"Easy As ABC"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 9/14
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Easy As ABC is the ninth episode of Survivor: Hainan.

Previously on Survivor

After the Redemption Duel, the first voted off Elisa and the former member of Yu Shen Penny returned to the main game. With the ten people that haven't been voted out, they all together formed the merged tribe Hai Long Wang. The clear division of tribes still existed and Lei Gong soon realized that they lost Ingrid as their former ally. At the first tribal, for the first time no one was immuned, yet it was clear that the other people have ganged up against the five Lei Gong. Dash was voted out 7-5 in the first tribal. At the second tribal held right on spot, Gabriel earned himself immunity as part of the reward. He was also granted his vote to be counted twice. Penny acted right on the spot and stuck with the Lei Gong to obtain a six-vote total. Nancy was targeted as she was considered the leader of the misfit alliance. Albert was targeted, considering his physical strength. At the end, Albert played his idol on himself and saved him from elimination. Nancy was voted out in a 6-0 vote.


First Immunity Challenge: Price On Your Head
Each contestant balances a bowl on a bean bag on their head. They must fill the bowl with rice and then walk to another bowl, where they fill that bowl with the rice they have carried. The first person to fill that 2nd bowl with rice to completion wins immunity.
Winner: Keith
Second Immunity Challenge: Arrows to the Knee
Contestants would first shoot arrows to break ceramic containers to get 100 more arrows. Then they needed to shoot at a target until the weight of the target was heavy enough to lift up a torch, lighting a fire bowl. First contestant to light up would win immunity.
Winner: Keith


Night 21

The tribes were still shocked because they did not expect a double tribal council at the first post-merge tribal council. However, some of them did notice something about the second tribal council.

The was just six votes for Albert, instead of the supposed seven. Of course it could be possible that Jeff did not read that seventh vote, yet it's more likely that someone did flip. In terms of strength of bond, I would say, Lucas, Nancy and I are close, Ingrid and Fion are close, but I don't know about Elisa and Penny. They returned from Redemption Island, knowing that no one would let them stay until the end. They could do anything, betrayal after betrayal, just to get to the end.


Day 22

Via treemail, the tribe was informed that there was no redemption duel but another immunity challenge. Elisa quickly grabbed Penny.

Quote1Was it you that flipped back to Lei Gong?Quote2- Elisa
Quote1Well, don't you think the decision is kinda reasonable?Quote2- Penny
Quote1You know where we stand, we came from Redemption Island, if we don't do anything, or we do things individually, we can hardly get to the end.Quote2- Elisa
Quote1Sure I understand.Quote2- Penny
Quote1You can see Lei Gong are tight, but not the misfits.Quote2- Elisa
Quote1I'll talk to you later.Quote2- Penny

At the immunity challenge, Keith showed his strong balancing skills and Gabriel worked very fast despite dropping his bowl a few times. It was their game the whole time. In the end, Keith won over Gabriel by a fraction.
With Gabriel's physical skills threatening, the misfits decided to vote of Gabriel. The Lei Gong tried to convince both Elisa and Penny to form a majority. They hope to get rid of Lucas, both a physical threat and a social threat as he was strongly connected to Keith.
At tribal council, Elisa and Penny explained that they would base their decision on what would be the best for them, not for anybody else. They even say that they would take any final four offers. Yet, no one offered them right on the spot, disappointing them. Yet, Gabriel explains them they could be huge physical threat as they won many duels, as well as social threat, as they came back from Redemption Island.
It was the time to vote. No one played any immunity idols.

After the tribe returned to camp, Keith and Lucas were planning a further step.

Quote1Do we have solid six to spit for the next?Quote2- Keith
Quote1Do they have the idol? If not, we don't need to worry.Quote2- Lucas
Quote1Ask the rest.Quote2- Keith

Day 24

The tribes were instructed to perform yet another immunity challenge. This challenge required good shooting skills. Keith managed to win another immunity challenge. After the challenge, the whole tribe went on the search for hidden immunity idol.

I knew I have the idol, and only Elisa knew about it. Despite I don't need to worry finding the idol, I have to be careful who to tell about the idol.


On the other hand, Albert, Bobby and Johnathan knew they were in trouble. Johnathan decided it was the time to move further, moving on to different directions with Albert and Bobby.

Anyone can tell that the returnees are big targets. No one liked them as they were once voted out already. So I think, why don't I join them? If I bring them to the finals, I could win!


Johnanthan immediately approach Penny and Elisa. However, Albert and Bobby told Fion about Johnathan's plan, trying to get back in the majority alliance. Soon enough, Keith and Lucas noticed about the plan.
The tribe members went to tribal council without a clear direction who to vote for. Jeff asked what would everyone based on for that night's vote. Keith named strategical threats. Unaware himself being a physical threat, Johnanthan pointed that out as well. Clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol was also revealed, and the tribe revealed that there were suspicion to where the idol is.

Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash gray
Elisa smith
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps gray
Hope holmium nickle gray
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott gray
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris gray
Oak timm gray
Penny smith
Qwerty filex gray
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye gray
Tifanie case gray

Author's Notes

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