"Everyone Loves Her, But I Don't Trust Her"
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Author User:Dskmd
Episode Number 11/14
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 Everyone Loves Her, But I Don't Trust Her is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Guadeloupe.

Previously on Survivor...

Brenden began to actually play the game, quickly making deals with the other alliance to ensure his safety. On Day 28, the Survivor Auction was held. Regan spent her money on an extra vote, Dallas bought an advantage in the next immunity challenge, and Holly bought the power to vote off anyone who had not bought anything with their auction money yet. She chose to eliminate Harvey, sending him to the Jury.

Regan and Dallas quickly realized that they were on the bottom, and both of them were determined to save themselves in the game. Dallas even pondered over eliminating Regan, but he quickly dismissed the idea, thinking that voting off his only ally would be a stupid move. Meanwhile, Brenden spoke with Abbie, Luke, Holly, and Rodger about the Final Five. He tried to create a Final Five deal, but Rodger was reluctant to join since Brenden didn't include Ida, the person Rodger trusted most, in his plans.

At the immunity challenge, Dallas' advantage paid off, giving him immunity. To a normal observer, Regan would have been definitely voted off. But Brenden orchestrated a plan to not only keep Regan in the game, but eliminate the one person he didn't have a deal with: Ida. And in a 9-1 blindside, Ida was sent home, much to her shock, still in the possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol, which she tossed in the fire on her way out.

Eight are left, who will be voted out next?


Challenge: House of Cards

Each competitor has 150 wooden tiles. They must use the tiles to build a house of cards up to a height of 8 feet. The first person to reach the target height wins.

Winner: Abbie


Night 30

Upon returning back to camp, Rodger had quickly come to realize something.

Right after I cast that vote for Ida, I regretted it. Now, I've decided to not let Brenden control the vote like that. He's the one who's gonna get blindsided next. I don't care if I have a Final Five deal with him, I want him gone.


It wasn't just Rodger who was on edge, however. Every one of Ida's old allies was a little uneasy.

I'm absolutely humiliated at my actions and those of my alliances. We could have voted Regan out, right then and there, but we were too focused on how Ida was a threat.


In a way, Ida's elimination was similar to Beth's: Both eliminations were unfair and wrong. Beth got voted out due to an immunity idol, and Ida got blindsided and her feelings seriously hurt because she was a threat.


Regan, however, was delighted about Ida's elimination.

I was supposed to go home. But by some stroke of luck, something magical happened. I'm still here, and Ida's gone. And I'm thrilled!


Regan, Dallas, and Brenden were talking in hushed tones in the shelter. Nobody could hear what they were saying. After they finished talking, Regan gave both Dallas and Brenden a high-five, which Holly clearly saw from where she was near the fire. While Regan was celebrating with Brenden and Dallas, Holly came over to Abbie and Taylor to talk about Brenden.

Quote1I noticed something about Brenden.Quote2- Holly
Quote1And that would be what?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Even though he claims to be with us, and only with us, he talks to Regan a lot.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Well, maybe he's trying to throw her off scent. Make her think that he's still on her side.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I think that Brenden's doing more than just pretending to reassure Regan. Brenden is clearly willing to play dirty. He orchestrated Ida's elimination, and I wouldn't put it past him to have deals with everybody on this tribe.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Do you really think he does?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I know he does. He promised Luke, Abbie, Rodger, and me Final Five.Quote2- Holly
Quote1But... He said that I was going to the end with him.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1He did?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Yeah. And you know what sucks? I believed him. I'm usually able to see through anybody and tell if they're lying to me or not. But I couldn't.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Don't feel too bad about it, OK? We'll get Brenden out, right after we get Regan and Dallas out.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Yeah. It could be us three in the Final Three. Because face it, none of us will beat Rodger. Aside from some minor slip-ups, he's been quite the strategist. And Luke already has Adam as a probable vote on the Jury.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1So after we vote off Regan, Dallas, and Brenden, then we can vote off Luke and Rodger in whatever order. Then it's the chicks to the end.Quote2- Holly
Quote1I'm in.Quote2- Taylor
I just made a Final Three deal with Abbie and Taylor. There was no question that I was going to keep Abbie until the end. She was my closest ally back in the pre-mutiny days, and that hasn't changed. Plus, aside from mutinying, she hasn't really made any other big moves, so that makes me look even better. Now, Taylor's made a few large moves, but what she doesn't know is that I've been making friends with the Jury since Day 1. I have a lot of people on the Jury who like me, and if they don't, I'm a very good persuader.


