"Don't Mess With the Festivities"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 8/15
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Don't Mess With the Festivities is the eighth episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Immunity Challenge: See Squared
Each round, Probst will give the castaways a sequence of numbers to use. He will then provide a sequence of mathematical symbols for each castaway to copy. The castaways will then use the numbers and sequence of signs given to create a math problem. Whoever has the answer incorrect after each round is out of the challenge. The last one presenting the correct answer wins immunity.
Winner: Julia

Previously on Survivor...

After Manlai was absorbed by the other two tribes, Noyon and Sevrei, the former members of the once-dominant tribe were in a position they had not felt the entire game, on the outs. Benjamin was eliminated by a revival of the Pretty People Posse, and Heather was voted by the Noyon Four, which made the tribal lines obvious. At Sevrei, Cassie constantly being out of the loop caught up to her. "You have to wonder how long they're going to keep doing this to us." "I know. I'm just tired of being so naive." To retaliate, Tony vowed to play a more aggressive game. "Scott made a 20-year old girl cry, and it's time I do something about it." It helped when Scott spilled the beans about targeting Julia, who was once his closest ally. At Noyon, the lines grew more decisive when Elliott showed his displeasure towards sharing their food with Katie and Antonio, much to the disdain of the members in his alliance. "That's food we worked for!" "But don't you realize that maybe we could use their vote at some point?" At the immunity challenge, Sevrei let another one slip through their fingers as Noyon won immunity and an overnight stay at a private resort. At the resort, the members of Noyon gorged on an endless buffet until news broke of another shift in the game. "...for tomorrow, two becomes one..." "Knowing that we merge's an awesome feeling." Back at Sevrei, Scott laid out his plans to take out Julia. Tony, however, countered. "Scott's a liar...I'm saying let's flip it on him." At Tribal Council, Scott and Julia grew more and more apart to the point where it became a shouting match. In the end, Tony and Julia got their wish as a blindsided Scott was unanimously voted out. After the vote, "You can drop your buffs," the remaining members of Sevrei were surprised to learn that they had merged and were given a map to their new home. Eleven are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 20

The camera fades in to the five former members of Sevrei stumbling upon their new home with a blank tribe flag, a box of supplies, and a note.

Cassie: Where is everybody?

Melissa (reading the note): The former members of Noyon and your future tribemates will arrive tomorrow morning after their time at the resort is up.

Tony: So we have it to ourselves!

The five begin to set up a basic shelter to last them the night.

Tonight couldn't have gone any better. Scott went home and these idiots spared me at his expense. I may be aligned with Jake and Melissa, but this is an individual game now. I'm going to do whatever I can to stir the pot a little bit.


Everyone but Julia starts to build a temporary shelter, which they decide to only make a base out of wood. Jake glances over as Julia is providing minimal effort.

I really hate to be told 'I told you so', but I'm sure that's what Scott's going to say after seeing this. Julia has barely lifted a finger tonight. She just does not contribute, and the more I notice it, it seems like she likes being on her own agenda.


Jake tries to slyly ask Julia to grab some things in order to help, but she doesn't listen, which catches the others' attention.

Day 21

The night passes and the sun rises on the five current members of the merged tribe sleeping on planks of wood tied together, while they use the tribe flag for cover. A few hours pass by and there is no sign of the former members of Noyon as it starts to become more overcast.

We're really trying to stay patient and optimistic. The note that we got said that everybody else would be here in the morning. On top of that, we have a makeshift shelter, no rewards, no food, and I'm pretty sure it's going to rain soon. I mean I'm starting to think this is starting to become Survivor: Princes vs. Paupers, and we're Paupers One through Five.


Cassie: I just want something to happen soon.

Jake: Well, it could always be worse. Couldn't it?

A clap of thunder is heard shortly thereafter. Jake turns to Cassie, who is not amused by the ill timing of the storm.

Jake: It'll be okay. They'll show up at some point. I hope...

(intro plays)

The camera fades back in to dark clouds moving in on the new home of the remaining contestants, who are seen continuing to build the shelter.

Tony: We gotta get a roof on this thing soon.

Before they can start on the roof, the camera focuses on the six former members of Noyon filing in by the lake. Each person is seen carrying a hefty amount of food from the buffet with them. The other five stop what they're doing and rush over to help and celebrate with their new tribemates.

