"For Real, Die"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 9/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the ninth episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Rolling in the Deep
The survivors' loved ones will be paired for this challenge. The loved one will pose as a caller who will lead their survivor to five bags of puzzle pieces floating at sea. Once all five bags are collected, the two of them must solve the puzzle (a large replica of the Manothe Thiha tribal Immunity Idol). First pair to finish the puzzle wins reward.
Reward: An overnight luxurious yacht ride, and a new set of clothes for the winning survivor.
Winners: Nigel (chooses Donna to join him)

Immunity Challenge: Losing Marbles
Hidden in a sand pit are five chests with a bag of marbles in it (there are also dummy chests that has no bag at all). The first five players to retrieve the bags will move on to the final round, where they will have to use a slingshot and the marbles they collected to shoot down tiles of a sand-filled hourglass. Once a tile breaks, it will release sand to a bucket; and if there is enough sand inside the bucket, a flag will raise. First player to raise their flag, wins immunity
Winners: Nigel


Night 22

As the Galone tribe back to camp, Jolanda, Danny, Nigel and Marshall are all surprised by the outcome of the previous vote, where returning contestant Francesca Hogi was blindsided by the Three Tribes Alliance. Nigel tells Danny he is suspecting that a secret alliance brewed behind their backs; and until he gets enough evidence to call whoever is in charge, Nigel tells him he will keep be mum about his investigation.

My all-Nagar plot was shattered tonight. I have a gut feeling Fran's exit was orchestrated. For all I know, Molly's masterminding everything. If she has cahoons, I will call them out and turn them against Molly. I can't stand that woman, that's why she needs to go.


Under the premise that they are just going to the woods, Donna, Kendra and Molly secretly talk strategy. Donna fears that Nigel is already smelling their plot. Molly tells her she does not need to worry because if Nigel wins immunity, Danny, Jolanda and Marshall are still alternatives.

Nigel scares me. He told me about the all-Nagar final five at the reward. But with Franny gone, he might put the blame on me; and not give me his vote.


Day 23

Morning at Galone camp, Nigel and Molly, the earliest two to wake up. Nigel prepares rice while Molly goes to the well to fill water canteens. After settling the pot on top the bonfire, Nigel goes back to the shelter to take a nap. As Molly returns to the campsite, she sees Nigel's rice getting burned. Molly wakes Nigel up to realize his mistake.

Quote1Nigel, your rice is burning!Quote2- Molly
Quote1It's not!Quote2- Nigel
Quote1Oh, for crying out loud!Quote2- Molly (douses water on to the fire)
Quote1What happened?Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1Nigel happened! He fell asleep while cooking rice.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Then why didn't you tend it yourself? It's not burned I just put it there!Quote2- Nigel
Quote1Then see for yourself! You basically wasted a large part of our rice. Look at the sack. It's already reduced it to half, and we can't even eat it!Quote2- Molly (shows Nigel burnt rice)
Quote1Oh, that's nothing. We're just gonna scoop the good ones. It's not bad. I cook rice at home!Quote2- Nigel
Quote1You're so aggravating...Quote2- Molly (whispers)
Nigel's tearing every fiber of my being. He's way over his head. He burned the rice thinking he let the pot sit there for a few minutes. Long and behold, when I came back, the pot's already burning! If I didn't pour water on the fire, they will all burn with the rice! Seriously? Nigel, for real, DIE.


Nigel and Molly continue their verbal smackdown, waking the whole tribe up. The tribe goes to Molly's rescue, saying that Nigel cooked the rice without the tribe's consent.

I don't know what's up between Molly and Nigel. They squabble over everything. They're basically mutually allergic to each other. But this time, I'm gonna side with Molly this time. Nigel cooked the rice without our permission, let alone cooked it properly. Our rice supply's down to half, and I'm not happy right now. If Nigel takes hold of the pot one more time, I'll shove him to the fire.


Escaping the commotion, Kendra and Donna walk toward Tree Mail to see if there are any new mail. They find a message implying that their loved ones will be in the challenge. The pair returns to camp to inform their tribemates the good news. Molly is excited to see her foster mother.

Despite the "Rice-gate scandal", winning this loved challenge will be a small sigh of relief for me, because the idea of my mother coming in here is already therapeutic for some reason.


The tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. One by one, the loved ones come out, bringing the survivors in tears. Nigel are already on his knees upon seeing his wife, Hera. Kendra hugs her boyfriend, Shann, Conway becomes hysterical upon seeing his mother, Rebecca. The other loved ones are:

  • Danny's fiancee, Fiona
  • Jolanda's son, Jiovanni
  • Donna's father, Vernon
  • Marshall's wife, Lucinda
  • Rashad's best friend, Mason
  • Zach's cousin, Dennis

On the other hand, Molly, who has yet to see who came for her, is informed by Jeff that her mother will not be able to come because she is sick by the time the loved ones were collected from the United States. Jeff then tells Molly that they found someone who can take her foster mother's place. Expecting that her foster father will come out instead, Molly is secretly enraged to see who came for her...Bertha, Molly's long-lost biological mother.

Quote1Molly, I have a good news and a bad news.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1My mother's not coming, isn't' she?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Your mother's coming all right...Bertha, come on in!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Oh, joy.Quote2- Molly (sarcastically speaking while rolling her eyes)
Quote1Look at you baby! You're look so fine!Quote2- Bertha
Quote1You don't say!Quote2- Molly (whispering behind Bertha's back)
When I saw my biological mother, I just wanna walk away. I almost revealed my deepest, darkest secret. I'm adopted. Well, Kendra and Donna already knew that. When I saw Bertha coming out of the jungle, I was extremely pissed. My real parents conceived me when they were still 16, making me their love child basically. They almost aborted me because they don't want their parents to know that Bertha's pregnant. They sent me to this orphanage instead, and left me their picture just in case I want to find them. I am not looking forward to see her, let alone here in the game. I happy with my foster parents. I never actually addressed them as "foster" before, because they really treated me as their own. If one day I meet my real parents, I would be like, f*** it. I have nothing to do with them.


Nigel and Conway take their partners to the lead, while a visibly frustrated Molly leads her mother off-course, accidentally unclipping of of Kendra's bags. After a close race between Nigel and Conway, Nigel and his wife win reward, where they bring Donna and her father Mason. Nigel then sends Molly to Exile Island. The rest of the tribe hug their loved ones before heading back to camp.

I really brought Donna on purpose, because she needs to tell me if she knew anything about Franny's blindside. If she's lying to me, I'm screwed. Even if I tell her I'm gonna vote her out, I don't have enough leverage to do so yet.


At Exile Island, Molly rushes to the hut and cries because she felt that seeing her real mother in that circumstance really threw her off-guard.

I want to scream at her for leaving me. I want to get out from there. I wanna quit from that moment. But I can't, because Nigel might do realize something fishy. I will never tell my tribemates that I am adopted. I want to become emotional right there and then, but I chose not to because it may derail me from the title of Sole Survivor.


At the reward, Nigel goes to Donna to ask her if there is something he should know about. Donna tells him that everyone is really voting for Molly because she dislikes Molly as he is (in truth, she's not), and she was unaware that Molly had an idol. Though Donna tries to cover her alliance, her half-thought answers convinces Nigel there is indeed an alliance going without his knowledge.

Nigel's intimidating me. Just because he tagged me along for this reward, that doesn't mean I'm gonna tell him what I know. I was scared answering him. Like, I feel like a crook being interrogated!


Meanwhile, Jolanda and Danny are sitting by the beach. Jolanda expresses her worry about the exits of strong competitors Kyle and Francesca. Danny states that Marshall or Conway, arguably the physically weakest of the remaining Galone members should go, because they can easily go under the radar.

I played a quieter game than last time. I was reserved, didn't make enemies with anybody. But for some reason, I'm still branded as a threat, probably because of my strength. Those weaklings need to go. We can't afford a Sandra 3.0 out here.


Day 24

Nigel and Donna returns to Galone camp early in the morning of Day 24. Nigel pulls Danny and Jolanda aside, telling them that there might be a conspiracy against the stronger players, and the reason why Francesca was voted out is because they voted out Molly on purpose so she can use her idol.

Though Donna was almost unresponsive to my questions last night, I can already assume that Donna has a secret alliance with Molly. I don't have evidence yet, but Molly's too dangerous to keep around. At first, Molly was the ideal opponent at the Final Tribal Council. But I realized she's being abrasive on purpose so people can take her to the end. If I can just detect who's in cahoots with Molly, I'll try to turn them against Molly.


Donna immediately goes to Conway, saying that Nigel might have discovered their secret because she found it difficult to answer Nigel's intimidating questions. As a solution, Conway and Kendra decide to vote Marshall out instead, to at least remove Nigel's doubts of her. If worse comes to worst, Kendra proposes that Nigel must go home next if he does not win immunity.

Evening, Kendra and Donna goes to Nigel in hopes to remove his speculations. Both girls tell him to vote Marshall out.

