"Flip the Script"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 6/15
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Flip the Script is the sixth episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Reward Challenge: A Crate Idea
In pairs, the castaways would race across a field to retrieve six large crates painted in their tribe's colors. Once all six crates were retrieved, the tribes would have to stack the crates into a staircase with the name of their tribe properly aligned along the sides. The first tribe to complete the staircase and get all of their members up the staircase to the top of a platform would win.
Reward: For the first place tribe, a plane ride over the Mongolian jungles and the right to pick first in the schoolyard pick of the dissolved tribe. For second place, the right to keep their tribe intact.
Winner (according to finish): Noyon and Sevrei
Dissolved Tribe: Manlai

Immunity Challenge: Rollerballs
On a large wooden disk, tribe members must maintain their balance while, at regular intervals, balls are placed on the disk. If any ball rolls down to the ground, or they fell off the perch, the player is out of the challenge. Last person standing for each tribe wins individual immunity.
Winners: Jake and Katie

Previously on Survivor...

Sevrei was on dire straits. After having to go to back-to-back Tribal Councils, it whittled the tribe down to two alliances of two. “Scott relinquished a lot of power by getting rid of Henry, so now Tony and I have some hope with being two against two over here.” On top of that, their food supply was grim. “I guess this is the surviving part of Survivor...” At Manlai, Katie secured her position in her alliance by showing her idol to Jake and Melissa. Melissa was thrilled. “I know that they have my back if they’re showing that to me, and hopefully I can return the favor somehow.” She returned the favor by ruffling feathers at camp that night. “Please, just please stop.” “Why, what’s the matter?” “I just don’t want to listen to a drug addict and his life story.” “She’s in our alliance, and we want her to stay in our alliance because I've already told her about the idol. But if she keeps this up, Jake and I may have to reconsider our options.” Noyon’s problems weren’t much better as Eric was considering flipping when he got the chance... “You know that Elliott and Jenn are like two peas in a pod right? So where does that leave us?” ...which made Ruth question his loyalty. “I like the guy, but I don’t like his intentions...especially when I’m in an alliance with the two people he’s trying to take out.” After Eric and Ruth lost the immunity challenge for Noyon, the three of Elliott, Jenn, and Ruth muddled over their options. Ultimately, due to his volatile relationship with Ruth and having allies on the other tribes, Nicholas was unanimously voted out. “The tribe has spoken.” Fourteen are left. Who’ll be voted out tonight?


Night 15

The camera cuts to the four members of Noyon returning to camp in the pitch black of the night.

Tonight, we got rid of ol’ Nicky! I can barely keep a hold of myself. I’m just tickled! Everybody’s reaction at the next challenge is going to be sweet!


Jenn: I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Elliott: Especially you, Ruth!

Ruth purposely exhales to the amusement of her tribemates.

Eric (laughing): What’s funny is that he kept asking me, “Why are they keeping Ruth around?! Why are they keeping that useless piece of garbage here?!”

They then share a hearty laugh at Nicholas’s expense.

Elliott (to Eric): Well, you know that he was trying to turn the tables on you, right?

Eric (seeming to be caught off-guard): N-no, I didn’t know that. How long was this going on?

Elliott: It was earlier today. He was saying how you haven’t done as much as him around camp and how you’re ‘just there’. Basically, a lot of BS. Stuff you don’t have to worry about anymore...cause he’s gone!

Elliott shared with me that Nicholas was actually trying to get rid of me tonight, which makes sense now that I think about it. He never came back to me with a plan of any kind. Even though he was voted out, it’s still disappointing to hear your name come up. I definitely appreciate Elliott sharing that with me. That just means I’ve got to keep my eyes and ears open at all times now.


The camera shifts to Elliott and Jenn privately discussing future options for themselves.

Elliott: We need to solidify something with the other two soon. I know Ruth has been with us, but we haven’t struck any final three or final four deal.

Jenn: But we aren’t really in a position to make any deals right now. What if we lose another challenge and have to vote somebody out after we make a deal with them? That’s what I’m worried about.

Elliott: I know. I would just like something to change soon.

Both times we’ve been to Tribal Council, the four of us that remain at Noyon have voted as a group. I feel that the four of us can trust one another as we progress through this game, but as I was telling Elliott, we’re just not in a position to make that deal. What if we have to go to Tribal Council and vote another person off? We just need something to change...soon.


The camera cuts to the members of Noyon sitting around the fire as one of the logs shifts causing sparks to fly into the air.

Ruth (jumping up due to the sparks): Woo! That’ll get your heart going!

