"For the Good of the Team"
Los Haitises Park
Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 5/13
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This is the fifth episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

Wild Bill continued his antics after his team voted out his ally Sherri. Hector and Thom soon got into yet another argument with Wild Bill after they accused Bill of getting rid of the diving goggles which they had won at one of the previous Reward Challenges.

At the Yuna Tribe Martha flipped out on Esther saying that Esther was the reason why they lost the Reward Challenge. A crushed Martha did not understand why someone, who she considered her friend, would turn on her so quickly.

Wild Bill and Jenny questioned Sully over Sully and Kendra’s votes to get rid of Sherri. Sully claimed it was for the good of the team but neither Bill nor Jenny was buying what he was saying.

The Yuna Tribe lost their third Immunity Challenge and Rodney, who was Martha and Mark’s target to go home, did his best to try and get Jill and Esther to join him and Damion in an alliance to get rid of Martha. Initially Esther was not willing to flip on her alliance.

However, at Tribal Council Martha once again called Esther out and that was enough to get both Esther and Jill to turn on their former alliance and join the new one. The new alliance made Martha the fourth person to be voted out of the game. Twelve are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Nut Bucket
Two tribe members would each hold on a rope that is holding up large nets above the ground. Members of the rival tribe, one at a time, attempt to toss coconuts into their nets. A winner is determined if the rival tribe has dropped both nets.
Reward: A trip to a "Jungle Café" where the winning tribe will served coffee, pastries, and ice cream.
Winner: Payabo

Immunity Challenge: Hot Pursuit
While harnessed together, the two tribes will wade around an oval course while carrying a twenty-pound backpack each. Players can drop out of the challenge at will, but they must give their pack to someone before unclipping themselves from the rope. The first tribe to catch the opponent and touch one of their members wins.
Winner: Yuna


Night 12

The Yuna Tribe returns from Tribal Council having just voted Martha out. The normally mellow Mark looks very annoyed. He walks over to where Jill and Esther are sitting and he joins them.

Quote1Why did you two do that? You had a strong alliance and the two of you so willingly flushed it down the drain.

For what reason, because someone hurt your feelings and you were not strong enough to take their criticism?

I want the two of you to live this day…remember this day and know you just destroyed your own game.Quote2
- Mark

Quote1Look man I know you are upset over the outcome of the game and all but it is what it is. Martha put herself into that situation dude; you can’t fault them for making a move that might help them in the long run.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1That move only helped you and you alone man. Think on that…I don’t have anything else to say right now so please everyone just leave me alone and don’t harsh my vibe.Quote2- Mark

Oh gosh…Mark went totally psycho tonight. Like he totally wasn’t yelling or anything but he was just totally creepy when we got back to camp. I think I’m going to totally sleep with one eye open tonight.


I am beyond mad at Esther and Jill. They betrayed me and in my opinion they wrecked their game in the process. I hope the two of them enjoy not winning the million dollars.

From here on out I am going to be the lone wolf in this game, I have no plans to be in an alliance with anyone dude. If that means I leave the game…so be it.


Day 13

As day thirteen begins for the Payabo Tribe, Dawn sits on the beach looking out at the water. She is soon joined by Thom who sits down next to her.

Quote1So what’s on your mind?Quote2- Thom

Quote1Nothing…Quote2- Denise

Quote1Don’t give me nothing; I know there has to be something wrong. Since we’ve been out here I’ve been the first one to wake up every day. So for you to be up before me, out here staring at the ocean, I know that there has to be something up with you.Quote2- Thom

Quote1Well it’s the game…the game is starting to get to me. Not so much the game itself, but more what I am missing by being out here. You know?Quote2- Denise

Quote1You’re thinking about your family, that what is bugging you.Quote2- Thom

Quote1Yeah…my son Brent’s birthday was yesterday, he turned twenty-one years old. I missed my son’s twenty-first birthday…Quote2- Denise

Quote1But you missed his birthday for a chance to win a lot of money. Can’t nobody hold that against you.Quote2- Thom

Quote1Yeah you are right…but the thing is last night while I was trying to sleep I kept on thinking about missing his birthday over and over again. Then I started thinking about my daughters and my husband. My mind was racing all night thinking about how much I miss them.

