"Facing the Music"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 4/14
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

The Selva tribe started to implode from their constant conflict while the Litoral tribe grew stronger. Laurel and Celeste realized they were on the bottom of their tribes and needed to step up their game. Selva somehow won the immunity challenge, leaving Litoral to vote off Celeste, 6-1.


Reward Challenge: Pirate Attack
The tribes would be on smaller versions of pirate ships decked out with slingshots and a cannon. The ships would face side by side, and tribes would knock down all four targets that were on the ships. Meanwhile, other members would have to jump off and swim to the opposite side of the opposing tribe's ship to a floating fire pit, where they must take their fire back to load the cannon. Once all four targets are knocked out, the final target comes up, which can only be destroyed by the cannon. If that gets destroyed, the "ship" will sink, and the tribe wins.
Reward: Meets with local farmers to help farm some crops they get.
Winner: Selva

Immunity Challenge: Stuck On A Post With You
Tribe members from opposite tribes will stand on small, 3-foot-wide post, and try to knock the other person down, earning their tribe a point. First tribe to five points win.
Winner: Litoral


Litoral comes back from Tribal ater voting Celeste out of the game. They all sit by the dying fire, no words were said.

We need to win the next Immunity Challenge, or time is possibly up.


The tribe starts to go to bed, as there's no reason to sit in the darkness.

Day 10

On Selva, Lukas wakes up to see Cooper tending to the fire. 

Quote1Morning.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Hey, why are up so early?Quote2- Lukas
Quote1I just wanted to start the fire.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Oh okay.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Just kidding. I went searching, for an idol.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1And...?Quote2- Lukas
Quote1*pulls out idol* Here.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Holy crap.Quote2- Lukas
That's pretty fricking awesome he found the idol. We can use it to our advantage.


Cooper puts the idol in his shirt lying next to Julianna's bag in the shelter as Dover and Rose were waking up. the rest of the tribe eventually wakes up and gets to work doing the daily chores. Dover and Cooper stay at camp.

Quote1We need to talk.Quote2- Dover
Quote1About what.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Day 1. When me, you, and Rose made an alliance.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Okay, what about it.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1You have to stick with us. We can get to the merge and to the end.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Hmm...Quote2- Cooper
It seems whoever I blindside and whoever I break my bonds with they come back to try and trust me. This game really gets to you. But, who do I trust? That's always the question.


The Litoral tribe wakes up in the morning and gets to work. Brady and Carmen are off getting food.

Quote1We're screwed.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1You're very pessimistic about this.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Dude, we are on a six-person tribe that has a four-person alliance we are not in. What can we do.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Find that crack that breaks it.Quote2- Brady
Quote1But who?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Chip or Joel. Actually, if we get Chip, we can get Skylar.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Nice plan, but let's just win challenges.Quote2- Carmen

The two go back to camp.

The two tribes meet for their next reward challenge, and the Selva tribe is not surprised to see Celeste voted out. The rules are explained, and Selva sits Laurel out. Dover is working the slingshots for Selva while Brady does for Litoral. Both start firing the coconuts as the other 5 tribe members for each tribe swim for the fire pit. Brady easily takes out 3 of the targets to Dover's one. But Brady starts to have trouble with the final target, causing Dover to catch up. Meanwhile, confrontation occurs between Chip and Ralphie as both are trying to take out each other's fire. Ralphie takes out Chip's fire and continues to swim, with Chip chasing after him. Dover takes out the final target for the slingshots and the cannon one is raised. He grabs Ralphie's torch to light the first shot, which misses by a foot. Cooper and Rose come back with their torches. Dover misses his second shot but finally hits the target, sinking Litoral's ship, winning reward for Selva.

The tribes return to camp.

Back at Litoral, the tribe is disappointed in their first loss of a Reward Challenge. Chip, now along with Joel go to blame Brady for his performance with the slingshot.

Quote1Way to go.Quote2- Chip
Quote1What, are you blaming me for our loss!Quote2- Brady
Quote1Yeah, you were the one that was controlling the slingshot.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Well, you guys didn't do a good job with bringing me the torches.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Hey, that douchebag Ralphie blocked my way.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Keep up the attitude and your next.Quote2- Joel

The two leave for the jungle, leaving Casey and Skylar at camp with Brady.

Quote1How can you guys be aligned.Quote2- Brady
Quote1We formed while you and Carmen were sneaking off in the woods.Quote2- Casey
Quote1But don't you see how controlling he is. He needs to go, followed by Joel.Quote2- Brady
Quote1You're overreacting, he's just upset.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1But I don't wanna leave.Quote2- Brady
Quote1If we lose, we'll vote off Carmen. But I have no promises after that.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Thank you so much!Quote2- Brady

The three separate from the camp.