(intro plays)

Day 16

The camera fades in to the sun rising behind the mountains of Mongolia as it then focuses on the members of Manlai sleeping in their shelter. Antonio’s snoring is highlighted, but it doesn’t seem to disturb anyone’s slumber.

We’re cruising over here at Manlai. We get all of our chores done in a timely manner, so that gives us the chance to sleep in. Plus, we dominate challenges. We haven’t even placed second in a challenge yet. So, other than Melissa having her little blips, we have to be one of the strongest tribes in Survivor history.


It cuts to the members of Manlai groggily walking around camp, doing their daily chores. Antonio and Benjamin are seen collecting firewood, Jake and Heather work on the fire, and Katie and Melissa go to check for tree mail. The camera subsequently cuts to the latter pair walking in the forest en route to their tree mail.

Melissa (apologetically): I haven’t had a chance to sincerely apologize for what I did the other night. With all these cameras around, I just want my kids to see me as the best role model I can be. Looking back, I can see why you were frustrated the other night. I’m jeopardizing my life in the game and in this alliance.

Katie: You just can’t keep doing this. Role model or not, this is a social game above all else. If you keep alienating yourself to people that are different than you, it’s probably going to come back to haunt you.

Katie then places her hands on Melissa’s shoulders.

Katie: I want you to stay. I like you, and I like having you here...but no more judging, please?

Melissa agrees and they proceed to hug one another.

I hope I got through to Melissa today. I understand that she’s a mother of two and is trying to look strong and resilient in their eyes, but as I told her, this is a social game. She needs to start building relationships with people like Benjamin and Heather instead of alienating them. The sooner she can do that, the better for herself and her game.


The camera shifts to an overhead shot of a barren field similar to the previous challenge with six crates for each tribe scattered across the field. It then focuses on Manlai and Sevrei walking in to the challenge area first. Noyon is seen not far behind.

Probst: Manlai and Sevrei getting your first look at the new Noyon tribe. Nicholas voted out at the last Tribal Council.

The camera cuts to Jake, who has a similar reaction to what he had when Abby was eliminated.

When I had seen that Nicholas was voted out, I was like, “This can’t be happening.” He was my closest ally before the tribe designation, and I want to say that everyone at Noyon sort of realized that. First, Abby, and now Nicholas. I don’t think that’s coincidence.


Probst proceeds to explain the challenge and the reward for the winning tribe. He also explains how the tribe that would finish in last place in the challenge would be dissolved in to the other two tribes with the reward-winning tribe receiving the first pick. Since they have two extra members, Manlai chooses Katie and Melissa to sit out. Probst then begins the challenge. The first pairs to go out are Antonio and Heather, Eric and Jenn, and Scott and Cassie. All three pairs run out to retrieve their first crate to roll back. To prevent extreme exhaustion of the four members of each tribe, the crates are lighter than what has been used in the past. Antonio and Heather build a slight advantage over the other pairs as they roll their first crate across. Jake and Benjamin then work their way out to retrieve the second crate for Manlai as the pairs for Noyon and Sevrei roll their first crate back. Scott and Cassie hold a slight advantage over Eric and Jenn, but both pairs return to the starting point within seconds of each other. The pairs of Tony and Julia and Elliott and Ruth proceed to run out to the second crate for their respective tribes. As the pairs roll their crates back and alternate, Manlai keeps a steady advantage throughout the challenge with Noyon and Sevrei continue to run neck and neck. Manlai is the first tribe to begin working on stacking the crates as the Elliott and Ruth, who are visibly exhausted, roll back the final crate for Noyon. Tony and Julia are not too far behind Noyon as they roll their last crate back as well. Shortly thereafter, all three tribes are seen working on stacking the crates while trying to put them in right positions. Noyon and Sevrei look to have a idea working as Manlai struggles to get anything going and has their lead evaporate. The four members of Noyon seem to complete their three bottom crates and work on the last three. Manlai continues to shift their crates, not having any idea if they have it correct or not. It cuts to Katie, who is has her hands on her head in sheer panic. It cuts back to Sevrei, who looks to be making progress on their crates. Noyon finishes shifting their crates, and they proceed to climb to the top of the crates, winning them the challenge and reward. They celebrate wildly as Manlai and Sevrei continue working on their crates. Jake assumes the leadership role as he thinks he has an idea. It’s too late as Sevrei finishes their crates and climb to the top. The members of Manlai jump down from the crates in frustration. Benjamin slaps the ground as Katie and Melissa join the other four. The six huddle around one another, knowing that this is the last challenge they will be competing in as a tribe. The camera cuts to the three tribes standing on their respective mats as they await Probst’s instructions.

Probst: Manlai, you are no more. Step off your mat and wait to be picked.

