's, that do you think about me?

Tammie: I think your a sweat guys, and i think i really like you...

T-Man: i feel the same about you!

Tammie: *giggles* well i think things between us could get better!

T-Man: *craws over to Tammie* diffinatly! *kisses her*

Tammie and T-Man kiss and the tribe watch in shock and horror.

Rachael: oh my gosh!

Ben: That is way to far!

Nate: he all ready had her fooled!

Ben: he is digging himself a massive grave!

Cynthia: im totally shcocked right now!

OH MY GOSH! That T-Man has gone to far! He can consider him slef out of this game! Kissing girls! Hell no! Im shocked right now! and Tammie just kissed him back! I thought she was a mature 18 year old not a complete little brat!


i came out here to be a villain but never to kiss the girls! How will his family see that? and what if her has a gilrfriend! I'm really disgusted by him!


i flirted with her, and i kissed her! She falls for everything i say! Honestly, even Steph wasn't that dumb! The tribe are completly shocked right now! And i have 2 idols so if they plan to vote me out, i will get them! They suck!


T-Man tells Tammie he needs to pee, so he walks off and Tammie goes to talk to the tribe.


Nate: are you crazy!

Tammie: no! Guys just listen...

Cynthia: Tammie your kissing the enimy!

Tammie: guys just listen, i did it becau...

Ben: it was uncalled for and ridiculous! If he wants to be a male Parvati let him, but your not that kind of person!

Tammie: please guys, i only did it becau...

Nate: im disgusted right now!


Tammie walks of and starts to cry. She goes off into the jungle where T-Man goes and follow her to talk to her.

T-Man: Tammie what happened?

Tammie: *crying* I just, i just try to tell them not to judge us because of what happed and they don't let me talk! It hurts me because i've been there frined the whole time and they think the money is better than friendship! It hurts me...

T-Man: come here *hugs her* its ok, we shall get them, and i have an idol!

Tammie: really?

T-Man: yes, *Shows her idol*

Tammie: oh my gosh!

T-Man: should be throw it tommorrow to get rid of them?

Tammie: I don't think so

T-man: ok

Tammie and T-Man walk back to the camp and the tribe go to sleep in the shelter, no one talks all night.

Day 16

The tribes get readdy for there immunity challenge. Isabel are detremin to win! They get ready for there basket brawl challenge. The first round is all men. Brad, Andrew and Johnny VS Chris, T-Man and Nate. Andrew gets the ball first but is tackled by T-Man who steals the ball. He shots but misses. Brad takes the ball and shoots at his hoop and scores. Next up are Rachael, Tammie and Cynthia VS Regina, Stephanie and Carol. Stephanie gets the ball first but Rachael tackles her and steals it, Rachael shots and equalises the score. The next round is 2 men 1 woman. Brad, Larry and Heather VS Ben, Nate and Rachael. Larry gets the ball goes to shot but misses, Nate then steals the ball and scores. Putting Isabel in frount. 2 wemon and 1 man for the next round. Tammie, Cynthia and T-Man VS Regina, Carol and Andrew. Tammie catches the ball and Andrew tackles her. T-Man goes to rescue Tammie and fights Andrew. Regina steels the ball and exals the score. T-Man hugs tammie and askes her if she is allright. She noods. Regina however saw this and found it odd. The final round it 3 men. Johnny, Andrew and Brad VS Chris, Nate and Ben. Johnny gets the ball and runs to the goal he shoots and misses. He shoots again and misses. Ben the intersepts, Johnny goes to takle ben, but it was to late, Ben had scored the winning piont and Isabel won immunity. Johnny was the sent to exile island, before he left he voted.

On exile island, Johnny goes searching for the hidden immunity idol, he begines to feel sick so he stops.

i'm not feeling to good right now, i think i pushed my slef to hard in the challenge. Maybe i should try so hard, but hay, its not easy being the fittest!


At the Isabel camp, the tribe rejoyes about there win. The are possible the happeist a tribe had ever been. They hope to keep up there winning streak. Tammie and T-Man go and talk about Blindsiding Ben using the idol next time they lose. Tammie thinks it will be a great idea. Ben talks to Nate, Cynthia, Rachael and Chris about making a 5 person alliance to eliminate T-Man and Tammie. They all agree, they talk stratergy around the camp fire.

At choiseul, things are very sad for a change. Johnny is missing so the camp is a lot quieter than normal. Regina aproaches Stephanie and Tells her about T-Man and Tammie.

Regina: Steph, i need to talk to you.