Finally, we're a complete tribe! We can celebrate wholly and get a working shelter going for all of us. But most importantly, I can talk to these former Noyon people and see where they're at from a game standpoint. For all I know right now, it's Cassie and me against everybody else.


It cuts to all eleven members of the merged tribe working on the shelter. As they do, they discuss the name for their new tribe.

Cassie: So, has anybody thought of a tribe name yet?

Jake: I was thinking something that stays with Mongolia but something that relates to what we've been through out here.

As they discuss the name, it starts to pour down rain at the camp.

Antonio (as the tribe tries to find cover): What about something from the language? Something like 'Arlal'. It means 'journey' in Mongolian.

The tribe agrees to Antonio's name suggestion. As the tribe scrambles for cover, Julia discretely takes a handful of meat and fruit and goes off to a deeper part of the woods.

Like I said last night, this is an individual game. There's only one person I'm looking out for out here and that's yours truly. The rain doesn't bother me like the rest of these people, so I wanted to take the chance to take some of the food and help myself to it. This should give me an advantage going into challenges, just as long as the others don't take notice to what I'm doing.


The rain subsides momentarily, which lets the tribe continue on the shelter.

Elliott: Hey, has anybody seen Julia?

The rest of the tribe looks around to find Julia nowhere in sight. However, Ruth notices that a portion of the food is missing.

Ruth: She didn't take the food and run, did she?

The other tribe members look at one another not wanting to put the two pieces together, but had to examine the possibility.

When the rain stops, everybody agrees to keep working on the shelter so we can have protection for the next time there's rain. Then we notice Julia and some of the food are missing. Not making any assumptions, but if she took the food, then she's in for a world of hurt. That instantly puts the target on her back.


It cuts to Julia scarfing down a couple slices of salami then cuts back to Jake and Melissa beginning to search for her. After a short amount of time, they eventually find her with apple cores within the vicinity. A look of shock comes across Jake and Melissa's faces.

I can't believe Julia! Basically, we're fifteen minutes in, and she's already stealing food! How am I supposed to trust someone who goes off and eats everyone's food for themselves? I'm...I'm just flabbergasted by the whole thing.


Jake (still floored by Julia's actions): All I have to ask is, 'Why?'.

Julia: Because I'm hungry. Otherwise, it's none of your business.

Melissa: And we're not? This is supposed to be a merge feast, not 'Julia's feast'.

Julia: Well, I'm not here to take your ridicule. I have my reasons to do what I did, and I'm sticking by them.

Realizing that trying to understand Julia's rationale wasn't going anywhere, Jake and Melissa look at each other and proceed back to camp.

I may have been caught, but I have no shame over what I did. It's going to give me a clear advantage over these people. I'm pretty sure I have more energy in my pinky than some of these people have in their entire body. Thanks for the feast, guys! (laughs evilly)


The camera cuts back to Jake and Melissa walking back to camp.

Jake: I think we made a mistake last night.

Melissa: You're telling me. She's become a totally different person since we merged!

Jake: Or maybe she's been using us up until this point. Like last night, when we were working on the shelter, she stood around and did nothing. Literally nothing.

Melissa: Do we just want to cut ties with her all together? Just like that?

Jake simply looks at Melissa with an affirming expression.

Jake: I say when we get back to camp, we tell everyone else what we saw and try to get her out of here.

Melissa: What if she has an idol?

Jake (suddenly skeptical of Melissa): There's no way she has an idol. If she did, I guarantee she would've played it last night anyway.

My day-old suspicion has come true. Don't trust Julia, period. She's treating the tribe's feast as her personal buffet on top of not doing anything to benefit the shelter...or pretty much anything that doesn't revolve around her. We may have made our biggest blunder to date last night, and it may come back to haunt us.


The camera returns to Julia, who finishes the last morsels of stolen food, and fades to break.

It fades back in to later that evening, as Cassie, Tony, and Elliott go to collect firewood for the night.

Elliott: Now that we're alone, how are guys feeling in the game right now?

Tony (looking around to make sure they're alone): To be honest with you, we feel like sitting ducks.

Cassie: We have been for awhile...ever since the Victoria vote.

Elliott: I don't want to sound distrusting right off the bat, but do you mean that?

Tony: Of course. I can tell you the two of us have been together from the beginning. They voted out Victoria to flush out an idol that I accidentally found...

