"Fads Never Last"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 10/14
Episode Chronology
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Fads Never Last is the tenth episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward Challenge: Knot in Your Wheelhouse
The castaways are to be divided into three teams of three, blue, orange, and yellow. Two members from each team start out from the a floating platform in the ocean and swim inland, untying two very large knots along the way. Once both knots are untied and they are inland, the two team members pull the third member, who is on a raft, inland. As they are pulled in, the third member is to grab three bags of puzzle pieces. Once all three are ashore, they are to assemble a puzzle wheel. Once the puzzle wheel is solved, a crank is to be turned, releasing the team color' flag. First team to release their flag wins reward.
Reward: A scenic tour of the Santa Cruz Islands by boat with a picnic.
Winners: Andrew, Robert, Troyzan

Immunity Challenge: Bermuda Triangles
The castaways would stand on slanted slats on a podium over the water. At regular intervals, they would move up to a higher set of slats, making it harder to balance. After 30 minutes, the castaways would move to the top of the podium, where the last person left standing wins immunity.
Winner: Jordan

Previously on Survivor...

After voting Melanie out at their first Tribal Council..."The tribe has spoken."...Temotu was left with two alliances even at four. The alliances were led by Troyzan and Amy, with the latter being weary of the former throughout the game. "Who's been calling the shots around here? Troyzan! If you can't see that he's in control here, then you're blind as blindfolded bat!" Then, once the switch arrived..."You can drop your buffs."...both alliances stayed intact with the exception of Justin and Robert being paired with their opposition, putting both in precarious positions. "Robert's our wildcard. Does he stay with us and we keep going Temotu strong? Or does he dance with the enemy and make this thing dead-even at three? If that's the case, I have no problem going to Alvin and Gaby and saying 'Hey, come with us. Let's take him out.'...cause I don't trust the guy." After Robert remained loyal to the original Temotu and voted out Alvin and Gaby in back to back Tribal Councils, he was left to fend for himself against Troyzan's alliance. "Now that both Alvin and Gaby are gone, I'm the one who's next on the chopping block if there is not a merge in the foreseeable future. With Troyzan and Mike mocking Derek and Jocelyn the other day...those events made it very apparent that the three of them are tightly locked to each other." The next morning, the two tribes merged into one and the two alliances of the former Temotu were reunited, leaving Andrew and Jordan, the two lone Fatutaka members remaining, on the outs. "So now, it's just Jordan and myself...against these other eight. I mean, how are we going to do this? How are the two of us going to topple over the rest of these people?" The two looked for crack after crack in the eight, but no one budged. "Who would that be...if you don't mind me asking?" "Come on, now...I can't tell you that! I'd get in so much trouble!" "I just think that Jordan and I could be very crucial votes to somebody, and I want you to trust me to where we could be those crucial votes for you and your alliance." "You have to understand it from my place in the game. I'm not going to tell you who's where and what the numbers are, but they're in the way that puts you two in a really powerful spot." "So, you're basically saying that we're threats before swing votes one way or another?" "Unfortunately, that's what it boils down to." "The position that Andrew and Jordan are in is actually really powerful. It can be make or break for either alliance. That's why they need to go as soon as possible." So, the group of eight from Temotu agreed to set their differences aside until the final eight and vote out Andrew and Jordan. That night, the two outsiders finally found their crack. "I really hope this goes through without Derek or Jocelyn straying away like they have already." "I wouldn't worry. As long as everyone sticks to the plan and keeps their mouths shut, we'll be fine." "With all the data that Jordan and I collected, we think there's two alliances of three or four people. One alliance was with us at Temotu, the other was shifted to Fatutaka. If that's true, then one of us desperately needs to win today, so we can play our idol on the person that doesn't win immunity and send one of these high and mighty Temotus home." At the immunity challenge, Troyzan held on to beat the rest and win individual immunity. "Troyzan wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council!" After they were unable to win immunity, Andrew and Jordan went looking for a second hidden immunity idol to add to their arsenal and eventually..."No way."...they found it. "This is awesome. Even if they do split the votes, we aren't going anywhere." While the group of eight agreed to split the votes, Andrew and Jordan debated their own options. "We can do one of three things. We can do this the traditional way and just vote one singular person out, we can vote separately and then on the revote, we pick the side that we think we'll trust more, or we can just put each other's name down and send Tribal Council into chaos. I don't want this to be a one-time thing, so I really hope tonight's vote is the vote that finally turns the game on its head." At Tribal Council..."If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so."...chaos ensued. "I will, Jeff. Jordan, this is for you!" "Thanks, buddy!" "And then...I think I'll play this one on myself just to be safe." Andrew and Jordan played both idols, leaving Temotu stunned..."Andrew...does not count. Jordan...does not count."...and suddenly scrambling. "Katherine and Jocelyn, you will not vote. Everyone else, you will revote and can only vote for either Katherine or Jocelyn." And on the revote, Andrew and Jordan picked a side and made Jocelyn the third member of the jury, leaving Amy and Derek at a loss for words. "Jocelyn, the tribe has spoken." Nine are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 23

The camera transitions in to some shots of wildlife scurrying around in the moonlit trees and then focuses on the final nine returning, with torches in hand, from a wild Tribal Council. Once at camp, they proceed to set their torches against the shelter.

Robert (setting his torch against the shelter): What a Tribal, guys.

Mike: You don't have to tell me twice. Whew...

Andrew (as he hugs Jordan): Honestly guys, I didn't think it would work out that way or that well. We hate to throw a wrench into your plans, but (chuckles) we don't want to go anywhere.

Mike (light-heartedly): Nah, nah, I don't blame you guys one bit. We'll just get 'ya next time.

Andrew smirks at Mike's remark as everyone continues to unwind.

Tribal Council was just...perfect. Like, it really couldn't have worked out better than what actually happened tonight. Jordan and I both played our idols, we forced the old Temotu to eat one of their own, and...hopefully, we reveal some fractures because of it. There's a lot of game left in me and there's a lot of game left in Jordan as well. So now, I hope we're seen as two votes that could tilt this game one way or the other instead of being seen as threats.


Katherine (curiously to Andrew and Jordan): So, I have to ask, guys. Why...put my name and Jocelyn's name down tonight? Like, I think I get the whole splitting the vote thing, but I just want to know why it was between Jocelyn and me.

Jordan (quietly, but upbeat): Come on, now! If we told you, it would spoil the fun! We'll just say that there was a method to our madness.

Tonight, we decided to split our votes between Katherine and Jocelyn after we found idol number two today. The reason behind us choosing those two instead of somebody like Justin or Robert is because of the crack Andrew learned of...I guess it was last night. He overheard Katherine saying to Troyzan how she doesn't want...(uses hands as quotes)...'Derek and Jocelyn to screw it up again', so we used that to our advantage. He voted Katherine, I voted Jocelyn, and on the revote, we thought Jocelyn would be the best option, as far as our game goes, to take out. So, assuming that Derek and Jocelyn were aligned, now we can try to see if Derek is the link to us changing the game for the long haul.


Andrew (with a smirk): Either way, I'm just happy to still be in the game! That's all I gotta say!

As everyone continues discussing the vote, Troyzan quietly observes everyone while cleaning his teeth with a small bamboo toothpick.

