"Dueling Fates"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 3/14
Episode Chronology
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Dueling Fates is the third episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Sumo in Mud
Tribe members engage one on one sumo-style battles using padded duffel bags to knock their opponents off a platform surrounded by a mud pit. First one to push the other one into the mudpit wins the round and scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to eight points wins reward and immunity.
Reward: The winning tribe's choice of comfort items, such as blankets and chairs, or a Survivor shower with towels, shampoo, soap, and fresh water.
Winner: Temotu

Previously on Survivor...

Sixteen Americans were selected to take part in an adventure of a lifetime in the Santa Cruz Islands. They quickly found out that the game was on when two returning players, Savage and Troyzan were going to join them. After Savage joined Fatutaka and Troyzan joined Temotu, the two tribes went their separate ways. They also have gone in completely different directions. Temotu has enjoyed the luxuries of rewards and winning immunity while Fatutaka has fought the elements..."That storm was...brutal."...and each other. "You argue with me and tell me and the rest of the tribe how useless you think I am and expect me to make amends with you a couple hours later? Absolutely not." "I think you've been nothing but useless up to this point, Roger. You haven't done anything to contribute to this tribe." But they still tried to shed some light on all of it with their homemade radio show. "Alright! Let's go to the phones with our question of the day. Will the Fatutaka tribe happen to get fire today? I know it's a stretch to ask that, but they can't seem to get one going this morning. Alright caller, you are on the air!" "The Fatutalking Heads is just our way of bonding with each other, and we really hit on some bright spots this morning. This is a fun group of eight we have." But at the reward challenge, their struggles continued as they lost out on a soon-to-be-needed tarp and fishing gear. Meanwhile, Temotu, on the surface, was on cloud nine. With the reward, Troyzan made the most out of the fishing gear. "Holy...You caught the whole freaking ocean, man!" "Hey man, it's not my first rodeo!" "Troyzan definitely lived up to his moniker today. He...come back with a bucket chock full of fish! And they weren't little minnows or anything microscopic. These were full-fledged, healthy-looking fish with plenty of meat on them. The old adage is 'to the victor go the spoils', and that is certainly the case today. Temotu is a content tribe to say the least." That night, a violent storm hit Fatutaka, taking a toll on its shelter...and its members. "Savage shows us this big gash on his knee this morning and my first thought is 'Oh my God, I hope it's nothing serious.'." But in the midst of the aftermath, Andrew G. and Jordan found a glimmer of hope in the form of a hidden immunity idol. "Oh my gosh! Did you find it?!" "God, I hope so. I really, really hope so." "This...this is great. I'm literally speechless to having found this today! I'm holding on to this little guy for as long as I can and see how the game plays out." But the idols were not just a topic of discussion at Fatutaka. After feeling on the outs, Robert took another shot at finding an idol at Temotu..."If I were an idol, where would I hide myself?"...only to have Mike interrupt his search and eventually find the idol behind Robert's back. "Oh (expletive)!" He then returned to camp and showed it to his allies, both current and new. "Derek and I were recruited into an alliance with Katherine, Mike, and Troyzan and on top of that, Mike shows all of us the idol that Robert's been looking for all this time! But with the pros, there are always cons. Like, it seemed like Derek and I were last on their list for this alliance. At the immunity challenge, Fatutaka fell behind early, but it was Roger's stubbornness that cost the tribe their third straight challenge. "Roger! Let somebody else throw! You haven't hit anything!" "Fatutaka, I've got nothing for you guys except a date with me at Tribal, where one of the eight of you will be the second person voted out of this game." At Tribal Council, Chase rekindled his feud with Roger after his performance in the challenge. "Jeff, I was very accountable for my actions..." "Or lack thereof..." "Anyway, I was accountable for my performance in the challenge today." With the ongoing feud with Chase and poor challenge performances, Roger was sent packing unanimously. "Roger, the tribe has spoken." "Everyone makes mistakes!" Sixteen are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 6

The camera fades in to palm trees blowing in the wind under the moonlit sky as the seven remaining members of Fatutaka return from Tribal Council with torches in hand. They proceed to unpack all the things they brought to Tribal with them upon arriving at the shelter.

Chase (clearly relieved): Well, I know that I've spoken up when it comes to Roger and myself but hopefully, this is the kick we need to start winning challenges.

Andrew G. (kiddingly): I certainly hope so. You don't have anybody to argue with anymore...

Chase grins at the remark while the camera shifts to Jordan silently unpacking her bag.

So, Chase ultimately got his way as we got rid of Roger. Hindsight's always twenty-twenty, but I really don't think Roger was that bad of a guy...just misunderstood at best. He was definitely stubborn, especially today, but it always seemed that Chase was the instigator in all of their fights. When we got back from Tribal Council, it wasn't any different. Chase was the first to voice his pleasure of Roger being voted out. (pauses as she internally debates the vote) I don't know...he's giving me plenty of reasons to want to vote him the next Tribal we go to.


It cuts down to the shore, as the moon reflects off the ocean, where Savage and Suzanne stand next to each other and look out at the ocean.

Andrew S.: We can't keep losing like this. We just can't.

Suzanne: I know. I can tell that it's hard on everybody...not just you or me. It's affecting this whole tribe, Savage.

Andrew S. (softly): Hopefully, Chase'll really start contributing. Not that he hasn't already. I just hope that Roger's absence will motivate him to go above and beyond. Y'know?

Suzanne: We all need to go above an beyond from here on out. The other tribe's been whipping us. It hasn't been close!

Andrew S. (closing the conversation, trying to keep it brief): I've been meaning to discuss this with you, but there is a little coalition I would like to bring together: You, me, Gaby, and Alvin...the senior members of this tribe. That gives us four out of seven right there. We start winning challenges and if we have to go to Tribal, we just take the other three out one at a time.

Suzanne (nodding slightly in affirmation): No, I like that. We can talk about it more tomorrow.

The two walk back up to camp as the others get ready for another night's sleep.

This tribe's got to start winning...there's no way around that. We're zero for three in challenges so far. And with that, it takes a toll on camp we have already seen. Thankfully, Chase doesn't have Roger to bicker at anymore, and I hope that's what he needs to really get going in challenges. I know he can be a force in those challenges, but I'm still weary of him outside of that. The impression he's made these last few days has made him hard to trust from an alliance standpoint, and that's why I didn't include his name to Suzanne on the beach. I want people who have plenty of life experience, who know how to face adversity in situations such as a Gaby or an stick around. That's what this tribe needs moving forward because if we don't get this turned around sooner than later, we'll be going to Tribal Council again...sooner than later.

–Andrew S.

(intro plays)

Day 7

The camera fades from break to a sunny, but windy, morning at the Temotu campsite as its nine members are around either the shelter or the bean pot in some capacity. Around the bean pot and fire pit are Troyzan, Derek, Jocelyn, Justin, and Melanie as they laugh and joke around with one another. Meanwhile, Mike and Katherine are seen sitting in the shelter listening in and conversing with the other five.