Now I feel like a miserable wreck because I did not get any sleep and I can’t shake missing my family. The funny thing is when you are around them all of the time you tend to take that for granted. However, when you haven’t seen them for some time you being to appreciate them more and you begin to miss them.

That is what is making me an emotional wreck right now.Quote2
- Denise

Quote1I understand what you’re going through. I miss my wife, my kids, and my grandchildren something fierce. But I keep on telling myself that I am out here for them, so that I can better their lives and give them the opportunity that I never had.

That’s what keeps me going when I realize how much I miss them. Does that help you at all?Quote2
- Thom

Quote1Yes…yes it does. I am glad you came over to talk to me Thom.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Good...oh and wipe those tears. I wouldn’t want any of these young folks to seem them and use them as an excuse to get rid of you because they think you’re weak.Quote2- Thom

Thom and Denise laugh over Thom’s last comment they then standup and hug.

Thom is such a nice guy; he always goes out of his way to make me feel good. He is such an uplifting person. In this game he might be my competition but once we’re out of this game I know I have made a friend for life.


Over at the Yuna Tribe Damion, Esther, Jill, and Rodney are sitting around in the shelter. Mark is nowhere in sight.

Damion asks Esther where Mark is and Esther says that she does not know where he went. She says that she saw him get up early and walk out into the forest and she has not seen him since.

Rodney thanks both Esther and Jill for keeping him in the game. He tells the two women that he knows they took a huge risk in saving him and he will not forget it and he sees no reason to doubt that this will be the final four.

Esther chimes in that all great alliances throughout history have had names and she thinks that they should name their alliance as well. A few names are thrown out there but none of them really seem to resonate with the four members of this new alliance.

Finally, Damion says that they should call their new alliance the Core Four Alliance. He says that they are now the core of the Yuna Tribe and so the name fits. The rest of the alliance members agree and so the four of them are now going to be calling themselves the Core Four Alliance.

A little later on in the day, Esther tries to engage Mark in conversation while the two of them relax in the shelter alone.

Quote1Mark would you like to talk about last night?Quote2- Esther

Quote1No I would not; I have nothing to say to you.Quote2- Mark

Quote1Well then do you mind if I sit here and tell you why I voted the way I voted. You do not have to interact with me, you can just listen and then you can decide for yourself if you think I had a valid reason to vote the way I voted.Quote2- Esther

Mark just shrugs his shoulders and does not even bother to look at Esther.

Quote1Last night going into Tribal, Jill and I were all set to stick to our word and vote with you and Martha to get rid of Rodney. I did not like the way Martha had treated me but once I give my word to someone I try to keep it and so therefore, I fully intended on keeping my word.

However, because of the way Martha acted at Tribal Council I decided to go a different way and get rid of Martha. So I signaled to Jill by tapping her on the shoulder twice that I was changing my vote to Martha and she followed and voted against Martha as well.

Our vote had nothing to do with you and it was not against you. It was against Martha. She was the unreasonable one in this whole situation and it was simply time for her to go. Now I fully understand if I hurt your feelings Mark but I just could not stay in an alliance with her…Quote2
- Esther

Quote1So you decided to join an alliance with two people who have already voted for you. And one of them was just as gnarly to you as Martha was. So what you are saying just does not jive with me but it is no skin off my nose because if we lose the next Immunity Challenge I know who is going home next and I have made my peace with that.

You did what you did and there is nothing that you can do to undo it. That is something you have to live with not me.Quote2
- Mark

Quote1Mark our relationship does not have to be adversarial while we are out here. There is no reason for us to have animosity towards each other.Quote2- Esther

Quote1No you just totally dropped an atomic bomb on my game and destroyed it. But you’re right there is no reason for me to be bitter towards you. I like having to spend time out here knowing full well that I have no chance at winning.

You know what Esther? From here on out don’t even bother to talk to me. You’ve totally harshed my vibe and I don’t want to deal with you anymore.Quote2
- Mark

I understand Mark’s anger. I truly do, but his game is by no means over and I think it is completely foolish for him to turn his back on everyone but it is his choice to make and if that is what he thinks he needs to do…so be it.