Jocelyn...I'm glad she's gone. She and Derek have wished and washed this entire game. So to see one of those two gone, I'm more than fine with that. Now, the old Temotu is down to seven and my alliance, Mike, Katherine, and Justin, now has the numbers over Amy, Robert, and Derek...four to three. If everybody still sticks to knocking these last two Fatutakas, then we've got this all wrapped up. Once those two are gone, we can just pick off the other three all the way to the final four. All I have to do, because I know that Derek and them are feeling outnumbered now, is play up how Andrew and Jordan are the most dangerous players left in this game.


Troyzan walks over to Andrew as he, Jordan, Robert, Mike, and Katherine continue to discuss Tribal Council.

Katherine: What did you think of the move, Troy? Cause my heart was racing!

Troyzan (smirking, placing his hand on Andrew's shoulder): I thought it was a million-dollar move.

Andrew (with a slight chuckle): Oh, I don't know about that! There's still a long way to go.

Troyzan: No, you're right, but it was still a huge move. Caught us all by surprise, man.

The camera cuts away from the majority of the tribe as it focuses over to Amy and Derek, who are still floored by the blindside of Jocelyn.

Derek (solemnly): How are 'ya feeling?

Amy: Like...a rug was just taken out from underneath my feet. I can't imagine what you're feeling, though. You guys were tight from the start, right?

Derek (after a deep sigh): Yup...yup, we were.

Derek stressfully exhales once more as he starts to rub his hands together. He and Amy continue to stand still, distanced away from everyone else, who are heard continuing to discussing the vote.

With Jocelyn gone...I don't know what it means for me and Amy right now. We basically had the rug taken out from underneath us and umm...we're still trying to get our footing back. I've still got Amy and Robert on my side...that's a plus, but not having Jocelyn here hurts. Now, Troyzan and them have a leg up on us if we're still sticking to the original Temotu. They've got their four compared to our three, so...(hopelessly snickers) doesn't look good for us.


Amy (quietly): I think...we just get ourselves a good night's sleep, regroup with Robert tomorrow, and see where everyone is after that. Cause I'm still in mode. Y'know?

Derek (as they start making their way back to the others): No, I hear 'ya. That sounds good cause I'm right there with 'ya. I...I can't even think after what just happened. So, like you said, let's just talk about it with Robert tomorrow and come up with a gameplan.

Amy: Sounds good, my friend.

Amy and Derek begin to wander back over to the shelter, where the other seven are seen standing and sitting around it. They begin wrapping up the Tribal Council discussion, not due to Amy and Derek's return, and start to prepare for the end of another day.

Oh my gosh...what a crazy afternoon and an even crazier Tribal Council! Y'know, with Andrew and his let-me-tell-you-everything strategy since the switch, I never would've guessed he had another idol on him...not in a million years. So, that makes him even more dangerous than what he was at the start of the day...him and Jordan, actually. So, while those two are still the biggest threats left in the game, my alliance is at a numbers disadvantage now. I have to figure out what I'm going to do once those two are gone. Do I try to flip somebody from Troyzan's alliance against him? (shrugs her shoulders) It never hurts...not at this point in the game. So, the first person I would want to talk to is Justin...cause out of those four, he seems to be out of the loop and just...floating the most. If I can get him on my side for good, then...problem solved. But...that's so much easier said than done. It's going to take a lot of work given his dislike of Derek, but who may be a little more diluted now that Jocelyn's gone. Given what we've seen happen at Tribal Council, though, anything can happen.


(intro plays)

Day 24

The camera returns in to an overhead shot of the ocean and then zooms in to the site for the reward challenge, a beach with palm trees and lush jungles in the background. Various knots along the ropes and puzzle wheels are highlighted as the final nine file their way into the challenge site. Once they are on the mat, Probst goes over the challenge mechanics and rules. After he finishes informing the castaways of the challenge, Probst explains the reward that awaits the winners. As he does, the camera highlights Justin and Mike salivating at the description while everyone else listens with a smile of anticipation. Afterwards, the nine remaining castaways are divided into three teams of three.

Swimmers/Untying Knots On Platform/Grabbing Bags

Probst starts the challenge as the swimmers for each team dive into the water and swim their way towards their respective first knot. Andrew and Troyzan are the first to arrive as a pair while Derek reaches the yellow team's knot with Justin trailing him. Amy and Mike bring up the rear, but not by much, as Andrew, Troyzan, and Derek start untying their knot. Justin finally arrives to assist Derek as Amy and Mike begin working on the orange team's knot. Without any snags along the way, Andrew and Troyzan are eventually able to untie the first of two tedious knots. Derek and Justin are seen making progress while Amy and Mike start to struggle with their rope. Andrew and Troyzan frantically swim to the blue team's second knot, which is about twenty feet away from the first, while Robert cheers them on as he sits on the platform further out in the ocean. Derek and Justin finally untie their first knot and begin swimming to their second as Andrew and Troyzan start working on their second. It cuts back to Amy and Mike having miscommunication after miscommunication as they seem to be complicating their knot even further. Katherine is seen putting her head in her hand as she can barely watch her two teammates struggle. Andrew starts to slow down with his side of the knot as Derek and Justin arrive at and begin untying the yellow team's second knot. Troyzan swims over to assist Andrew, who quickly recovers from his snag. Troyzan then starts directing Andrew on where he needs to start untying next, frustrating the latter.

Andrew (frustratingly, trying to maintain his focus): I got it, Troy. I got it.

Eventually, they are able to get it as Andrew unties the last piece of what was the blue team's knot. Both he and Troyzan start swimming inland as Derek continues frantically and efficiently depleting the second knot. Justin, meanwhile, starts to hesitate on his decisions and slows down for the yellow team. Probst then turns his focus back to Amy and Mike and documents their struggles by saying they're all but out of it. Once Andrew and Troyzan arrive on shore, they each grab the rope and begin pulling Robert in on the platform. Not realizing that it would be such a swift ride, Robert latches his hand on to the edge of the platform as he extends the other to grab the bags of puzzle pieces that float on the ocean surface. Jordan starts yelling at Justin, urging him to keep untying and that it's almost done. Derek, now finished with his part of the knot, goes over to assist Justin as the platform carrying Robert skips swiftly across the water in the background. Andrew and Troyzan slow their pulling down to let Robert grab the first bag without any problems. With their first bag acquired, the blue team speeds back up while Amy and Mike finally make their way through the first knot for the orange team. Robert grabs his second bag as Derek and Justin completely untie their second knot and begin swimming to shore. Justin, extremely exhausted at this point, has to be assisted by Derek to swim inland. He grabs Justin's hand as the two paddle ashore. Amy and Mike arrive at the second knot for the orange team as the blue team increases their lead with Robert grabbing their third bag. Andrew and Troyzan pull the platform ashore as Robert, with all three bags in hand, jogs to the puzzle wheel along with the other two. For the yellow team, Derek is almost single-handedly pulling Jordan inland as Justin is seen going through the motions but not making any contributions whatsoever. Ultimately, the blue team never squanders their lead as they complete their puzzle with little difficulty or competition. Troyzan cranks the wheel to reveal the blue flag thus winning the blue team reward. It cuts to after the challenge as Probst congratulates Andrew, Robert, and Troyzan and reminds them of what's in store for their reward. He then directs the three winners to the boat waiting for them in the background. After they proceed to the boat, Probst turns to the other six.