Right now...I'm sittin' in a pretty good spot after this first week. In a tribe of nine, I'm in the majority five and within that majority five, I'm in the majority three with Troyzan and Katherine. To make matters even better, I have with me a hidden immunity idol that Robert is probably out still looking for! (snickers) My only question mark over these first handful of Katherine. I trust her completely, and she trusts me. That's not the problem I have. The thing I'm worried about is that I think I know her from from TV or something. You know when you see somebody that looks really familiar and you can't figure out where you've seen them before and it's on your mind nonstop? That's been me with Katherine, and it's bothering the hell out of me! But, I think I'm at a point now where I can go up to her and ask her about it and it won't break our trust.


It cuts to Mike and Katherine walking behind and away from the shelter inconspicuously as the aforementioned five remain sitting at camp.

Mike (almost whispering): This has been getting to me for a while now, but I gotta ask you this.

Katherine: Well, what's up?

Mike: I just want to know where I've seen you before we got out on to the island.

Katherine (grinning): You've probably seen me on TV thousands of times. I did plenty of shows and interviews before I came out here.

Mike (visibly relieved): That's what it was! I knew I'd seen your face before, and it'd been bothering me like crazy. (quickly trying to cover his bases) I'm not wanting to know this for anything in the game. This is just something that has had me curious for a while now.

Katherine (not taking offense to it): I didn't think it had to with the game at all. Trust me, I get asked this a lot. I'm totally fine with it.

Mike: Whew...okay. It was just one of those things that was bugging me, so now it's not going to drive me crazy anymore!

I knew it! I knew that I had seen my fair share of Katherine on TV before! I just didn't realize it until she told me. I told Katherine that this had nothing to do with the game, but this information only strengthens my game. If the game were to end today and it was me, Troyzan and Katherine in the final three, I'd be your million-dollar winner. There's no question in my mind cause you have Troyzan, who's already had a shot at this before, and Katherine, who's pretty much a celebrity that doesn't need the money. Who does that leave? (points to himself as he grins widely) Me, baby.


Mike and Katherine then walk back to camp as if nothing had happened while the Troyzan and the others continue to talk.

At camp this morning, Mike approached me and was like 'I know I've seen you before. You look really familiar.'. So, I told him that I have been on TV on multiple occasions. Whether it be interviews or whatever, I've been there. Now, it's Troyzan and Mike that know about my background and that needs to be it...because we've already laid out plans for the final three. If anybody else finds out about this, it's really going to lessen our chances of getting there.


It focuses on Troyzan, Derek, Jocelyn, and Melanie laughing at another of Justin's jokes as Mike and Katherine crawl back into the shelter. Then, it cuts to another part of the beach where Amy and Robert are seen walking along it side by side.

Robert (as they walk): So, I don't really need to ask the question of how sturdy my safety net in this game is cause I'm sure it's long gone by now.

Amy (cracking a grin): Yeah, you don't have a net of any kind right now. They want you gone.

Robert: That's somewhat the reason I'm still looking for an idol. If everyone wants me gone and I can find before a Tribal Council, it turns into a new game.

Amy: Who would you vote for if that was going to happen?

Robert (after pausing and shrugging his shoulders): Mmm, probably Troyzan or Mike if I was basing it off of camp and how they treated me. I know they're great in challenges, but they definitely put me on the outs here. If it was based off of challenges, then Melanie but...(pauses again)...I don't know. I'd have to see when and what situation the game's in, too. I just don't want it to be me, ultimately.

Amy: Well, I won't vote for you. You have my word on that. I don't know about everybody else's, but you have mine.

Amy looks back to make sure no one else is around and then extends her hand out to Robert. He shakes it to concrete a new alliance between the two.

I've always liked Amy since we've been out here, but I like her even more now that we shook hands on an alliance. She isn't writing my name down, and I'm not writing her name down. The only downside to this is that we need more people. The two of us aren't going to take this tribe by storm all by ourselves, so we need a few more if Amy and I are going to stick around.


Amy: I'm glad we made this little pact cause I want Troyzan and them gone as much as you do.

Robert (slightly surprised): Really?

Amy: Oh yeah! He's got all of them wrapped around his finger. It's stupid how quick it all happened, too. When Katherine and 'Joce' found out you were looking for an idol...

Robert (unintentionally cutting Amy off): So, they did know?

Amy: Yeah, they came back and told everybody.

Robert: I had a hunch, but I was never a hundred percent sure.

Amy: But the first person they go back and tell is Troyzan, like he's the final say to them. I understand he's a returning player and he's done this before, but some of these people out here just idolize those two I just mentioned.

Robert: Well, I guess that narrows down our options of who to work with by two.

Amy: I think I can get Derek in with us, and I don't know where Justin and Melanie's heads are at so it would hurt to ask them either.

Robert: I love it. We're getting the plan in motion!

The camera stays stationary as the two walk away from it and back to camp.

In Survivor, if you want to win, you have to stick your neck out and make yourself heard. That's exactly what I'm starting to do. I'm starting to stick my neck out to different people here at Temotu and see if they're willing to grab on, but there's oh so many people I can work with, though. I think Troyzan's got Katherine and Jocelyn just wrapped up, and Mike just thinks he's the badass of the I don't think he'd bite. That leaves four people that I need to nail an alliance down with to make this thing real. I've already patched up an agreement with Robert, so that leaves Justin, Melanie, and Derek. If I can get those three, then Troyzan and company are in for a ride! His stranglehold on this game is getting stronger every day. Someone from his little clique needs to go soon...cause if not, then my stuck-out neck's going to be on the chopping block here pretty soon.


It cuts back to camp as the other seven are still around the fire pit, but it focuses on Derek, who sits expressionless as he looks to be deep in thought while staring at the fire. The camera then shifts to over the ocean as the waves crash on one another and the trees softly sway from the wind. It rests on the Fatutaka camp as it immediately cuts to in the jungle, where Savage and Alvin are seen cutting bamboo planks for firewood.

Andrew S. (as he uses the machete to cut the bamboo): So, Suzanne and I were discussing things last night...just about how this tribe is going to get over this hump. We thought that the older and more experienced are what's best for this group, including you.

Alvin (momentarily pausing and leaning up against a bamboo tree): Well, who do you have in mind?

Andrew S.: It would be ourselves, Suzanne, and Gaby as the four if it came down to going to Tribal Council. I mean, I can't trust Chase enough to where he's going to rub somebody the wrong way again. Andrew and Jordan...I don't know. There's something I don't trust about them.

Alvin gently presses himself off the tree and crosses his arms as he thinks about Savage's proposal.

Savage came to me with a proposition that didn't interest me at all. I didn't want to shoot the guy down cause I didn't want it to come back and bite me in the rear at some point. So, all I could do was delay an answer to him and say that I would consider it.