Day 31

It was an average day at the Pommier beach. Luke was out fishing, Abbie and Taylor were making breakfast for the tribe, Regan was sitting in the shelter and whining about her aches and pains. Everything seemed normal, and nothing was suspicious.

That is, until Rodger saw Dallas and Brenden head off alone. Rodger followed them, and quite surprisingly, so did Holly. Regan got out of the shelter and headed off as well. Luke, who had just gotten back from fishing, jogged off into the woods on Regan's heels. Taylor had vanished as well, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were doing.

The idol was just revealed to have been in Ida's possession, and now everyone's going insane! People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off searching for that thing.


But, despite that, Abbie quickly followed in the idol hunt.

Luke noticed the chaos as soon as he arrived and he gathered everyone in his alliance.

Quote1All we need to do is keep Dallas, Regan, or Brenden from finding the idol.Quote2- Luke
Quote1So what, are we supposed to just stick to them like glue?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Yeah. It'll make sure that none of them find it.Quote2- Luke
Quote1But if we spend the whole time watching them, the idol will still be out there! Nothing's stopping Regan and the others from searching for the idol at night when we can't watch them.Quote2- Holly
Quote1We'll have three people watching Brenden, Dallas, and Regan, and two people search for the idol.Quote2- Luke
Quote1And who's searching?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Well, I nominate myself since I came up with the idea.Quote2- Luke
Quote1I'll look too. We'll tell you guys if we find anything.Quote2- Holly
Quote1OK... I guess.Quote2- Rodger
Everyone's looking for the idol, then Luke takes charge and decides what we do! Last time I checked, this is my alliance. I created it. Aren't I supposed to be the one in charge? One thing is for sure. After Brenden, Dallas, and Regan leave, Luke is next on my hit list.


Rodger told this to Taylor and Abbie. Both women felt a little uneasy about Rodger already making plans.

Rodger's already trying to rally people to vote for Luke when we get down to us five. It's like, come on! Right now, we need to focus on getting Regan and her little posse out of this game. We can't afford to create any more rifts in our little group.


Rodger is thinking way too far ahead for my liking. If we start thinking ahead, Regan will be able to slip past us into the Final Three. I don't want that to happen.


All three of them chose who they wanted to watch. Rodger chose to keep his eye on Brenden. Taylor chose to spy on Dallas. And Abbie reluctantly agreed to trailed Regan.

The three members of the Sweetheart Alliance were spread out, searching for the idol. Taylor walked up to Dallas and began to strike up a conversation.

Quote1So, Dallas. Doing any idol-searching?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Yes. Now leave.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1I think I'll just stay here for a while, just in case you find anything.Quote2- Taylor

Dallas grunted at her and kept on searching. He dug in the ground, he looked under rocks and stone. All the while, Taylor trailed him silently. Finally, after about ten minutes, Taylor began to speak again.

Quote1Why did you decide to align with Regan? She doesn't seem very nice.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1It's not about niceness. It's about who can get you farther.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1You really think that Regan can get you farther? She's in a three-person alliance. I want to save you, Dallas. We were friends early on.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Taylor, I'd like it much more if you jumped ship over to us. I may have switched sides willingly in the past, but Brenden and Regan are the only friends I have left in the game. I'm not betraying them for your personal benefit.Quote2- Dallas
I guess it's the nice girl in me, but something makes me want Dallas, my older brother from Bananier, to stay in the game.