Probst: For the rest of you, I've got nothing for 'ya. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

They do just that as the members of the orange and yellow teams pick up their belongings and return to camp. It then cuts to a slow-motion shot of Andrew, Robert, and Troyzan happily walking towards the boat as they continue to celebrate their victory. Andrew and Robert high-five as the camera fades to break.

It returns to a zoomed out shot of Andrew, Robert, and Troyzan approaching a nice, small ferryboat with an obvious picnic table in the back of it. The three challenge winners are welcomed by the native crew as they exchange greetings as they board the boat. It then pans across the picnic table, highlighting various goodies such as peanut butter sandwiches, potato chips, and iced tea.

Oh man, when we got onto the boat and saw the picnic table, it was like Christmas morning. You had peanut butter sandwiches...chocolate chip had the works all on this little table. I was thinking to myself that there's no way that the three of us can eat all of this food! (chuckling to himself) We certainly want to, but there's no way we get off the boat without, y'know, throwing it back up if we did.


Andrew, Robert, and Troyzan each take a seat at the red and white checker-boarded table and begin fixing themselves a plate of chips, sandwiches, and fruit. It scatters around to various parts of meal, including Andrew and Troyzan stuffing their mouths full of food and Robert refilling his drink.

Andrew (with a mouthful of food): God, this is incredible. Can we just not go back to camp? Or just take this with us once we go back? Cause I know we can't eat all of this.

Robert (after a sip of his drink): I know that they'd certainly appreciate that. It's not like we're not the Klumps or anything and just everything in sight.

Andrew (trying to avoid laughing as he swallows food): Ah, don't get me started on that. I won't stop, I promise!

Robert chuckles as looks over towards Andrew. He takes a bite of his sandwich as Andrew swallows his previous bite.

Andrew (clapping, imitating the scene from The Nutty Professor): Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

Andrew continues with his Eddie Murphy impersonation, which leaves Robert in stitches and Troyzan chuckling to a lesser extent. It then skips a little later in the afternoon to a farther out view of the ferryboat skimming across the ocean around various islands and then back to a conversation between Andrew and Robert.

Andrew (to Robert, as the camera focuses on an observant Troyzan taking a bite of an apple): So, what got you into the theatre business?

Robert: I actually started out in music...

Andrew (intrigued): Really?

Robert: Yep. Started out in choirs and then branched out to instruments, saxophone and guitar just to name a few. Then, time just kept passing along and I eventually found my niche in acting. I always thought that it was ironic.

Andrew: How so?

Robert: Well, while I was playing music, it always made me nervous...uptight. With acting on a stage, it was really...liberating. I really have enjoyed every second of difficult as it has been sometimes.

Andrew: That's awesome, man. I really commend that.

While we were on the reward, Andrew and I had the chance to bond over just movies and theatre in general. To me, it was a bit surprising because he doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would be interested in stuff like that, but he's a movie buff. So, we kept on with the movies, and then I shared my background as to how I got to the theatre business and how liberating it felt once I made it there. To share that experience of liberation after I've basically been restricted to being in chains this entire game was freeing in its own right and to share it with another outsider in the game, even better. As a person, I don't want to see Andrew go but as a competitor, he's still everyone's biggest threat.


It cuts over to Troyzan and Robert having a private conversation at the side of the boat, which motors along the Pacific Ocean en route to the next island on the tour. Andrew is seen in the background on the other side of the boat enjoying the view.

Troyzan (under his breath to Robert): What's going through your head after last night? I know your heads were spinning after Jocelyn left.

Robert (almost whispering): To be honest, we don't know. We don't know what those two had in mind with how they voted, and we aren't really sure what we're going to do because we're behind in numbers now. You have to realize that we're in a bad spot if we stick to voting those two out next.

Troyzan: Well, I haven't forgotten what you did for us before the merge. You stuck with us and it could've been a whole new ballgame if you didn't. They could've come in with more numbers and...who knows what could've happened.

Robert: So, what are you thinking?

Troyzan: I can promise you that once we take out Andrew and Jordan, we'll take you to the final five. So, we'd take Amy out before you...we'd take Derek out before you. And once we get to five, we see what happens.

The camera briefly focuses on Andrew continuing to enjoy the view as Robert ponders Troyzan's offer.

Robert: You're one-hundred percent promising final five?

Troyzan: One-hundred and five percent.

Robert (nodding, biting his lip slightly): Alright.

After last night's vote and seeing him and Andrew get all buddy-buddy at the reward today, I had to make Robert feel comfortable...cause I know those three, him, Amy, and Derek, are in limbo. So, I offered Robert a spot in the final five after we take his buddies out after Andrew and Jordan because I haven't forgotten what he did when we were on Fatutaka. He gave it some thought on the boat, and I think he's on board. As long as I have him and the rest of his alliance comfortable, then we can just pick them off one by problem.


Troyzan: And that's just between you and me. I don't want you going to the other two and saying this cause I won't tell the rest of my alliance.

Robert: I can do that.

The two shake hands, end their discussion, and proceed back to the picnic table.

Troy's offer for me to be included in the final five...was petty. I'm not an idiot. When it's going to be me, and only me, against the four of them, what chance do I have? So, by no means am I going to remotely consider his offer. It makes no sense for me to ditch Amy and Derek when the writing on the wall stays the same either way. Plus, I wouldn't do that to them, anyway. So, the question now becomes, 'What needs to be done to remove the three of us from the bottom of the totem pole?'. And I have to say...(scoffs helplessly) hands are tied right now. I'm honestly not sure.


The camera turns to a side shot of Andrew still enjoying the view of the ocean as it shifts its focus back to camp afterwards. At camp, the five of Amy, Derek, Justin, Katherine, and Mike are all seen sitting around the shelter as it briefly scans to Jordan dragging tree branches along the sand from a distance and then comes back to camp.

Amy (quietly to the other four): So, we're...still sticking to the original plan, right? Just vote one of those two out at the next Tribal?

Justin confidently nods while Katherine and Mike verbally confirm Amy's question without making any eye contact with her. Amy and Derek then glance at each other suspiciously as Mike is seen, standing up, digging through his helping of rice.

Justin (sitting himself in the shelter): Yeah, nothing's changed. It's just all been backed up a Tribal. Andrew goes first, she goes next, then we duke it out at seven. Simple as that.

The camera then shifts over to Amy staring deeply into the small, crackling fire inside the fire pit.

So, we lost reward today...horribly, and Andrew, Robert, and Troyzan won. I would imagine Andrew is trying to poke into both of them and see if he can get him and Jordan into an alliance but while they were gone, I decided to do some poking myself. I wanted to get a feel of what everyone else was thinking and...there wasn't much to feel out. Troyzan's alliance was pretty firm in staying with their four, which leaves Derek, Robert, and myself out to dry when it comes time for us Temotu to start knocking each other out.


It then cuts to the camera following Amy and Derek as they walk along a beaten path in the jungle surrounded and enveloped by trees.

Amy (softly to Derek as they walk): I think you and I are going to be sheep in the slaughterhouse soon. Robert, too.