Alvin: I can't give you an answer just because I have to see where all of my ducks are and put them in a row, but it's something I will consider.

Andrew S. (chuckling at Alvin's comparison): And I'm not looking for an answer right now. I just wanted to offer it to you and let you think on it.

Alvin (getting back to chopping bamboo): Great, man.

Alvin was very lukewarm when I proposed my and Suzanne's pitch to him. I like the guy, a very stand-up guy, but having him not keen on the idea right off the bat is something that does make me weary of what's going on behind the scenes that I may not be aware of.

–Andrew S.

Savage is seen taking a swift chop to a bamboo plank as Alvin steadies it on the ground from a distance. It then cuts to the water well, where Suzanne and Gaby are seen filling seven canteens and making small talk. After a brief period of that, Suzanne cuts to the chase.

Suzanne: How are you liking the game and the politics of it so far?

Gaby (as she fills a canteen): Um, I'm trying to stay with it all. It's a lot to keep up with.

Suzanne: If you don't mind me asking, do you have anything nailed down with anyone?

Gaby (thinking about it, then nodding her head in declination): No, I haven't made an alliance with anybody yet. (curiously smiles) Why, are you about to ask me if I want to be in an alliance?

Suzanne (smiles as well): Well, I suppose I am! If you want to join, I'm extending the invitation to you. It would be us, Alvin, and Savage for the majority.

Gaby (crunching numbers in her head as she replies): So, that would leave out...Chase, Jordan, and the other Andrew.

Suzanne: Yep, and we'll probably go Jordan for the first vote in case we need muscle for the challenges.

Gaby: I like it! You can count me in on all of this.

Suzanne (softly): All right!

The two shake on it as they continue with filling the canteens full of well water.

I go to fill the water canteens up with Suz, and she asks me if I have anything nailed down as far as alliances go. Of course, I know what follows that and it did. She asked me to be in an alliance with her, Alvin, and the older Andrew, and that sounds like a really well-balanced alliance. These are all strong people in challenges and at camp, and as far as I know, they're all people I can trust as well. As long as it stays the way Suzanne laid it out to me, then this is what I'm sticking with.


It cuts back to camp as Andrew G. and Jordan lie in the shelter trying to kill time. As they do, Andrew G. starts making funny faces.

Jordan (trying to hold back laughter): What are you doi-i-ing?

Andrew G. (as he continues with his faces): Trying to make you...(makes another face)...laugh.

Jordan curls over in a hard laughter as Andrew G. cracks a smile as well. As Jordan starts to wind down, Andrew G. gets from out of the shelter and starts dancing horribly, which causes Jordan to keel over in laughter once again.

Jordan (trying to speak through her laughter): Stop it! Stop it!

Andrew G. stops dancing as he has a grin on his face as wide as Jordan's.

Jordan and I were the only ones back at camp, and we were just trying to kill some time...cause we had absolutely nothing to do. So, I started making ridiculous faces at Jordan, and she just ate it up. She couldn't stop laughing! Ah, it was hilarious. But yeah, I have a fun time with Jordan. She appreciates my quirky sense of humor, we share a diehard fandom of Survivor, it's all of these little things that makes me happy to know that one of my closest allies out here is also a good friend out here, too. It''s pretty cool.

–Andrew G.

The camera focuses on Jordan trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard as Andrew G. walks back to the shelter.

Andrew G.: Put that in the radio show tomorrow morning!

Jordan (in an agreeing tone): Oh, it definitely will be. I'll make sure of it!

Andrew G. chuckles as he climbs back into the shelter.

Andrew's a character. He's making all of these faces and horrible dance moves, to further show that he's whiter than white, and...(laughs)...and I'm over here losing it as I watch him. He's comfortable in his own skin and very entertaining, and I like that about him. Not romantically or anything, but if there's one person I would want to go to the end with solely based on friendship or relationships I've made already, it's him. But those kinds of things make you dangerous in a game like this. Of course, there's no way I write his name down nor does he write mine down before Day 39, but I'm hoping we can get to that point...just like the rest of us do. We're doing our best to avoid the label of a 'Survivor pair' because that could mess our entire game up if that's what we come to be known as. So far, so good...I guess. (innocently grins)


The camera shifts over from Andrew G. and Jordan in the shelter back to Savage still chopping bamboo as the camera fades to break.

The camera fades back in to another overhead shot of the Pacific Ocean and then a shot of the various fish that dwell in it. It pans downward and rests on the Temotu campsite as it cuts over to later in the day as Derek and Jocelyn are seen walking along the shore towards the direction of camp.

Jocelyn (softly as she walks): Do you feel okay with this alliance with Troy and the others?

Derek (slightly shrugs his shoulders): Eh, there are some things I don't like about it, but I don't mind rolling with it for a while. Why? Do you not?

Jocelyn (hesitantly): No...not really. I mean, I'm fine with it for like the first one or two vote we have to make, but long-term...I don't think it's my or your best option to stay with these guys.

They continue walking as they are still a good distance away from camp.

Jocelyn: I think you and I are four and five in this alliance.

Derek nods as he walks.

Jocelyn and I took a little walk to the point and back and on the way back, she brings up that she's not comfortable being in Troyzan's alliance long-term. She's my number one ally, so I'm going to listen to what she has to say.


Derek (curiously): Is this something you want to get out of as soon as you can? Or is something you want to wait out and see what happens? I'm just trying to get a better idea.

Jocelyn: No, no. Like I said, I'm totally fine sticking with this for right now. We just need to jump ship before the final five.

Derek: Well, I'm just thinking that if we have a better opportunity or situation come up, are we going to jump on it? Or are we going to just stay where we are?

Jocelyn (not confidently): I'm not sure. We'll cross that bridge when we get there, I guess.

Part of me has wanted to be the alpha-male of an alliance and in Troyzan's alliance, I can't do that with him or Mike in it. So from that selfish aspect, I would jump ship as soon as the right situation came around, but I have to also weigh what Jocelyn wants to do and when.


Derek: And they've got that idol, too.

Jocelyn: Crap...I forgot about that. (sighing) It's never easy, is it?

Derek (smirking): No, it isn't. Not in Survivor.

Out here, Derek is the only one I spill anything about the game to, and we've been communicating more ever since being brought in to this alliance. So, I told him that I thought that we were four and five as of right now, which I think is totally true. I really think we're sitting ducks once we get to a certain point in the game and are still in their shadows. So, we're both wanting out, but the question is when do we make our move? We're both fine with staying where we are right now, but we just don't want to be late to the blindside party if there's going to be one.


It cuts back to camp as Derek and Jocelyn are seen approaching the skirts of the beach bordering the campsite. It flashes over to Troyzan, with other members sitting around in the background, looking on as the aforementioned pair begin to inaudibly debate with one another as they walk back up to camp. Troyzan then walks down and meets the two just outside of camp, away from everybody else.

