"Fight To The Finish"
The Final Five battle it out for the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 14/14
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Fight To The Finish is the season finale of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

Thirty-seven days ago, 20 Americans stepped foot on the Caucasus Mountains to experience the thrill of a lifetime. These Americans were divided to two tribes, Rioni and Alazani. While camp life at Rioni was hectic due to inter tribal conflict, caused mainly by Heather and her alliance, they were able to pull it together to win five of the first eight challenges. Over at Alazani, a seemingly unified tribe was also divided into two two warring alliances, each trying to pull the tribe's leader, retired cop Sebastian, into their side.

On Day 14, a surprise tribe switch shocked the remaining contestants, pitting the men against the women. At the new all-female Rioni tribe, the women got along pretty well, with the exclusion of Heather who was everyone's main target. But she shocked the whole tribe by playing an idol at the women's first tribal, keeping her in the game longer. Meanwhile, at the new all-male Alazani, tribal lines stayed the same as the original Alazani planned to pick off the original Rioni, succeeding to do so at their first tribal.

After both tribes finally merged on Day 25, the new tribe was divided between Heather's alliance which included Aaron and Agatha, and the Alazani alliance which included all the old Alazani members plus Yessica and Gerardo. Unknown to them, Gerardo also made deals with Heather's alliance and managed to get his way over the next two tribals. However, Gerardo was finally exposed and he himself was then eliminated after Agatha flipped on her alliance. With Heather and Aaron outnumbered by the three remnants of the Alazani alliance and Agatha, they finally felt vulnerable. Heather became their first target despite Aaron's attempts to get himself eliminated, leaving the final five to fight for the final three seats:

  • Aaron, an athletic recruiter from Cincinatti, Ohio. Originally disliking the person who would then become his best friend and ally, Aaron did his best to keep Heather in the game, going as far as slipping her the idol despite being in opposite tribes and even trying to get himself eliminated so that she would have a couple more days in the game. But now that he is without allies, will he simply be picked off by the other four, or will he manage to fight all the way to Day 39?
  • Agatha, a librarian from New Haven, Connecticut. Despite seeming like the little old lady that would just be dragged all the way to the end, Agatha was actually a pivotal figure in the game. Being the swing vote at four different occasions, she shaped how the game would play out. Now after deserting her original alliance, will she later regret that decision or manage to find a way to the Final 3?
  • Amy, an aspiring artist from Portland, Oregon. One of the youngest contestants, Amy struggled the first few days of the game with her tribe's challenge loses, the unforgiving weather of the mountains, and the elimination of her good friend Mary-Jean. But she's been able to stay strong throughout the rest of the competition and managed to make it all the way to the final five. But will she crack under the pressure or will she be able to endure the remaining days of the game?
  • Daniel, a personal trainer from Sacramento, California. Having won four individual immunities, Daniel has proven to be a physical competitor. Entering the game with the purpose of seeing what he's made of, he's showed that he can be likable, strong, and strategic at times. He's made it this far with his allies Amy and Yessica, but will he win his way to the finals, or lose it while it's in the palm of his hands?
  • Yessica, an economics student from Bismarck, North Dakota. The sole remaining member of an alliance created on Day 2, Yessica has outmaneuvered the rest all the way to Day 37. She's been the mastermind behind several strategic plays, but lately has taken the backseat since her alliance gained power. Now that he's days away from the million dollars, can she pull off another play, or will she fall short of the title?

Two Immunity Challenges and two Tribal Councils stand in the way of these five contestants from the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars that come along with it. Who will win?


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Dragon Slayer
Castaways must make their way through various obstacles on a course, obtaining three bags of puzzle pieces along the way. Once they have all three bags, they will return to the start, where they will use the puzzle pieces to assemble a dragon puzzle. The first person to do this wins immunity.
Winner: Aaron

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Offer It Up
The castaways would balance ceramic dishes on the end of a balancing arm. As the challenge progresses, Jeff calls out different dishwares that the castaways would stack on the far end of the balance. Should any part of a castaways's stack fall, that castaway would be out of the challenge. The last castaway in the challenge would win immunity.
Winner: Aaron


Night of Day 36

After his friend, ally, and possible romantic interest was voted out, Aaron returns to camp furious at the other four.

Aaron: "You guys are going to regret not getting rid of me!"
Daniel: "Don't worry. We already do."

So in the end, we decided to vote out Heather. We all knew that if we kept her, she'd find a way to weasel herself to Day 39, and we couldn't let that happen. But now we're stuck with that brute who's sure as hell going to be giving it his all.


These idiots messed with the wrong guy! Heather baby, if you're listening, I'm winning this thing for you!


Once things died down a bit, everyone went to sleep.

Day 37

The next morning, the group of Daniel, Amy, Yessica, and Agatha convene and discuss that they cannot let Aaron win this upcoming immunity.