Derek: Oh, I know. Those four aren't moving. (after a few seconds of silence) So, what do you want to do?

Amy (starting to look around): I figured...if Andrew and Jordan played two idols last night, there should be another one hidden around here.

Derek diverts off the pathway and starts moving around brush and looking in trees while Amy starts digging at the roots of others.

With two idols being played last night, there's always the possibility of another one being hidden somewhere around camp. So, for the three of us to have any kind of chance, we need to find that idol.


The camera stations itself around Amy and Derek as the two continue searching for a possible idol.

Amy (as she sticks her hand in a tree trunk): You got anything, Derek?

Derek (shoveling dirt from the base of the tree): Nope. What about you?

Amy (changing spots): Nothin'.

Before she starts looking once more, Amy places her hands on her hips and simply sighs.

Derek: This thing could be anywhere, Amy. (slowly stands up) The guys should be back from reward soon, anyway.

Amy, in the same position as before, remains silent as she stares off into the distance.

Derek: Do you want to hold off and wait until we talk to Robert before we start looking again?

Amy (as she exhales once more): Yeah, let's head back...

The two allies start making their way back to camp along the beaten path once more.

Amy had the idea to look for an idol...since Andrew played one and Jordan played one, but it's a slippery slope to be looking for it in the position that we're in. It was a great idea, don't get me wrong, but we went to look for it when Robert and them could be coming back from the reward at any minute. To me, that could raise some eyebrows. I thought that the best plan was to get with Robert once he got back from the reward, talk to him, and then look for an idol. I hope we can find it, though. Once Andrew and Jordan are gone, we're going to need some sort of saving grace. I just hope it comes to us before it's too late.


It cuts back to camp as the boat carrying Andrew, Robert, and Troyzan arrives and comes to a stop on the shore. Jordan is the first to greet the three reward winners.

Jordan (impersonating a pirate): Ahoy, laddies!

Andrew (jumping off the boat, with a pirate voice as well): Ah, hello there, lassie! Did you hold the fort down while we were gone?

Jordan (still in character): Ah, I did the best I could! We saved some rice for ya's!

The two put their arm around each other as they walk up to the shelter. Robert is seen chuckling behind them.

Andrew (back to his normal voice): Oh...well, you didn't have to do that cause we got you guys something as well.

Andrew pulls out some sandwiches and fruit from his bag, much to the delight of Jordan, Katherine, and Mike as the latter two are seen walking down towards the others.

Andrew: We tried to keep them as unsmushed as possible.

Mike: Who cares, man! Food's food!

Katherine (as Andrew hands her a sandwich): Yeah, it doesn't matter at all. Thank you so much, guys!

Troyzan (hugging Katherine): Our pleasure. Where's everyone at?

Katherine: Justin's taking a nap, and I think Amy and Derek are on a walk.

Troyzan (pointing to the edge of the jungle): No, there they are...right there.

It cuts over to Amy and Derek emerging from the foliage and arriving back at camp.

Amy (shouting from a distance): Welcome back!

Jordan: Come down! They brought us food!

Amy (sarcastically, under her breath): Did they bring us an idol, too?

Derek scoffs as they walk down to the beach. As they do, the camera fades to break.

Day 25

The camera fades in to the sun slowly rising from behind the horizon as it turns its focus to Andrew groggily walking around camp with Troyzan tending to the fire.

Troyzan (noticing Andrew emerge from the shelter): Well, well, sleepyhead! You're up at old man time. The sun's barely out!

Andrew (groggily): Yeah, I just couldn't sleep. Do you need me doing anything around here?

Troyzan (as he stands up and looks around camp): No, I think I'm good, bro.

Andrew: Alright. Well, I'm going to go sit at the point for a little bit. I'll be back at some point.

Troyzan (as Andrew passes him with a pat on the back): Alright, man. Don't be gone too long. I'll get breakfast started in a little while.

Andrew departs from camp and walks along the shore en route to the rocky point. It skips over to his arrival as he takes a seat and looks out into the ocean, deep in thought.

This morning, I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about how I need to crack this group of seven...cause if I don't come up with anything, I'm next.


With his hand firmly underneath his chin, Andrew continues to contemplate his options. Suddenly, his eyes shoot open with an epiphany.

Andrew (to himself, with a small chuckle): I've still got my fake-a-roo. Oh my, that's perfect.

Andrew stands up with a huge grin on his face and then gleefully returns to camp.

Then, out of nowhere, I suddenly remember that I still have my fake idol. I mean, I don't know why I forgot about it in the first place, but I'm just happy I still have the thing! Anyway, we're running out of resources. We need to infiltrate this group of seven and show some people that they're, in fact, on the bottom. What better way to start than with...(pulls the fake idol out of his bag and grins)...this little guy!


It skips back to camp later in the day as everyone moseys around. It then focuses on Andrew quietly approaching Amy next to the shelter.

Andrew (whispering): You got a sec to walk and talk?

Amy (curiously): Yeah, what's up?

Andrew: Just come with me and I'll let you know.

After looking around, Amy and Andrew disappear into the jungle as the camera follows them.

When Andrew came up to me at camp and was like, 'Hey, can you talk for a second?', I was like, 'Oh, here he goes again...'.


Andrew (as the camera continues to follow them): So, um...I found another idol this morning.

Amy (softly, but surprised): You can't be serious...

Andrew (softly as he looks back in the direction of camp): Yeah, I couldn't sleep this morning, and I didn't have anything else better to do. So...

Andrew then reaches into his pocket, pulls out the "idol", and shows it to Amy.

Amy (in disbelief): Oh my gosh...Andrew, where did you find it?

Andrew (without missing a beat): Just along the one of the rocks.

Amy continues to gawk at the "idol" and starts feeling it while Andrew maintains possession of it with his hand.

So, we get into the jungle and Andrew tells me he found another idol. Then, he reaches into his shorts and pulls out the thing! How many idols is this guy going to pull out of his butt?! It's insane!


Andrew: So, before you go back and tell all your friends about this, hear me out on something.

Amy's attention immediately turns from the idol to Andrew.

Andrew (directly): I want to know what the cracks are in your little clique of seven...cause I know there are some. All I've been with you is open and upfront. So, can you be the same with me? Just this one time...that's all I'm asking.

Amy hesitates for several seconds as the gears in her brain turn. Then, she replies to Andrew's plea.

Amy (after stressfully exhaling): Okay. So, before you all bounced Jocelyn, there were two groups of four. It was me, Derek, Jocelyn, and Robert against the rest of them. Now, it's just us three.

Andrew: Well, let me ask you this. Have you thought about aligning with us?

Amy (unsurely): Well yeah, but...

Andrew: But what?

Amy (with somewhat of a chuckle): Come on. After what you guys did the other night, y'all are dangerous! Especially if you have...(points to Andrew's "idol")...that!

Andrew (calmly): Okay, so how about this? It's you, Robert, and Derek...right?

Amy (nodding her head): Mmhmm...

Andrew: So, it can be us five against the other four. If Jordan and I make it through the next Tribal Council...(holds up the "idol")'s all yours. I promise on everything that is dear to me.

Amy hesitates once more as Andrew continues on with his offer.