Troyzan: You guys okay?

Jocelyn: Yeah, we're fine. We're just discussing...the game.

Derek immediately shuts his eyelids to hide the fact that he's rolling his eyes at Jocelyn's slip-up.

Troyzan (surprised himself): Like what? What about the game?

Jocelyn hesitates initially but does not utter a word.

Troyzan (firmly): Come on, guys. We're in this together. I want you guys to trust me, and this is just me talking. Not Katherine, not Mike, just me. This is just between us three.

Jocelyn (after another brief moment of hesitation): All right, I'll come clean since I've already blurted it out. I've just got this feeling that we're at the bottom of this alliance of five. We were talking and looking to see if or when we would make a move if something had come up with this alliance. So...

Troyzan (stopping Jocelyn): Whoa, whoa,'re not at the bottom. Nobody's at the bottom. This is the five of us working with each other all the way to the final five. Granted, a lot can happen between now and then, but if we stick together until then, we're golden. We're primed to make it to five and take it from there. But like I said, there's a lot of game left to play, so don't flip. Okay? I promise you guys that you're not on the bottom of this alliance.

Jocelyn (still unsure): Promise?

Troyzan (assuredly): One hundred percent you're not on the bottom.

Troyzan raises his hands to about stomach-level and discretely double-fist bumps Derek and Jocelyn to try and comfort them. The three walk back to camp together as the sun grows closer to setting.

Derek and Jocelyn were walking back to camp from wherever they went, and I could tell something was up. They told everything I needed to know when they came back to camp arguing each other's ears off...then they actually told me! They feel like they're on the bottom of our alliance of five. They are, but I'm not going to tell them that to their face. Instead, I simply went out there and did some damage control by letting them know that 'Hey, the five of us are in this together to the end. Nobody's on the bottom.'. There's a reason why there's 'Zan' after the 'Troy'. I'm out here swinging from vine to vine, making sure I know of everything that's going on around camp. The best part is that I'm the first one they come to whenever they find something out. I'm loving it, man! This is still my island!


Jocelyn is seen arriving back at camp relieved while Derek has a look quite the opposite of his ally. The camera cuts to the Fatutaka beach, still before sunset, as Alvin and Andrew G. are seen distanced a bit away from the shelter and fire as they carry on a conversation about the game.

Alvin (whispering): Savage wants you guys gone.

Andrew G. (caught off-guard): What? Where'd you hear this?

Alvin: Savage himself. He's trying to get all of the...older members of the tribe together for the long haul and take you, Jordan, and Chase out one at a time.

Andrew G. (after hesitantly biting his lip): Does Jordan know?

Alvin: No, not yet. I wouldn't worry about it cause I'm not going with them. I'm with you two before I'm with them.

Andrew G. (with a worried look): No, I know you are. I'm just trying to crunch some numbers. I mean, it would just be us four if Chase went with us, right? I think I'm overthinking it, but there seems more to it.

Alvin (smirking as he places his hand on Andrew G.'s shoulder): You are. All we have to do is tell Chase what's going on first thing tomorrow, and I'm sure he'll vote with us.

After I told 'G' what Savage had offered me earlier today, you would've thought that he had seen a ghost or something. The look of panic he had on his face was about as genuine as you can make it out to be, but he calmed down after I told him that I wasn't going to flip on him and Jordan. Now, the key in all of this is Chase. Savage has already told me that he doesn't trust him, so it shouldn't be that difficult to get to Chase and tell him what's been talked about today. If I can use what Savage said about him not trusting Chase and then tell Chase what Savage said about him, that should be enough to get him on our side. Hopefully, he doesn't have another blowup when I tell him all of this cause let's face it...the guy's unpredictable.


The two guys walk back to camp as Andrew G. regains his composure. The camera quickly highlights Chase sitting on the edge of the shelter as the fire roars on and the camera fades to break.

Day 8

The camera comes back in to the sunrise followed by clouds starting to build up off in the distance. It centers in on the Temotu beach, where Derek is seen sitting on the shore as the waves crash against the sand. He looks out into the distance as the wind picks up causing him to squint.

A lot has been going through my mind the past couple days, especially after yesterday. Jocelyn spilled the beans to Troy about how we're uncomfortable with our position in the alliance and we're thinking about changing sides and everything in between. Then, like he's supposed to, Troyzan comes in and tries to make us feel like we're not on the bottom and that this alliance is a democracy with nobody really in charge. As much as I would like to believe that, I don't. I know Troy's playing the game just as hard as we are, if not harder, and that makes him just as dangerous as anyone out here. Having said all of that, I don't think it's smart for either of us to pull the trigger on this alliance just yet...not until something devastatingly crazy happens. That's when I'll consider flipping.


It cuts over to Troyzan handling the wobbly pot of beans as it boils over the fire. It then shifts over to an overhead shot of the jungle. It flies over to an open area with a mud pit and two duffel bags as Probst then brings in the Temotu tribe. The nine members of the undefeated orange tribe file in and is followed shortly thereafter by the surviving seven members of the Fatutaka tribe.

Probst: Temotu getting your first look at the new Fatutaka tribe. Roger voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Some members of Temotu nod their heads in affirmation. Others simply watch as the members of the blue tribe set their flag down and file on to their mat. Probst then goes on to explain the classic challenge to the sixteen remaining contestants. Once he finishes his explanation, he reveals the reward for the winning tribe by uncovering the comfort items first. Lots of 'Ooh's' and 'Aah's' come from the Survivors as they are visibly pleased by what is at stake. Then, Probst throws a twist into the reward.

Probst: It's certainly a nice reward for a physically demanding challenge, but there's more to it.

He pulls the cover off of the shower and its accessories, which makes the castaways, the girls especially, ecstatically cheer. Both tribes calm down a bit and applaud at the rewards before them.

Probst: Now, let me start by saying that the winning tribe cannot have both. It's not a package deal. The winning tribe will be given the choice of either the blankets and chairs or the shower and its amenities. Temotu, you've got two extra members. You must sit out one man and one woman. Who's it going to be?

Temotu huddles amongst one another to determine the sit-outs.

Melanie (in the huddle): I'm feeling really achy today, guys.

Justin: But you can't sit this one out, though. You sat out the last one.

Probst (awaiting word on the sit-outs): Who's it going to be Temotu?

Katherine (speaking for the tribe): Jocelyn and Justin, Jeff.

Probst (as rain starts to fall): Okay. Jocelyn and Justin, take a spot on the bench. Everyone else, I'll give you a moment to strategize and change clothes if you'd like.

Jocelyn and Justin proceed to take their spot on the bench as the rain begins to fall faster.

Melanie is trying to do the minimum of what is asked of her when it comes to challenges. I don't think it's out of laziness. She's been showing signs of wearing down physically, but that's still no excuse. I quit smoking like right before I came out here, and you don't see me trying to dodge challenge after challenge! (under his breath) I may...have...sat this challenge out but that was just because they needed a man to sit out. I'm pretty sure my tribe does not want somebody with the cardio of a nursing home patient running around and hitting things. Let's be honest, I'd suck!