The six members of Manlai step off their gold-colored mat as Probst instructs Noyon to make the first pick. Probst reminds them that the three members of Manlai that are chosen by Noyon do not partake in the reward. The members of Noyon huddle and choose Katie with their first pick. Somewhat shocked, Katie walks over to the blue mat, where Noyon welcomes her. Sevrei then picks Jake. Jake grabs his belongings, waves good-bye to the former Manlai members, and walks over to the red mat. Noyon chooses Antonio next. Antonio grabs his stuff and walks over to Noyon’s mat. Sevrei’s next choice is Benjamin, who fist bumps Heather and then walks over to meet his new tribe. Noyon’s final pick is, after a brief pause, Heather, which makes Melissa the final member of Sevrei. The two ladies walk over to their respective tribes as Probst hands out the new buffs. He then signals in a plane which will be carrying the four members of the old Noyon. It lands safely and Elliott, Eric, Jenn, and Ruth board on to the plane. After the plane takes off, Probst gives the three new members of Noyon a map to their new home and sends the now two tribes on their way.

Today was a whirlwind, if anything. This was the worst possible outcome. Manlai dominated this game, and we have one hiccup. One hiccup and we’re split up. I’m sort of relieved that I’m not on a tribe with Melissa anymore, but this changes everything. We might be in trouble.


The camera focuses on the plane carrying the old Noyon members flying in the direction of the mountains and fades to break.

New Noyon Tribe
New Sevrei Tribe

The camera fades back in to the three new members of Noyon finding their new home.

Katie: Here it is! Our new home!

Antonio and Heather join Katie in celebration. They set their belongings down and begin to scout out the camp.

When we got to Noyon’s camp, we wanted to familiarize the surroundings. Like where the water well is and where’s the best place to collect firewood. I know the other four can show us all of that once they get back, but we don’t know when they’re getting back! So, we just decided to take it into our own hands.


The three walk together through the woods while looking at the map as a guide. They eventually stumble to the water well. Once they arrive at the well, Katie immediately talks strategy.

Katie: Okay, I’m just thinking that the three of us need to stick together and try to find a crack within the other four. I know that sounds simple, but obviously we don’t know how tight they are.

Heather: Well, let’s just look who goes with who to do chores and stuff like that once they get back.

Katie: They got rid of Nicholas and Abby. I know that they were close before the tribes were made, and they picked them off.

Antonio: So, you think that the four of them are tight?

Katie and Heather (almost in unison): I hope not.

The two girls look at each other and share a chuckle.

This switch kills me. I like Antonio and Heather, but I have literally everyone I need to be associated with, like Jake and Melissa, on the other tribe. I shared how Nicholas and Abby were tight cause I feel like both Antonio and Heather know that I was sort of part of that clique, and I want them to trust me going forward. I have the idol with me too, but I need to keep it a secret for as long as I can. It all depends on the original Noyon really. We just have to wait for them to come back and see what happens. (she smiles innocently as she shrugs her shoulders)


The camera cuts to an aerial view of the mountains and hovers around for a few seconds. It then focuses on the small plane, somewhat similar to the one that was used in the opening of The Australian Outback, carrying the four original Noyon members. They are seen looking out the windows taking in the sights. Various wildlife is focused upon as well. It cuts back to the four visibly awestruck and amazed.

To experience what I experienced today...I mean I’ve never been outside the country before, so to see what I saw today...I’ll never forget it. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve had my ups and my downs throughout this game, but today kind of sealed the deal. I’m in this for the long haul!


The camera focuses on Elliott, who is enjoying the sights as well, but is also seen eyeing his tribemates as they look out at the scenery.

This reward was perfect! Actually, this day has been perfect! Manlai, who was the biggest threat to both us and Sevrei, is no more! They’ve separated, which gives us the opportunity to take them all out one by one! I felt that this was the best chance I had to solidify the four of us at Noyon and really take this thing to the end as a foursome.


Elliott (through the noise of the plane): This is so awesome!

Eric (in a smart tone): Which part? The plane ride or the challenge today?

Elliott (laughing): Both! I can’t believe that the one challenge they lose is this one!

Jenn: Hey, it’s good for us though. We have numbers now!

Elliott: So, let’s take advantage of this! Let’s ride this out to the end.

Elliott puts his hand in the middle of the four.

Elliott: Let’s make the Noyon Four the Final Four!

The other three put their hands in the middle to join Elliott’s.

Eric: Let’s do it!

The Noyon Four (in unison): One, two, three, Noyon!

The Noyon Four celebrate and continue enjoying their reward.

Over the past couple days, I’ve been trying to figure out my position in this game. I think today answered it for me. The plan is to just take out the former Manlai members and stay Noyon strong. I have to say, and I think the other three will agree with me, this is probably my best day out here so far.