Quote1What if we vote out Marshall out?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Why Marshall?Quote2- Nigel
Quote1He's old, he can't win a challenge even if his life depends on it. he's a potential threat. To me, he's worse than an athlete.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Well, Jo and Danny were thinking of the same thing. They told me.Quote2- Nigel
Quote1So it's Marshall?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Marshall it is.Quote2- Nigel
The girls were trying to play me today, but I an see through them. I already knew they have a pact because Donna was badly acting in front of me at the reward. I won't do anything today, but I'll just wait until they implode. If they want to vote Marshall out, as long as it's not me, I don't care, but I will follow them for now.


Day 25

After receiving Tree Mail, the Galone tribe meets Jeff once again for the Immunity Challenge. Molly returns from her emotional stay on Exile Island. Jeff apologizes to Molly for the oversight. Molly smiles, saying she is fine now. Jeff then commences the challenge.

As the survivors struggle to find the bags, opening several dummy chests. After finding the five chests with bags of marbles, Danny, Nigel, Marshall, Jolanda and Kendra all move on to the final round. While Nigel and Marshall are close to win immunity, Nigel hits the bottommost tile on the tower, pouring all the sand to his bucket, winning himself immunity.

Of all people who can win the necklace, why Nigel? Back to Marshall, I guess.


Back at camp, Nigel goes to Jolanda and Danny, saying that after the reward, Nigel claims he is "85%" sure about his speculations of an alliance between Donna, Molly, Kendra, Zach, Rashad and Conway.

Quote1I think there is a 6-person alliance between Donna, Molly, Kendra, Zach, Rashad and Conway. Look, Zach and Donna are close, Rashad and Molly are close, Kendra and Conway are close. They usually talk with each other.Quote2- Nigel
Quote1Seems like it. What's your plan?Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1Donna and Kendra went to me last night, asking me to vote Marshall out. Like, you would think, they had a point. Marshall's playing under the radar right now. We are three right now. If you guys convince Marshall to join us, we can usurp Molly, because I can't stand her.Quote2- Nigel
Quote1It brings our numbers to four. They're six. Wait, what about Donna? Can you convince her to make it at least a tie?Quote2- Danny
Quote1I'll try. We're like father-daughter. I think I can.Quote2- Nigel

While Jolanda and Danny convince Marshall, Nigel goes to Donna, trying to convince her to join their alliance. Behind the bushes, Conway is watching them.

Nigel's working on Donna. Ithink it's time to really put the Three Tribes Alliance into action. I just hope Donna's gonna stick with us.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Marshall comes up to Kendra and Conway, saying he is quite aware of their alliance. Marshall states he is not posing as a threat, but he wants to take out Jolanda, Danny and eventually, Nigel. Marshall begs that if the three strong athletes go home before him, he will give his jury vote to either of them. After their conversation,

I know what's Marshall up to. He's instigating something. He's even trying to pit me and Kendra for his jury vote. He is more threatening than I expected.


I am not as strong as I used to before, but I think it's time to take out all stops and start playing. I will not win with Jo, Danny and Nigel around. They had to go home.


At Tribal Council, Nigel calls Conway out, tauntingly asking him if there is an alliance with him and Molly. Not backing down since he had nothing to lose, Conway reveals the Three Tribes Alliance and how it was formed. Nigel then taunts Donna next, telling her their father-daughter relationship. Rashad and Zach sarcastically come to Donna's rescue, both asking Nigel if that is a father-daughter relationship. Regardless, the Three Tribes Alliance turns on their biggest threat, Marshall, by a vote of 6-3-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Marshall (6 votes)
Conway, Donna, Kendra, Molly, Rashad, & Zach
Molly (3 votes)
Danny, Jolanda, & Nigel
Danny (1 vote)
Marshall Hartman

Voting Confessionals

Blame this on Nigel because he had immunity!


Sorry pops, vacation's over.


The under the radar's strategy has been considered outdated ages ago.


Sorry Marshall. Nigel's supposed to go tonight, but he wears the necklace.




I'm very sorry. I'll rather vote Jo or Danny, but, gotta stick with my team. Nigel should be on this one.


I don't know who's going, so whatever.


You're such a prissy bitch. Please leave Burma.


I was so complacent these past few days. I should have made a move beforehand.


I made a deal with the Three Tribes Alliance today, and I told them to vote you out because you're a challenge monster. Sorry dude.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Nigel, Danny and Jolanda fight back against the Three Tribes Alliance.
  • Molly and Rashad bicker once again.

Author's Notes

  • This week's Immunity Challenge is based from the Day 33 Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Marquesas.

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