As the rain continues to fall, Probst calls up the first participants for each tribe.

Matchup 1:
Andrew S.

At the sound of 'go', both men ram into each other at full force. Derek aims for Savage's torso and legs as Savage begins to defend. Savage slips due to the now wet surface as Derek takes advantage by shoving him to the edge of the platform. Savage tosses and turns, trying to break free, but Derek carries too much momentum as he pushes Savage into the mud. Derek gives Temotu the lead, 1-0.

Matchup 2:
Andrew G.

Right away, Andrew G. backs up as Troyzan inches his way toward him. Andrew G. shifts his direction away from the edge, and that's when Troyzan attacks. He repeatedly pummels Andrew G., who quickly flies into the mud, making it 2-0 for Temotu. Troyzan unleashes a battle cry as he returns back to his tribe's mat, where the rest of his tribe is there to congratulate him.

Matchup 3:

Both girls quickly start bashing one another as they stay in the center of the platform. They keep at it for quite some time without either one having a clear advantage over the other. Jordan starts trying to dodge Katherine's pummels as she gets a feel for her opponent's moves. Sensing this, Katherine fakes a hit to Jordan's torso. Jordan bites by dodging once more as Katherine quickly strikes Jordan's upper body before she can react to the second hit. It's enough to jar Jordan as Katherine delivers the finishing blow and sends Jordan into the mud on her back. This fires up Temotu, even in the pouring rain, as they take a commanding 3-0 lead. The camera shifts over to the members of Fatutaka visibly peeved at the current outcome.

Matchup 4:

Chase comes out of the gate swinging as Robert readies himself for someone much more massive than him. Robert finesses his way around the platform in the hopes of Chase slipping up...or literally slipping. The latter in fact does happen as Chase trips in his pursuit of Robert. Robert, with the rest of Temotu cheering him on, tries to take advantage of Chase's slip-up by attempting to shove him to the edge. Chase, however, does not budge and quickly recovers. He gets back on his feet and starts pounding Robert with his blue duffel bag. Robert defends himself with the orange duffel bag as he is forced back to the very edge of the platform. He eventually gives way and falls into the mud, exciting Chase and the rest of Fatutaka. Chase slams his duffel bag down and points to Temotu, whose lead is now 3-1.

Chase (with adrenaline coursing through him): We're not done yet! Better watch out!

Mike: All right, big man. Bring it! When it's circled back around to us, you and me. I'll light you up!

Troyzan (trying to focus Mike): Hey, hey, hey...settle it over there...(pointing to the platform)...not out here. Show him in the ring.

Chase (responding to Mike's challenge): Let's do it! I'll be seeing you next round!

Troyzan (scoffing under his breath): Does the dumb punk realize they only have one point? They haven't even won a (expletive) challenge yet.

Matchup 5:

From the get go, Suzanne controls the tempo and Melanie's movements by constantly pressuring her more and more to the edge. Ultimately, Melanie cannot put up much of a fight due to physical limitations and goes into the mud from a simple push from Suzanne. Suzanne raises her arms in the air as a symbol of victory. The rest of Fatutaka cheers and congratulates her passionately as she has now narrowed Fatutaka's deficit to one, 3-2.

Matchup 6:

Alvin starts off strong by attacking Mike right from the start, but Mike is able to absorb most of Alvin's hits and not be backed up much. Mike, with the adrenaline certainly going, alternates hitting high and low on Alvin to keep him guessing. Alvin adapts quickly and is able to avoid being knocked all the way to the edge of the platform. He fights back by delivering a blow to Mike's face that causes both guys to fall off their feet. Mike keeps going after Alvin while staying down as Alvin tries to get back on his feet. Mike is quick to follow as he begins a flurry of successive hits towards Alvin's duffel bag. It causes Alvin to lose his footing and fall right into the mud. Mike directs his battle cry to Chase and the rest of Fatutaka, who are voice their displeasure to Mike, who continues to boast his win for Temotu, now with a 4-2 lead.

That challenge...geez, that was like the most passionate I've seen both tribes be at a challenge so far. But with that point Mike scored, you could see the dueling fates of each tribe. On our hand, we keep winning and are not afraid to share it. Then, their tribe is fighting, fighting, fighting...but they can't win a thing. With that point, that was our signal to start kicking them while they were down.


Matchup 7:

With a mere pair of pushes, Amy abruptly ends the round by having Gaby fly into the mud in an obvious mismatch in size. Temotu wildly celebrates with a 5-2 lead as the members of Fatutaka can simply watch.

Matchup 8:

As they enter the mud and knock the mud off their shoes, Probst builds up the matchup between Chase and Mike a bit more. He then commences the challenge with both tribes passionately cheering on their respective member. Both guys ram into and bounce off of one another for the first few seconds of the round until they both step back and determine their next move. They both circle one another trying to sense when and where to strike.

Mike (trying to get into Chase's head): Make your move, big boy.

Chase stays silent as they continue to circle the platform. He then makes his move. He lunges to the center of the platform towards Mike but is unsuccessful. Chase lands flatly on his duffel bag as booms of thunder are heard in the background. Mike initiates contact with Chase down on the platform and begins shoving him towards the end of the platform. Chase fights to stay on, but the slickness of the platform helps Mike slide him off into the mud.

Mike (in a celebratory tone): Get that outta here, big man! Get it out of here!

Chase walks back to a more and more dejected Fatutaka tribe as Mike excitedly walks back to Temotu, now with a 6-2 lead.

Matchup 9:

Katherine starts out the round aggressive as Suzanne takes a more conservative approach by simply deflecting every one of Katherine's pushes. Hoping that Katherine will tire out soon, Suzanne keeps playing defensively is backed up to the corner of the platform. Realizing this, Suzanne starts to attack back at Katherine. But it proves to be too little too late as Suzanne is unable to counter Katherine's successive blows with her own and is sent into the mud. It pans across the Fatutaka tribe with various reactions of dejection and disappointment as Temotu is quite the opposite. Now with a 7-2 lead and one point away from victory, high-fives and congratulations are shared as Troyzan begins to make his way to the platform.

Matchup 10:
Andrew G.

As Andrew G. climbs on to the platform, Troyzan starts with some trash-talking.

Troyzan (cockily): Well, it's time to finish this one off.

Andrew G. simply grabs his duffel bag without saying a word.

Troyzan (in a smart-alecky tone towards Andrew G.): It's nice of you guys to bring out such a worthy opponent on game point.

Andrew G. takes his stance and waits for Probst's go as he intensely focuses on Troyzan. Probst signals the start of the round as Andrew G. stands motionless, catching Troyzan off-guard. Starting to become aware that Andrew G. is trying to play mind games, Troyzan lunges towards him with an attack, but Andrew G. is able to dodge. Afterwards, Andrew G. intentionally backs to the edge of the platform.