The camera zooms out on the plane flying over the lush forests and mountains and fades to break.

The camera fades back in to the now seven members of Sevrei returning from the reward challenge. The four members of the old Sevrei welcome the three new members to their camp.

Cassie: Welcome home!

The three new members of Sevrei cheer as the members of the old tribe show them around camp.

The last few days have been a steady downward spiral to say the least. Scott has given Cassie and Tony breathing room, and it’s removed some of the power we once had. Now that Jake and Melissa have shown up, I’m hoping to resurrect the alliance that we once had, as loose as it may have been.


The camera cuts to Julia leading Jake and Melissa away from camp.

Julia: So, I know you all probably have been freaking out since you got here.

Melissa: Cause we’re down in numbers? You bet we have!

Julia: Well, let me share this with you. Scott and I have had each other’s back since...I don’t two or three. We brought Henry in and what does Scott do? He votes him out. That makes it us two versus those two twerps. With all of that being said, I would like to formally extend an alliance to you to give us the upper hand again.

Jake (as he shakes Julia’s hand): And we had a little connection going before all of the tribes happened, so this works out great. Who are you thinking right now?

Julia: That’s what we need to figure out before we go to Tribal again. I would like to turn it on Scott, but I’m not sure yet.

Jake: Okay, you’ll keep us posted though?

Julia: Definitely.

The three newly aligned castaways return to camp somewhat spaced out from each other.

Julia came to Melissa and myself today wanting to restore a, what I thought to be, a loose association. I know Nicholas had connections with her, now of course, he isn’t here. But she came to us in a plea to potentially turn the tables on Scott, who I thought she was close to. I’m not sure what to make of this yet, but if it keeps me on the right side of the numbers at this point, then that’s what I’m going with.


It cuts to just Jake and Melissa walking back to camp.

Jake: So, what do you think about all of this?

Melissa (shrugging her shoulders): Who knows? I remember she was playing hard when we were all living together, but I think she’s being sincere about this. She wouldn’t go out of her way to take out her closest ally.

Melissa pauses momentarily.

Melissa: What if we go to Scott with this, and he gives us a better offer? We have to think about that angle too.

Jake: I think we should wait and observe everything before we decide to make our next move. The ball’s not even in our court right now.

Since Julia has come to Jake and me with this intel, it’s made me really anxious. There’s definitely some animosity here at Sevrei, but we don’t know where everybody stands. I want to explore all of our options, but I feel like that that will be shooting ourselves in the foot. I just have to sit and be patient, and that’s really hard to do! (nervously laughs)


Back at camp, Cassie and Tony are seen discussing the switch near the shelter.

Cassie: Do you think Julia or Scott are going to any of the Manlai people to take us out?

Tony: If anybody was talking to the enemy, it would be Julia, but I haven't seen either of them walk off with any of the Manlai people.

Tony looks outside the shelter to see if any activity is going on. The camera pans out to silence and inactivity around the shelter. Shortly thereafter, Jake and Melissa return to camp without Julia accompanying them.

When I’m at home watching the show, I’m always a little weary of switches and mix-ups. Of course, when you’re playing the game, it amplifies the paranoia. I know that the former Manlai know that they’re on the wrong side of the numbers now, and they’re going to do everything in their power to change that. I just hope that we stay Sevrei strong.


The camera shifts to the sky as the clouds form and dissipate through the evening and on into the night.

Day 17

The sun rises brighter than usual as there is no morning fog. The members of Noyon, minus Eric and Heather, sleep in the shelter as the sun does not appear to bother them. It cuts Eric and Heather walking through the woods to check on tree mail.

Heather: How do you like your spot within here?

Eric: It’s good. I can’t say I don’t like it.

Heather: Well, we’re over here like, and we were talking about this yesterday, we don’t know how tight you guys are. I don’t know if you’re willing to make a move, but the offer is there.

The two continue to walk as Eric appears to muddle over his options.

Eric: And what would that entail?

Heather (shrugging her shoulders): That I don’t know. I would have to talk to the others, but it would be better than what you have here.

Eric nods his head as the two continue their way to tree mail.

I’m in desperation mode right now. It’s an obvious four to three game here, and I’m in the three. I don’t want to be in the smaller number! I’ve already gone to Eric, but the plan is to go to everybody else and try to see if I can sweeten the pot for them.


Eric and Heather arrive back at camp with tree mail and call everyone over.

Heather (reading tree mail): You will not partake as tribes today, as individuals you shall play. Stand on the perch and balance your ball, safety from a double Tribal Council if you are the last to fall.

It shifts over to Sevrei, who reacts in shock, finishing reading the same mail.

