Farra Brown
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 6, 1960 (1960-01-06) (age 58)
Hometown Eufaula, AL
Occupation Retail Store Manager

Survivor: Johor

Tribes Sungai
Placement TBA/16

Farra Brown is a contestant from Survivor: Johor.


Name (Age): Farra Brown (58)
Hometown: Eufaula, Alabama
Occupation: Retail Store Manager
Personal Claim to Fame: Raisin' my family n' all. A big accomplishment to have a grand ole family like mine.
Inspiration in Life: Baby, there's too many to name! My family, my teachers, my friends, my celebrities, God; they all inspire me to no end!
​Hobbies: Joking with my family, people watching, gardening
​Pet Peeves: Lazy do-nothings who don't work for what they have.
3 Words to Describe You: Stubborn, Tough, Witty
SURVIVOR Contestant You are Most Like: I've gotta say Carolyn. Man was the woman tough, but she also had a human side to her!
Reason for Competing on SURVIVOR: It's alla 'bout the money, honey! I need to retire some day, when I get really dang old, an' my bank account ain't exactly a spring chicken. My family and I have watched most uh the seasons too.
Why You Believe You Will Become the SOLE SURVIVOR: I'm gonna win this game no matta what, honey bunches. I gonna do whatever I gotsa do to win this. I need ta win this game for my family, my hubby, my kiddies, my town. I need that money if I evah wanna retire, sweet thang. So I'm gonna do whatever I gotta to get dat cash! I'm not weak, baby cakes. I might be prehistoric compared to da others I'm competing wit, but I ain't no weakling. I can put in my weight in these here challenges. I'm gonna let the others do the blindsidin' and the backstabbin' at first; I'd hafta be a dang fool to try and do that early, given my age and all! No, I'm gonna be the sweet ole lady, cookin' da food an' choppin' every wood. They ain't gonna see me comin'. I gonna start kickin' it in at the merge, and they alllllll gonna be left speechless when I'm done wit 'em! They all gonna trust me cuz I'm old and whatnot, baby cakes, they all gonna underestimate me. They gonna hate each other and forget about me, and I gonna send them all out one by one! I gonna wait, I gonna watch, and then I gonna attack and get dat money for me and my family! I ain't no giant strategical mastermind or some big ole challenge beast. But I gotta ton of drive and I gotta whole lotta charisma and I got me some wits and common sense too. I gonna use dat to get me all the way to the end, honey bunches! Just you wait!

Survivor: Johor

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