Mike (from the sidelines): He's giving up! Take him out, Troy!

Troyzan cautiously approaches Andrew G., who stands motionless again with his duffel bag ready. As the steady rain turns into a downpour, Andrew G. starts walking along the edge, which Troyzan attempts to take advantage of. He carefully launches another attack towards Andrew G., who quickly slides further in to the center, clips Troyzan's legs with his bag, and begins pushing his fallen opponent to the edge. Troyzan tries to recover his footing but is unable to as Andrew G. delivers the final push and sends him into the mud. Andrew G. humbly and silently sets his bag down as a suddenly excited Fatutaka tribe cheers him on. Troyzan bewilderedly sits in the mud as the rest of Temotu asks him to return to the mat to finish off the now 7-3 lead they have.

Matchup 11:
Andrew S.

The round starts the same as their previous encounter as both guys unmercifully go at one another. Savage once again slips due to the wet surface, but Derek is unable to get any traction to push for the same reason. Savage tries to muscle his way back up as Derek's duffel bag is propped against his body. Derek starts to make some headway in getting him to the edge, but Savage is able to get back on his feet and work his way to the platform's center. The two start to study one another as the rain begins to let up for the moment. Derek makes the first move by faking an initial attack causing Savage to step back up slightly. He then takes a second shot to Savage's legs which makes the latter fall on to the platform once more. This time, Derek is able to pin Savage down and start forcing him to the edge. Savage's legs grind against the platform as he fights to get back on his feet. Ultimately, he is unable to as Derek steadily pushes him off the platform and win immunity in the process. Derek celebrates by throwing his orange duffel bag to the side and makes his way through the mud to embrace his tribemates. Savage, meanwhile, frustratingly throws his duffel bag into another spot in the mud pit as the members of Fatutaka can only watch Temotu celebrate their fourth win in four challenges. It cuts to post-challenge, where Probst awards Temotu with immunity once again and asks the orange tribe which reward they would like to take back with them. They huddle up to discuss it.

Jocelyn (coming out of the huddle to announce Temotu's choice): We'll take the comfort stuff.

Probst: Okay. Temotu, you can grab the blankets and chairs on your way out. Congrats on yet another win.

Temotu thanks him as they begin grabbing their stuff and filing out of the challenge site.

Probst (as Temotu starts leaving): Fatutaka, you know the drill. All I have for you tonight is another date with me at Tribal Council, where one of the seven of you will be the third person voted out of this game. You have the afternoon to figure it out. I'll see you tonight.

The seven members of Fatutaka collect their belongings and start following Temotu out.

Chase may have worked his butt off in the challenge today, but he only fueled Temotu's fire to beat us. If the other tribe is talking smack to you, just take it with a grain of them what you're made of on the battlefield. They may be a tribe of pompous jackasses, but Chase didn't need to stoop to their level. He's an asset to us in challenges but at the same time, we haven't won anything. We haven't lost anything because of him either, but I'm saying he's not the sole reason we're staying competitive in challenges. With all of that, we'd be stupid to not at least consider writing his name down tonight.

–Andrew S.

With the rain subsiding, the overhead camera zooms out as the two tribes make their way out of the challenge site. It then fades to break.

The camera returns to the sight of waves calmly crashing down against the sand. Underneath the overcast sky, the Fatutaka tribe solemnly returns to camp as Savage is seen limping in the back of the line.

I have honestly wondered what the word 'Fatutaka' what it translates to. After the challenge today, I'm convinced it means something along the lines of pathetic, unsuccessful, or heartbreaking even. The fact that we haven't won anything in eight days is just...heartbreaking. This is not what I came out here to go through with. I came out here to win, y'know, something! Instead, we're nothing but a tribe of lovable losers. makes me want to scream.

–Andrew G.

It cuts to a bit later, where everyone but Chase is around camp.

Andrew G. (trying to confirm voting plans): I'm assuming it's Chase tonight, right? Nothing cute?

Everyone else nods or verbally confirms the vote to him.

Jordan: It seems like the easy vote tonight, so let's do it.

It then cuts over to Chase having a moment to himself as he floats in the shallow part of the ocean.

I'm very worried that it could be tonight. My performance in the challenge was definitely a highlight for the tribe today but looking back at my actions, I was out of line. There's no other way of putting that nicely. I got caught up in the heat of the moment and let it get to me, and I could tell it pissed some of my tribemates off. That's not what I'm out here to do. I'm out here to be the best that I can be, contrary to what happened today. I just hope the tribe gives me a chance to redeem myself.


It cuts back to camp as Andrew G. and Jordan prepare to clean off from the challenge.

Andrew G.: We're going for a dip. Does anybody want to join?

The other four decline and say they'll wait until later as the pair then goes off towards the ocean. Once the two arrive at the ocean, Suzanne quietly brings up an alternative voting strategy.

Suzanne (softly): I know we just agreed on Chase with them, but shouldn't those two be bigger targets?

Andrew S. (snappily): How come? Those two didn't cost us in the challenge today. Chase more than helped put a spark under them. That gave them momentum.

Suzanne: But we all stunk in the challenge today! I understand where you're coming from, but you can't place the blame on one person when we, as a tribe, were awful today. Andrew or Jordan we could stand to lose just because we may need Chase's muscle later on.

Andrew S. (weighing his options as he tends to his knee): They do go and do everything together, but Chase has been a constant problem since the first day. I can see both sides of it, but I really think that Chase needs to be the vote tonight.

Gaby (concernedly to Savage): Hey, is your knee okay? It looks a lot worse than it did a couple days ago.

Andrew S. (brushing it off): Nah, it's fine. It's just from the mud and everything. I can get it cleaned up later, and it'll be okay.

As all of the developments happen around him, Alvin merely sits and takes mental notes. Chase then shows up to camp from the water.

Chase: What's going on, guys?

The other four stay mum for a brief period.

Chase (starting to catch on): Are you talking about whether it's me or not tonight?

Andrew S.(shrugging his shoulders): Well...yeah, we're in the middle of discussing that right now.

Chase: I just want to say that I know I goofed up today, but I completely regret it. I'm not trying to be the hotheaded bad guy here...I just got caught up in the moment, so I'm really sorry if any of you feel like I cost us the challenge. That's all I'll say, and I'll leave you guys be.

Chase begins to walk away before Suzanne stops him.

Suzanne (liking what she heard from Chase): Hold on a second, Chase.

Chase turns back around as Gaby and Savage also turns their heads towards Suzanne.

Suzanne: We're also discussing whether one of...(discretely points to Andrew G. and Jordan)...those two should go.

Chase: So, would it help me out if I went with voting with you guys? Cause I'm guessing that's the only way I stay another night. I'll do whatever I need to do to make sure it's not me.