Day 14

We begin day fourteen over on the Payabo Tribe where we see Denise and Jenny having a conversation about Denise’s children. Denise goes on and on about her kids and Jenny just smiles and nods her head and does not say word. It is clear as day that Jenny has no interest in what Denise is saying and she is only appeasing Denise.

Ah…today Denise caught me in what I call her kid’s trap. Basically everyday Denise will begin talking about her kids to someone and the conversation is always very much one sided. I mean she just prattles on and on about how great her kids are. I get that she loves her kids, I get that she thinks her kids are great, and I get that she misses them but come on dude does she need to talk about them all of the time?

That is what sucks now that Sherri is gone. Before Sherri was voted out I would hang around with her most of the day and we would make jokes about our teammates. Now that Sherri is gone I am kind of forced to interact with the others and it is horrible. If I have to hear one more lame corny joke from Thom or one more thing about how great Denise’s kids are…I’m going to ask them to vote me out so that I can be put out of my misery.


I thought it was really nice of Jenny to sit down and listen to me as I talked about my children. Jenny and I might be on two opposite sides of this tribe when it comes to voting but it is nice of her to want to listen to me talk. She reminds me a lot of my oldest daughter.


Reward Challenge:

It is time for the Reward Challenge. The Payabo Tribe is the first team to arrive at the challenge once all of their members are settled on their mat; the Yuna Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the members of the Payabo Tribe that Martha was voted out at the previous Tribal Council. For once, the members of the Payabo Tribe actually seemed shocked over this move as most of them perceived Martha to be the strongest woman on the Yuna Tribe.

Jeff Probst explains to both teams the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways the winning tribe will be getting. Jeff tells the Payabo Tribe that because they have two extra members on their tribe they must sit two people out. They are not allowed to sit the same people out in back-to-back challenges which means that Thom must take part in this challenge. The Payabo Tribe chooses Jenny and Wild Bill to sit out this challenge.

Here is how the two tribes divided their teams:

Rope Holders for the Yuna Tribe: Damion and Mark
Rope Holders for the Payabo Tribe: Hector and Thom

This was a fairly straight forward challenge as in the beginning the Yuna Tribe ganged up on Hector so they could knock him out of the challenge first. Esther preformed terribly once again in this challenge as she kept on missing the net every time she tried to shoot. However, Jill and Rodney were able to pick up the slack for her as both hit the majority of their shots.

The Payabo Tribe’s strategy was different as they decided to spread the wealth so to speak. Sully focused on Mark’s net, while Denise and Kendra focused on Damion’s net. When Sully realized that Damion was starting to struggle with his rope, he joined in with the women and soon the weight was too much for Damion to take and he had to let go his rope thus eliminating him from the challenge.

Shortly after Damion dropped out of the challenge, Hector found the weight in his net unbearable and he also had to drop out. This meant that the challenge was now down to Mark and Thom.

The Yuna Tribe’s earlier strategy of focusing on Hector did not pay off for them as there were hardly any coconuts in Thom’s net, while there were already a good amount of coconuts in Mark’s net. Soon the weight just became too much for Mark to handle and he had to drop out of the challenge as well.

This meant that the Payabo Tribe had won yet another challenge.

Jeff informs the Yuna Tribe that he has nothing for them, as the Payabo Tribe celebrated yet another victory. Sully can be heard yelling, “Oh yeah we’re getting some ice cream!” This causes Damion to shoot him a dirty look.

The Yuna Tribe looks utterly defeated as they once again return to their camp empty handed. Rodney tells everyone that they all preformed to the best of their abilities and that this challenge was a team loss and not an individual loss.

Oh gosh, coming back from the Reward Challenge today was tough. This is totally the seventh challenge that we lost since we been out here. But the thing is, we all totally tried our hardest and we still couldn’t win. This game is just totally frustrating.


Normally I am not a vindictive or malicious person but dude I just had to laugh when we lost the challenge today. If I were still speaking to any of my teammates I would have said, I told you so. But I am not so I am keeping my mouth shut.

Our team is weak…we have no unity and we are going to keep on losing. The only solace I can get from this whole situation is the fact that our numbers will probably be so low at the merge that the other team is just going to decimate us. Granted I probably will not even get to that point in the game but it still warms my heart to know that, that is the inevitable outcome of this game.