Nobody spoke after that.

Meanwhile, Rodger started up a conversation with Brenden, hoping to distract him and make him forget he was looking for the idol.

Quote1So, Brenden. I just have a question. Why did you have to get Ida out before it was her time to go?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Um, well, you know, she was... a threat. Threats need to go as soon as possible.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1She was a threat, that much I understand. But Regan was someone we'd been trying to get out for a long time. She's rude, and obnoxious...Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Which is why she'd be the perfect person to take to the end. Nobody will vote for her.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Yeah, she'd be a good person to take to the end, but the problem is that nobody wants to put up with her for that long!Quote2- Rodger
Quote1All right, I see your point. We'll be voting for Regan this time?Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Rodger
Rodger thinks I'm going to stick with the plan to vote for Regan, but I have bigger fish to fry. Rodger won't even know what's gonna hit him.


I know that Brenden is not going to vote for Regan. If Regan wins immunity, or finds an idol, then we'll vote for Brenden or Dallas. If Regan's not immune, and doesn't find an idol, we'll finally send her home.


While Rodger was with Brenden, Abbie was stuck with the unlucky task of watching Regan. Needless to say, Regan wasn't happy about being babysat.

Luke and Rodger actually sent Annoying Abbie to check on me! Like, what am I? A (bleep)ing four-year-old?


Quote1So, Regan. Find any idols yet?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1If I say yes, will you go away?Quote2- Regan
Quote1Nope.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Fine then. I'll continue to look, and if I do find the idol, what harm is it that you know? I'm going home anyhow.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Well, who knows? Maybe you will, maybe you won't.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Are you saying there's a chance that I might be safe?Quote2- Regan
Quote1That's all the info I'm giving. Interpret it any way you want.Quote2- Abbie
I'm kinda freaked about this next vote. Abbie's being all cryptic and confusing, and it sounds like she's hinting that I'm not going home tonight. But I still want to find the idol anyway just to make sure I'm safe.


I've been needling Regan a little bit, just making her generally uneasy. It's fun to be the puppeteer and not the puppet for once!


Meanwhile, Luke and Holly were both searching for the idol. They ran into Dallas and Taylor while they were searching. Luke moved around them to look for the idol, but Holly stayed where she was. While Luke scoped out the area, Holly began to talk to Dallas.

Quote1Do you remember where the idol was when you found it at Bananier?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Uh... No. Sorry.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Hey, it's fine. By the way, if you want to jump ship and vote off Regan with us, it might keep you around in the game longer.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Uh, no thanks.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1You sure? It may help you in the long run.Quote2- Holly
Do I need Dallas to vote off Regan? No. But it would be hilarious if Regan's right hand man contributed to Regan's elimination.


Quote1Just, let me know if you want to switch. It's still not too late, you know.Quote2- Holly
Quote1I could consider it.Quote2- Dallas

Luke, who was looking at the two of them from afar, could not hear what they were saying. The Ida vote had made Luke realize that nobody was definitely safe. This had led to him being very paranoid. What if Holly really wasn't on their side after all?

In this game, you can't trust anyone, and Holly's a good example of this. She's very close to Dallas, it seems. Holly is sweet and innocent looking, but I think that Holly is hiding something. She's a very good manipulator. She turned the whole alliance against Adam at the mere suggestion, and she's got brains. Everyone loves her, but I don't trust her. Holly could win this thing if we aren't careful.


As soon as Holly caught up to Luke, he began to pressure her for information.