Suzanne: Just plan on voting Jordan, and we'll let you know if anything changes.

Chase simply, but happily, nods in agreement.

Lately, I've noticed that Jordan and the younger Andrew have done things only amongst the two of them. From things like gathering supplies after that really bad storm to even going for a swim by themselves today, they seem to be very close to one another. In a game such as Survivor, two votes could be make or break in any given situation, so that's my ulterior motive to break that pair up now that I have the chance...and the numbers to make this work. Don't get me wrong, I adore both of them and would hate to see them go, but I'm here to play a game. For my and everyone else's benefit, the weaker of the two needs to go tonight...and that's Jordan.


Chase (relieved): Awesome. That makes me feel a lot better. Thanks for letting me in on this, guys.

Suzanne (poking fun at Chase): Anytime, just don't go argue with anybody, or I'll change my mind!

Chase cracks a smile as he walks into the jungle with his canteen. The camera moves over and focuses on Gaby trying to hide any concerns she may be showing.

Suzanne let Chase know what the plan was for tonight, and I didn't like it...not at all. I could sense that older Andrew had a problem with it too because he was so dead set on getting Chase out of here. Suzanne kind of pulled the rug out from underneath him when she told Chase that the vote was Jordan. She told me that was the vote yesterday, but I don't think that she told Andrew that at any point. He thought that it was Chase going home for sure. They're supposed to be the ones that got this alliance started, but their communication skills don't seem to be there. That's a really big red flag to me.


It cuts in to later in the day as Alvin and Gaby are seen walking through the jungle.

Gaby (to Alvin as they walk): I have some really big concerns with this alliance.

Alvin (playing along): Like what?

Gaby: Like how nobody communicates! Did you see Andrew's face when Suzanne told Chase what she was wanting to do? He was furious!

Alvin: No, I agree with you. I have my concerns with it, too. That's why I was never really in on it to begin with.

Gaby surprisingly looks at Alvin.

Alvin: Yeah, Savage came to me with the idea of the alliance and told me who was going to be in it. I never said yes to it, though. All I said was that I would get back to him about it.

Gaby: Did you?

Alvin: No, and for all he knows, he thinks I'm with him just because I was there when we were talking about the vote.

Gaby: Well...if that's where the majority is, then that's something we can't really ignore. Y'know?

Alvin: We can always talk to those two...'G' and Jordan. If we can get in with them, that's four right there.

Gaby pauses for a moment and thinks it through.

Alvin: Would that be something you'd want to do?

Gaby: It'd be something I'd be open to, yeah.

Alvin: Well, let's go talk to them about it.

They turn around and head back to camp to talk to Andrew G. and Jordan.

After talking to Gaby and trying to get her to vote with Jordan, 'G', and myself, man, I feel like I should at least be up for nomination for an Academy Award or an Oscar or something! I was never in Savage's alliance to begin with, but Gaby didn't know that because we never talked. So when we finally got the chance to talk, I threw out that little pitch of 'Hey, if we go talk to and align with the people that they're targeting, that'll be a majority right there.'. This time yesterday, I think I said that Chase was the potential swing vote. That's not the case anymore. It's now looking like Gaby is the one who will tip the scales one way or the other.


It cuts back to camp as Savage and Suzanne sit outside the shelter and tend to the fire.

Suzanne: I'm sorry if I was spontaneous earlier, but I really think that Andrew and Jordan are the biggest threats going into tonight.

Andrew S. (quickly and firmly as he makes eye contact with Suzanne): So why tell Chase?

Suzanne: Because that was the only way to make him feel comfortable, I felt like! You never know when we could use his vote. Like if it's down to five of us and he's the swing vote, he would consider what we did for him at this moment much more than he would consider what Alvin or Gaby did for him, which is nothing as of yet.

Savage looks back to how the fire is keeping as Suzanne continues.

Suzanne: I know you're not the biggest fan of Chase after today, but you never know when we might need challenges or at Tribal.

Suzanne's got game. She's definitely got it if she's bringing up how Chase can be of use to us two or three votes down the road. Even though I've been the biggest advocate for Chase's dismissal, it does make sense to keep him around and go after Jordan and Andrew. It's outside our alliance of four and it's just in a different order from how I originally wanted it. If it means lengthening my stay in the game, I certainly won't have any qualms about it.

–Andrew S.

Andrew S. (softly, to make sure he is not overheard): Jordan tonight, then?

Suzanne: Yeah, I think that's our best play.

Andrew S. (as Chase arrives at camp): Alright, then. Just as long as everyone sticks to the plan, we'll be in good shape.

It cuts to early evening, about an hour before Tribal Council, and back in the jungle as the four of Alvin, Andrew G., Gaby, and Jordan are circled around and in the middle of discussing the day's events.

Alvin (to Jordan): Your name has come up for tonight.

Jordan (shocked): By who? Like, who was talking about that today?

Gaby: Everybody that's not here. Suzanne thinks that you two are a pair.

Andrew G. (sarcastically): Oh, great.

Jordan: So, what's the plan? Have you all talked about anything?

Gaby: As far as they know, they think Alvin and I are with them voting you, but I don't really trust them.

Andrew G.: So, would it still be Chase or...somebody else?

Gaby: Honestly, I was thinking Suzanne. She's the one that's really gunning for you.

Jordan: I'm fine with that. Are you guys fine with that?

Alvin and Andrew G. nod in agreement.

Jordan (still shocked): They see us as a pair... Wow...

So, you know...that thing where I said that being labeled as a 'Survivor pair' would ruin my game? Yeah, that happened... It turns out that Suzanne has been on to myself and Andrew all day and has targeted me for tonight. That makes me really nervous because obviously I don't want to go home, but I'm also putting my faith into Gaby, someone that I really haven't gotten to know over the past eight days. I know I have Andrew and Alvin but three is not a majority in a tribe of seven, so I'm sweating bullets right now.


Andrew G.: So, the four of us are voting Suzanne? I just want to nail this down before we actually have to leave.

The other three verbally confirm as they begin to make their way back to camp.

So, it turns out that the sweet old lady of the tribe is actually a strategic powerhouse...go figure. With Suzanne targeting Jordan, or possibly even me, tonight, that brings my idol into question. Do I play it tonight? If so, who do I play it on? These are questions I need answers to soon because I have no idea what Gaby is thinking about doing. I'm definitely worried about it since Jordan and I aren't that buddy-buddy with her. If she votes with us, though, I'll be her freaking BFF! (nervously laughing) That, I do know!

–Andrew G.

It cuts back to camp as Savage approaches Alvin and Gaby as they grab their torches.

Andrew S. (finalizing the vote): You guys still on board with Jordan for tonight?

Gaby (confirming, though still internally undecided): We're in.

Andrew S.: Okay. Let's go do this, then.

The camera transitions to the seven members of the winless blue tribe filing out of camp with torches in hand and onto the sandy shores that neighbor it.