The Payabo Tribe arrives at the “Jungle Café” and they begin to enjoy the fruits of their victory. Kendra talks about how the strategy of the Yuna Tribe was foolish in the reward challenge and the rest of her tribe members, yes even Wild Bill, have a laugh at the expense of the Yuna Tribe. Jenny chimes in that it is almost like the Yuna Tribe wants to lose every challenge they take part in because they always plan so poorly.

It’s funny, our team was having fun today and when I say team…I mean the entire team. Even Wild Bill seemed to be uncharacteristically happy over today’s victory. I guess making jokes about the ineptness of the Yuna Tribe is the perfect team building activity for our team. It is the one thing we can all enjoy talking and laughing about.


Yeah I actually had a little fun today with my team during our reward. We had laughs and that is always a good thing. Granted I still hate all of them except Jenny but that don’t mean I can’t have a little fun with them. Don’t worry I’ll be back to screwing with their minds in no time…hell even I have to take a break from the game from time to time.

–Wild Bill

Today was yet another big victory for our team but one thing I noticed, and I don’t believe anyone else picked up on it, was after we won the challenge Sully was kind of taunted the other team over the fact that he was going to get some ice cream. Well I quickly looked over at the other tribe and I noticed that the big bald headed dude…Damion?

I think he is Damion…well anyway the big bald headed dude did not look all that pleased over Sully’s reaction. I have a feeling that if Sully makes it to the merge he is not going to have that easy of a time because there are people on the other tribe that will be gunning for him. That is fine by me because the kid is super cocky and super annoying.


Back at the Yuna Tribe Damion confirms what Jenny was just saying in her confessional as he voices his displeasure over the way Sully acted after the challenge was done.

Quote1Man that Sully dude got me heated after the reward challenge was over with. You feel me man?Quote2- Damion

Quote1Yeah I caught his little comment…Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Yeah man…I mean it’s bad enough that they won the challenge but then that guy has to run his mouth…that’s just disrespectful dog. You know what I’m saying?

I mean I come from the world of Mixed Martial Arts man and for the most part we show our respect for our opponents no matter if we win or if we lose. This dude just don’t do that and it is getting me heated.Quote2
- Damion

Quote1 I hear you man and it isn’t like this is the first time he has run his mouth after a challenge was done.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Exactly man…so you agree with me man…he is being a little bitch by rubbing it in.Quote2- Damion

Quote1You’ll get no arguments from me but it’s not like we can do much about it seeing how he is on the other tribe.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1True that…true that. But we can start winning challenges and showing him what’s up.Quote2- Damion

Respect is everything to me. If you don’t give me and mines respect in this world then I don’t want nothing to do with you. That Sully guy on the other team seems very disrespectful to me and if me and him make it to the merge ...I’m going to do everything I can to eliminate him.


While Damion and Rodney discuss the disrespectful Sully, Esther and Jill are on the beach talking about the voting out Martha. Esther says she feels very bad about having to turn on Mark especially seeing how it is affecting him right now.

Jill laughs it off and says that Mark is just being a tool and he will get over it because with this being a social game he is going to have to start talking sooner or later. Esther tells her that she tried to repair the damage that was done with the vote but Mark was having none of it.

Jill once again reassures Esther that if given time Mark will get over there betrayal. She then goes on to add that it may not matter anyway because if they lose the next challenge Mark will be the next to be voted out.

Oh gosh…Esther is such a nice woman and I think that is why she is totally stressing out about the whole Mark situation. It sucks that she can’t just totally let things work out the way they are supposed to work out…but that’s her. She is just to kind…


Day 15

Day fifteen begins at the Payabo camp; Kendra and Sully are in the woods discussing what they will do if they lose immunity. Kendra says that the vote will have to be between Jenny and Thom and at this point she is not sure which side they should support.

Sully thinks that they should vote to get rid of Thom because they have no idea as to when the merge will come and Thom is a huge liability in challenges which is why he has been benched so much. Kendra says that while she can get behind that logic, she reminds Sully that having Wild Bill and Jenny make the merge might be a huge mistake because she does not think either one of them is trustworthy.

Sully agrees but he says that they need to keep Bill around for his strength during challenges and while Thom will be more loyal at the end of the day keeping him around will be no good if the merge is not at ten.