Hopefully if I convince Skylar and Casey hard enough, I can stay longer, but with Carmen.


At the Selva tribe, everyone is celebrating their win.

Quote1I can't believe we won!Quote2- Julianna
Quote1This is amazing, let's continue this streak.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I agree, it's beneficial.Quote2- Lukas
Everyone is happy now, but it's gonna end soon. Once we have to go to tribal again, all hell breaks loose. I hope we can last longer.


Everyone goes to the beach except Rose to celebrate. She is putting more leaves on the shelter when she sees Cooper's shirt next to Julianna's bag. She sees something wooden sticking out of it, which is actually coming from Cooper's shirt. She realizes it's the idol and but thinks that Julianna has it, when it is actually in Cooper's possession. She goes to the beach so that nobody gets suspicious.

Holy crap. Julianna has the idol. We have to get that and her out now, but how...


Day 11

On Day 11, the Selva tribe awakens to the two farmers coming to make their crop garden. The tribe helps where they can and soon has a little garden filled with tropic fruits and vegetables.

We're all pretty chill here, and no one wants to talk about strategy. Obviously we need to win and we have a majority. But no one wants to talk right now. Unless someone trips over a rice bag. Heh heh...


Rose goes to Cooper off to the side in the shelter.

Quote1Hey, I have something to tell you.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Yeah?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I think Julianna has the idol.Quote2- Rose
Quote1What.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Yeah, I saw something in her bag so I think it's the idol.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Holy crud...Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Exactly. We need to blindside her.Quote2- Rose
OH MY GOD. This is hilarious! Rose has now gotten off my back and is targeting Julianna. She could've gone to Dover or Laurel, but she told me. This is amazing.


Meanwhile, Laurel starts talking to Lukas.

Quote1Hello.Quote2- Laurel
Quote1Hi.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1So...what are you thinking about.Quote2- Laurel
Quote1Nothing.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Can I give you something to think about?Quote2- Laurel
Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Lukas
Quote1I don't trust Cooper.Quote2- Laurel
Quote1Okay?Quote2- Lukas
Quote1He's dangerous, honestly, he needs to get a sense of reality. He wants to control you guys.Quote2- Laurel

She walks off away from Lukas.

Laurel is fighting, I like, but c'mon. She is leaving if we lose. She needs to start facing the music.


At Litoral the tribe wakes up and follows their regular chores around camp. Brady and Carmen are relaxing on the beach with Skylar.

Quote1Girl, Joel is being such an ass. Why can't you vote with us and dump him.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1It's harder than you think.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1How?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Chip is really nice, but has a thick head. He gets dead-set on a vote. It's hard to convince him.Quote2- Skylar takes awhile to get through with him.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Well, we have to try.Quote2- Carmen

Joel walks up to the three on the beach.

Quote1Hey. Why aren't you guys collecting any firewood.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Because there is enough to last two seasons.Quote2- Carmen *puts on sunglasses and lays down*
Quote1Leave us alone, there is nothing to work on.Quote2- Brady
Quote1*sigh* You're acting pretty bitter.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Well, I'm going, so why bother.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1No need to be that rude, Carmen. We work as a tribe and right now, it is who is the weakest or destroying the tribe. You right now, are destroying the tribe, so you better pick up.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Go away Joel, you're bothering all of us.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Joel, no need to start picking fights.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Why are you joining their side?Quote2- Joel

Joel leaves the beach and heads back to camp.

Quote1I'll try to talk to Chip or Casey.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Thank you.Quote2- Brady
If we can have Skylar and Chip flip to our side, we can stay alive for to the merge! This is awesome!


Day 12

The tribes meet for the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules and gets the challenge underway, Selva sits ulianna out.