Stephanie: yeah, what?

Regina: T-Man is cheating on you. He is flirting with Tammie on the other team. i saw it in the challenge. I thought i would just let you know.

Stephanie: what? how do you know?

Regina: It's obvious!

Stephanie: oh my gosh!

Regina: yeah...

Stephanie: you lie!

Regina: what? No i swear!

Stephanie: Its bulls**t! I know T-Man and he would never do that! You stupid fake b***h! I have 1 thing to say to you! DON'T JUMP TO CONCUSTIONS!

Stephanie walks off angry.

How dare she!? That horrible cow! I can't believe her! I thought she was just some nice, geeky little flight attendant, but no! She is a sly, sneaky evil cow! I can't stand her! I'm so angry! She will get my vote tonight! What a cow!


She was really rude yelling at me! Im angry, that pisses me off because i go to help her and thats what i get! Its horrible!


Brad talks to Lucas about voting heather. Lucas agrees and talks to Regina who tells him about Stephanie but also agrees. Stephanie however refusses to listen unless they vote Regina. Andrew, Heather and Carol talk about what they will do, but Andrew doesn't tell them about his idol.

Please, don't judge me, but i won't tell them about my idol, because, well... its mine and i'm playing an individual game from day 1, so yeah sorry Heather and Carol but i'm not gonna help you.


I'm pretty sure i will get votes tonight, but i don't think i'll go home. Regina and Stephanie are in a fight so ill make the best off that! Like please, if your dumb enough to have a fight when i'm gonna try destroy you, you don't deserve to be here!


Heather goes and talks to stephanie about voting Regina. Heather agrees to do it, and then tells Andrew and Carol to join her. They agree too. Brad sees that Heather is doing this, so he talks to Lucas and Regina about it. They need to get Stephanie on bored or they are going into a tie.

Brad: we need her vote!

Regina: yes, but she is a stuborn cow! She will try take us down.

Brad: should we get Andrew into an alliance, that way it is 5-3, should we?

Lucas: i think its worth a try...

Brad: well i cant do it, Andrew hates me.

Regina: I'll do it!

Regina walks off and talks to Andrew.

Regina: Andrew, we are thinking about getting you in an alliance, it can be, you, Larry, Lucas, Brad and myself. Would you join?

Andrew: i would be an idiot not to! i'm in!

Regina: Thanks, so vote Heather tonight!

Andrew: ok, thanks for picking me!

Sorry Heather but i must do what i need to do! I hate to backstabe you, but i need to, because you do know about my idol and could hurt me with that infomation! Sorry, but my game just got better!


At tribal coucil, Jeff askes if anyone feels they might be going home, Regina, Heather and Andrew all raise there hand, Jeff akses them why.

Regina: Because i got into a fight with Stephanie, she went behind my back and tryed to get me out

Andrew: I just don't feel safe.

Heather: my ankle is a weakness.

Jeff askes Heather if her ankle has improved or weakened, she replied that it had neither goten better or worse. Jeff askes Brad if he thinks much about idols, Brad tells him he does but he doesnt have it. Jeff then tells them to vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Heather (5 votes)
Andrew zarrBradReginaLucasJohnny
Andrew, Brad, Regina, Lucas & Johnny
Regina (3 votes)
Heather, Carol & Stephanie
Heather out
Heather Carmichael

Voting Confessionals

Heather, you are weak and i need to go.


Heather, your game is over, i'm glad i met you because i think you are a great person, you survived with that ankle, so well done


Regina, This is what Steph wants, and tonuight should be a tie, but we might be being betrayed


Stephanie, you saved me so thank you, and bye, bye Regina!


Go home and crash your plane! How dare you try and ruin my relationship! You are disgusting! I hope never to see your horrible ginger hair ever again! I hate your guts as well as the rest of you!


This should be stephanie, but unfortunestly its you, sorry but you are weak and can't stay, bye


Well, i have not trusted you from day one, and im not about to now! I hope Andrew sticks with me so we can have numbers, But Heather your time in the Solomons is up.


I flipped sorry.


Final Words

Well, i love survivor, but maybe not playing it! Don't get me wrong i loved it but there is too much work involved so i won't play again but im glad i tryed it. Good luck Carol

–Heather Carmichael

Still In The Running



Larry out



Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Felix out
Cynthia Ballard

Elizabeth out

Heather out


Next Time On Survivor...

Will Johnny's sickness get worse? Will Stephanie and Regina continue to fight? and will Brad and Andrew finaly settal there rivalry?

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