Cassie: A double Tribal Council?!

Scott laughs out of surprise of the tree mail as everyone else stays silent.

My first reaction to the tree mail we got this morning was basically, ‘Oh, you got to be kidding me...’. I think it went just like that, actually! I’m not excited about this at all. I feel like both Tony and I are in danger at the next Tribal Council, so one of us has got to win today. I hope we aren't, but something just doesn't seem right here.


The camera shifts to level wooded area in the mountains of Mongolia with fourteen perches and fourteen sets of balls and disks. The castaways file in and on to their respective mats. Probst proceeds to confirm that there will be a double Tribal Council on Night 18, meaning the two tribes would have a little over a day to decide who to vote out. He also explains that the challenge would be for individual immunity. The highest placing members of Noyon and Sevrei would win immunity and safety from being voted out. Probst then goes into the mechanics of the challenge and introduces the individual immunity necklace, which is met with applause. The camera shifts to the Survivors on their perches awaiting Probst’s signal.

Probst: This challenge is on.

The fourteen remaining castaways place their first ball on their disk and begin to balance. The first couple minutes go mistake-free until Ruth suddenly loses her balance and her ball and disk go flying. Not too far behind her is Melissa, who has her ball fall off her disk. The two ladies go to sit on their tribe benches. Right before the round ends, both Antonio and Scott begin to wobble on their perches. As Probst counts down, Antonio’s lanky figure proves to be his downfall as he falls off his perch. Scott survives the round as Antonio heads over to the Noyon bench disappointed. The second round begins with six Sevrei members and five Noyon members balancing two balls. All eleven look to be deep in concentration. A little bit of time passes by, and the three of Eric, Tony, and Benjamin all begin to struggle keeping their balls in the center. However out of nowhere, Elliott drops off his perch and becomes the fourth person out of the challenge. Scott, who struggled in the first round, is seen struggling once again. The camera focuses on Cassie, Jake, Jenn, and Katie, who have not moved throughout the challenge. Towards the end of the round, Benjamin’s balls are on opposite sides of his disk until they finally fall off. As Benjamin walks over to the Sevrei bench, Scott loses his balance and becomes the sixth person out of the challenge. Probst counts down the end of the round as Eric huffs and puffs trying to keep his balls on for a little longer. As the cameras focus on Eric, Heather has one of her balls fall out of nowhere. Eric exclaims to his balls to stay on, and as Probst signals the end of the round, Eric breathes a sigh of relief. Starting the third and final round, the remaining seven place their three balls on their respective disks. Julia, who had been quiet through the first two rounds, begins to struggle as all three of her balls go in different directions on her disk. Cassie suddenly loses her balance and falls off her perch, leaving six Survivors in the challenge. Jake, Julia, and Tony remain for Sevrei, while Eric, Jenn, and Katie remain for Noyon. Eric’s struggles compound now that he has three balls to worry about. Simultaneously, Eric and Julia have their balls fall off their disks and fall out of the challenge. This brings it down to four; Jake and Tony fight for immunity for Sevrei, while Jenn and Katie battle for Noyon. Tony’s balls start to careen to the right side of the disk. He overcorrects and his balls fly off, winning Jake immunity for Sevrei. He steps off his perch and goes to sit down on his tribe’s bench. Meanwhile, Jenn and Katie remain as statues on their perches, as neither they nor their balls have nudged the entire challenge. Another half-hour passes before the first bit of activity happens as Jenn slightly wobbles on her perch, causing her balls to scatter across her disk. Katie glances over as Jenn’s struggles grow. Eventually, Jenn can stay on no longer. She falls, giving Katie immunity. Katie steps off her perch and gives Jenn a hug and congratulates her on a valiant effort. Probst asks both Jake and Katie to come over to him and to be awarded with immunity. He places the necklaces on the two winners and reiterates about the double Tribal being the next night. He brings up one more order of business. He pulls out a bag that has two stones in it, one stone saying ‘1st’ and another saying ‘2nd’. Whoever pulls the ‘1st’ stone, their tribe would go to Tribal Council first. Jake and Katie reach in to the bag and keep their stone hidden in their hands until Probst tells them to reveal. He signals them to reveal, and Jake is seen with the ‘1st’ stone, meaning Sevrei would go to Tribal Council first. He then sends the two tribes of seven on their way back to camp. The camera zooms out to a view of the mountains and fades to break.

Day 18

The camera speeds through the stars of the night sky and skips straight to the sunrise on Noyon’s camp. Everyone is seen sleeping except for Heather, who looks around the shelter as she lays in it.