I really hope we do not lose the next Immunity Challenge because if we do happen to lose it, Kendra and I are going to have to make what could be a game changing decision. And I am just not ready to do that yet.

At this point it truly comes down to if you want to have a weaker team by keeping Thom around or do we want to have a team we cannot trust when it comes to the merge if we keep Bill and Jenny around. There is no good answer to this…but if we don’t lose anymore Immunity Challenges it might be a moot point and we very well could make the merge seven people. Which is another giant headache waiting to happen…


Things over at the Yuna Tribe are much more relaxed as the “Core Four” sit inside their shelter and have a laugh over Rodney doing his impersonations of the various contestants. He is shown doing Damion, Martha, Sully, Jill, and even Jeff Probst. The other three members are just sitting there enjoying the show.

Oh gosh, Rodney is so funny. He was totally impersonating us and he made me like totally realize that I use oh gosh a lot when I talk. But it’s all good because it was done in good nature and it was not meant to be mean.


Truth be told I ain’t one to laugh at myself but I gotta say my boy Rodney did a good job at acting like me. The one I really liked though was when he did Sully from the other team he kept yelling, “Ice Cream, Ice Cream! We’ve got ice cream!”

The just cracked me up, you know what I’m saying?


Out here it does everyone well when we can break the boredom of being around each other twenty-four seven. I mean if we don’t have fun out here from time to time, then all we will be doing is thinking about strategy and how miserable it is to be out here in the elements.

That is why I like to joke around and try to entertain the people on my tribe. The way I look at it is, if I can make them laugh maybe that will make them like me more and then if they like me more I have less of a shot going home.

At least that is how it should work for me in theory…I mean it has worked for me so far so I hope it continues to work because I really do not want to go home yet.


Immunity Challenge:

The castaways reach the challenge site; Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Jeff informs the Payabo Tribe that because they have two extra members on their tribe they must sit two people out. They are not allowed to sit the same people out of back-to-back challenges this means that both Jenny and Wild Bill must take part in this challenge. The Payabo Tribe discusses who should sit out the challenge and they collectively decide that Thom and Denise will sit this challenge out. Jeff reminds the two tribes that the winning tribe will be safe from the vote tonight, while the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, where one of their tribe members will end up becoming the fifth person to be voted out of Survivor.

Here is how both teams placed their tribe members:

Payabo Tribe (In order from first to last): Sully, Jenny, Wild Bill, Kendra, and Hector
Yuna Tribe (In order from first to last): Damion, Rodney, Esther, Jill, and Mark

Neither team seemed to be in a rush during the opening seconds of the challenge therefore neither team made any progress in catching up with the other team. Damion called for his team to jog and the rest of the Yuna Tribe complied but it was clear that Esther was going to hold them back so she opted out of the challenge giving her backpack to Mark.

The Payabo Tribe starts to jog but it seems like it is a halfhearted effort as the running is really getting to Bill because he is a smoker. Bill looks to be in very rough shape and he is wheezing trying to catch his breath. He decides that he does not want to burden his team and so he gives his backpack to Hector and removes himself from the challenge.

While Bill was having his trouble, the Yuna Tribe made up a lot of ground on the Payabo Tribe. Jeff Probst informs the Payabo Tribe that if they do not hustle they will be caught soon. Once again the Payabo Tribe begins to run in order to regain some distance on the Yuna Tribe. However, the Yuna Tribe begins running as well and but teams stop pretty quickly because neither team seems to want to burn itself out.

Jenny informs Sully that she cannot go anymore and she hands him her backpack and removes herself from the challenge. Sully yells out about how they are now a leaner faster team because there are only three of them he then implores his team to run which was a mistake because Hector did not look like he was in any condition to run and so the team only made up a small amount of distance before they had to slow down and start walking again.

Damion, seeing that the Payabo Tribe was really struggling, orders his tribe to start to run again. The Yuna Tribe really starts to haul feeling that this might be their chance to pick up the win. With the Yuna Tribe closing in on them Hector tells Kendra to drop out of the challenge and give her backpack to Sully, she complies and the two men start to run. It is a moot point as the Yuna Tribe is able to catch up to the Payabo Tribe and Damion reaches out and touches Hector on his right shoulder. This means for the second time this season the Yuna Tribe has won the Immunity Challenge!