Cassie (finishing Tony's point): Every vote, they've told us one thing, and do something completely different from what they told us. That's before and after the switch.

Elliott: So, Jake and Melissa are in on this too?

Cassie: For sure.

Elliott: Well, I wanted to talk to you about just that. See, the four of us originally from Noyon: Jenn, Eric, Ruth, and myself have been tight as well. And we wanted to see how willing you are to jump ship?

Cassie and Tony glance at each other.

Tony: It would be something we're open to, but we'd have to talk about it.

Elliott (feigning understanding): Oh yeah, definitely no rush. But if it's any added incentive...

Elliott reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out the idol to show to Cassie and Tony. The two stare at the idol in shock and look back up to Elliott.

Elliott: I'm willing to take you a lot further than they are, but I'll let you guys think about it.

They finish collecting handfuls of firewood and return to camp with their collection.

This is my biggest play with the idol yet. It's probably bigger than actually handing it to Probst at Tribal. Either way, the reason I showed the idol to Cassie and Tony is I wanted them to know that they can completely trust me. If I'm open with them, then maybe they feel like they can feel open with me. I need those two more than anybody else here cause if I can get them over to our side, then it gives us the majority. My entire game is resting on those two right now.


The camera shifts over to Elliott approaching the rest of the Noyon Four.

Elliott: I'll go ahead and let you know that I already did this, but I showed Cassie and Tony the idol in hopes of them coming over to us.

Ruth immediately vocalizes her disagreement with Elliott.

Ruth: Oh, I really think you shouldn't have done that.

Eric: Yeah, what if they don't flip? Now they know that you have an idol, and we get picked off one by one.

Elliott: True, but what if they do? Then it's us in the final four for sure, and they're just in the five and six slots. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

Jenn remains mum, as she doesn't know what to think about Elliott's bold decision.

Elliott sure likes to keep things interesting. I'm still his closest ally as far as I know, but some of the things he does makes me weary of him constantly. I understand the reward of showing those two the idol, but it's hard to say if the risk outweighs it or not. Time will tell.


Jenn: All I can say is, I hope this goes through. Otherwise, we're dead in the water.

Elliott reassures it will as the Noyon Four return to camp.

Day 22

The night passes and the morning comes. Subsequently, the camera cuts to Cassie and Tony talking to one another with Julia nearby. They notice Julia and relocate to another part of camp in an effort to ignore Julia.

Tony: That's why you don't mess with the festivities.

Cassie giggles as Julia fumes in the background. Cassie and Tony then continue their discussion about Elliott's offer from the previous night.

Cassie: What are we going to do? Do we turn the world upside down?

Tony: What do you think we should do?

Cassie: I say we roll with it.

Tony: Trust me, as much as I want to, there's always a catch to these things.

Cassie: So, how could it be any worse than what we've dealing with already?

Tony muddles over Cassie's point.

Cassie: I think we have time to think about this cause Julia's an easy first vote, then we can figure it out from there.

Cassie and I are stuck between maybe four rocks and four hard places right now. Either way we go, we're going to piss somebody off. It's just a matter of what's best for the two of us, and we don't even know what is right now.


Back at camp, the former Manlai regroups for the first time since being absorbed. They hug and congratulate one another for making the merge, then begin to discuss strategy.

Jake: So, were you guys able to come up with anything over on the other tribe?

Katie: Nope, we just know that those four that have been at Noyon from the start are super tight. We thought that if anybody was going to flip, it was going to be either Eric or Ruth, but it never happened.

Antonio: What about you guys?

Melissa: Well, we grouped with Scott and Julia and took out Benjamin...

Antonio (jumping the gun): So, is Julia with you guys then?

Jake: She was...but I don't know. Ever since last night, she's just seemed like nothing but a liability.

Katie: That would make for an easy vote at the next Tribal and we go from there. How are Cassie and Tony?

Jake: They've been outside our talks, honestly. That worries me cause those two are tight, and if they want to flip, they can like (snaps fingers) that.

Going in to this first vote, everybody's thinking Julia for what she did with the food, then it's a free-for-all. We don't know what's going to happen cause Tony and Cassie are apparently wildcards. But the bottom line into the first challenge is to keep Julia from winning immunity.