Daniel: "We're one person away from going to the final 4. We have to make sure Aaron doesn't win immunity."
Yessica: "I know, but what if he does? You saw how pissed he was yesterday night."
Amy: "We can't be thinking of that you guys. We have to stay positive."
Agatha: "Amy's right. Thinking about it isn't going to solve anything. We must all try to outdo him. I don't know how much help I'm going to be, but you all know that I'll be trying my best!"
Daniel: "That's the spirit!"

Unbeknownst to any of them, Aaron had been listening in to their conversation and to their surprise, steps forward and begins to taunt them.

Aaron: "Aww. How cute! Are you losers holding a pep rally?! Well it's not going to work! I promise you guys that I'll be the one wearing that immunity necklace and you're all going to have to beg for my vote. So if I were you, I'd get on my knees right now."

Aaron then disappears, leaving the group visibly worried. To make them feel better, Daniel reassures them that one of them will be winning immunity.

Jeff should just hand me that necklace right now! These people don't know who they're dealing with!


Statistically, there's only a 20% chance of Aaron winning. But if you factor in everyone's past challenge performances, namely Agatha's and Amy's, and Aaron's new found drive, it dramatically increases! I'm not saying that I hope Aaron wins, but that I'm prepared if he does.


I don't like how Aaron is making what should be an enjoyable experience for everyone feel so uncomfortable. I just don't like living with him anymore.


Later that day, the final five arrive for their next immunity challenge. Daniel hands back the necklace and Jeff announces the challenge. Once he finishes, everyone lines up and the challenge begins.

Everyone runs up to get their first bag of puzzle pieces and begin to untie them. Daniel becomes the first to do so and is soon followed by Aaron and then Yessica. As the three of them head to retrieve their second bag, Agatha and Amy are still untying their first bags. Daniel unties his second bag and quickly runs to get his final bag. Yessica follows close behind while Amy and Agatha both catch up to Aaron. As Daniel and Yessica untie their last bags, Aaron manages to finally untie his second and heads to get his final bag. Daniel becomes the first to get his final bag and sprints back to the start to begin working on the puzzle. Yessica then gets her final bag and heads back to the start along with Aaron who also finished. Meanwhile, both Agatha and Amy start untying their third bags.

At the puzzle, Daniel tries putting his pieces in, but none seem to fit. Both Yessica and Aaron then make it to the start and it becomes a three-way showdown. Yessica quickly manages to get some pieces in, stealing the lead from Daniel who seems to be having some trouble with the puzzle. Yessica gets more puzzle pieces in as Aaron gets his first piece in. Aaron then gets more pieces to fit, while Yessica begins to shake as she puts hers in. At this point, Daniel, Amy, and Agatha, who have just gotten to the puzzle, seem completely out it, leaving Yessica and Aaron vying for immunity. As Aaron begins to put more and more pieces in, Yessica begins to get more and more nervous, getting more shaky, eventually toppling down most of the pieces she already put in. This open things up for Aaron who manages to complete his puzzle, winning him immunity and a spot in the final four!

Aaron: "This is my mountain!"

Jeff then puts the necklace on Aaron and the five head back to camp.

I was so close! Damn it!


I said I would win immunity and guess what?! I'm won immunity! Now I can just sit back and watch these people tear each other to pieces!


Everyone, with the exception of Aaron, returns to camp in a bitter mood. The unthinkable happened and now one of them would be spending their last night in the Caucasus Mountains. While Aaron is off by the river washing out all the sweat he perspirated during the challenge, the four sit down to wallow in their defeat. Agatha then offers to fill up everyone's canteens and heads towards the watering hole. This allows the three to decide their next move.

Daniel: "I hate to do this, but it has to be Agatha tonight."
Amy: "But she's been so nice to us."
Daniel: "It's either her or one of us Amy."
Yessica: "He's right. This was going to happen eventually."
Amy: "I know. It just seems so cruel."
Daniel: "We all feel that way."

I know that it needs to be done, but I feel very icky voting out someone who's helped us get this far. If it wasn't for her flipping to our side when Gerardo was eliminated, Yessica, Daniel, and I would not be here.


As Agatha is filling up the canteens, Aaron manages to sneak up behind her, catching her off guard.

Agatha: "What do you want Aaron?"
Aaron: "You know they're scheming against you right?"
Agatha: "What?"
Aaron "They're talking about voting you out."
Agatha: "How are you so certain?"
Aaron: "Isn't it obvious?! You're their number four! They've been together since the merge and you just joined them a couple of days ago! I thought you thought of this when you screwed Gerardo, Heather, and I over."
Agatha: "You three deserved what came to you! And why would you care?"
Aaron: "Because if I were you, I'd be listening to any plans that involve you staying for another day."
Agatha: "What are you saying?"
Aaron: "Join me in voting out Daniel. That guy's been sitting way to pretty and needs to be taken off his pedestal."
Agatha: "Hmmm. Alright then, but how do you suppose we get a third vote?"
Aaron: "Leave that up to me."