Andrew (trying to sound convincing): I'll put it this way. If we go through with this, you guys are locking up the final three for yourselves. Jordan and I would be the minority. The five of us pick off the other four all up until the final five. We're fourth and fifth and...this could be a really big move for you. You would have my vote if you pulled through with this.

Amy (thinking as she goes): Okay. So, say that we are on board for this. Who do we vote for?

Andrew (shrugging his shoulders): Whoever you want us to vote. I'm the one at your mercy here.

Amy (with a smile of disbelief, placing her hands together on her head): Oh my've gotta be kidding me...

Andrew (with a smirk): You don't have to give me an answer right here and now. I'm simply putting the offer out there.

Now what do I do? Andrew's offering me his idol, the only piece of ammunition he's got left and...I just don't know. It's just so much to wrap my head around that I don't know what to do. Along with giving his idol to me, it would mean that we would be the final five with Derek, Robert, and myself with the majority in the alliance. But...(ponders about it once more)...there's just something I don't trust about him. This just seems too good to be true and that's why I haven't bought anything he's been sellin'. The kid's dangerous. But now that the numbers are the way they are and there's an opportunity to advance myself in the game potentially, I've gotta think about it.


Andrew (lightheartedly chuckling at Amy's obvious stress): You okay? I know I threw you for a loop with that.

Amy: No, no, I'm fine...I'm fine. I just need a moment to figure some stuff out.

Andrew: Alright. Well, I'll leave you be.

Andrew starts walking back to camp as Amy internally weighs her options while remaining motionless. She can't help but chuckle due to the recent events.

Amy (to herself, under her breath): Geez, this is crazy.

The camera follows Amy as she walks back to camp and then cuts to her, Derek, and Robert walking along the beach right before the sunset.

Amy: Boy, do I have some news for you guys.

Derek: Like what?

Amy (briefly looking back to camp): Andrew's got another idol.

Derek and Robert glance at each other with shock.

Robert (surprised): Already? He's already got another one?

Amy simply nods as she bites her lip.

Robert (shaking his head): Wow...

Amy: But now, here's the thing. He showed it to me...that's how I know that he has it. Then, he told me that he would give the idol to me if he and Jordan were still here after the next Tribal Council.

Robert: Was there anything else?

Amy (hesitantly): Well...he asked for some info about the seven in return for him showing the idol to me. So, I told him that the three of us were in an alliance together and...(chuckles)...without missin' a beat, he offers up us aligning with the final five.

Derek (not convinced): Mmm...there's got to be more to it. That's way too good to be true.

Amy: That's what I was thinking!

Derek: If you ask me, I think he could be yanking our chain. What if he's just looking for the info and plays the idol after you tell him all of that? Next time you talk to him, tell him to sweeten the pot if he's really serious about this.

Amy (thinking it through): Like getting the idol before we leave for Tribal?

Derek: Yeah, something along that line.

Amy: No, that'd be perfect cause even if we don't go with him and Jordan, we'd still have an idol either way.

As Amy and Derek plot, Robert remains mum.

Amy (with a grin): Ooh, that's nasty!

Amy pulls Robert and myself aside and tells us that Andrew's found yet another idol, which I don't understand how he does. He's like the...idol magnet of the island. But anyhow, he suggests to Amy for the two parties to join forces and make up the final five in exchange for his idol, and I thought that it's a good move if you're Andrew or Jordan. It's not a good move if you're Derek, Amy, or Robert. Cause what if he decides to play the idol after he gets the information he needs? Then, we're screwed out of the deal. So, I told Amy that she needs to tip the scales towards our side a little more, and she comes up with the idea to have Andrew give us his idol before Tribal. And I was just like, 'Perfect.' The more we keep those two powerless, the better off we're going to be.


Robert: So, who are we going to vote if we do this?

Amy (quickly): I was thinkin' Troy cause he's been the one laying down the Temotu hammer this entire game and now that he's got the numbers, it's his game to win.

Robert: That's if we don't make the move.

Derek (after a brief silence): Well, we've got time to think about it. We're not going anywhere tonight.

Amy (noticing the sunset as the camera focuses in on it): Yeah, it's getting dark anyway. Let's just head back to camp and talk about it tomorrow.

The three allies start heading back to camp as they pass through a still shot of the sunset.

With this new idol in play, it puts everything out in the open. This could be the break we need to take Troyzan out, but it's a matter of when...cause Derek brought up a good point. What if Andrew is pulling my leg and just fishing for info so he use this new idol to his advantage? What if he's just playing me to get further in the game? So, if we take the idol out of his hands before the next vote, it finally gives me power in this game; the power to call the shots just as Troy's been doing this whole, entire game. And there could be a chance that Andrew doesn't like the idea of giving me his idol beforehand. That's okay...we stick to the original plan and we send him packin'! (cackling) That's all well and good with me! But if he does give it to me prior to Tribal Council, I would have the option to go through with Andrew's offer or keep the idol for myself, stick to the plan of voting Andrew out, and see what happens from there. That's for me to decide. (smiles deviously)


It then cuts back to camp as Troyzan, Andrew, and Jordan are seen sitting around the fire eating portions of rice. Andrew quietly turns and notices the three of Amy, Derek, and Robert filing back to camp. He averts his focus back to his rice as the camera fades to break.

Day 26

The camera returns to a fly-by of the Pacific Ocean en route to the Kakuna beach. It highlights everyone, with the exception of Andrew and Jordan, moving around camp doing various tasks to start the day. Meanwhile, it cuts to Andrew and Jordan walking along a beaten path in the jungle as the camera follows them.

Andrew (quietly, as they walk): I think I found the crack that we've been looking for.

Jordan (intrigued): Where?

Andrew: With Amy, believe it or not.

Jordan: So wait, how did you get in? (turns to Andrew with a slight laugh) What did you do?

Andrew (with a wide grin): I told her that I found another idol.

Jordan's eyes shoot open.

Jordan: Did you?

Andrew (still grinning): No, I showed her the fake.

Andrew keeps his grin tight to prevent himself from bursting out into laughter as Jordan simply gapes at him and can't help but let out a laugh of her own. They continue walking as Jordan playfully nudges Andrew with her shoulder causing him to be pushed off the path, catching the latter by surprise.

Jordan (in a very interested tone): So, what did she tell you?

Andrew: That she, Derek, and Robert were aligned with Jocelyn. It was two groups of four and now it's those three against Troyzan, Justin, Katherine, and Mike. So, right then and there, I told her that I would give her the idol if both of us made it through this next vote.

Jordan continues to intently listen as they walk further into the jungle.

Andrew: It would be us two and the three of them in the final five.

Jordan: And that's a solid thing?

Andrew: I honestly don't think anything's set in stone. She never answered my offer either way.

Jordan (taken aback): Oh my gosh, Andrew. This is insane.

Jordan clasps her hands together and puts them behind her head as Andrew turns to her and smiles with a slight chuckle.

Andrew and I go for our routine pre-immunity walk and he tells me that he's found a crack in the seven. I was like 'Who?', and he says that it's Amy. At first, I was little skeptical just because Andrew keeps going back to her, hoping that she'll pry open, like this is the fourth time now. But, the more he went into detail, the more excited I got. When I heard about the fake idol and the final five deal, my eyes just went like...(uses her hands as a comparison to her eyes opening up)!