The camera cuts to a field surrounded by mountains with eleven stations containing chalk, a board to write on, and a piece of cloth for covering. The eleven remaining contestant walk in to the challenge area single file. Probst then reintroduces the castaways to the individual immunity necklace and disposes of the tribal immunity idol. He explains the challenge and subsequently, the contestants take their spots as the challenge begins. The first sequence of numbers Probst shows is: 3, 9, 8, 4. The signs he then shows are: +, x, /, making the equation 3+9x8/4. The contestants begin to solve the equation on each of their boards. Probst then asks them to reveal their answers. Cassie, Elliott, Jenn, Julia, Katie, and Ruth show the number 21, which is the correct answer. Antonio, Eric, Jake, Tony, and Melissa incorrectly show their numbers and proceed to the bench. The second round has the numbers: 7, 6, 12, 14, 2. The signs are: x, -, +(, /, ), which makes the equation 7x6-12+(14/2). The remaining six start writing their equation down on each of their boards. Probst asks for them to reveal after a short time. Everyone but Ruth, who has 11, shows the number 37. Ruth goes to the bench after questioning how everyone got a different answer than she did. The last five go into the third round with Probst showing the numbers: 10, 16, 23, 2, 10, 5, 15. The corresponding signs are: x, -(, +, x, )-, -. The equation becomes 10x16-(23+2x10)-5-15. Julia and Katie immediately finish. Cassie, Elliott, Jenn contemplate their answers, as the twenty-one days begin to catch up with them in this particular challenge. The answers are revealed with Julia and Katie correctly answering 97. The other three's answers are across the board, as they head towards the bench. Over by the bench, everyone discretely roots for Katie in hopes of getting rid of Julia at the next Tribal Council. Probst begins the next round with the sequence of numbers being: 16, 4, 10, 4, 20, 25, 12, 4. The signs are shown as: (, /, x, )/, x, /, +, /. This makes the final equation (16/4x10)/4x20/25+12/4. Julia briefly hesitates but comes up with an answer shortly thereafter. Katie takes more time as Probst begins to count down. She rushes an answer and reveal along with Julia. Julia reveals 11 while Katie reveals a decimal answer, which turns out to be incorrect. Now knowing that she has won immunity, Julia begins to gloat in front of the rest of the castaways, much to their displeasure. Probst puts the necklace on Julia and states that the person that is voted out will become the first member of the jury.

You know, I understand winning immunity when your back's against the wall, but don't show if off. At the end of the day, the jury is represented by people you vote out. Julia just keeps digging her hole deeper and deeper into the ground. Now that I've spent twenty-something days with her, I have no problem handing her the shovel if she's going to stick around for another day.


The camera fades to break.

It returns to the eleven members of Arlal filing back in to camp. They are then seen unloading their belongings next to the shelter.

Well, the worst has happened. Julia went and won immunity, so now we're going to have to go scramble and figure out a back-up plan.


Away from camp, the four former Manlai members are then seen huddling around one another, devising a plan since Julia is immune from the vote.

Katie: I think we need to include Cassie and Tony in on this conversation. The four of us aren't going to vote anybody out by ourselves.

Katie leaves the other three and tries to find the two perceived swing votes. She goes back to camp and finds the two sitting and trying to kill time.

Katie (quietly, but inviting): Psst, hey! Can you guys come here for a sec?

Cassie and Tony look at each other and decide to follow Katie. Once there, the six discuss voting possibilities.

Jake: So, let me ask you this first, have they offered you anything?

Tony: They've talked to us, but they haven't offered anything yet.

Melissa: Well, we can definitely promise you to final six. Then we'll see what happens then.

Cassie (not convinced): That's the thing, though. That's going to be their argument too. Not that they've offered us that, but I need to hear more.

Jake then pretends to stretch. As he does, he holds up four fingers, which catches Tony's attention. The two make eye contact afterwards, and Jake mouths to Tony, "Talk later," as Melissa tries to convince the two perceived swing votes to sway over to them.

While Melissa's laying out all the reasons why their side is better than Elliott's, Jake catches my attention with his stretching and his four fingers. I'm guessing that implied that he wanted to make a side deal, but I don't know if I should trust him to begin with. He wasn't originally on my side at Sevrei, and now he's coming out of nowhere with this, it seems like. I'll listen to what he has to say, but it's going to have to be way sweeter than what Elliott will ever offer.


It cuts to Jake and Tony alone in the woods addressing Jake's signal.