I've known that I've been on the bottom of that totem pole ever since I switched to their side, but I was expecting for them to wait until final four. I absolutely hate working with Aaron again, but if he manages to keep me around another day, I'll take all the help he can give me.


Daniel's the only thing standing between me and a seat in the final three. With him out of the way, I'll be sure to win tomorrow's Immunity Challenge. I just need to get Yessica to vote with me and Agatha, and we'll be set!


While Daniel, Amy, and Yessica are cooking dinner later that day, Agatha asks Yessica is she can talk to her privately and the two head off towards the watering hole. As they arrive, Yessica sees Aaron sitting on a fallen tree trunk.

Yessica: "What's he doing here?"
Agatha: "Just promise to hear him out sweetie."
Yessica: "Uggh. Fine."
Aaron: "Look Chang, we need you to vote for Daniel tonight."
Yessica: "Not the way you're talking to me!"
Aaron: "Chill out! Listen, we all know that you three are planning to vote out granny over here, but think about this. Agatha is voted out and then it's just the four of us. What would happen if I win immunity again?"
Yessica: "You don't know what."
Aaron: "But if I do, I don't see Daniel and Amy voting for each other. They'll go after you next."
Yessica: "Amy and I are closer than you think."
Aaron: "Doesn't seem that way. Who was the person who gave up their letter from home so that Amy could get hers? Oh yeah, it was Daniel. Face it, Agatha's your fourth and you're their third. Vote with us tonight, and you have a guaranteed spot in the final three."

Not wanting to hear anything anymore, Yessica runs away from both of them.

A while later, the tribe heads to their second to last Tribal Council. As they sit down, Jeff introduces the Jury.

Jeff: "Now time to bring in the members of the Jury. Samantha, Sebastian, Derek, Gerardo, and Heather, voted out at the last Tribal Council."

As Heather enters, a big sense of satisfaction enters her body as she sees Aaron wearing the immunity necklace. Jeff then starts the Tribal Council. He first asks what was everyone's response to Aaron winning the Immunity Challenge. Daniel responds that everyone was a bit disappointed because now one of them would be leaving. Jeff asks who feels unsafe and Aaron immediately points to Agatha. He reveals that Yessica, Daniel, and Amy all conspired to vote against her, to which Agatha nods in agreement. When asked why she would be their target, she responds that she's not as close to them as they are with each other, but hopes that after a conversation she had with one of them, she'll still be sitting there by the end of the night. Jeff then gives her the opportunity to basically save herself, and she says that who in the Jury is going to vote for her to win anyway. Take her to end end and you'll be sure to win. Jeff then closes the session and tells everyone to vote. Once all the votes have been cast, Jeff goes to tally them and then returns with the urn.

Jeff: "Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted off will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. Time to read the votes. First vote... Agatha. Agatha. Daniel. Daniel. Two votes Agatha, two votes Daniel, one vote left. The fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: Caucasus and the sixth member of the Jury.... Agatha."

In the end, the alliance Daniel, Amy, and Yessica held together and Agatha was voted off. Before she left, she blew a kiss to the final four and headed off.

Aaron, Daniel, Amy, and Yessica returned to camp later than night.

I'm done trying to reason with these imbeciles. From now on, they're on their own.


I know where I stand in my own alliance. Don't try to poison my thoughts with your lies.


It was pitch black, so they all decided to go to sleep.

Day 38

When they woke up the next morning, both Daniel and Amy felt the need to celebrate for making it this far into the game. Knowing that whoever makes it to the final three will receive a feast to gorge on, they decide to use up most of the tribe's remaining food to make a celebratory breakfast. They invite Yessica to join them as well as an unsuspecting Aaron.

Daniel: "Come on guys, dig in!"
Yessica: "Thanks guys."
Daniel: "You too McCarthy! Come join us!"
Aaron: "Uhh. Sure."
Yessica: "This is really good guys! It must have take you forever to prepare all this."
Amy: "We had to wake up a little earlier, but Daniel and I had fun making this. So enjoy!"

I have no idea what Daniel is planning, but I'll be keeping my eye on him.


Yesterday, Aaron felt excluded and alienated from us, so he knew that he had to win that challenge at all costs. So I thought that if we brought him in closer to our group, he'll feel comfortable enough that he'll think that winning was not that urgent. We absolutely can not let him win this final Immunity Challenge!


While the four are eating their breakfast, Yessica begins to think about the things Aaron said to her the day before, that Amy, her gal pal from the tribe switch, was more closer to Daniel than she was to her.

