Pegatoryknockout The Immunity Challenge
Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 9/13
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This is the 9th episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

Jane played her idol and Amir was eliminated, the playing fields appear leveled again, which team will have the advantage by the end of tonight?


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
Each castaway has $500 to spend on mystery items.

Immunity Challenge: Pegatory Knockout
The challenge features three rounds of elimination. In the first round, the castaways must dig until they find a wooden peg which they will use to navigate a maze. The first five to finish move on to the second stage of the challenge. In the second stage, the castaways will use four pegs to navigate a wall. The first three to finish move on to the final stage, where the first person to complete a sliding puzzle will win Immunity.
Winner: Minerva


Night 24

Back at camp,the moods seem opposite of what they were a few nights ago.

Amir is actually gone this time, now I really have no one...


Now were back to where we were a few days ago...Eiao and Hatutu are tied.


Cassie, Jane, Reginald and Jake discuss who their win.

Cassie: "Alright guys, were all ties up again! And Amir is gone!"
Reginald: "Grayson has been avenged! Now just have to avenge my family..."
Jane:"We have to try really hard now that we don't have an idol to use."
Cassie: "We can try to bring in Jacqueline again."
Jake: "I think she's chosen her side."

I am a little upset that I wasted my idol, but hey, none of us were eliminated.


I feel back in the teams good graces.


When going to the shelter to sleep Jake trips and falls over into brush. Cassie and Jane help him up, but he seems to have punctured his hand.

I cut my hand pretty bad on a piece of wood or maybe it was a pointy shell, I'll check it out tomorrow morning.


The group goes to sleep.

Day 25

The survivors wake up and get ready for the day, but they have treemail, they are to head to a reward challenge.

At the challenge, the survivors realize it is the survivor auction, everyone is given $500 dollars to spend. Minerva and Jane both spent all their money for an immunity challenge advantage, Reginald made the most of his money buying the exotic foods, which he seemed to enjoy, Alabaster was envied when he waited until the end and spent his money on a letter from home.

Contestant Items Bought
  • A letter from home ($400)
  • A peanut butter and jelly sandwich ($280).
  • A hot dog with fries ($180);
  • Ice cream ($320)
  • Nachos with dips ($120);
  • Pizza ($360)
  • Immunity Challenge advantage ($500)
  • Immunity challenge advantage ($500)
  • Fruit bat soup ($50)
  • Pig Brain ($150)
  • Chocolate cake (Given to Jane and Cassie; $300)
  • Meatball Sub ($350)

At camp, Alabaster read his letter.

It just feels really good to have encouragement from home, it's the extra boost that no food could've given me.


Minerva is glad for her buy also.

I know that the rest see me as a threat, I needed this advantage. It's a shame that Jane bought one as well.


The sun starts to set, Jake is having some troubles.

There is a throbbing ache in my hand. The wound from yesterday is really red, I hope this isn't infected...


Day 26

The day beings and the group eats chicken eggs, Jake cannot use his right hand.

Minerva: "Jake, what's wrong with your hand?"
Jake: "I took a pretty bad fall a few nights ago, and I cut my hand pretty deep."
Cassie:"Ew! Is that pus coming out of it?"
Jake: "Oh, I guess it is..."
Reginald: "I am no doctor, but that looks very bad, almost as bad as my toe looked when I cut it on a hike in the Bulgarian terrain. I had to amputate it!"
Jake: "I'm sure its nothing that bad, my hand hurts, but I'll be ok, this is all part of the game isn't it? Enduring through pain?"
Jacqueline: "It really doesn't look good."

Instead of fearing the upcoming split vote, I think we just have to wait another day, Jake might have to leave because of his infection. As terrible as that is, I think I'll be ok.


I don't know much, but I do know that when an infection enters the blood stream, bad things happen.


The team of 8 finishes their meager breakfast and it starts to rain. They huddle together in their shelter, there isn't a lot of time to talk strategy.

I swear, if this infection takes Jake from the game, I don't know how we are going to last, the other 4 will be able to eliminate us all!


Day 27

The survivors make their way to the immunity challenge. The rules are explained. Jane and Minerva are told what their advantage is, they automatically get to advance to the second stage, now only 3 spots remain for the other 6 to claim, everyone begins the challenge.

Everyone is frantically digging, only the first 5 move one to the second round, and 2 spots are already filled by Jane and Minerva. Unfortunately for Jake, he can only dig with one hand, which slows him down. After intense digging, Jacqueline is the first to find a peg. She moves on. A few minutes later, Alabaster finds his peg. Only 1 spot remains and Cassie, Jake, Reginald and Robin are fighting for it. Reginald finds the last peg. Cassie, Jake and Robin are out.

In the second stage, survivors must use their peg and three more to climb a large wall, first 3 to get over it move onto the final round. Despite what most would think, Minerva climbs the wall very swiftly, her light body is very agile. Alabaster also seems to make quick work of the wall. Reginald and Jane quickly fall behind, but Jacqueline keeps pace with Alabaster and Minerva. Minerva is the first to finish, followed by Alabaster and Jacqueline. The three smile knowing that an Eiao won't have immunity, especially knowing that Jane is vulnerable again.

In the final stage, they must use one peg to navigate through a long maze. The three begin, Jacqueline seems to be going the fastest, but she gets to a dead end, Alabaster too, finds dead ends quickly. Minerva takes her time and works carefully. The other two seem to be moving too hastily. Minerva navigates herself to the end of the maze and wins immunity.

Back at camp, congratulations are given, but the Eiao members are not thrilled. One in particular is not feeling good at all.

I feel very hot and sweaty. Today is just so hot... My stomach hurts, I think I need some medical attention.


Jake goes to confront his friends, but then begins vomiting. Reginald calls for help, Jane goes to console Jake.

The survivor medical team is always near location in case of emergencies, the camera crew goes and gets a doctor. Doctor Marshall arrives on scene and investigates Jake's hand wound, upon touch he reacts. She also gives him a thermometer. He has very high fever. Minutes later the host arrives on the camp scene. Dr. Marshall alerts the host that Jake is not fit to continue playing anymore, that his bloodstream is infected and he needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Jake starts to tear up, he waves goodbye to his friends with his good hand. The doctors take him to a helicopter that lands nearby, and the other survivors watch him leave.

The host tells the rest of the group that tribal council will be cancelled tonight, Jake will become the next jury member and the next Immunity challenge will be in 3 days.

Tribal Council

Removed From Camp
JakeG B&W
Jake Garvin

Final Words

To be removed from the game on Day 27, only 12 days left, it just stinks. I feel like I really let my team down, in more ways than one. I should've been more of a team player and not eliminated Jeriah, things could've been different. Now I feel like my removal will only hurt the three left that I care about. Good luck to them anyway!


Still In The Running

JakeG B&W
JeriahM B&W
MillieT B&W
MoondoggieG B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
AmirK B&W
JamieS B&W
RichardJ B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

Jane, Cassie and Reginald are on their own once again, is there any chance for them to survive?

Author's Notes

  • Because of continuing computer difficulties, this episode was also created only on this wiki.