Jake: What I want to offer to you is a final four deal with you, me, Cassie, and Katie. Antonio is just there by association of Manlai, honestly, and Melissa was a mess before she came over to Sevrei. I'm not fully on board with her. It's been me and Katie from the get-go.

Tony: So, how would that go as far as the order of everything?

Jake: Melissa's five, Antonio's six. Tonight, though, we go six strong and vote Eric.

Tony (muddling through his options): Okay, let me get with Cassie and see what she wants to do. I like it, but it's what's best for me and her.

Jake: No, I totally understand. You now know what we're doing for tonight, but I'll let you know if anything changes.

I kind of had to go on the fly and make a final four deal with Tony and Cassie. I hadn't made any official deals with anyone except Katie, and even that wasn't completely concrete. So by making this deal, I'm ensuring tonight's vote and landing the rest of into the final six guaranteed.


It cuts to Tony returning to Cassie to determine their plans going forward.

Tony: I just got done talking Jake and the Manlai people...

Cassie (intrigued): And...?

Tony (laughs insecurely): I still don't know what to do.

Cassie: Well, Elliott showed us his idol. Did they say anything that sweetens the pot for us?

Tony: Jake made a final four deal with us, him, and Katie.

Cassie (panicking): You didn't accept it, did you?!

Tony: No, of course not. I told him I liked it, but I would discuss things with you first.

Cassie (relieved): Oh, okay., now what do we do?

Tony: Well, we take Jake's offer and go with them, or we get back with Elliott and see what they're thinking.

Cassie: But, Jake apparently went out of his way to make this deal with us if he's leaving the other two in the dust.

Tony: They're not as tight as you think over there.

Cassie: Then should we trust him to begin with? Think about it, he wasn't really our 'ally' at Sevrei.

Tony (to himself after a brief period of thought): What to do, what to do...

Even hours before Tribal Council, when you're supposed to have a plan ready to go, Tony and I still can't decide who to go with. On one hand, you have Jake offering us final four, and Elliott showing his idol. Elliott's deal isn't a final four deal by any means, but I really respect the fact that he's willing to show that he's vulnerable. He's offering us evidence that he has the idol, no questions asked. I would trust him more than Jake, who seems like he's doing this spontaneously. That's the part that makes me, as an individual in this game, worry.


Meanwhile, the Noyon Four, along with Julia, are seen sitting at camp when Cassie and Tony return.

Ruth (whispering): Hey, Elliott. If you're going to commit to them, you might want to make sure they're still with us.

Elliott: Trust me, it's gone through my mind. I just haven't had a chance yet.

Jenn: Well, when you do, let me come with you. I don't think the idol itself is going to sway them.

Elliott and Jenn get up from where they were in the shelter and approach the two young players.

Elliott: So, has anything happened since we last talked?

Cassie: Well, we've heard their pitch. To be honest, we still don't know what we're going to do.

Elliott: Okay, well we want you guys with us. Not only for our sake, but yours' too. Have they shown you an idol?

Tony: Nope. We'll tell you this, one of them has offered us a deal that's really tempting.

Elliott: Like a final three deal or...?

Tony: Something close to that, yeah.

Elliott: I may be really going out on a limb right now, but I'm willing to offer to play this idol for one of you guys, if you're in any kind of danger. Sound good?

Cassie: Can we talk about it before we give an answer?

Elliott: By all means. Just cause we saw what kind of monster he was in challenges, we're voting Antonio tonight. I'll share that with you if it has any impact on your decision.

Elliott walks away while Jenn stays behind.

Jenn: I know you guys are in a tough spot right now, but I want to speak my piece cause he doesn't speak for all four us. We're a very tight group, yes, but Elliott's risking a lot by giving you information about his idol. He's risking all of our lives in this game, honestly! (laughs)

Cassie (sharing a laugh with Jenn): What would you do if you were us?

Jenn: Go with your heart. If you don't trust something, then don't go along with it. Do what you feel is right, and in a game that has a million dollars at the end of it and knowing how much I need it personally, it takes a lot for me to say that to you.

Cassie and Tony stay silent contemplating their options.

Jenn: You guys will do the right thing, trust me.

It cuts to the tribe preparing for Tribal Council, as they grab their torches and head there in single file.

A part of me was considering my place in the game when I was pleading to Tony and Cassie, but I really felt that I was honest and sincere with what I was saying. I want them to make the right decision, and I want to show that I do care what they do. Not for me, but for them. Maybe that's what they needed to hear to make their minds up. One thing's for sure though, somebody's going home tonight.