I can't believe that Aaron was able to get me all paranoid like this! Of course Amy's going to stick with me! We were all we had after the men vs. women switch. But maybe I should go check with her..


When Aaron finishes eating his food, he offers to go get treemail. As he is about to leave, Daniel quickly engulfs the rest of his breakfast and asks if he can join him. Aaron is hesitant and weary at first, but eventually says yes. The two men the leave and Daniel takes his chance to try and mess with Aaron's head.

Daniel: "So Aaron, I just wanted to apologize for the way we treated you these past couple of days."
Aaron: "Oh really."
Daniel: "Well, you were a douche to us and kind of deserved it, but it was still wrong that we stooped to your level."
Aaron: "You call that an apology?"
Daniel: "I also made you breakfast."
Aaron: "Fine. I guess I'm sorry too for soaking you guys with cold water, burying your clothes, messing with your canteens, dumping all your stuff out of your bags-"
David: "Okay, that's enough. Brofist?"
Aaron: "You aren't making this any easier."

They bump fists and continue on their way to get treemail.

I don't know what to say about that conversation. Half of me wants to vote him out right now, but the other half is kind of happy to be accepted. Ugh! I hate this feeling!


Although I was trying to psych him out before the challenge, I actually meant what I said to him. At least most it.


Back at camp, Yessica takes the chance to pull Amy aside, but inexplicably stops in her tracks and decides to confront her after the Immunity Challenge is over. Daniel and Aaron then return with treemail instructing them to head towards their final Immunity Challenge.

The final four arrive at the challenge site and are greeted by Jeff. He tells them that they'll be balancing dishes on a balancing arm and that the last person standing wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final three. Everybody goes to their station and the challenge begins.

Everyone starts out good as they are able to neatly stack their first couple of dishes. However, things become more difficult as Jeff tells them to add multiple small bowls, making their stacks more and more unstable. Yessica's stack begins to lean forward a little, but it remains intact. As more dishes are added, the weight becomes too much and Amy drops her stack, eliminating her from the challenge. Jeff then tells the remaining three to add the biggest bowl. Aaron and Daniel are able to add it to their stack with ease, but Yessica seems to have a bit of trouble doing so as her stack was leaning away from her. She eventually puts in on the top, but her hand accidentally jerks, making her dishes fall and eliminating her from the challenge. That leaves Daniel and Aaron still in, both trying their best to outdo the other. At this point, both of their stacks are really tall, making any sudden movement disastrous. Jeff then instructs both men to add a large plate, followed by a small bowl and a big bowl. Daniel takes the slow and steady approach, managing to get his first two dishes on while Aaron just puts them on as quickly as he can. As Daniel goes to put his final dish, his stack begins to lean to the side. Daniel tries to use the bowl to fix it, but can't as there's a time limit to how long they can take to add their dishes. So he just recklessly places it on the top. Jeff tells them to add their next dish, but as Daniel goes to pick up the plate, he lets his stack lean too much to one side and it eventually falls down. With Aaron's stack still intact, he wins immunity and a seat in the final three!

Ha ha ha! After 38 days, these people finally have to turn on each other! This couldn't get any better!


Daniel, Amy, and Yessica return back to camp distraught at the fact that one of them will be leaving that night. An awkward silence fills the camp as none of them are able to make direct eye contact with each other. Yessica eventually gives in and goes off to the trees. Daniel takes this time alone with Amy to discuss their next move.

Daniel: "I hate to do this, but it has to be Yessica tonight."
Amy: "I know."

The thought of voting out one of her good friends eventually makes Amy tear up a little.

Daniel: "I'm sorry Amy. If I could have won that challenge, we wouldn't have to be doing this."
Amy: "That's okay. I know you tried your best. I just never wanted this to happen."
Daniel: "But you have to realize that this is just a game. We're playing for a million dollars here and you have to get in the right mindset for that."
Amy: "You're right Daniel. This isn't going to be easy, but it's something we need to do to get ahead."

Amy stops sobbing and the two share a long hug.

Voting out Yessica would probably be one of the hardest things I would ever do in this game, but it's something I have to do. I just don't know what to tell her if she wants to talk to me about the vote. I'm horrible with confrontations.


Amy's been like my little sister throughout this game. I hate to do this to Yessica, but "family" comes first.


Meanwhile, Yessica goes to sit alone to think about what she should do about the vote. And then from nowhere, Aaron appears and just like what he did to Agatha, tells Yessica that Daniel and Amy are scheming behind her back.

Aaron: "What did I tell you. You're their third wheel. They're talking about voting you out as we speak. Vote with me, you'll be in the final three."
Yessica: "You're talking nonsense."
Aaron: "Am I? Go talk to them right now. You'll see how they'll try to avoid you as they're feeling guilty about voting for you."
Yessica: "Alright then. I will. You'll see just how wrong you are."