I still don't know what to do tonight. Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to certain things. Like, Chase and Suzanne's side is physically stronger but harder to trust, but...I just don't know. It's so hard to choose! It doesn't matter which way I go...I will be blindsiding somebody either way tonight. I just have to figure out which group is going to be the best for me going forward.


The overcast sky clears as the sun sets and the moon rises during the camera's transition to Tribal Council. Seven lit torches can be seen filing their way into the Tribal Council area as it focuses on the central area. The seven, soon to be six, members place their torches down and take their seat.

Probst (also taking his seat): All right. It's Day 8, and yet this is the third time you've been here. Andrew G., can you put into words how this tribe has consistently struggled?

Andrew G.: I don't know about words, but I can summarize it by the desire to pull my hair out each time we lose. It's not a good feeling. It's not even an average feeling. We get our butts kicked every single week, and it makes me want to scream.

Probst: So Savage, what needs to be done to get this tribe on the winning track? Eight days in, this tribe hasn't a won a single challenge and will have lost three members after tonight.

Andrew S.: Um, it's something I have thought about as I'm sure everyone else has. Personally, I think that we need to keep the more experienced...not necessarily players, but people around. If we can keep people that have more life experience and have overcome more adversity, then that gives us a better chance to win, in my mind.

Probst: So, who would that not include amongst this group of seven?

Andrew S.: Andrew and Jordan.

Andrew G. and Jordan nervously acknowledge that they're being targeted.

Probst: I know that can't make you guys feel comfortable being targeted like you are, but how do you deal with that and try to convince the rest of the tribe to keep you around for something other than experience?

Jordan: You're right. It is unsettling to hear that your name's being tossed around by a good chunk of the tribe, but I know I can still kick butt in challenges and make a mean fire at camp. So, there's plenty of things that I do well. I shouldn't be judged by my age and neither should Andrew.

Probst: Andrew, same question to you. What do you need to do to convince everyone here that you're a worthy member of the tribe?

Andrew G. (brushing his peach fuzz): Umm...what she said.

The rest of the tribe shares a short laugh as does Probst.

Andrew G.: But in all seriousness, I shouldn't be judged by how old I am or how much life experience I do or don't have. I mean, I have certainly carried my weight in every aspect of this game so far. Is that a good enough reason to get rid of me or Jordan? If this tribe wants to start winning, I don't think so.

Alvin nods his head in agreement as Probst continues with the questions.

Probst: Chase, I want to get to you for a second because your feud with Roger was a hot topic the past two Tribal Councils. Now that he has been voted out of the game, how has the game for you been since then?

Chase (grinning): Great, actually. Y'know, I do get along with most everybody here. It was just Roger that I had a problem with, and it was a bad first impression that I made because of it. Now, having said that, I blew my top today...

Probst: I was about to get to that!

Chase: But no, I do know that me yelling at the tribe that has whooped us in four challenges now...wasn't doing any favors for anyone. I'm trying to make a clean slate, and the best I can do is acknowledge that I need to do so. I'm just hoping that it doesn't cost me tonight.

Probst: Alvin, how important is tonight's vote for this tribe?

Alvin: It's funny that you ask that, Jeff, because the past couple days have been centered around trust and who to trust. Alliances have been made, and I can safely say that some of those alliances will be broken after tonight.

Andrew G. worriedly looks at Alvin as the latter discretely winks at the former causing him to breathe a little easier. With a few more questions, Probst ends the interrogation and begins the voting process. The castaways, one at a time, make their way to the voting booth and cast their vote. Andrew G. and Chase's confessionals are aired as Chase is the last to vote and take his seat.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

As he does, the camera focuses on Jordan nervously awaiting the votes. Probst then returns with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The camera highlights Jordan and Alvin looking over to an anxious Andrew G., who does not reach into his bag or pocket to retrieve his idol.

Probst: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Jordan (1)

Jordan slightly nods and nervously watches on.

Second vote: Suzanne (1-1)

The camera focuses on Suzanne a bit perplexed as to why her name is written down, but still watches the votes unfold.

Third vote: Jordan (2-1)

Fourth vote: Jordan (3-1)

Jordan leans over nervously and puts her head in her hands, expecting to be voted out. Savage and Chase both are seen confidently looking on.

Fifth vote: Suzanne (3-2)

There are no looks of worry from Suzanne, Chase, or Savage as they expected votes from both Andrew G. and Jordan. Gaby starts to breathe heavily as Alvin calmly watches on.

Sixth vote: Suzanne (3-3)

Now noticing something's amiss, Suzanne and Savage both look over to Gaby and Alvin as they wonder which one of them flipped. Chase, Andrew G., and Jordan are seen intently awaiting the last vote.

Seventh vote: ...

Probst: Third person voted out of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands...

Jordan clenches her eyes shut as Suzanne nervously watches Probst turn over the final vote. He reveals that it is for Suzanne.

Probst: Suzanne. I need you to bring me your torch.

Chase and Savage appear dumbfounded as they watch Suzanne rise from her seat and grab her torch. Alvin grins as Andrew G. and Jordan breathe a huge sigh of relief. As Suzanne makes her way to place her torch down, Gaby is seen expressionlessly avoiding eye contact with anyone.

Probst: Suzanne, the tribe has spoken.

With her torch snuffed, Suzanne proceeds to leave the Tribal Council area but not before wishing the rest of her tribe luck and bidding them farewell.

Probst: Well, tonight was based around trust, experience, and what it takes to win. From what I've gathered, you need to work on both trust and experience before you find out what is needed to win. And you need to do it quick because after tonight, you're now down three members in a game all about numbers. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The six members of the continuously depleting Fatutaka tribe rise from their seats and grab their torches. The camera focuses on a visibly relieved Jordan as they file out of Tribal Council. It then zooms out with the sight of now six lit torches making their way to their boat as crackles of lightning are seen in the background.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Suzanne (4 votes)
Alvin, Andrew G., Gaby, Jordan
Jordan (3 votes)
Andrew S., Chase, Suzanne
Suzanne Drolet

Voting Confessionals

You know, I never would've suspected you as a strategic threat. But hey, good on 'ya. I hate that it's you, but that's the game.

–Andrew G.

The only way I stay in the game is by writing this name down. Sorry.


Final Words

Wow...(laughs)...that's all I can say after tonight. I thought that the numbers were on my and Savage's side, but that goes to show you to never be fully comfortable in this game. Just when you think you've got everything solidified, that's when you should be wondering what's wrong. For me, it's too late to do that, but I still had a great time nonetheless. No complaints from me!

–Suzanne Drolet

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

Justin makes new friends..."I am now the self-proclaimed papa bird of the island!" "He didn't even sleep in the shelter last night. He slept with the birds!"...and a medevac at the immunity challenge leaves everyone stunned.


  • The episode title was said by Amy when describing the physicality between the two tribes in the immunity challenge.