I woke up this morning feeling really vulnerable. Tonight is Tribal Council and chances are it’s one of us Manlai going home tonight. Katie won immunity yesterday, so that’s just leaves myself and Antonio.


It cuts to later in the day as Antonio and Heather are seen talking quietly near the tribe’s fire.

Heather: It’s one of us tonight. You know that, right?

Antonio: That’s what it’s looking like unless we can get one of them to flip. Any ideas?

Heather’s answer is not heard as it pans back to the shelter where Jenn and Eric are sitting and silently observing the two former Manlai.

Jenn: What do you think they’re talking about?

Eric: I would imagine it’s about tonight.

Jenn: Well, I’m glad we solidified the alliance the other day. Otherwise, I think people would be scrambling like crazy...

Eric: On our side, you mean?

Jenn: Just in general. I know the three of them are going to scramble today, but there’s no need for us to do any of that since we know none of us are going to flip.

Eric: True. Have you thought about who to get out tonight?

Jenn (shrugs her shoulders): Just whatever the group decides on. Is there one of them you particularly want off?

Eric: Not necessarily want off, but I will say that I’ve seen and heard Heather try to make deals and have more of a strategic head than Antonio.

Jenn: So you’re saying Heather cause she’s more of a strategic threat?

Eric: Mmhmm. While we were getting tree mail yesterday, she asked me if I liked where I’m at right now.

Jenn nods in agreement.

Eric and I are sitting in the shelter, and he tells me that Heather is trying to work on some of the old Noyon, including him. I haven’t been at the forefront when it comes to making strategic decisions, but now may be the time to assert myself.


The camera cuts back to Jenn and Eric sitting in the shelter with Elliott returning to camp and approaching the shelter.

Jenn (quietly to Elliott): Hey, we need to talk.

Elliott: About...?

She discretely points to Heather and Antonio. Elliott looks over and nods as Jenn removes herself from the shelter. As she does, the wood that is the shelter’s base creaks. This makes Antonio and Heather turn around only to see Elliott and Jenn suspiciously walk away from the shelter.

Heather (to Eric): What’s going on there?

Eric (playing dumb as he shrugs his shoulders): Your guess is as good as mine.

It cuts to Elliott and Jenn privately discussing strategy in the woods.

Jenn: So, Eric was saying how Heather has been going to him and trying to get him to flip, and I don’t think we need an active player like that on the other side of the numbers around.

Elliott (hesitantly): But Antonio has been more of an asset in the challenges. He’ll be a huge threat for immunity if he’s around at the merge.

Jenn: But not all the challenges are going to be based off of physical strength. Antonio or Katie aren’t trying to shift alliances. Heather is.

Elliott: Well, have you talked to Eric or Ruth about it?

Jenn: I haven’t talked to Ruth yet.

Elliott presses his hand and leans on a tree while deep in thought.

This is a very pivotal vote tonight. We can totally flip the script on Manlai if everything goes according to plan. That’s a very big if, though. Heather is trying very hard to get one of the old Noyon to flip and keep things in old Manlai’s favor. Time will tell.


The camera cuts over to Antonio, Heather, and Katie walking in a separate part of the woods.

Heather: I think I’ve done all I could possibly do today.

Katie: Who did you talk to?

Heather: Everybody except Ruth cause that’s who I think we should vote for.

Katie simply nods.

Antonio: I just hope that one of them comes with us. If not, we’re screwed.

Katie nods once more.

I’m trying to keep stay out of the line of fire for this vote. I know I have immunity, but I don’t want to make waves when I have no one from my alliance here. My plan is to stick around until the merge with my idol. If I can do that, then I’m in good shape. I hate to leave Heather and Antonio so vulnerable, but I’m not in a position to save myself and them right now.


Heather: I just hope that the three of us are here this time tomorrow.

The three of them put their hands in the middle of one another and quietly cheer “Manlai!” The camera then cuts over to Sevrei where Benjamin is seen talking to Scott by the red tribe’s water well.

Benjamin: So, I know that we’re just three people from the other tribe, but we aren’t one big happy family.

Scott (as he is collecting water): And who would the rotten egg be?

Benjamin: Melissa. She’s been bringing the camp morale down before we came over here. She’s just really shallow, and she...basically doesn’t like people that are different from her. If you could talk to the others about possibly voting out Melissa, I would appreciate it.

Scott (somewhat blowing off Benjamin): Yeah, I’ll see what I can do.

Benjamin: Cool. Thank you, man.

Scott leaves with the buckets of water he brought with him and then returns to camp.

I really tried to get through to Scott today. I know we’re three against four right now, so the best thing I can do is deflect it off of me and on to somebody else. That somebody else is Melissa. I don’t know...I’m not in a position to make deals with anybody, so I’m hoping Scott branches out to his old Sevrei mates.