An irritated Yessica storms off and heads towards camp to talk to Amy. As she arrives, she asks Amy if they can talk privately and the two walk off. Once they're alone, Yessica tries to confirm their partnership.

Yessica: "So what are you thinking."
Amy: "I don't know. This is going to be a really hard vote and I don't want to make any quick decisions right now."
Yessica: "Uhm. Okay, I'll let you think it over."
Amy: "Thanks."

Well this just proves that I am the third wheel. I can't believe this! I can't believe that Aaron was actually right!


I feel so horrible for not being able to give Yessica a direct answer. I wanted to say that it was me and her together, but I couldn't lie to her.


Now knowing that she was being targetted, Yessica goes over to Aaron and agrees to vote with him.

Yessica: "You were right..."
Aaron: "What was that?"
Yessica: "You were right! There, happy?!"
Aaron: "Yes I am."
Yessica: "So we're voting Daniel tonight?"
Aaron: "Nope, Amy."
Yessica: "What?! I'm not voting for her!"
Aaron: "Do you really think you stand a chance against Daniel at a fire-making tie-breaker? With Amy you at least stand a chance."
Yessica: "It doesn't matter! I'm not voting for Amy."
Aaron: "Either it's Amy or I just throw my vote towards you and we skip the tie-breaker all together."
Yessica: "Fine!"
Aaron: "Alright then. If I were you, I'll start practicing how to make fire."

Amy hasn't wronged anyone in this game. If she were to sit in the final three, she'll be sure to votes just for being liked, which is why she's more of a threat to me than Daniel. If Yessica wants to stay in the game, she better vote for her.


Aaron irritates me so much! But he does have a point.


Back at camp, Amy tells Daniel about the conversation she had with Yessica.

Amy: "You don't think she knows we're voting for her do you?"
Daniel: "Well from what you said to her, she probably does. I doubt she'd give up that early, so I would expect a tie to happen at Tribal."
Amy: "I'm sorry."
Daniel: "That's okay. Help me practice how to make fire."
Amy: "Alright."

For the rest of the day, the two groups practiced their fire making skills as they anticipated a tie to occur at Tribal Council. They later got their torches and headed towards Tribal.

Once they arrived, Jeff welcomed in the Jury and immediately started Tribal Council by asking everyone what their reaction was to seeing Aaron win the final Immunity Challenge. Daniel responded that it ruined their whole plan as Aaron was supposed to be voted out tonight. Jeff asks Daniel what he puts into consideration when casting his vote as he'll have to vote out one of his alliance members and he says that he'll try to be loyal to the person he's been with since the beginning, referring to Amy. He asks Yessica the same question but Yessica just states that she's just trying to look out for herself at this point. Jeff then asks who's the biggest threat in the game right now. Aaron responds that Daniel was a threat physically, Yessica was a threat strategically, but that right now Amy is the biggest threat as she's well-liked by the Jury. This gets Amy worried as she begins to think that she'll be forced into a fire-making challenge. But Jeff ends the session and tells the final four to vote out the final member of the Jury. Everyone votes and Jeff begins to read them.

Jeff: "First vote... Yessica. Yessica. Amy. Two votes Yessica, two votes Amy. One vote left. Amy. We have a tie. Amy and Yessica, you two will now compete in a fire-making tiebreaker challenge. At each of your stations, you have flint, coconut husk, sticks, anything needed to start a fire. First person to make a fire big enough to burn through the rope stays in the game while the other is eliminated from the game. Survivors ready! Go!"

The challenge begins with both girls using the sticks and husk to make a base for the fire, although Yessica's is a bit taller. Once they feel like they have an adequate base, both of them begin using the flint to make the fire. Yessica becomes the first to make hers, but it quickly burns out. Amy manages to keep her fire going, but it's not big enough to reach the rope, so she decides to add more sticks and husk. Yessica then finally manages to make a stable fire and it quickly catches ablaze. The fire is big enough to reach the rope and it slowly begins to burn through it. Amy sees this and picks up her pace, but proves fruitless as Yessica's fire manages to burn through the rope, raising the flag, winning the challenge. A disappointed Amy gives Yessica a hug before going to fetch her torch. She then receives a hug from Daniel and then gets her torch snuffed by Jeff.

Jeff: "Amy, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go."

Amy somberly leaves the Tribal Council area and Jeff then turns to the final three.

Jeff: "Well, you've managed to make it to the final three, but now the power will shift over to the Jury who will determine the Sole Survivor."

The three head out and make their way back to camp. After a day full of a excitement, they all quickly go to sleep.

Day 39

The final three wake up the next morning feeling victorious. They had done what seventeen others have failed to do, they managed to make it to Day 39. Although Daniel was a little sad over the fact that Amy wasn't there with him, he still felt proud of himself. The three went to check treemail together, and were treated to a basket full of many delicacies. This included sandwiches, bread, pasta, steak, and of course some bottles of wine.

