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"Euphoric Experience"
Survivor goes to Malaysia for another season filled with lies, deception, betrayal, and of course the one million dollar prize.
Season Survivor: Malaysia
Author Dynomite
Episode Number 1/13
Date Uploaded April 17, 2012
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Survivor: Malaysia

This is episode 1 of Survivor: Malaysia.

This episode is titled "Euphoric Experience".

This episode chronicles Days 1-3.


Reward Challenge - Test of Might

The first reward challenge kicked off the game as the 18 castaways immediately got out of the helicopters carrying them to Malaysia. For the reward challenge, each tribe must run in an all out sprint to the other side of the beach, using both teamwork and hustle to get to the other end first. Once all members are at the end, one person must swim out to the buoy in the water and grab a puzzle bag and bring it back in. The tribes must elect one puzzle solver to attempt to solve the puzzle. FIrst tribe to solve the puzzle and raise their tribe flag wins reward.

Winner: Lautan
Reward: Flint & Bag of Rice

Immunity Challenge - Pulverizer

For the first immunity challenge, each castaway must go up against an opposing castaway on the other tribe in head to head race. At the end of the course, there is a ladder in which you must climb up and then jump into the water below. You must then swim to the bottom and find one of the nine tribe colored bag of puzzle pieces. Once all nine members from each tribe have returned with their bags, seven of them must work together to solve a puzzle while the other two shoot pressured air at the opposing tribes puzzle trying to mess them up. The puzzle involves many light pieces being put together vertically to create the season insignia.

Winner: Lautan

Day One

We are flying above the oceans just off the coast of the small island of Pulau Dayang Bunting in Langkawi, a small island off of mainland Malaysia. Here we begin a journey where 18 strangers, all from different walks of life, must work together to survive. These contestants will be battling the elements, and each other. They must compete with and against each other, creating and altering strategies in order to make it to the end, win the prize of $1,000,000 and be named sole Survivor!

–Jeff Probst

The tribes, who were announced to be blue and green, representing both land and sea, were called over by Jeff Probst, who welcomed the two tribes, Tanah (wearing green) and Lautan (wearing blue). He then immediately pointed to a starting mat, and explained the first reward challenge of the game (see description above). Lautan managed to pull away from Tanah as Temera managed to solve the puzzle in a matter of a few minutes, proving her worth early on in the game. Sam also managed to make up some time in the swimming portion when they had previously fell behind because Beverly, or B, took a spill early on and had trouble getting up. Despite this, Lautan won the reward, and won flint and a large bag of rice.

First impressions are everlasting. I proved myself as a worthy competitor today and I think everybody knows it. I just have to squeeze myself into an alliance with the right people and I can breeze through this game.


On the other tribe, Tanah, they were not discouraged because they were very close to winning. Nobo, Eli, and Samuel pulled most of the dead weight of the rest of the tribe during the first portion of the challenge, and Jeff mentioned it during the competition, which felt amazing for Nobo.

Holy... Oh my... What! Jeff Probst said my name! Wow I'm just in shock that I'm actually here. I'm so young and I perservered and I didn't give up and I am finally here! This is one of those euphoric, out-of-body experiences that I will never forget, and it has just started!


As both tribes arrived for the first time at their new homes for what coud be thirty nine days, they tried to get settled...


Upon arriving to camp, each tribemate introduced themselves and it quickly turned into an informal background check. Instead of working on a camp right away, the tribe went into the water and talked about their lives. Alice warmed up to Samuel, who veered away from talking about his past, for fear that anything he says will be considered strategic. Alice, who was obviously trying to get closer to him, was working hard to get some sort of connection.

Samuel is a buff guy and that usually means he lacks in another area north of those muscles. I am going to make him listen to me. He will have a chain around that neck of his.


Samuel was concerned, as she was overly open to him. He wasn't sure what to make of her, so he remained weary, yet kept her by as an option. Meanwhile, Sonya was in a circle with Nobo, Steve, & Eli. The four were getting along nicely. Nobo was able to garner more likeability when the history of his name came up.

Yes, it is a rather peculiar name, but I wear it proudly on my sleeve. It has a family history and I'm proud of that.


Eli was feeling trusting of the group, so he told them about his past, and how it affected him. The others were sympathetic, and they all formed a bond.

We have a good four going right now, and it is something I hope to stick with, at least for a while.


Betty was the only one not in the water. She was worried about opening up, but with some persuading from Dante, she came around and opened up.

I'm glad I had Dante there to guide me. Everybody always could use a little guidance.


After a while, they started to work on the camp, before night fell and they decided to try to get some sleep. Without a proper shelter, they were worried, but tried to rough it out. Luckily for them, it did not rain much, and they managed to stay mostly dry. The cold, however, got to some of them.

I am already pissed off! I know I hafta keep my cool but this cold is unbearable! TIme to snuggle with some guys I guess.



The tribe got together at their new campsite very quickly introduced themselves, before Beverly started working on building a shelter, and urging everybody to do the same.

Beverly is... wait. His name is Beverly. Okay that's a wierd realization. Anyway, he just started builiding today. He wasn't even communicating with us. He was just barking out orders and trying to get the shelter done. While I admire his determination, that's not something I want around.


B was a great help at camp. He was working hard and got everything started. But, nobody else seems to understand why he acted so determined to get it done. I know he just wanted to get it done, but he should start to talk more. I'd be open to start something with him if he manages to turn it around.


B eventually took a break and went for a swim, while everybody else questioned him. On his way back in, he went to Alex and started talking, very smoothly, and with a lot of confindence. He definitely knew what he was doing, and Alex noticed. She was very happy when B asked her if they wanted to have a secret alliance within the tribe, and that they stick together no matter what. She agreed.

