Elsa Estrada
Contestant Profile
Birth Date August 29, 1993 (1993-08-29) (age 24)
Hometown Berkeley, CA
Occupation Engineering Student

Survivor: Madagascar

Tribes Fossa
► Baobab
Placement 3/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 38

Elsa Estradais a contestant in Survivor: Madagascar.


19 year old Elsa is one of the youngest contestants this season. A student, Elsa is studying for her degree in Engineering. She hates to lose and loves her kitten, Milo. When not building in her father’s workshop or studying, she rocks out with her band, singing “better than Hayley Williams of Paramore”.

Survivor: Madagascar

Early in the game, Elsa enjoyed all of her teammates, except for maybe Kamila and Nicholas. She tried to oust Kamila on Day 9, when the others were voting for Bella. Elsa and Hanson recieved Nicholas and Kamila's wrath afterwords.

Julian learns that Antonia has the idol clue, and he relays the clue to Elsa and Hanson. Somewhere between Day 10 and 11, the three of them find the idol, but Elsa is the one who acually claims it.

On Day 13, Elsa and Nicholas were switched to Baobab. Elsa was not happy about the switch.

Oh no, I had to be the one who got moved with Nicholas. Who am I going to side with now?


. But she didn't have to worry, Baobab didn't lose an immunity challenge while she was a part of the team.

When the merge came, she sided back with her fellow Fossites. But her alliance was outnumbered by the baobab alliance plus Nicholas. Elsa lost allies Hanson and Antonia days after each other. When asked about the idol, Elsa wanted to keep it for the last remaining Fossa. But after Nicholas left only Julian and her remained to use it.

Even though I was the official Fossa idol finder, Hanson and Julian were there when I found it. We agreed to use it together and use it strategically. I thought it would be best to save until the end but now I think one of us should use it soon. Like, next tribal council soon...


After Julian won immunity on Day 30, Elsa agreed to play the idol so they would both be safe. She did, which worried Jessica into thinking she would be blindsided, so she played hers as well. Drew was eliminated.

Without the idol to protect them, Julian was eliminated next, making Elsa the last original Fossa remaining in the game. She was 1 in 5 left.

This is it then, I am the last Fossa. Somehow, I feel proud of myself to make it 33 days, and outlast all of my teammates, but mostly, I'm sad. I really don't have any friends here.


Elsa didn't win immunity on Day 36, she figured she was going home next, but she was saved by Corey and Bobby not voting together. Corey was eliminated.

Elsa won immunity on Day 37, insuring herself a spot in the final 3. She was very excited, Bobby was eliminated. But on Day 38, she lost the immunity challenge and was finally eliminated.

She voted for Carly to win.

Voting History

Elsa's Voting History
Episode Elsa's
Voted Against
1 Sammie -
2 Fossa Tribe Immune
3 Kamila -
4 Kamila -
5 Baobab Tribe Immune
6 No Vote
7 Bobby -
8 Nicholas -
9 Nicholas Jessica
10 Drew Jessica, Drew
11 Corey -
12 Corey Corey
13 Bobby;
Individual Immunity
Ineligible Carly
Voted Off, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor
  1. In Never Give Up, the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Bobby and Carly, forcing a revote, where the only eligible for elimination were Carly and Bobby. At the revote, Elsa voted for Bobby again.


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  • Elsa was one of three castaways (along with Drew Garths and Nicholas Landwehr) to play on all three tribes in Survivor: Madagascar.
    • Elsa was the only female in Survivor: Madagascar to play on all thre tribes.
  • Shares many similarities with Cassie Hastings
    • Both are redheads
    • Both are musicians
    • Both are from California
    • Both were the highest ranking members of their original tribes