Daniel: "We did it guys! No matter how we got here, each of us should feel pretty damn happy that we get to experience all 39 days of this game!"
Yessica: "I feel the same way! Let's celebrate!"

Daniel and Yessica enjoyed themselves as they dug into the feast that had been waiting for them all this time. Even Aaron, who at a glance seemed visibly annoyed by the two, joined in and shared some laughs with them. But despite the good time they were having, all three knew that the game was still not over. They would have to tell their story to the Jury and hope that they award one of them with a million dollars.

I wasn't able to make it all this way with Amy, but I'm not going to let that get me down. There are two other people who want to win as much as I do, so I'm not going to go down without a fight. This will be a fight to the finish!


I actually never thought that I'd make it to this day, but I have and I'm not going to let it go to waste. These guys better be ready, 'cause I'm taking no prisoners tonight. I'm winning this!


Heather, these idiots thought I couldn't do it, but I did, and I'm going to take them down. "Aaron McCarthy, Survivor: Caucasus winner", that has a good ring to it.


The three get ready to leave camp for the final time, but not before keeping Survivor tradition alive and burn their shelter to the ground. They, with torches in hand, make their way to Tribal Council.

Aaron, Daniel, and Yessica arrive at Tribal and take their seats. Jeff then welcomes in the Jury.

Jeff: "Time to bring in our Jury. Samantha, Sebastian, Derek, Gerardo, Heather, Agatha, and Amy, voted out at the last Tribal Council."

They all sit down, some happy to see who the final three are, while others are not. Jeff then begins to set the rules for final Tribal.

Jeff: "So this is how it's going to work, you three will give your opening statements to why you deserve to be crowned Sole Survivor. Then the Jury will finally have their chance to address you and ask any questions they have before casting their vote. Yessica, you're up first."
Yessica: "Coming into this game, I thought I was going to be a rock. No one would mess with my head, I'd keep my feelings as far away from this game as I could, and I'd stay calm, cool, and collected. But that got tossed out the window the first 24 hours I was here. I became emotionally attached to some people, let people poison my thoughts, and I even let paranoia get to me, but I still managed to make strategic plays that allowed me to sit where I'm sitting. I'm not one to brag, but I know I played a hell of a game. I outwit, outplayed, and outlasted my way to Day 39 and that's why I deserve to win."
Jeff: "Aaron."
Aaron: "First off, I'd like to look at each of you in the eyes and say that I don't regret anything that I did these 39 days. This is who I am, and if you don't like it, then walk away. But yeah, I did my absolute best to get here. Unlike these other two people who just waltzed in by coat tailing off alliances, I had to win my way to the end. Because I knew that if I didn't, they would have just picked me off. So I know that I may have been a little abrasive, but it got me here didn't it?"
Jeff: "Daniel. You're up."
Daniel: "Okay. Well, this has been the experience of a lifetime. I knew that I had always wanted to get on this show and couldn't have been any happier when I got the call that I could. I've met many extraordinary people and have done many things I'll never get to do again, but the thing I'll never forget is the game itself. And just like what Yessica said, I also know I played a hell of a game. I lead when I needed to and stepped down when I didn't. I gave it my all in challenges, in which I was able to win four individual immunities, and was behind several eliminations. So I think I meet the justifications of a Sole Survivor."
Jeff: "Thank you guys. Now after 39 days, the power will switch over to the Jury. I'll give you some time to get your thoughts together."

After a couple of minutes, Samantha became the first Jury member to speak.


Samantha: "Hello guys. Let me be the first to congratulate you for making it this far into the competition. My question is for Daniel and Yessica. When we merged, it was agreed that Heather and Aaron were the first to go, but yet I managed to become the first person voted out. In fact, Heather and Aaron managed to get all the way to the final six together, while Aaron is sitting right there with you guys. I want to hear both your justifications for voting me out before those two."
Daniel: "It's true that all seven of us agreed on voting out Aaron at that tribal, but Gerardo got in everyone's head that you were secretly working with them and we all hoped that Heather would play his idol on Aaron."
Samantha: "Good enough. Yessica?"
Yessica: "During the tribe switch, my good friend Rachel was unfortunately voted off and after you and Lauren tried to get rid of me, all I had coming into the merge was Amy and Gerardo. I knew that Gerardo was acting really weird, but he was one of my only real allies in the game and I knew that if I didn't go along with his pretentious plan, I'd lose him."
Samantha: "Thanks guys. That really clears a lot. Good luck to both of you."