I made a shelter basically by myself today. That should win me some points. And Alex, that girl, she is going to be my partner in crime!


Meanwhile, Tyler, Sam, and Elena were hitting it off, talking about how much they all disliked Beverly already. Tyler made fun of his heavy size, while the other two laughed in agreement. They had a common enemy, thus making them allies. They all agreed that Beverly should be the first one to go on their tribe.

Beverly has helped us build this shelter. I think that was his purpose in this game. And he has fulfilled it quite valiantly. First opportunity, we'll cut him loose.


Other than Beverly stirring a little trouble up, the tribe all got along fairly well, making quick work of the shelter and being able to sleep sound in a shelter Beverly was quite proud of.

Day Two


The tribe finally got around to building a worthy shelter, and tensions were a big high because there were disagreements with the components of the shelter. Eli, who had built a lake house in his lakefront property, was accustomed to building and knew where things went. He argued that support should be on all four corners, while several others argued that a tree would be sufficient in the back. He had no choice but to give in. The shelter worked well, but Eli knew it would have been much easier to do it his way.

I am proud of myself. I backed off of an argument today, and I bit my tongue, and just shut up. That's what it takes to stay out here long enough. And I'm glad that I was able to do that.


The tribe then went looking for fruit and coconuts, finding the waterwell along the way. They found a banana tree and a few coconut trees along the shoreline, and were mentally mapping out the locations of where they would get a lot of their food for a while.


Lautan used their second day to get to know one another, and confirmed alliances whilst having an opportunity to actually talk to one another. Sarah formed an alliance with Temera and Tyler. Tyler, however, was only in the alliance because he wouldn't leave Sarah alone. Although Sarah didn't mind it, she was annoyed by him. Her and Temera agreed that it was good because Tyler could definitely be useful as a vote, rather than vote him off. Tyler was also in a sturdy alliance with Elena and Sam, forming a good connection together from talking crap the previous day.

I am in two different alliances! It looks like I'll be safe for a while.


Beverly was not particularly concerned with any other alliances, as he believed that his hard work was enough to carry him for a while.

Adam was in the shelter with Cassidy, Temera, and Alex when he reveealed his voting strategy. He will find the people he believes are being targeted and will ask them a riddle. If they get it wrong, they'll write that person's name down.

What the hell kinda strategy does Adam think he can use like that? That will not get him very far. Then again, it could be a giveaway to an alliance who the opposing alliance is voting for. That is really the only possible plus I can see coming from Adam. He is definitely not the smartest person here.


Day Three

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results.

Immunity Challenge Information

It was a close match for a while, and as Dante faced off against Sam first, the tribes both got their first puzzle piece very quickly. Next up were Betty and Elena, where Elena gained a bit of ground as Betty took a few dives before eventually getting her bag. Steve caught up for Tanah as he raced against B, whose performance was lackluster at best. Samuel then gained some momentum against Alex, who was quick, but not quicker than Samuel. And for the remainder of the first portion, Tanah had a comfortable lead. However, once they got started on the puzzle, it was clear that they needed to work together. Once Lautan got back and started working on the puzzle, both tribes had two members with air cannons trying to knock over each other's puzzles. Tanah decided to take the defensive, using most of the members as blockades. This game Lautan time to catch up, until both tribes went on hard attack and knocked eachother's over. Lautan picked back up quickly and gained some ground, eventually overcoming Tanah's air cannons and winning immunity.


Tanah would have the distinction of being the first tribe to go to tribal council, and one of these members would be the first person eliminated from Survivor: Malaysia. Upon returning to camp, it was clear that they would try to weed out the weaker players, which put a target on Betty and Sonya's backs. Sonya choked during the puzzle, unable to pick up where she started and not being able to get it going. Betty was slow in the water, and it ultimately cost them a lot of time. The tribe was at a crossroads. They couldn't determine who had better assets that would not hinder the tribe in the future. It was not about alliances yet, as nobody had truly joined an alliance properly, with the exception of a few. But nobody in an alliance was being targeted, so Nobo, AJ, Steve, Samuel, Alce, and Dante got together and ultimately decided Betty was a bigger liability. They didn't bother to tell to tell Sonya because she had no idea who was at risk of being eliminated. Dante, however, told Betty, who urged them to reconsider.

This is not fair. I'm being voted off first? Ridiculous... I'm going to try my best to change their minds.


Betty approached Nobo, who she considered to be witty, and tried to convince him that AJ was not in the game for the right reasons. She tried her best, and Nobo agreed, but didn't plan on voting for AJ. He wasn't ready to vote the strong people off right away.

I understand where Betty is coming from, but she was bad at the challenge, and that's what I have to base my vote on right now. We need strength.



Lautan won immunity, and were not going to tribal council.

It feels so good knowing that I won't be going home first in this game. I am so overwhelmingly ecstatic it is incomprehensible!


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1: Tanah





Dante, Alice, Sonya, AJ,
Steve, Nobo, Samuel, Eli





Voted Off:



Voting Confessionals

Sorry sweetie, I really think you have a great personality, but it's just not the best decision for the tribe to keep you here. I hope to get to know you better after we're all back home. Bye.


I'm just glad I am surviving tonight without a scratch.


This game is for people like me to triumph and overcome, not for you to complain and be negative all the time.


Sorry Betty, but this one has to be you.


Goodbye lady and enjoy the food you'll be getting tonight.


I already hate tribal.


I don't know what you do, but I know you must do something great. We'll miss you.


Sorry Betty.


We're the elders here, but you are weaker. Sorry Betty.


Final Words

Well I tried my best to stay in this game, but it just wasn't destined to be. I'll continue to work hard for the things I want and if Survivor's taught me anything it's to not trust younger kids hah!


Still in the Running







































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