Challenge Results
Selva Challenger Litoral Challenger Winner Notes
Rose Carmen Carmen Jeff calls one women from each tribe to come up for the first match.
Rose faces off Carmen. Carmen grabs Rose and pushes
her into the water, scoring Litoral a point.
Lukas Casey Lukas One guy comes up for each tribe. Lukas against Casey.
Lukas easily overpowers Casey and sends him into the water,
giving Selva a point, tying it up.
Laurel Brady Brady Jeff calls one girl and one guy. Brady faces Laurel.
The two quarrel for a good three minutes but Brady
edges Laurel off the post,
making the score 2-1.
Ralphie Chip Chip Two guys come up again. This time it is Ralphie versus Chip.
The two grapple with each other, but Chip throws Ralphie off,
Ralphie almost dragging him into the water.
Score is now 3-1 in Litoral's favor.
Dover Skylar Dover A guy and a girl must go up. Dover faces off against Skylar.
Dover takes Skylar down off the post first.
Score is 3-2, still in favor of Litoral.
Laurel Carmen Carmen Two girls must face each other again. Carmen goes up against Laurel.
Laurel almost takes Carmen down by her shirt,
but Carmen gets up and
drags Laurel into the water. Score is 4-2.
Lukas Joel Lukas Two guys go up, Joel and Lukas.
Lukas overpowers Joel's nimbleness and
takes him down into the water. Score is 4-3.
Rose Skylar Skylar This is the final round, as two girls go up.
Skylar overpowers Rose and pushes her
into the water, winning for Litoral.

The tribes return to camp. At the Litoral tribe, they congratulate themselves for winning the Immunity Challenge. Carmen and Skylar go to collect water and start to talk.

Quote1You did good for a skinny chick.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1*laughs* Well, you we're pretty excellent in that challenge.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Thanks, I always fight for something.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I think you need to stay around. Joel fell in the challenge.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Exactly, he needs to leave the island.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1For another time, Carmen.Quote2- Skylar

The two girls head back to camp. Meanwhile, Brady and Chip are lounging at the beach.

Quote1Hey, if we ever have to go to Tribal again, what will we do for the vote?Quote2- Brady
Quote1I dunno, would you mind Carmen? She's basically an outcast to the tribe.Quote2- Chip
Quote1*sighs* Look, I know Carmen isn't bonding well, but Joel has caused most of the drama between her. He hasn't contributed much to challenges, so maybe we need to cut him.Quote2- Brady
Quote1I'll think about it.Quote2- Chip
Joel was part of my alliance, and now he hasn't been competing. If this were a football team, he would be cut, but this is Survivor. I just don't know.


At the Selva tribe, the tribe comes back in disappointed at their loss.

We lost, badly, and now we need to vote someone out. It seems like its Laurel, but Rose wants to take out Julianna because she believes she has the idol. What to do...


Laurel comes up to Ralphie and Julianna.

Quote1Hey, can we talk?Quote2- Laurel
Quote1Sure, what is it?Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1I want to take Cooper out. He seems to be running the show. I know you guys are close, but I don't want him to leave.Quote2- Laurel
Quote1Seems like a plan, do you have the votes?Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Hopefully Lukas votes with us.Quote2- Laurel
Laurel comes up to talk about blindsiding Cooper, and saying she talked to Lukas. I don't know if it will work, but she's crazy.


Laurel then leaves, and Lukas arrives with fruit from the jungle.

Quote1Yo, did you talk to Laurel about blindsiding Cooper?Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Yeah, she's insane. It's nice she's fighting for herself, but she is going down.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Julianna

Right before tribal, Julianna goes to Cooper.

Quote1Hey, I got to tell you something.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1What?Quote2- Cooper

Tribal Council

At Tribal, the Selva tribe discussed who to vote off, physical threats, and the opposing Litoral tribe. Immunity Idols came up, which Rose hinted that Julianna had it, confusing her. But when the votes were read, the four of Cooper, Julianna, Lukas, and Ralphie voted for Laurel. Dover and Rose voted for Julianna while Laurel stuck with her plan to vote Cooper, but she was blindsided.

Tribal Council 2:
Laurel Selva
Laurel (4 votes)

Cooper SelvaJulianna SelvaLukas SelvaRalphie Selva
Cooper, Julianna, Lukas, Ralphie

Julianna Selva
Julianna (2 votes)

Dover SelvaRose Selva
Dover, Rose

Cooper Selva
Cooper (1 vote)

Laurel Selva

Laurel Selva BW
Laurel Murray

Voting Confessionals

I heard you were coming after me, so good bye.


You're a nice woman, but it's too late to change anything.


You have the idol, we don't need an idol.


I wish you campaigned longer.


Sorry Laurel, but it was a good attempt.


Cooper, you're sneaky, and taking too much control. I hope everyone else feels the same.


Well, I want the idol for the tribe, but since you have it, I can't really do anything but vote you out.


Final Words

I wish that Ralphie, Lukas, and Julianna listened and voted out Cooper. It was amazing lasting out here, and I have no regrets.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

A tribe switch throws wrenches into everyone's plans.

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