Andrew: Just when I talk to her next, like I'm not going to before the challenge...probably afterwards once we know wins immunity, I want you to come with me.

Jordan: I can do that, yeah.

Andrew (reservedly): Cause...I mean, you're my closest ally and I feel like I'm not coming to you with stuff like this as soon as I should.

Jordan (consolingly): No, it's fine. If you can't get to me right away, then you can't. I totally understand.

Andrew (with a relieved grin): Alright.

Jordan smiles back as they proceed back to camp.

My only concern with this is that I hope Andrew isn't just blindly trusting Amy to go along with it. There is a chance that she could be playing him. Like I said earlier, this is the fourth time that I know of that he has gone to her, and her only, to try and crack the members of the original Temotu. So, maybe she got fed up with him and decided to just appease him by going along with his idol offer. It's all very possible. So, while I'm still really excited about this potential plan that Andrew's come up with, I'm going to stay on my toes through it all. Plus, we still have an immunity challenge left to do today. That could change everything.


The camera briefly turns back to camp as Amy silently observes her surroundings. It then shifts over to the challenge site as it flies over nine differently-colored, triangle-shaped platforms floating about ten to fifteen feet out in the ocean. It immediately skips over to Probst and the final nine Survivors on a separate platform.

Probst: Okay, first thing's first. Troyzan, I will take it back.

Troyzan steps forward as Probst meets him in the middle.

Troyzan (under his breath to the necklace as Probst unhooks it): See you in a bit!

Probst walks back and places the immunity necklace around its holder.

Probst: Immunity...back up for grabs.

Probst then explains the simple concept of the challenge and what's at stake. He directs that the players will draw for spots and commence shortly thereafter. It shifts over to the start of the challenge as the nine remaining contestants are on their first foothold, ready for the challenge to start. Probst counts them down from five to one as they position themselves.

Probst: This challenge is on.

Amy and Justin are seen wincing a bit but for the most part, everyone looks to be comfortable in the first round.

Probst: Treat this as your warm-up round, a sign of things to come. Get loose...get comfortable...get your body ready for what's in store.

Robert snickers at Probst's comment while Andrew and Jordan are focused. No major activity happens in the first round as the camera shifts over to the fifteen-minute mark.

Probst: Alright, first round is over. Move up to your next foothold.

Now allowed to use their hands, the final nine adjust themselves to the next foothold above the first. Some, such as Derek, Jordan, and Katherine, are steady while others, Justin and Mike specifically, wobbly move to the second foothold. Mike suddenly loses his balance during the transition and lunges head-first into the water.

Probst: And just like that, Mike is the first one out of this challenge.

Mike swims over to the main platform as Probst counts down the other eight. As he does, they all remove their hands from the platform and begin to steady and straighten themselves.

Justin (under his breath, struggling): Man, this sucks.

It highlights Amy and Justin visibly struggling to hold on while the other six are like statues. They seem comfortable as their toes grip onto their respective footholds. Justin, meanwhile, continues to wince as he holds on.

Justin (conceding): No. No more.

Justin voluntarily plops into the water as Troyzan starts to show signs of pain.

Probst: We are down to seven. Keep your mind on what's at stake here. The pain you are feeling is only temporary. You'll be able to recover. No way to recover if you're voted out.

The camera skims by and highlights each of the remaining seven focusing on staying in the challenge. Toes are firmly gripped onto the footholds as it shifts over to the thirty-minute mark without any additional eliminations.

Probst: Alright, the second round is done. Now, you can use your hands to move to the top of the platform. But if you fall, then that's it. You're shot at immunity.

Andrew, Derek, Jordan, and Katherine are all seen making a seamless transition to the top of their respective triangles while the other three, Amy, Robert, and Troyzan, take their time before Probst counts them down. Troyzan plants one of his feet on the top and begins to lose his balance. He tries balancing on that one foot but it's unable to keep him from dropping into the water. He emerges to the ocean surface visibly disappointed as he swims over to join Justin and Mike. Right after Probst ends his countdown, Amy suddenly wobbles once more and flies into the water.

Probst: Quickly, Amy's into the water! We're now down to five!

Andrew watches as Amy swims back to the platform while Katherine and Robert start trying to balance themselves atop the triangular platform. Then, Katherine, after starting the challenge off strong, suddenly loses her balance as her body hurls into the ocean. Robert is quick to follow as he, too, loses his balance, steps off the platform and drops into the water.

Probst: Katherine's in! Robert's in! We are now down to three: Andrew, Jordan, and Derek. All of them have stayed steady throughout this challenge.

Jordan shows her first wobble as she slightly uses her hands to maintain her balance. Andrew and Derek, meanwhile, remain still. It fast-forwards to the forty-minute mark as all three remain in the challenge. Then, a forceful gust of wind comes across the challenge site causing all three remaining competitors to suddenly start fighting to stay on the peak of the platform. They all wildly flail their hands to stay atop their respective platforms. Derek tries to readjust his feet, but he steps on the corner instead of the flat plank on top, causing him to lose even more of his balance. Ultimately, he isn't able to recover as he falls off the platform, which leaves Andrew and Jordan as the remaining two. Both are able to recover from the wind as they return to their original positions before the gust. Fifteen more minutes pass without any activity as it stops in at the fifty-five-minute mark. The camera turns over to the main platform where the seven that are eliminated sit as it focuses on Amy intently observing the last two. Andrew glances over to her as the camera switches back and forth, with the two trying to get a read on each other. It cuts back to Andrew as he bites his lower lip and voluntarily decides to concede his chance at immunity. He pretends to lose his balance and falls off his platform, giving Jordan the immunity win. She gleefully jumps off of her platform as she and Andrew swim back. The camera cuts to after the challenge with Probst and the final nine standing on top of it.

Probst: Jordan, come on over.

With Andrew starting the applause, everyone else joins in as Jordan walks over to be rewarded with the immunity necklace. With a beaming smile, Jordan stands still as Probst puts the necklace around her neck.

Probst: Jordan is safe from the vote tonight. As for everyone else, after twenty-six days in this game, one of you will be voted out tonight. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. See you guys tonight at Tribal. (to Jordan) Congrats.

Jordan (still smiling from ear to ear): Thanks, Jeff.

Everyone congratulates Jordan as she returns to the other eight. The camera then goes to slow-motion as the congratulations continue.

With it being just Jordan and myself as the last two standing in the immunity challenge, I thought that it was the best opportunity to try and gain some favor with Amy. So, I dropped out and let Jordan win immunity. With Jordan not having any chance of going home tonight, the target is put squarely on me and with the situation I am in with Amy, that's exactly how I need it to be. I need to appear as vulnerable as possible so that she knows that this is a genuine cry for help. This final five move makes sense for her more than it does for me, and I hope she realizes that before it's too late for her and for me as well.


The camera zooms out from the challenge site and reveals a more scenic view of the ocean and the islands themselves as it fades to break afterwards.

It fades back into various shots of the creatures in the ocean depths, such as sharks, starfish, and various kinds of fish as the final nine file back in to camp. Jordan happily hangs her immunity necklace on the shelter like a coat as she high-fives Andrew afterwards.