Quote1what was that?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Um, socializing? It's what humans do.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Why were you talking to Dallas? Are you aligned with him or something?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Luke, all I did was bring up the fact that we were voting for Regan next. That's pretty much common knowledge to everyone. If Regan doesn't get immunity, Regan's gonna get votes cast against her. This has been the pattern since the merge.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Well, don't talk to him, OK? It might make others suspicious of you.Quote2- Luke
Quote1By others do you mean you?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Just people in general. Just stay away from him. It'll prove you're loyal to the alliance.Quote2- Luke
Luke's like an overprotective father. He is absolutely paranoid, which I find really annoying. I get that Luke wants everyone to be loyal, but he has no right to grill me and interrogate me like I've done something wrong, especially since all I did was mention to Dallas that we were voting for Regan next Tribal.


Day 32

While everyone else was busy, Holly and Abbie went to do some idol-hunting. The two of them knew that once they got to the Final Five, there was always a chance that Taylor wouldn't stick with them in the end. That's where they needed an immunity idol. The two of them were hoping to go off inconspiciously, but unbeknownst to them, Luke saw Holly and Abbie leave out of the corner of his eye.

I saw Abbie and Holly go off not near the shelter. It's obvious they're searching for an idol, and this just furthers my distrust in the two of them. They may be trying to flip onto the other side. Regan, Dallas, and Brenden would all be good to take to the end because they're all hated by the Jury. It's a good strategic move, but it won't benefit me. So therefore, I need to make sure that Abbie and Holly are solid. However, it wouldn't hurt for my other allies to know about this.


Luke went over to Rodger and Taylor to fill them in on this.

Quote1Did you notice that Holly and Abbie just left?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Wow, they left. That's a crime against humanity.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I think they're looking for an idol.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Well, I think that you're being paranoid. Holly and Abbie...Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Are clearly only looking out for themselves. Taylor, Rodger, they obviously don't trust us.Quote2- Luke
Luke used to be this in-control, calm, father figure of the game. Now, he's pretty much a joke. He's going absolutely nuts and it's driving me up a wall. I know I can't get rid of him yet, because Regan and Dallas and Brenden are our first priority. But he needs to stop suspecting allies of doing anything wrong, or else he's out of here ASAP.


Quote1Look, guys. Why don't we just get rid of Holly right now? She's the brains of their little group, I can tell. She was talking to Dallas about something while we were all idol-searching. What if she and Abbie are gonna flip?Quote2- Luke
Quote1I am not letting Regan and Dallas and Brenden slip through my fingers again. One of them is going to go home.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1But we might only have now to get rid of Holly!Quote2- Luke
Quote1Luke. The girl's not gonna go on an immunity run. There is no way she can beat you or Rodger in a physical challenge. She's one of the smallest people out here.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Yeah, Luke. Calm down. You're thinking irrationally.Quote2- Rodger
Luke's gone bananas. Well, it makes sense. He did come from Bananier, which means banana in French.


Dallas, Brenden and Regan had been listening the whole time in the shelter. They had heard every word.

Apparently there's a crack or two in the so-called strong alliance. This could mean that all is not lost for Regan, Brenden, and me yet!


Dallas decided that he'd be the one to try and pressure Holly and Abbie into jumping ship. After all, Holly seemed to almost not mind his presence. Plus, Regan couldn't do it, for obvious reasons, and they were probably still annoyed at Brenden for manipulating them to vote Ida out. Dallas quickly spotted Holly and Abbie looking for the idol.

Quote1Hey guys. Idol-searching?Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Nope. Just walking.Quote2- Holly
Quote1I saw you guys. And I won't tell your little alliance that you were looking for the idol behind their backs if you do a little favor for me.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Um... What is it?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Simple. Join us. Vote off Luke or Rodger tonight...Quote2- Dallas
Quote1OK, I'm going to say no already. Neither of us have any desire to work with Regan, regardless of what you'll tell our alliance.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1But after we vote out Rodger or Luke, we can vote Regan out, and then she'll be out of your hair.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Look, I think we're good in the spot we are, Dallas. We'll be voting for Regan tonight, and if you join us, it may save you another Tribal.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Well, looks like I'll just have to spill the beans to your allies, then.Quote2- Dallas
I really don't care if Holly and Abbie flip. I just care about telling their allies about what they did, maybe embellishing the truth a little bit, to get them to turn on each other.


