"Down to Four"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
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Episode Number 13/13
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Down to Four is the season finale of Survivor: The Beginning .

Previously On Survivor...

16 Americans were marooned in Borneo, where Survivor beganThey were divided into two tribes, Sabah and Sarawak. The Sarawak tribe suffered because of Helga's laziness. The Sabah tribe suffered from Bob and Pen arguing. Friendships formed early in both tribes between Ryan and Charlie, Violet and Vanessa, and Natalie and Jennifer. Early on, it was no secret that Walter was a strong player. At Sabah, Olive brought Pen and Bob into an agreement and the three formed an alliance, and brought in Peter and Victoria. Pen named the alliance "The Force" and they were able to vote out Natalie, Jennifer and Billy.

At Sarawak, Violet and Vanessa formed a final two deal, and brought in Benny to help them. When Jane finally had enough of Helga's laziness, she created an alliance with Benny, Charlie, Ryan and Walter. When Sarawak lost their only challenge, Helga was voted out. Pen and Bob constantly tried to send the votes in the other's direction, while Victoria and Olive planned to take out all of the Sabah men. But everyone sided with Bob and voted out Pen.

Peter formed a men's pact with Bob and after a tiebreaker, eliminated Olive. Victoria and Walter, representing their tribes, created the merged tribe "Sarabah". After moving to Sarawak, Victoria and Ryan bonded, while Peter and Benny bonded. But Ryan just used Victoria to his own benefit and she was voted out, followed by Bob. While Jane, Violet and Vanessa were sure that Peter would be gone, being the last Sabah standing, Ryan turned the votes on Violet, voting her out, then ultimately betraying and voting off Jane.

Vanessa and Peter had a pact to try and take down the alliance. Vanessa, though, was the only woman left. Vanessa was voted out when Peter won Immunity. In the last episode. Peter tried to turn the votes on either Ryan or Walter. It didn't work, and Peter, the only Sabah left, was voted off.

There are four left. Walter: The strong man who was able to provide food for the tribe by fishing. Ryan: The master strategist who controlled most eliminations after the merge. Charlie: The likeable guy, who knew the right people to align with to get far. And Benny: The leader-like man who aligned with everyone he could, to raise trust.

Four are left, who will be the sole SURVIVOR?


Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades
The contestants are quizzed on the people voted out.
Winner: Ryan

Immunity Challenge: Hands on a Hard Idol
The final three will stand on a log and keep their hand on the Immunity idol. The person who keeps their hand on the longest wins.
Winner: Benny


Day 37

The final four, Walter, Ryan, Charlie and Benny all celebrated making it to the final four. Walter congratulated everyone, including himself. Especially for all the weight he lost.

I am proud that I made it this far mainly by people liking me. I lost a lot of weight! Three days left to go, then I can win!


Ryan was happy to be in the finals, and was proud of the game he played.

I'm happy that I was able to be so strategic. It's a huge accomplishment to be in the final four.


Charlie was certain that he would probably win the jury vote against most of the people left.

I didn't think I would make it this far. It's great! And the best part is, I could probably beat most of the people left in the finals!


Benny was proud of making it so far, especially with his age.

It was amazing to have this experience this late in my life. It's inspiring to others that are my age!


Walter realized that Ryan and Charlie have been really close since the beginning, so he went to Benny to create a finals deal with him. Benny decided that the idea was great, as well as the only way to have a chance surviving the "evil" duo. Meanwhile, Ryan told Charlie that Walter was the biggest threat to win, because he didn't offend anyone too badly and kept the tribe alive by catching fish.

The Sarabah tribe met Probst at Tribal Council for the "Fallen Comrades" challenge. The challenge came down to Ryan and Benny, of which Ryan won.

The voting commenced. Walter and Benny voted Charlie, while Ryan and Charlie voted Walter. This led to the third re-vote of the season. Benny, feeling that Walter would win if he went to the final two, switched his vote, and Walter was eliminated in a 2-0 vote. With that, the final three remaining returned to camp.

Day 38

Probst arrived early at the Sarabah camp to meet with Ryan, Charlie and Benny. He brought them to the place of the final Immunity challenge. Along the way, they had to attend the rites of passage. The three walked past the torches of the thirteen players that didn't survive this long. The three took time to remember the fallen castaways, before reaching the final Immunity challenge.

