"Feeling Defeated"
Keepitup The Immunity Challenge
Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 6/13
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This is the 6th episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

Jane was kidnapped from Eiao. Amir lost an ally, but he was able to recover. Will the Eiao tribe be able to survive without their strongest member?


Kidnap Challenge: Wrist Assured
Castaways hold on to a handle with a rope wrapped around it. At the end of the rope is a bucket that contains 25% of their body weight. As the challenge goes on, the rope will begin to unspool, making it harder to keep the bucket in the air. Last one standing wins.
Winner: Hatutu
Immunity Challenge: Keep it Up
Each contestant would have to hold two poles against a platform above their heads. If any of the two would fall, that contestant would be out. The last person standing would win for their tribe.
Winner: Hatutu


Night 15

Eiao walks back to camp in the dark, everyone seems content.

I guess I can trust these guys, I am still in this game, it's not over for me yet.


There was a vote cast for me, that was Yolandri, but it doesn't matter now, look who is still here!


Amir has voted with us, he has earned my trust.


The team goes to sleep.

Day 16

Eiao camp: Grayson goes to find treemail, as expected its a kidnap notice. He brings it to the tribe.

Grayson: "Look bros! We get to kidnap someone!"
Cassie: "I mean, it's obvious we want Jane back, right?"
Amir: "Totally!"
Cassie: "You guys all agree?"
Jake: "Sounds like a good idea. Who wants to go and challenge her?"
Cassie: "I will go."

We all know we want Jane back. I think it will be a good test for me to go and get her back!


It's a good idea for Cassie to go challenge Jane, Cassie will just tell Jane to lose and we will automatically have Jane back on our team.


Kidnap Challenge: Cassie and Jane arrive at the kidnap challenge arena. They grab onto a tight rope that holds their respective weights. Cassie and Jane weigh about the same, so their weights are about the same.

The challenge begins and Cassie tries wooing Jane.

Cassie: "What do you think about just bowing out of the challenge? You will be back with us, safe and sound?"
Jane: "It's a great idea, I like where this is going, but, I can't leave Jeriah. If they lose, then he is gone!"
Cassie: "I don't know much considering that I am not on that tribe, but, what if he is just plaing you, he has been there a long time, you know, I just don't want you to be eliminated."
Jane: "Girl, have you forgotten, I have the idol! If I suspect anything, I can just play that. Don't worry about him either, he is not a traitor."
Cassie: "Damn, I am just worried that we might lose without you."
Jane: "Why? If you lose, just vote out Amir! It's a safe plan, foolproof! I know you imagined the outcome of this challenge differently, but I think it's in our best intrest to stay seperated. The merge is coming soon, so lets stay on seperate tribes. If you lose immunity, eliminated Amir. If I lose, I will try to take out Robin or Minerva."
Cassie: "You know, I am sure gald that we are aligned, you are always thinkning one step ahead of me!"

Cassie drops her weight, she goes back to the Eiao camp without Jane.

I am playing a risky game! But I think not going back to Eiao was a smart move for me.


Night 16

Hatutu camp:

Jane arrives back at camp, the team seems happy.

I'm glad Jane is back. She is a strong competitor and she brings options to the table, she is good to have around.


Jane being back is not good news. In fact, this is the biggest disaster since I accidentally set doves free in a fast food resturaunt! Jane brings trouble to my alliance that I cannot have!


Alabaster, Robin and Minerva discuss Jane's return.

Minerva: "I thought for sure she'd just give up and go back with them!"
Robin: "She either feels safe here, or she has more work to do here."
Alabaster: "Or both?"
Minerva: "What do you mean?"
Alabaster: "Suppose she has an idol that is making her feel safe and she plans on using it."
Robin: "Well, in that case we are f***ed.
Minerva: "But that assumption is based on the theory that idols are here, why do you think there are idols?

Alabaster awkwardly leaves the conversation.

Oh No! I might have just ruined my idol secret...


Day 17


The team is dissapointed when Cassie returns without Jane, they question why Jane didn't give up, Cassie tells all except Jane's demand to eliminate Amir.

Amir knows something is wrong.

I think Jane reminded Cassie that it is ok to lose, they have a safety net: me. If Eiao loses, I will be eliminated.


Hatutu camp:

Minerva and Robin are disussing Alabaster's trust.

Robin: "Do you understand that last night, he basically told us he had an idol! He is keeping secrets from us!"
Minerva: "So if Alabaster and Jacqueline are not with us, then we are the minority! They are gonna target us if we lose the next challenge!"
Robin: "Then we have to win!"

I did not come here to make friends. If we lose the next challenge, I will vote for Minerva. I want the million. Minerva is old and she is only an obstacle in my way to the million dollar prize, if push comes to shove, I will have no problem throwing her under the bus!


Alabaster seems to have a change in heart and confesses to Minerva alone.

Alabaster: "I think you know by now, but I have the hidden immunity idol. I want you to know that you are the only person I've told!"
Minerva: "Oh, I was so worried you were conspiring against me, this is so re-assuring!"
Alabaster: "Well, I have a plan to save Amir. At the challenge, I am going to hand it to him privately, then if Eiao loses, he can play the idol and be safe another day!"
Minerva: "That is a WONDERFUL plan, I am so proud! Hatutu is stronger than ever!"

Who knew what a brain was hidden under that stove pipe hat! Alabaster is a crafty, young gentleman! He figured out a way for us to save Amir!


I couldn't keep the secret any longer, I felt confident telling Minerva about my idol because I know I won't have it much longer. It's practically burning a hole in my pocket, I have to get rid of it. Its like a monkey's paw. Worse actually.