Immunity Challenge (Day 33)

At the immunity challenge on Day 33, the stakes were high. What with the constant stream of blindsides that had gone on, and the big moves, nobody felt safe. As soon as the challenge was revealed, there was a large amount of different reactions. Some, like Abbie, Dallas, Rodger, and Luke, were happy about the challenge. They were all huge fans of the show, and all had seen this challenge before, and knew about how to build a house of tiles to make it stay up the height of 8 feet. Others, like Regan and Brenden, knew that this challenge was a must-win if they wanted to have a shot at the $1,000,000.

The challenge began, with Rodger and Abbie quickly in the lead. Regan, Holly, and Dallas were right behind them. Luke, despite his enthusiasm for the challenge as it first began, quickly realized that actually doing the challenge was much harder than watching the challenge on TV and envisioning yourself doing it. Both Taylor and Brenden kept knocking their own towers over on accident, leaving them with a giant pile of tiles.

About an hour or so in, Rodger, Regan, and Abbie were in the lead with 5 foot towers, Holly and Dallas were close behind with 4 foot towers, Luke, Taylor, and Brenden all had 3 foot towers.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind came and Holly's entire stack fell. She cursed under her breath as she picked up the tiles and began to start over. Rodger, after placing a tile on his tower, discovered that he had no more tiles left and quickly realized that he had ran out of tiles. He dismantled the top portion, trying to see if he could make it tall enough to reach the height requirement. Luke's tower, which had been leaning for quite some time now, suddenly dipped to the right. Luke attempted to place his hand on the tower to steady it, but it didn't work and the tower crashed down.

Abbie eyed Regan, her biggest competition, out of the corner of her eye. Abbie knew that if she blew this, Regan would win immunity, and her elimination would once again be postponed. The majority of them were going insane because Regan was still here.

After more tense competition, it was clear that it was between Abbie and Regan. Taylor had stopped building, quickly realizing that she had no shot at winning based on the fact that her 3-foot tower fell almost every time she attempted to add a new tile, and that Abbie and Regan were already at the 7-foot mark. Rodger had decided to dismantle his entire tower in hopes of creating one that would reach to the eight-foot height. Holly and Dallas were both trying, but Abbie and Regan still held the lead.

Suddenly, Regan's tower began to wobble. The Anti-Sweethearts could hardly contain their glee as Regan's tower tumbled down, her shot at immunity pretty much falling with it. Abbie gingerly placed her final tile on top, the tower just hitting eight feet tall.

Abbie had won immunity, Regan had not, and there was no question in anybody's mind as to who would be going home tonight... At least, that's what everyone thought.


I'm not going to go all J'Tia or Brandon Hantz and spill out my tribe's rice, but I am going to find some way to get myself past this vote. I don't want to throw Brenden under the bus, but if I have to, I will. It's obvious the others don't like him very much.


First, Regan talked to Dallas to work out a game plan.

Quote1Dallas, we need a plan. So, here's what I'm thinking. You start talking to the others, try and find a little distrust or a crack in the group, and convince them to turn on each other. Act as if we have an idol and we'll play it on one of us or something. Meanwhile, I'll go find the idol.Quote2- Regan
Quote1OK, that works. I'll try and convince the others to either vote for someone in their alliance, or maybe Brenden. Rodger's kinda hating him right now.Quote2- Dallas
Regan and I, our backs are against the wall right now. The whole tribe pretty much hates us, and we don't have any Hidden Immunity Idols in our possession. The only thing left to do is try and get the others to turn on each other.


First, Dallas went to go talk to Taylor and Luke.