Yuna wins Immunity!

After the challenge is over, Jeff Probst hands the Immunity Idol over to Esther. He then informs the dejected looking Payabo Tribe that he will be seeing them a Tribal Council this evening where one of them will be the fifth person voted out of the game.

Dude I can’t believe we actually won a challenge. I guess that means I’m stuck being around these people for another three days.


This is a game of ups and downs. We’ve been up for so long that I didn’t think we would be down again. I guess I thought wrong.


The Payabo Tribe returns to their camp and they discuss what went wrong at the challenge. Hector says that it would have been nice for Bill to tell them that he could not keep on in the challenge that way he could have dropped out earlier then he actually did. Bill laughs it off and says that he thought he could go but soon realized that he could not, he then says that Hector’s run at the end is what cost them the challenge.

Denise tries to play mediator by saying it was a team loss and that they were all equally to blame for the loss. Bill just laughs at this notion and throws his hands up. He then heads off into the woods with Jenny following closely behind him.

Jenny stops Bill and asks him why he is so gun-ho on pissing off and turning the entire tribe on him. Bill laughs and tells her that they will keep him around because they need his strength in challenges. Jenny says that might be true but if it is true then she becomes the outsider and she will be the next to go. Bill says that he has to pitch Sully and Kendra an idea and hopefully that will keep Jenny in the game.

Meanwhile back at the camp proper, Hector is making his case to Kendra and Sully about getting rid of Wild Bill once and for all because Bill is a cancer on their team and if he is allowed to make the merge he will flip. Kendra says that she and Sully have discussed this possibility and they are not sure if it is the right move to make just yet. Sully then chimes in and says that they have no clue as to when the merge is actually going to happen and because of this they need to think about the possibility of getting rid of Thom because it seems like they have to sit him out of every other challenge.

Hector says that he will not even entertain the thought of getting rid of Thom because Thom will be a huge asset after the merge. Because they can all outperform him when it comes to the individual Immunity Challenges and he is very loyal. Therefore, post-merge they can vote him out pretty much whenever they want.

It is at this point that Jenny interrupts their conversation and tells Kendra and Sully that her and Bill would like a word with them. Sully, Kendra, and Jenny go off into the woods while Hector heads over to the beach where Thom and Denise are talking.

Quote1I’m not going to lie to you buddy things are not looking good for you…Quote2- Hector

Quote1Why? Do they want me gone?Quote2- Thom

Quote1I’m afraid so dude…Quote2- Hector

Quote1That is utterly ridiculous! You mean to tell me that Kendra, who hates Wild Bill with a passion, is willing to keep him in this game over Thom? What the hell is wrong with the two of them?

Don’t they understand the concept of an alliance is that you do not turn on your own!Quote2
- Denise

Quote1Well Sully claims that it would be for the good of the team…Quote2- Hector

Quote1And they think keeping Bill around another three days is?

That man has been nothing but a cancer on this tribe since the game has begun. All he has done is created needless drama and to top it all off he performed terribly in today’s challenge. I might have twenty years on him but even I would’ve been able to hang in there longer than what he lasted. I’m not happy about this…not happy at all.

I’ve gotta go talk some sense into the two of them. Where are they?Quote2
- Thom

Quote1Right now they’re talking to Jenny and William.Quote2- Hector

Quote1Fine I’ll let them talk to him but the minute I can get some alone time with them...I’m gone find out what is going on.Quote2- Thom

While Thom learns that he might not be as safe as he once thought he was, Kendra and Sully listen to Bill’s pitch to get rid of either Denise or Thom. Before Bill can go any further with his pitch Kendra quickly tells him that Denise is not an option right now and if he insists on trying to get rid of her, then she and Sully will not entertain the thought of working with them.

Bill smiles and says fair enough and he then begins to pitch the idea of getting rid of Thom. Bill’s main selling point is aligned with what Sully was thinking. Mainly that a merge may or may not be coming, if the merge does not come and they get rid of Jenny or Bill then they will be screwed from a physical standpoint. Wild Bill continues to say that if they keep him and Jenny around they will have two more physical assets on their team and they will merge with the numbers on their side.

Kendra chimes in and says wonders what will happen at the merge. Would they be able to trust Bill and Jenny and if they do vote Thom out what is to stop Hector and Denise flipping to the other team.