In the challenge, Benny knew that he had to win, or he would be gone. Ryan accidentally let go, leaving Charlie to have to beat Benny. Charlie and Benny held on for a while, until Charlie's hand slipped. Due to this, Benny won the last Immunity of the game. This gave him the power to choose who went to the final Tribal Council.

Returning to camp, Benny was happy to be going to the final two, yet had a big decision to make. He knew that both Ryan and Charlie had blood on their hands. Ryan and Charlie met with each other for the last time. They agreed that, in order to fulfill their final two deal, the person voted out will cast their jury vote for the other.

I have a big decision to make. My choice will be based on two things. One, who I think I'll have a better chance beating. And two, if I can't win, who I would prefer to see win. I've yet to decide.


At Tribal Council, Probst said that only Benny would vote, because Ryan and Charlie's votes cancel each other out. Benny cast the last elimination vote of the game. Probst then went to read the final vote. Ultimately, the final vote was for Charlie. Charlie wished the final two luck before leaving. With that, only two remained. Ryan and Benny were the finalists of Survivor: The Beginning. The two returned to camp, in preparation for the last day of the competition.

Day 39

Ryan and Benny awoke on the last day of the game, and prepared to face the jury.

To survive to the final day is magnificent! Even if I don't win, I still survived all thirty-nine days!


This is the greatest thing that I've ever accomplished. Making it to day thirty-nine. I can hardly wait for the final tribal.


Ryan thinks that he will receive some anger, but people may be proud of the way he played the game. Benny thinks that his leader- like ability will be well received, but fears that because he betrayed a few people, he may lose votes. Ryan and Benny then decided to burn the camp. They did so, and headed to the final Tribal Council.

At the final Tribal Council, Probst told Ryan and Benny to make opening statements to the jury.

First, I want to thank you all for allowing me to have this great of an experience. I just want all of you to know, that if I have offended any of you by the way I played the game, I apologize. It was my strategy, nothing I did was personal.


You all may think that I'm a villain because of the way that I chose to play the game. Maybe I am, but in a way, we're all villains. I made friendships and I made people hate me, but not once did I forget that this is a game. I never get angry when I lose at chess or something like that, so why get angry when you lose this game?


The jury were then told to speak to the finalists, to ask a question or state a statement. Bob was first.

Bob: I think it's important that I bring up that I was only merged with you two for a short while before my demise. I barely got to know either of you. So this question will determine who I vote for. In this game, what is more important? And describe why. Physical strength or strategic strength? Benny, you first.
Benny: To be honest, I personally think physical. If you're strategic, people will fear you, and you have less of a chance to get jury votes.
Bob: Ryan?
Ryan: Hands down strategy. You can be physical all you want, but it will just put a target on your back. Usually, the physical one is taken out by the strategic one.

Charlie was next.

Charlie: I am afraid that no question will change my mind. I knew from the moment I was voted out who I'd be voting for. However, I do have some advice for the both of you. Benny, the whole time, you made it really obvious that you were playing every side on this island! Just pick a pact and stick with it. Ryan, you may have been really strategic, but you need to learn how to be strategic and not reveal it to everyone. That's how you lose likability. But anyway, congratulations to you both.

Jane was next.

Jane: Just like Charlie, I'm ninety percent sure who I'm voting for. Ryan, I'm dissapointed in you. You, me and Charlie had a final three deal. I saw you and Charlie in the final three, but where was I? That is why it hurt when you voted against me. Now, give me one good reason why I should reward you with my vote.
Ryan: Here's one good reason, it's a game. It was strategy. No personal feelings got in my way. I had to do everything in my power to win. You were too hard to beat.
Jane: Well you'd better pray that you get my vote tonight.

Peter was next.

Peter: Well, unlike Jane, I'm anything but bitter. I just want to thank you both for keeping me as long as you did. When my entire tribe was destroyed, I thought it was the end. Thanks to a certain guy's alliance, I was spared. My question is, which of these fellow jury member's was the hardest to vote off? Benny?
Benny: I'd have to say Vanessa. I feel that I betrayed her because of our pact, and also it was hard to vote off the only woman left.
Peter: Ryan?
Ryan: Jane. We did have a final three deal, but she was too threatening. It was dangerous to keep her around.

Vanessa was next.