It cuts to Scott, after dropping off the buckets of water, approaching Julia, Jake, and Melissa in another part of the woods.

Scott: Hey guys, what’s your opinion on Ben?

Jake (shrugging his shoulders): He’s an alright guy. Why do you ask?

Scott (seeming to not be concerned with Jake’s opinion): Melissa, what’s your opinion on him?

Melissa pauses for a moment.

Melissa: I don’t know. He just seems like a punk to me.

Scott: Well, he’s trying to get rid of you. He was talking to me while we were filling up the buckets, and he basically said that you were the rotten egg over at Manlai.

Melissa (nodding in understanding): So, let’s vote him out. You guys cool with that?

Jake, Julia, and Scott agree and they all shake on it. It cuts back to camp where Benjamin talks to Cassie and Tony by the fire pit.

Benjamin: What are you guys thinking about going into tonight?

Cassie: I don’t know if you’ve noticed or if anybody has let you in on this, but we’re outsiders here. When Henry was still here, it was the two of us versus the three of them.

Tony: And it’s been like this the entire time, so if you’re willing to make a move, we’re game.

Benjamin: Okay, I’ve talked to Scott. Hopefully, he’s getting everybody on board to vote Melissa.

Cassie: Aww, but I like Melissa!

Benjamin: Well, I can’t go back on it...I’ve already told to Scott to tell the others.

Tony: You’re sure that he’s got everybody on board?

Benjamin: Yeah, I’m pretty positive.

Tony: All right, man. Just keep us posted.

Benjamin (as he starts to walk off): You got it.

After Benjamin walks off, Tony privately convenes with Cassie.

Tony: I’m not so sure about that plan.

Cassie: Why, what’s wrong with it?

Tony: I don’t know, I just don’t think Scott’s the one to listen to anybody on the outside. Plus, we’re the last ones to find out if he said that Scott was supposed to tell everybody else.

Cassie: But it can’t hurt us to go with it. Like you told him, we’ve been on the outs since we got here.

Tony stretches out and exhales deeply.

Cassie and I are in a tough spot. We can either vote Melissa and go with Benjamin’s plan or just completely abandon that since he didn’t really go into details about it. We need to go to Scott and see if this is legitimate or not.


It cuts to Tony walking up to Scott to discuss Benjamin’s plan.

Tony: Hey Scott, can I talk to you for a second.

Scott: Sure, what’s up?

Tony: Did Benjamin ever come up to you and talk about voting out Melissa?

Scott: He did, and that’s what we’re doing.

Tony: Alright, I just wanted to make sure. You didn’t come up to us, so we didn’t know.

Scott: I know, I know. I don’t want to look like the guy who is talking to everybody. But now that I have the chance to talk to you, that’s what we’re doing.

Tony: Got it. Thanks.

Scott: No worries.

Tony walks away as the camera transitions to Sevrei preparing for Tribal Council.

Tonight’s going to be a very shifty night. It’s going to show where everybody stands and who to trust going forward. I’ve told some people the truth, and I’ve flat out lied to the others. I’ve done what I can do to make this vote the way it is, now it’s time to put the plan into motion.


The sun sets and the moon rises as it reflects off of the lake next to Tribal Council, where the now seven members of Sevrei file in to the Mongolian-style hut and place their torches in the proper holes. Probst starts off by asking how the tribe dissolve affected the dynamics of the tribe and the game.

Jake: It definitely started out as a tribe versus tribe atmosphere, but as the days have progressed, the more we have become a cohesive group.

Probst: Is it still Manlai versus Sevrei, Cassie?

Cassie: To an extent. I’ve had people come up to me and try to work a deal for tonight and beyond, so it’s hard to say if it’s fully Manlai versus Sevrei anymore.

Probst then asks the rest of the tribe if they have witnessed the same thing.

Benjamin: Oh absolutely, it keeps shifting constantly.

Julia: All I know is that the people I have talked to about tonight are the ones I’m going with.

Probst: Which should be everybody, right?

Julia (nodding her head in disagreement): No. I’ve talked to select people and that’s who I’m going with.

Cassie looks at Tony and rolls her eyes.

Probst: Cassie, you just rolled your eyes when Julia said that. What’s going on?

Cassie: Tony and I have been on the outs since we got here, so when she decides to go along and vote Henry out when she didn’t want to, she holds it against us. Therefore, she doesn’t really say that much to Tony or myself.

After a few more questions, Probst wraps it up and signals for the time to vote. Each castaway walks up to the voting booth as Benjamin, Scott, and Cassie’s confessionals are aired. Probst then goes to tally the votes. He returns with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The idol does not surface as Probst begins to read the votes.

