Esther Walker
Esther Walker
Contestant Profile
Birth Date August 8, 1988
Hometown Harrisburg, PA
Occupation Philadelphia Eagles

Survivor: La Mosquitia

Tribes Segovia
► Warunta
Duo Flumina
Placement 4/16
Alliances Swap Six
Challenges Won 16
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 37

Esther Walker is a contestant on Survivor: La Mosquitia.


Esther is a 25 year old currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Survivor: La Mosquitia

Esther is one of the eight members of the Segovia tribe.

Voting History

Esther's Voting History
Episode Esther's
Voted Against
1 Alina -
2 Segovia Tribe Immune
3 Erick -
4 Warunta Tribe Immune
5 Warunta Tribe Immune
6 Warunta Tribe Immune
7 Dennis Astrid, Dennis, Lester
8 Xavier Individual Immunity
9 Astrid Individual Immunity
10 Lester Individual Immunity
11 Ivan Individual Immunity
12 Michelle Individual Immunity
13 Olive Michelle, Olive, Piper
Voted Off, Day 37
Jury Vote Piper


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  • Esther is the tallest woman in La Mosquitia at 6'1".
  • In the first episode, her tribe voted for her during the first impressions vote, but instead of going home, she competed for her tribe in the first reward challenge.
    • Esther won the challenge.