It fades from the castaways leaving to Tribal to break.

The camera returns with the eleven remaining Survivors filing into Tribal Council with their torches lit. They sit down as Probst begins the first Tribal Council as a merged tribe. He starts off by asking how the merge began and how it feels to now be merged. Ruth quickly responds by informing Probst that Julia ruined the feast by stealing food and how she avoided elimination by winning immunity. Probst asks the rest of the tribe whether it's true or not. Everyone simultaneously agrees as Julia shrugs her shoulders.

Julia: Jeff, I stand by what I did. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that's how I won immunity today.

Probst: Julia, you do know that this will almost for sure impact your jury votes? And that's if you even make it there!

Julia once again shrugs her shoulders and blindly defends her actions. Probst continues his questions by asking how the merge has affected strategy.

Antonio: I know that it's old Manlai against old Noyon with Tony and Cassie in the middle. Julia, well...nobody's talked to Julia about strategy.

The tribe bursts out into laughter as Julia just sits there.

Cassie: I honestly think that Julia is playing an anti-strategic game. First, she steals food. Then she gloats in front of our faces when she wins immunity. She's just digging her own grave.

Julia rolls her eyes as Probst bounces back to his original question about the merge and strategy to Cassie. Cassie responds by telling Probst about the stress of being the swing vote.

Cassie: You're going to piss people off either way, so I want to go ahead and say that we have weighed both options and have made up our minds. We're not trying to make anybody mad, we're voting based off of what's best for our game.

Probst: With that, it is time to vote.

As each castaway gets up to vote, Julia rubs her immunity necklace in a show of arrogance. Elliott, Jake, and Julia's votes are seen, while Cassie's confessional is heard but not seen. The voting wraps up, and Probst goes to tally the votes.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Tony and Cassie look at Elliott to make sure he does not do anything radical. Elliott grins back at them as the idol does not surface.

Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Eric (1)

Second vote: Antonio (1-1)

Both Eric and Antonio look amazed as they were not expecting votes to come their way.

Third vote: Cassie (1-1-1)

A brief look of worry comes across Cassie's face.

Fourth vote: Eric (2-1-1)

Fifth vote: Antonio (2-2-1)

Sixth vote: Eric (3-2-1)

Seventh vote: Antonio (3-3-1)

Cassie's worry vanishes as Antonio and Eric's grow. Elliott is seen biting his nails out of nerves.

Eighth vote: Eric (4-3-1)

Ninth vote: Antonio (4-4-1)

Tenth vote: Antonio (5-4-1)

Antonio and the rest of the old Manlai look displeased as the writing appears to be on the wall.

Eleventh vote: ...

Probst: Tenth person voted out and the first member of our jury...Antonio. I need you to bring me your torch.

The Noyon Four along with Tony and Cassie breathe a sigh of relief, while Jake puts his hands in his head in frustration. Antonio places his torch in front of Probst to confirm his exit.

Probst: Antonio, the tribe has spoken.

With his torch snuffed, Antonio turns to his former tribemates and gives his farewell until the next Tribal Council.

Probst: With the merge, there always is always some gray to go along with it. After this vote, there's certainly some clarity, but how long will it last? Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The ten remaining Survivors get up from their stools. As they do, Elliott quietly thanks Cassie and Tony as they begin the trek back to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Antonio (6 votes)
Cassie, Elliott, Eric, Jenn, Ruth, Tony
Eric (4 votes)
Antonio, Jake, Katie, Melissa
Cassie (1 vote)
Antonio Dyson

Voting Confessionals

I would've liked to have gotten to know you a little bit better, but we think you're the biggest physical threat to us. Good luck.


It's all up to Cassie and Tony. Here goes nothing.


I don't appreciate being called out by a kid.


Absolutely nothing personal. I'm so sorry!


Final Words

Man, I don't even know what even think of this. I had so much more in me to keep going, but I guess it wasn't in the cards. To come all this way after what I've been through in life, I'm not complaining. I'm glad I've got a say in this at the end.

–Antonio Dyson

Still in the Running

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Time on Survivor...

Now that they're on the outs, Jake, Katie, and Melissa look for cracks, while Jenn takes Cassie and Tony under her wing.


  • The episode title was said by Tony as he stated a point to Cassie regarding Julia's actions at the merge feast.