Andrew (solemnly to Jordan): Nice job.

The camera focuses on Troyzan as he unpacks his bag from the immunity challenge.

The immunity challenge...didn't have the result I would've liked to have seen. Jordan won today, so splitting the votes is out the window. If one of them were to find another idol, the split vote would've been a nice safety blanket to have. But...after the last Tribal Council, Andrew made the target on his back bigger than it ever has been by playing those two idols, so he's got to go. He's the biggest threat out here.


As everyone unwinds, Andrew, who puts his bag around his arm, and Jordan venture away from camp. Everyone else discretely watches as the two start to trek along the beach.

Troyzan (to the other six): Is everyone in agreement on...Andrew tonight? Just keep sticking to 'Temotu Strong'. We take him out tonight and we take her out next.

Robert: But what if she wins immunity? Where do we go from there?

There is an awkward silence that fills the camp for a few seconds.

Justin (unstably): It's not a guarantee that she's going to win immunity next time. Let's by ear. Cross that bridge when we get there.

Katherine, Mike, and Troyzan agree with Justin while Derek and Robert remain mum on the topic.

Amy: Are you guys cool with me following them again? I want us to be prepared in case they pull something out of their butt again.

Katherine and Mike look at each other, seeing no harm in Amy spying on Andrew and Jordan once more.

Katherine: Yeah. I say go for it.

Mike: By all means, preparation is key.

Amy (as she stands up from her chair): Alrighty. Hopefully, I'll be back shortly.

Amy ventures off into the same direction as Andrew and Jordan did from the campsite. As she starts walking, Justin's focus remains on Amy.

Amy's intentions on following Andrew and Jordan are all fine and dandy, but I hope she doesn't get any ideas with those two now that she's down in numbers. This isn't high school, where fads never last for more than...(shrugs shoulders)...more than a month tops. Hopefully, she sticks to the plan of us seven and doesn't bounce over to the enemy and become a trendsetter. Cause I'm screwed if she does!


The camera pans over to behind Amy as it follows her walking along the beach en route to Andrew and Jordan. She finally approaches the pair right before the point.

My little getaway excuse...was complete crap. I told Mike and them that I wanted to be on their tail in case they pull something out of their butts again, but I know that they've done that already! I wanted to get out of camp because I want to see if Andrew's willing to give up his idol before we pack up and head to Tribal tonight. If he does, then maybe I can trust him.


Andrew (noticing Amy as she walks up to him and Jordan): What's the word?

Amy (directly to Andrew): They're all thinking you tonight...

Andrew (sarcastically, with a smirk): And the sky is blue. But, uh...(laughs briefly)...have you thought about my offer any?

Amy (placing her hands on her hips, sighing): I have...and I've got one for you.

Andrew glances at Jordan briefly and then back at Amy in his face.

Andrew (puzzled): What would that be?

Amy (firmly): If you want us to feel a little bit better about this, you need to give me the idol before we go off to Tribal tonight.

Andrew (in shock): Before we go?

Amy (with a sassy smile): Mmhmm.

Andrew hesitantly pulls the "idol" from his bag and looks at Jordan as he holds it.

Andrew (to Jordan, worriedly): What do you think?

Jordan (to Amy, after some thought): If it...makes you guys feel more comfortable...(turns to Andrew)...we don't really have much of a choice here.

Andrew (biting his lip out of irritation): Okay...

He pauses before he hesitantly hands the "idol" to Amy.

Andrew (defeatedly as he gives the "idol" to Amy): Okay...that's that, then.

Jordan: So, who are we voting for?

Amy (proudly, as she starts to walk back to camp): Troy. We'll let you know if it changes.

Jordan (reservedly): Sounds good.

Amy stuffs the "idol" in her shirt as she walks back to camp. Andrew and Jordan, meanwhile, defeatedly head in the opposite direction towards the point.

Kudos to Amy for playing the game. Even though it's a fake idol, it takes away any leverage that I once had cause I was playing it up to be real, and they still think that it is real. So now, I have no power. I have no say in any matters today. For all I know, Jordan and I could be the oxen that, uh, Jonathan Penner made so famous in his last jury speech. Maybe Amy's yoked us to a cart, and she's riding us into something grander for her...I don't know. What I do know is that I've done everything I can, up to this point, to make sure that I have the best chance of moving forward. As much as I hate to say it, it's all up to them now.


The camera speeds through the afternoon and highlights tiny crabs skittering along the sand as Amy happily walks up to Derek and Robert.

Amy (dangling the "idol" in front of Derek and Robert, almost singing): Look what I've got!

Derek (gaping, touching the idol): No way! That's awesome!

Robert (excitedly): That must've taken everything he had to give it to you.

Amy: Oh, trust me, he wasn't happy about it!

So, Amy's little plan came into place! She was able to rid Andrew of his idol and now, we have it in our possession. But she and Derek were thinking that once they were able to get the idol, they were just going to use Andrew for that one specific thing and toss him to the wayside. Personally, I hope it doesn't come down to that. I think that if we dispose of Andrew now and still get rid of Jordan at the next Tribal, we're still going to be up against Troyzan's alliance of four. There's always the chance of us misusing the idol and all of this was essentially for nothing. But if we tag Andrew and Jordan along, we can seize control of the game and ride it out to the final three.


Robert (still viewing the idol): That is a work of art! Wow...nice job, Amy.

Derek: So, what do we do tonight? Do we want to go back on these guys or is this where we change the game?

Robert: It's just what's in our best interest...

Amy (interrupting Robert): I don't we can go wrong either way. If we take out Andrew, the biggest threat in this game is gone...

Robert (returning the favor to Amy): But if we take this opportunity to vote out Troyzan, we latch those two onto us and we coast to the final three. I think that's our best option.

Amy (internally debating her options): I don't know. There's just something I really don't trust about those two.

Robert (passionately): But we can't keep playing second fiddle to Troyzan's alliance. We're just going to get picked off one at a time once those two are gone.

Amy (after some silence): Derek, you're pretty quiet over there. What are you thinkin'?

Derek (noncommittally): I mean, I see both sides of the coin. I think we have to do what's going to be best for us a couple votes down the road.

Amy (stressfully exhaling): That's what I don't know. (feigning a whining tone) Aw, why does this have to be so hard?

Robert: Don't worry. We'll make the right decision...

Derek (adding on to Robert's response): Hopefully...

The three allies start walking back to camp as they continue debating their options for the upcoming vote.

Derek, Robert, and I are at the Survivor crossroads. We're torn between keeping this theme of 'Temotu all the way' and voting out Andrew and knocking out the ringleader behind it all, Troyzan. Both of them have just the right amount of pros and cons to where it makes this so complicated. I don't want to constantly stay behind in numbers but at the same time, I don't want to be outsmarted by bigger strategic threats! The question for me is, "How much trust do I have in Andrew?". He's been this open catalog with me, even with the idol, but...I'm still not one-hundred percent sure on him. He gave me his idol, though! That has to mean something, right? But, if I'm being used as a pawn in Andrew's game or Troyzan's game, then it doesn't make sense for me to side with them...cause I want to be the one calling the shots! (exhales stressfully) I just hope that the decision we the one I don't end up kickin' myself over when it's all said and done.