First vote: Melissa (1)

Second vote: Benjamin (1-1)

Third vote: Julia (1-1-1)

Fourth vote: Julia (2-1-1)

Fifth vote: Benjamin (2-2-1)

Sixth vote: Benjamin(3-2-1)

Seventh vote: ...

Probst: Seventh person voted out of Survivor: Mongolia...Benjamin. Need you to bring me your torch.

Benjamin silently shakes his head in disbelief as he grabs his torch and heads to Probst.

Probst: Benjamin, the tribe has spoken.

Benjamin watches on as his torch is snuffed. He then waves farewell to his tribemates and leaves the Tribal Council area. It cuts back to Scott and Melissa grinning while Cassie and Tony are taken back by the vote.

Probst: Well, you were definitely spot-on on how this tribe has shifted after the switch, and with this game, this won’t be the last shift. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

The six members of Sevrei remove their torches from the holders and leave Tribal Council as it fades to break.

The camera fades back into Tribal Council. This time with the members of Noyon approaching with their torches lit minus Antonio. Antonio’s torch lighting is skipped, and Probst proceeds with the questions. He starts off by asking the same question as he first asked Sevrei.

Elliott: We’ve certainly noticed that the former Manlai have been working to get one of the four of us to flip. It hasn’t changed the dynamics of the tribe or the game for right now, but this is Survivor. Anything can happen.

Probst: Katie, knowing that you are now down in numbers after dominating the first part of the game, how do you go about strategizing?

Katie: You assess the situation. You see who behaves differently around who and just wait for a crack. Unfortunately, we haven’t found the crack yet.

Probst continues to ask Noyon questions about camp life and a potential upcoming merge.

Heather: We’re all looking towards the merge, but we have to make it through tonight first. You have to take it day by day.

Probst: And with that, let’s see who does not make it through tonight.

Probst calls on each member of Noyon to the voting booth. Only Jenn and Katie’s confessionals are aired as Probst goes to collect the votes. Everyone appears calm as Probst returns with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The camera focuses on Elliott and Katie, the two players that possess the idols. However, neither idol surfaces.

Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.

First vote: Ruth (1)

Second vote: Ruth (2)

Third vote: Ruth (3)

Fourth vote: Heather (3-1)

Fifth vote: Heather (3-2)

Sixth vote: Heather (3-3)

Seventh vote: ...

Probst: Eighth person voted out of Survivor: Mongolia... ...Heather. I need you to bring me your torch.

Ruth lets out a deep sigh of relief as Heather gets up from her stool to grab her torch. Katie and Antonio look at other in disappointment of the outcome. It cuts to Heather sliding her torch into the holder.

Probst: Heather, the tribe has spoken.

Heather (as she leaves Tribal Council): It’s been real, guys! Go kick some butt!

The rest of Noyon look on as Heather walks down the steps and into the wooded area past Tribal.

Probst: Well, there weren’t any shifts tonight, but as a few of you said earlier, anything can happen. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The six remaining members of Noyon rise from their seats, collect their respective torch, and file out of Tribal Council.

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 7:
Benjamin (4 votes)
Jake, Julia, Melissa, Scott
Julia (2 votes)
Cassie, Tony
Melissa (1 vote)
Benjamin Long

Voting Confessionals

You didn't really have any pieces to work with in the first place. Have a good one.


You need to watch your comments about other people. They tend to last longer than you think.


We didn't really want to vote for Melissa, so you were the next best option. Doubt you'll be going home tonight, but watch out.


Final Words

Well, what to say. I panicked and thought I was on the wrong side of the numbers, and my maneuvering cost me. This has definitely been a culture shock from playing music. I never would've thought I would last this long. It's been a hell of a journey.

–Benjamin Long


Tribal Council 8:
Heather (4 votes)
Elliott, Eric, Jenn, Ruth
Ruth (3 votes)
Antonio, Heather, Katie
Heather Williams

Voting Confessionals

When you try to stir the pot, it makes you a threat. Sorry!


Nothing personal. Just staying loyal to my group.


Final Words

If I had known I was going home for sure, then I would've made a lot more fireworks! I honestly thought Eric or someone was going to flip, but they're tighter then I thought. Props to who's still left and best of luck.

–Heather Williams

Still in the Running

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Time on Survivor...

Katie and Antonio try to break apart the tight Noyon Four while Scott and Julia finally have at it.


  • The episode title was said by Elliott.
  • The reward challenge has been used in three seasons, first appearing in Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This from Survivor: Tocantins.
  • The immunity challenge has been used in two seasons with the first appearance being in This Game Respects Big Moves from Survivor: Redemption Island.