Jenny dismisses this train of thought saying that no matter what side Denise and Hector side with they are going to finish in fifth or sixth place at best. So why would they side with the other team when there is no way they will be able to improve their lot.

Bill then assures Kendra and Sully that he will be loyal to them after the merge if they are willing to work with him and Jenny. Sully tells Bill and Jenny that they have his vote to get rid of Thom because he believes that it is for the good of the team and ultimately that is the move that will keep the team strong going forward. Kendra then reluctantly agrees that getting rid of Thom is probably the best thing to do as well.

After that conversation is over with the tribe heads off to Tribal Council. Thom says the following in a voice over:

I truly hope tonight is not my final night out here. This Tribal Council should be fun cuz these kids are going to find out that this dog might be old but I still have a hell of a bite.


Tribal Council:

After the Yuna Tribe settles into their seats, Jeff asks Hector why the tribe lost the Immunity Challenge. Hector says it was a team loss but a good amount of the loss could be pinned on Bill. He says that Bill should have informed the team that he might not be able to last in the challenge and had the team been told ahead of time they might have had Denise take part in the challenge of him.

Bill starts laughing and says that Hector is smearing his name because this is part of Hector’s last ditch effort to save his buddy Thom. This nugget of information intrigues Jeff and he asks Thom if he knows that he is a target tonight.

Thom says that he is fully aware that he might be going home but the people who may or may not vote for him have not told him why. He says that before the tribe head off to Tribal Council he tried to have a conversation with two people who he had heard were going to vote for him and who he counted as his allies but one avoided him and the other kept dancing around the subject.

Jeff asks Thom who he is talking about and Thom tells him it was Sully and Kendra. Kendra looks absolutely devastated when Thom mentions her name, Kendra tells Jeff that she still considers Thom a friend but it has gotten to a point where he is a liability to the team in challenges.

Sully jumps in and says that he agrees which is why he will probably be writing Thom’s name down when the go to vote. He says that he has to get rid of Thom for the good of the team. This causes Thom to start laughing.

Thom talks about how ridiculous that statement is and if Sully truly wanted to get rid of someone for the good of the team he would be voting for Bill. Thom brings up how Bill severely underperformed in the Immunity Challenge and how Bill constantly causes havoc in the camp.

Denise then jumps into the conversation and asks Sully and Kendra bluntly would they rather go to the merge with Thom who is loyal to a fault or Bill who will find a way to screw them. Sully says that there is no guarantee that the merge will be happening anytime soon and therefore he has to keep the team as strong as possible so that they do not have to go back to Tribal Council again.

With that last comment it is now time to vote.

After the castaways vote, Jeff goes off and tallies the votes. He then reads off the votes and in the end it is Thom who gets the most votes, making Thom the fifth contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Thom Bradley
Thom (4 votes)

Wild Bill Gokey With BeardKendra BrolinGilbert Sullivan With BeardJenny Chang
Wild Bill, Kendra, Sully, Jenny

Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill (3 votes)
Denise KesselThom BradleyHector Guzman With Beard
Denise, Thom, Hector
Thom BradleyB&W

Voting Confessionals

Well I’m probably going home tonight but on the oft chance that I am not… this vote is for you pal.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; this is for the good of the team. No hard feelings are a heck of a guy.


You are going to be getting my vote until one of us is gone from this game.


You were a nice enough guy...but you sucked at challenges dude.


I can’t believe that people would rather have you on this tribe over Thom.


Thom you are a sweetheart and I truly hate to do this. But I just do not think you can handle the challenges. Sorry Thom.


Well instead of sitting out every other challenge you can now relax at loser’s lounge. Have fun…

–Wild Bill

Final Words

I can’t say this was unexpected. I truly was not ready to go, but I do understand why people wanted me gone. I choose not to take this vote personal because I truly enjoyed my time out here and I feel blessed because I met so many nice people.


Still in the Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish With Beard
Martha Hughesbw
Damion Pendergarst With Beard
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman With Beard
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan With Beard
Jenny Chang
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin
Thom BradleyB&W

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Denise has trouble keeping her head in the game now that Thom has been voted out.
  • Wild Bill gloats over the elimination of Thom.

Author's Notes