Sebastian: "Daniel, you said in your speech that you had to lead when you needed to. As a dedicated leader myself, I take the role seriously, so can you tell me examples of when you needed to step up?"
Daniel: "Well, back at the beginning of the game, the alliance consisting of myself, Derek, Amy, and Mary-Jean were in dire need of a fifth member and a leader, which was you. You kept on rejecting us, so I eventually had to step up and lead that alliance. I also had to step up when you were evacuated from the game."
Sebastian: "Thank you Daniel."
Daniel: "No problem."


Derek: "Hey guys. My question is if you could give up your spot for anyone in this game, who would you give it to. Yessica."
Yessica: "Hazel, she was really hardworking and didn't deserve to get voted out that early."
Daniel: "Tough choice, but I'd have to say Sebastian. He had heart in everything he did and could have been sitting here if he wasn't evacuated."
Aaron: "Heather! Other than her, no one else deserves to take my seat."
Derek: "Thanks guys."


Gerardo: "I've made many mistakes throughout my time in this game. My biggest was choosing to leave a perfectly good alliance to align with another once that would later sell me out. I just want to apologize to Yessica and Daniel for my mistakes. Daniel, you've played a wonderful game and certainly played with heart. I could tell when you were giving it your all trying to beat me out of immunity. Yessica, I'm especially sorry for what I did to you. I never meant to hurt you feelings. Can you forgive me?"
Yessica: "Yes I do!"
Gerardo: "Thanks, that means a lot to me. Oh and Aaron, just to let you know, I was ready to sell you out during our time at Alazani. You're lucky just to have made it past the merge."
Aaron: "Screw you!"


Heather: "I'd like to start this off by telling all my fellow Jury members that if you cannot see all the amazing things Aaron has done in this game, then you should even consider calling yourself a Jury! Aaron, tell all these idiots why you should get their votes!"
Aaron: "Thanks babe! You rock! Well for one, I was targeted ever since Heather was unfortunately voted off. Everyone wanted me gone, but I managed to win two immunities so that I could get where I am right now. I managed beat out "Mr. Four Immunities" right here. Second of all, when I knew my girl was in trouble, I willingly tried to sacrifice myself so that she could live to fight another day. If that isn't sweet and pathetic, then I don't know what is. And lastly, everyone hated me, yet I'm still here."
Heather: "How can you not give him your vote?"


Agatha: "So far, everyone is saying what they did well, but we all know that no one played a perfect game. Daniel, tell me what Yessica did badly."
Daniel: "She didn't take the time to really get to know people and didn't let people get to know her. She kept to herself most of the time and opened up to only a few people."
Agatha: "Yessica, what did Aaron do badly?"
Yessica: "I feel like his social game play really lacked. He was rude, arrogant, and really abrasive most of the time. People don't want to give a million dollars to something who treated them like trash these 39 days."
Agatha: "Aaron, what did Daniel do badly."
Aaron: "He tried to beat me in those immunity challenges, but ultimately failed. Because of him, most of the people he would have liked to be sitting over here, are instead sitting over there."
Agatha: "Thank you."


Amy: "I don't have a question, just something to say to each of the final three. Daniel, you've been my best pal ever since the start of the game. Whenever I felt like just wanting to leave, you always talked me out of it. A regular player would just say "Go ahead, less competition for me", but you cared about me and I really appreciate that. You've said that I've been like a little sister to you, well you're like a big brother to me."
Daniel: "Thanks Amy."
Amy: "Yessica, I'm sorry for what happened these last 24 hours between us. You were a really good friend and I couldn't stand lying to you and having to write your name down. But I'm really proud of the way you played this game. You were always on your toes and it felt like you really had this game figured out."
Yessica: "Thank you."
Amy: "And Aaron. Honestly, I did not enjoy living with you. You made what was supposed to be a wonderful experience feel like torture and I'm going to say this right now that you are not getting my vote. I want to wish the best of luck to Daniel and Yessica."

Once all the members of the Jury had their chance to speak, he gave them a few minutes to decide who they'll be voting for. After that, the time finally came to decide the winner and Jeff instructed them to vote.

One by one, the Jury members went up to cast their million dollar vote. Once all the votes were cast, Jeff went to fetch the urn. However, instead of leaving the Tribal Council area with the urn so that the votes could be read live, he shocked all three finalists and Jury members by beginning to read the votes now.

Jeff: "I'm now going to read the votes. Remember that you want to see your name in here. These are votes for a winner. I'll start reading the votes."

Jeff: "Yessica."

Jeff: "Daniel."

Jeff: "Aaron."

Jeff: "That's one vote for each of them."

Jeff: "Daniel."

Jeff: "Yessica."

Jeff: "Daniel."

Jeff: "That's three votes Daniel, two votes Yessica, one vote Aaron. If this final vote is for Daniel, we have our winner, if it's for Yessica, we have a tie, and if it's for Aaron, then we have a tie for second place. This vote is not for Aaron."

Jeff: "Yessica. We have a tie."