Vanessa: Hello there. Congratulations to the both of you for reaching this point. Ryan, my question will be going toward Benny tonight. Benny, what happened to the pact that we had with Violet?
Benny: I didn't feel safe. You and Violet were always going off together and talking. I was thinking that you two might have betrayed me had I not betrayed you. I do apologize.

Violet was next.

Violet: Good job getting here, boys. I can say that through my time on this island, I've grown to love you both. I'm proud of the way you two played this game, and you both deserve the title. Sadly, I can only vote for one of you. My question then, is if you could change one thing about the way you played this game, what would it be? Ryan, you first.
Ryan: I wouldn't have betrayed so many people. When you're in this game, you become careless and your true evilness is brought out.
Violet: Benny?
Benny: It's a really simple answer. I would have chosen one side and stayed with it. I wouldn't have been switching every minute.

Walter was last.

Walter: I have no questions. All I have to say, is that Benny, you are a liar. We had a deal to go to the final two. But apparently, you had other ideas. Had you have not switched your vote, and I would have lost a tiebreaker, I would give you my jury vote. But that wouldn't have worked for you. You completely betrayed me. Apparently you forgot that there was a jury in this game! You had my vote and you threw it out the window. It appears that you didn't want to win. Ryan, you are evil. You played an evil game. You may not be the ideal person to vote for, but please don't let Benny win.

After the jury spoke, Probst told the final two to make closing statement.

Those were some interesting questions. Walter, I do apologize, but you need to realise that it's just a game. Don't go insane over it. I didn't expect everyone to be happy after being voted out, whether it was fairly or unfairly. I just hope that you all will think about the way I played the game.


I had a feeling that I would be attacked tonight. I apologise to anyone I misled, but it was strategy. It worked, didn't it? Just look at the game and think about what I did to reach this point. I didn't do anything personally.


The jury were then told to cast their final votes. They would be voting for a winner, rather than against someone. The jury voted, then Probst collected the urn containing the jury votes. He then thanked everyone for a good season and left.

Months later, Probst walked on a stage designed to look like Tribal Council in front of a live audience. Benny and Ryan sat, now nicely dressed, in the middle of the stage. Probst then read the votes. The first vote was Ryan. Then Benny. Then Ryan. Then Benny. Then Ryan. Then Benny. The votes were tied 3-3, the final vote would determine the winner.

Probst: The winner of Survivor: The Beginning...


Ryan was given the title of sole SURVIVOR, and won a million dollars as well. Ryan happily hugged everyone as Probst prepared for the reunion show.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 13:
Luke (14)
Walter (2 votes)
Luke(-1)Luke (9)
Ryan & Charlie
Luke (9)
Charlie (2 votes)
Luke (8)Luke (14)
Benny & Walter
Walter Tago

Voting Confessionals

Not one of us can beat you, you should feel proud.


It's either you or Ryan. And you don't have Immunity.


Final Words

I'm proud of getting to the final four. I was the biggest likability threat. That's possibly the best way to go in this game. However, I'm going to the jury. So people better hope that I like them too.


Day 38

Tribal Council 14:
Luke (9)
Charlie (1 vote)
Luke (8)
Charlie Roberts

Final Words

I didn't care if I won or not, as long as I made it to the final three. I got third place. I'm satisfied. Being a member of the jury will be great and I wish both Ryan and Benny luck.


Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Ryan (4 votes)
Luke (9)Luke (6)Luke (13)Luke (14)
Charlie, Peter, Violet & Walter
Luke (8)
Benny (3 votes)
Luke (2)Luke (11)Luke (12)
Bob, Jane & Vanessa
Benny Howard
Ryan Rick

Voting Confessionals

Peter's vote was not shown.

This vote is for Benny. I think you knew how to talk to a jury, and you were very honest. I admire that.


We had a deal to go to the end, Ryan. I'm not there, but you are. We had a friendship since the first day, so here's my vote.


Ryan, despite your numerous attempts to get my vote, they weren't enough. Benny, of course, also betrayed me, but I didn't have a finals deal with him. So it didn't hurt as much. Good luck, Benny.


Great job, Benny. You're really smart when it comes to finding and destroying pacts.


Ryan, my buddy. It's nice to see that your strategic mind helped you this long. You got my vote.


Ryan. Obvious reasons.


Final Results


Author's Notes

  • The title was said by Walter in the beginning of the episode.
  • The reading of the votes would have been on location, but it needed to be live in order to do the reunion show.