The camera speeds through a still shot of the point with the sun setting in the background as it then transitions to the final nine filing into Tribal Council. They set their lit torches in their respective holders and subsequently take a seat.

Probst: We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Everyone's attention shifts to the steps as Alvin, Gaby, and Jocelyn file in and seat themselves on the jury bench. Jocelyn's appearance brings smiles to Amy, Derek, Katherine, and Robert as she waves to them. Probst then takes his seat.

Probst: So, the last Tribal Council was one of the craziest...I've ever been a part of to tell you the truth. Jordan, did it shift the dynamics of the game or was it simply prolonging the inevitable?

Jordan: We hope, for our sake, that it did change the game. I know that, if Andrew goes tonight, I’m next unless I have this...(shakes her immunity necklace)...around my neck. If these seven stick together and vote him out, it’s going to be really tough for me to fight a seven-headed monster by myself. But we’ve had some encouraging conversations with some of these seven, so I hope what we talked about today wasn’t just them buttering us up on our way out the door.

Probst: And who would some of these seven be?

Andrew and Jordan are apprehensive to answer Probst's question, but they start off with a nervous laugh.

Jordan: Oh, we can't tell you that! We have to keep things anonymous!

Probst (after smirking at Jordan's answer): Andrew, how much pressure are you feeling?

Andrew: All sorts of pressure. I know that with Jordan winning immunity, it puts the target squarely on my back. I am hoping, though, that the dynamics shift after the last vote cause it did reveal some things that these guys at the old Temotu didn't want revealed.

Probst: Troyzan, is what Andrew said true?

Troyzan: Oh, of course. As our group of eight, we were dead set on getting either Andrew or Jordan out of here last Tribal Council and boom...they play two idols and made a really smart play with their votes. They showed our division, they picked a side, and that's why Jocelyn's over there instead of over here.

Mike: And that doesn't mean it's going to take us off of this path we've been on. Okay, so we had one little bump in the road. They're both still very lethal to the rest of us so tonight, Andrew's got to go.

Probst: But Katherine, does it make more sense to stick to this seven or are Andrew and Jordan in the position to become swing votes? Even though they're threats, now would be a great time to make a move if you're looking for one or two votes.

The camera focuses on Amy and Derek glancing at one another.

Katherine: They both make sense but after last Tribal Council, Andrew and Jordan made themselves bigger threats by playing those idols. So, in addition to them being the last two Fatutakas, they're really big social and strategic threats.

Probst: So even after the last Tribal Council, where the vote clearly showed some division amongst what is now the group of seven, they’re still saying that you’re the main threat, Andrew. What do you do to move the target off of you and on to somebody else?

Andrew: As intangible as it is, you have to have faith. Like Jordan said earlier, we’ve had encouraging conversations with some of the seven and I am putting a lot of faith into those people. For my sake, and their sake as well, I really hope that they pull through.

From the jury bench, Alvin and Gaby worriedly look on as it shifts back to the nine, where Troyzan confidently smirks at Mike, who gives a smug grin back.

Probst: Alright, with that, it is...time to vote. Mike, you're up.

Mike, on the far right, starts the voting process as it goes from right to left. Justin, Troyzan, Katherine, Andrew, Jordan, Derek, Amy, and Robert all take their turn at the voting booth as only Andrew and Troyzan's confessionals are aired. With Robert taking his seat, Probst proceeds to collect the urn.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

As he does, Andrew's leg is highlighted as it thumps up and down nervously while he sits. Amy, Derek, and Jordan all anxiously await Probst's return with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

It focuses on Amy and then Andrew as everyone turns their attention to the latter. With his leg still going a mile a minute, Andrew otherwise does not motion to his bag or pocket.

Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Andrew (1)

A focused Andrew gives a quick nod.

Second vote: Troyzan (1-1)

The camera gradually zooms in to a grinning Troyzan as he slowly nods.

Third vote: Andrew (2-1)

Fourth vote: Troyzan (2-2)

Troyzan glances down to Jordan, who looks over to Amy as she continues to watch the vote unfold.

Fifth vote: Andrew (3-2)

Andrew starts to sit straighter with a look of disappointment and helplessness.

Sixth vote: Andrew (4-2)

Andrew nervously brushes his hand through his hair as Troyzan's grin grows. Jordan worriedly looks over to Derek, who glances back at her and quickly shifts his undivided attention back to Probst.

Seventh vote: Troyzan (4-3)

Troyzan's grin immediately evaporates as it is replaced with a look of confusion. Noticing something's amiss, a puzzled Justin, Katherine, and Mike look towards the others.

Eighth vote: Troyzan (4-4)

Troyzan's mouth loosens open as he looks towards Andrew and Jordan in amazement. Andrew and Jordan can hardly watch as Amy, Derek, and Robert calmly and intently focus on the last vote.

Ninth vote: ...

Probst: Ninth person voted out and the fourth member of our jury...

Probst hesitates to reveal the vote in order to build up the moment. He eventually reveals the final vote to be for Troyzan, which leaves everyone but Amy, Derek, and Robert in shock.

Probst: Troyzan...I need you to bring me your torch.

Andrew lets out a huge sigh of relief as Gaby tries to contain Alvin, who is wildly celebrating on the jury bench. Gaby and Jocelyn are shocked as well as Troyzan infuriatingly rises from his seat and grabs his torch. Katherine, Mike, and Justin are all shocked in their own right.

Mike (with a blank stare as Troyzan passes him in the background): Wow...

Jordan is all smiles as she tries to console Andrew, who is still incredibly shocked by the result. Troyzan forcibly places his torch before Probst.

Probst: Troyzan, the tribe has spoken.

Troyzan disappointedly watches Probst extinguish his torch as he storms out of the Tribal Council area shortly thereafter. Once Troyzan disappears into the darkness, Probst addresses the final eight.

Probst (with a slight smirk): Well, with that vote, this game...has just turned.

Derek grins at Probst's summary as Andrew is seen still recovering from complete shock of remaining in the game.

Probst: Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The final eight rise from their seats as Alvin gives Andrew and Jordan a thumbs up on their way out. Andrew reciprocates the gesture with an exhausted smile as the camera transitions to eight lit torches leaving the Tribal Council area and fading out afterwards.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Troyzan (5 votes)
Amy, Andrew, Derek, Jordan, Robert
Andrew (4 votes)
Justin, Katherine, Mike, Troyzan
Troyzan Robertson

Voting Confessionals

I'm really hoping tonight goes like the Greeks and we have our own 'Fall of Troy'.


The last vote only cemented how threatening you are to me. This is my island, baby.


Final Words

I...I don't know what happened. I guess Amy and them finally had the oomph to make a move and pull in Andrew and Jordan. I really didn't see that coming and I hate that I'm out at nine. I mean, I took a step back from One World for crying out loud. I thought I was playing a great game; better than last time. But...that could've been my downfall this time. To have my second chance end this sucks.

–Troyzan Robertson

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

With her closest ally out of the game, Katherine comes out of hiding..."Troyzan's gone...I have to fend for myself now."...while Andrew and Jordan show no signs of stopping the streak of blindsides.


  • The episode title was said by Justin as he hoped Amy did not get any ideas of flipping, comparing it to trends in high school.