Quote1You know, Holly and Abbie are gonna turn on you. I saw the two of them having a whispered conversation, and Luke, your name was in it. Something about "Getting rid of Luke before Regan."Quote2- Dallas
Quote1She said that? I knew that Holly wasn't trustworthy, but I thought she'd at least stick with the plan to get rid of Regan.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Well, our little group will be voting for Holly tonight. You guys can too.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Dallas, quite frankly, I don't believe anything that's coming out of your mouth. I refuse to listen to you any longer. I'm voting for Regan tonight.Quote2- Taylor

Taylor walked away, leaving Dallas and Luke alone.

Quote1Even if you don't want to vote for Holly... Though I would in your position... I wouldn't vote for Regan tonight.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Why? Regan is the perfect person to get rid of.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but Luke? Regan is searching for the idol, and you know how quickly she finds those things. She might have it.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1ANOTHER one?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Yup. Just think about that when you plan your vote tonight. I mean, it's obvious Regan would never give it to Brenden. But she might give it to me...Quote2- Dallas
These people have the minds of play-doh. I can shape it and mold it that way I want it to be, and these idiots will believe anything I say. Luke is smart enough to know that Brenden is the least likely person to have an idol handed to him. Luke wouldn't take a gamble on Regan or me when he could have the easy vote-out.


Meanwhile, Taylor went to talk to Abbie, Holly, and Rodger, determined to sabatoge Dallas' plan.

Quote1Dallas is on a kick to get you or Abbie voted out, Holly. Watch your back.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1What exactly is he saying?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Just a bunch of B.S to Luke about how you aren't to be trusted or whatever and how he wants to vote you out. Luke is eating it up. I'm scared he might be stupid enough to vote for you and risk drawing rocks.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1If we do draw rocks, I want Regan to be open for that. She's our main target.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1So what we need to do is vote for someone else, just in case Luke flips. That way, Regan will be able to draw rocks.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Why don't we switch our target to Dallas, then? Keeps Regan able to draw rocks and if Luke doesn't flip, it'll get a big threat out.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1OK, I'll go let Luke know, in case he decides to stick with us.Quote2- Taylor

After Taylor told Luke of the new plan to vote for Dallas, Luke told Taylor about what Dallas had hinted at: That Regan had an idol and that there was a chance she'd play it on Dallas or herself tonight. Taylor went back to report this to Holly and the others.

Quote1Luke believes that Regan has an idol and might play it on her or Dallas.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1If she does that, then I'll go home! Taylor, we need to switch our vote tonight.Quote2- Holly
Quote1But Dallas...Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Can wait to get eliminated! If we vote for Brenden, not one of them will see it coming. Besides, he's a good boot. He's playing both sides, and it'll show to Ida that we're attempting to avenge her by voting out the guy who planned her blindside!Quote2- Holly
Quote1But what if Regan really doesn't have an idol and she's just trying to throw us for a loop?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Either way, regardless of what happens, someone from the Sweetheart Alliance has a shot at going home tonight. Whether Luke switches sides and votes for me, or whether he stays true to our alliance. Whether Regan plays the idol tonight or not. Whether Regan even has an idol or not. Someone from that alliance is going home tonight. I'll make sure of it.Quote2- Holly

Tribal Council

When the Pommier tribe got to Tribal Council, they saw Beth, Adam, Harvey, and Ida in the Jury box. Beth wore her trademark easygoing smile. Adam had a tense look on his face. Harvey was leaning back, his arms folded. And Ida kept a good poker face, giving away no emotion as to how she felt about her former tribemates.