Everyone is shocked by the outcome of the vote. A tie for the winner has never occurred in Survivor history, so no one knew what would happen next. Would both Yessica and Daniel be declared the Sole Survivors? Would the Jury get to vote again?

Jeff: "We've never had a tie, but this is how it's going to work out. Aaron, since you are not involved in the tie, you will become the final member of the Jury. You will then vote for either Daniel or Yessica to become the winner. So take the urn with you and go cast your vote."

Aaron takes the urn with him and casts his million dollar vote. Jeff goes to retrieve it, and reads the sole vote out loud.

Jeff: "The winner of Survivor: Caucasus.... Yessica!"

Everyone in the Jury cheers and give both Daniel and Yessica a celebratory hug. And with that, the season was finally over.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 15:
Agatha Christenson
Agatha (3 votes)
Daniel MarvinAmy CorazonYessica Chang
Daniel, Amy & Yessica
Daniel Marvin
Daniel (2 votes)
Aaron McCarthyAgatha Christenson
Aaron & Agatha
Agatha Christenson BW
Agatha Christenson

Voting Confessionals

You've been so kind to us and I deeply apologize for this vote.


Payback for Heather!


This isn't a vote for you. It's a vote for that neanderthal named Aaron.


I don't know what Yessica is thinking, but I'm not leaving without a fight.


Last to join, first to leave. No hard feelings. You played a great game.


Final Words

Despite being a woman in her forties, I believe I did a heck of a job. I have no regrets to how I played and am proud of the moves I made. I came into this game as a homely librarian, but came out a survivor!

–Agatha Christenson

Day 38

Tribal Council 16:
First Vote (Tie) Tiebreaker Challenge
Yessica Chang
Yessica (2 votes)
Amy CorazonDaniel Marvin
Amy & Daniel
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Amy (2 votes)
Yessica ChangAaron McCarthy
Yessica & Aaron
Amy Corazon
Amy Corazon BW
Amy Corazon

Voting Confessionals

You haven't rubbed anyone the wrong way, which is what makes you the biggest threat.


I'm so sorry Yessica, you've been one of my greatest friends out here, but I think it's time to cut you loose.


You've played a phenominal game, which is why you need to go.


Amy. I never wanted to vote against you, but I've been given no other choice. Hope you're ready for the tiebreaker.


Final Words

This game's been so hard on me, but I think it's made me a tougher person. I'm done crying and hopefully either Daniel or Yessica can pull out a win. Good luck to both of you.

–Amy Corazon

Day 39

Tribal Council 17:
Jury Vote
First Vote (Tie)
Revote (Aaron only
eligible to vote)
Voted For
Voted For
Yessica Chang
Yessica (3 votes)
Samantha MarinoGerardo GuzmanAgatha Christenson
Samantha, Gerardo & Agatha
Yessica Chang
Yessica (1 vote)
Aaron McCarthy
Daniel Marvin
Daniel (3 votes)
Sebastian HibbardDerek PhuAmy Corazon
Sebastian, Derek & Amy
Daniel Marvin
Daniel (0 votes)
Aaron McCarthy
Aaron (1 vote)
Heather Villegas
Second Runner-Up:
Aaron McCarthy BW
Aaron McCarthy
Daniel Marvin BW
Daniel Marvin
Yessica Chang
Yessica Chang

Voting Confessionals

Of the three, you were the most strategic and cunning. It's great have played with you.


Daniel, you've played a marvelous game and I'm really proud of you.


Dude, I wanted that to join you in that final three but I guess it wasn't meant to be. You did a great job making it all that way and I'm happy to give you my vote.


Yessica, you great surpassed my expectations. Hope you get more of these.


If no one is able to see your greatness, then I've been living with a bunch of idiots.


You played with the strength of a true Survivor. You've earned this.


Thanks for helping me throughout my 38 days in the game. Hopefully you can win this!


Daniel, you may have bested everyone, except me, in the challenges, but Yessica made the moves to get where she is. I may not have won, but I guess I'm happy to see her win.


Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy BW
Agatha Christenson BW
Gerardo Guzman BW
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas BW
Martin Bowell BW
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson BW
Winston Grant BW
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon BW
Daniel Marvin BW
Derek Phu BW
Lauren Faas BW
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola BW
Samantha Marino BW
Sebastian Hibbard BW
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson BW

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Author's Notes

  • The Day 37 Immunity Challenge is the same challenge used in Million Dollar Question from Survivor: Philippines.
  • The Day 38 Immunity Challenge is the same challenge used in A Slippery Little Sucker from Survivor: China and Anything Could Happen from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
  • This episode's title was said by Daniel.
  • At the time this fanfic was written, it was unknown what the procedures were for a 3-3-1 tie at the Final Three. It has since been revealed that CBS Survivor would have the jury revote, not the third-place finisher.
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