Eiao camp:

The Eiao men discuss about their lives during the sunset. 

Grayson: "Dudes, I am a professional surfer, riding waves is my passion."
Reginald: "What? You like spending time in the ocean! What on God's blueberry covered Earth? There are sharks in the ocean! Vicious sharks! They're man-eating sharks! How could you enjoy that?"
Grayson: "Sharks don't bother me bro! In fact, if I could be any animal, I would be a shark, they get to just chill in the ocean forever."
Reginald: "How dare you!"
Jake: "Chill Reginald, you've never enjoyed the joys of the ocean? I love to go out on a good boat ride and fish!"
Reginald: "The only fishing for me is great white shark fishing, er, hunting! Them chums needa get killed!"
Grayson: "Ah man, you gotta respect the ocean!"

I don't know how I am the most level headed guy here. Those two are way off the radar, and even Amir, he tells us he is the prince of some country I've never heard of. Who here does the casting anyway?


I don't know if I like Reg, that dude has no respect for the ocean maan.


Day 18

Immunity Challenge:

The two teams arrive at the immunity challenge, the host explains the rules. Because Hatutu has one extra member, someone gets to sit out, Alabaster opts out and takes a spot on the bench.

The challenge begins.

Just a few minutes in, Jake loses a pole, he is the first out of the challenge.

Cassie then says "Ready guys? 1, 2, 3!" and on the count of three, Cassie, Reginald, and Grayson drop their poles.

Minerva: "What was that all about?"
Cassie: "We know we don't need to win this one, so we are not even going to try."
Robin: "Guys, that isn't even fair, what did Amir do to you guys?"
Cassie: "Only one person can win this game, you must know that, sorry, but Amir has to go."
Amir: "Robin, don't worry, I can win this challenge without them."

The challenge continues, Amir is the only person left competing for Eiao.

After 30 minutes, Jeriah drops his pole, being the first to lose for Hatutu. Not much time passes and Amir loses focus, he drops a pole, losing, Hatutu wins immunity!

Minerva runs up to Amir and hugs him and whispers:

Minerva: "You put up a good fight, we love you, give them Hell!"
Amir: "I'll try, kick their asses at the merge!"

Then more of his old friends go and hug him, Alabaster included, but Alabaster slips something into Amir's bag, he whispers to Amir:

Alabaster: "When you get back to camp, check your bag!"

The group hug ends and the groups part.

Even though we won the challenge, I am feeling defeated, Amir is going to go home tonight, and to me that is a loss.


Those people on Eiao are a slimy as they come! What a poor show of sportsmanship! I can't wait to eliminated them all at the merge!


Before the challenge, we made a group decison to throw the challenge, that way we could keep Jane and Jeriah safe and eliminate Amir. It paid off, I hope they enjoyed those hugs, because today will be the last day that they see Amir!


Eiao camp:

Cassie, Jake, Grayson, and Reginald go swimming and celebrate their winning. Amir lays down on the beach and opens his bag, he finds the hidden immunity idol.

HOLY SH*T! Alabaster found Hatutu's idol and he gave it to me! I am safe! This is the greatest day so far! Good lord this is incredible! I have all the power in my hands right now! I can take out anyone! Who shall I eliminate? Jake, the weakest, he is the team captain, cause his ass is old! Eliminating him would bring some justice. Or how about Cassie? She seemed very vocal today at the challenge like this whole scheme was her plan. Maybe Grayson, I cannot stand that airhead! "Maaan". Plus, his muscles can easily beat me in a strength challenge, and since the merge is coming soon, he is a threat. Hahahaha! They have no idea what I can do tonight!


The group comes back from their swim and gets ready for tribal council.

Grayson: "No hard feeelings maaan? It's only a game. And I know it sucks, but this is just politics ya know?"
Amir: "Yes Grayson, no hard feelings, it's a smart move, sacrifice your likeliness to save 2 people who as far as you know, probably jumped ship?"
Cassie: "We didn't sacrifice sh*t."
Amir: "I wouldn't be so sure. You have to realize that this move makes you look dirtier than the people of my city! No jury would vote to give any of you the million dollar prize!"
Jake: "Well, their gonna have to pick one of us!"

As a person, I feel bad about this and all, but as a player, I know this move had to be made.


Amir doesn't worry me, he is trying to save his own skin


At tribal council everyone seems smug, the votes are cast but before they are read Amir pulls out a hidden immunity idol and plays it. Cassie, Grayson, Jake and Reginald are in shock. The votes are read, 4 of them are for Amir but none of them count. The final vote is opened, Cassie is shaking, Jake is looking down. The vote is for Grayson, he is eliminated.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Cassie, Jake, Grayson & Reginald
(votes not counted)
Grayson (1 Vote)
MoondoggieG B&W
Moondoggie Grayson

Voting Confessionals

I can't wait to see the look on your faces when you see what I am about to do!


This vote right now gives Eiao a 6-4 edge on Hatutu, and I think that pretty much garuntees us the final 6!


Again, this is the best move for the team. Sorry.


Catch ya on the other side dude.


Jannah sounds like a great country, I'd love to check it out one day!


Final Words

WICKED! Whoa maaan! I did not see that coming! What a craaaazy move! I am sad that my game is over, good luck dudes and dudets!


Still In The Running

MillieT B&W
MoondoggieG B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
JamieS B&W
RichardJ B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

How will Eiao react to Amir's move? Merge time!!

Author's Notes

  • Because of continuing computer difficulties, this episode was also created only on this wiki.