Quote1Regan, you dodged a bullet last Tribal Council. Do you think it will be the same tonight?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Who knows, Jeff? But I think luck is on my side tonight.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Abbie, when somebody says something like that, what's running through your head? Regan feels confident that she will pass this vote, even though she's gotten at least one vote every Tribal Council!Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It definitely sends up a red flag. We've been trying to get Regan out since the merge began and each time, she's evaded elimination. She's also pulled out two Hidden Immunity Idols. Maybe she found another one and she's gonna play it tonight.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Dallas, if Regan thinks she's safe, does that mean that you're probably not safe?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1One could interpret it that way, yes. But I don't think I'm the biggest threat here. Some other people are more well-liked than I am. (He looks at Holly)Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Holly, he just looked at you.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I'm aware he did. It's no secret that Dallas and Regan probably won't ever win Mr. and Miss. Congeniality. They aren't exactly well-liked. Dallas is probably just trying to get the heat off of him.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Holly, there's no need to act so innocent here. We know you and Abbie were searching for the idol and trying to get Luke out.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1You obviously don't know anything, Dallas. I'd much rather get rid of you, Regan, or Brenden before I ever got rid of Luke. Jeff, Dallas has been attempting to pin the target on me to save himself and Regan. I have a feeling they aren't looking out for Brenden whatsoever.Quote2- Holly
Quote1OK, on that note it is time to vote. Taylor, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff Probst

After everyone voted, Jeff asked if anyone had a Hidden Immunity Idol to play. Everyone looked at Regan and Dallas, but neither of them stood up. Rodger was the first to figure out that his alliance had been tricked yet again into delaying Regan's elimination.

Brenden. Holly. Brenden. Holly. We're tied. Two votes Brenden, two votes Holly. Brenden. Holly. Brenden. Twelfth person voted out and the fifth member of our Jury: Brenden. Brenden, I'm gonna need your torch.


 From the Jury box, Ida gave Brenden a mocking little wave, almost the same one that he had given to her when she was blindsided. Holly looked relieved when she realized that Luke had stuck with the alliance. Regan and Dallas exchanged sly glances. With Brenden out of the picture, they'd have an even harder battle to fight, but the two of them were prepared.

They knew exactly what they were doing.

Tribal Council 12:


Brenden (5 votes)

Holly, Taylor, Rodger, Abbie, Luke

Holly (3 votes)

Dallas, Regan, Brenden

Brenden GS

Voting Confessionals

As much as I want Regan out of here, you're the safe vote tonight.


I've been weighing my options and the more beneficial thing is to keep Holly in right now. She'll be gone soon, though.


This vote will either be useless or result in drawing rocks.


Hey, Holly. This vote will probably mean nothing, but this is a message for Brenden: Sorry I had to throw you under the bus to get farther.


Brenden, you're going because you're the only real option.


Ida goes home? Well, so do you.


First Ida, then you. Rodger, Abbie, Taylor, and Luke will soon follow.


Brenden, if only you had actually stuck with us. Then you wouldn't be in this situation right now.


Final Words

Well, I got blindsided. That was surprising, although I suppose that was the point. I wonder if Dallas or Regan convinced the others to vote me out. Bold, if not stupid move on their part. If either of them get to the end, I'd vote for one of them.


Still in the Running

Louie GS
Harvey GS
Brenden GS
Chloe GS
Ida GS
Joel GS
Adam GS
Ryan GS
Izzy GS
Beth GS
Lydia GS
Conner GS
Ruby GS

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Paranoia begins to sink in.
If Rodger in in that Final Three, none of us stand any chance at winning. So maybe he needs to go.


Holly is still not trustworthy. I think she's gonna flip.


It's like survival of the fittest: Eat or get eaten. I need to make sure I don't get eaten, and if that means voting Taylor or Luke or Rodger out, then so be it.


  • And with paranoia comes a chance for big moves.
Quote1If you flip to Regan's and my side, you'll win.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1And if I stick with my original alliance?Quote2- Holly
Quote1You'll lose. Case closed. They've made bigger moves than you have. You won't stand a chance with them.Quote2- Dallas

Author's Notes

  • This was the first episode where Regan went to Tribal Council and did not receive any votes cast against her.
  • As of this episode, Dallas is the only member of the final 8 castaways to have not received a single vote cast against him.