"Forever Alone"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 8/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "When in Doubt, Blindside"
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This is the eighth episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Ow My Gush
The Galone tribe will be divided into two teams of five. One member from each tribe would work as a caller to guide four blindfolded groupmates around an obstacle course to pull a rope attached to a bucket at four water towers. The buckets would release a bag of numbers. Once all four bags are retrieved, the caller must use the numbered tiles inside it to decipher a numeric puzzle. If the sequence of numbers are correct, they will be used as the combination to a locked chest with an axe inside it. The caller would then use the axe to cut a rope, releasing a flag. First caller to raise their flag wins reward for his team.
Reward: An overnight trip to a resort at Ko Phayam
Additional Stipulation: With eleven players, and two teams of five, the 11th person (not picked to a team) will predict which team will win the challenge. If his guess is correct, he would join the reward and gets to pick who goes to Exile Island. If his bet team loses, it is him who goes to exile.
Winners: Kendra, Donna, Rashad, Nigel and Jolanda

Immunity Challenge: Touchy Subjects
Each player will have an effigy of themselves above a plank. Before the challenge, the castaways will answer a questionnaire about their tribemates. They must predict the answer of the majority, which can be different to the player's own answer. Each correct answer entitles players to chop one of three ropes of the player they wish to eliminate. If all three ropes are hit, the plank where the effigy is standing on will be released, sending the effigy to a pit of fire and eliminating its owner from the challenge. The last remaining player with its effigy intact would win immunity.
Winners: Kendra


Night 20

As the Galone tribe goes to sleep, Kendra, Molly and Conway go to the beach for strategy.

Quote1Are we not gonna reveal our alliance to them?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Well, I can see our alliance being kept secret to them. Let's just vote the strong Sar Mayees first, and just let the Nagars believe that we are turning the tables. That way, they won't notice our alliance.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Point taken.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1But wait, how about Marshall?Quote2- Molly
Quote1What about him?Quote2- Kendra
Quote1You see, Marshall's not aligned with anybody. He's floating around. He's likable but he's weak in challenges. To some maybe, he's not threatening, but the way I see it, no one will have the idea of voting Marshall off. That said, he's gonna stick around if we're not careful.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Good point. Like, Marshall's not playing, but he's playing. I don't care if he's conscious about it, but the muscles can wait in the slaughter house. We can eliminate them next. Like, they're not gonna win immunity at the same time. So with that, Marshall's gotta go early before he makes it deep.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Agreed. But I think we should talk this over tomorrow. Nigel's still awake, and he might get suspicious.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Tomorrow it is.Quote2- Conway
While I was busy thinking of ways to conceal our alliance from the muscles, there goes Marshall. How stupid of me to not take him out? He's loved by everyone, he's weak in challenges, and he's just being himself to get by in the game. It's been God-knows-how-many seasons, and there are still people who play under the radar quite obviously. One of them is Marshall, that's why he needs to go really fast.

–Molly, on Marshall

Day 21

Kendra, Molly and Rashad walk toward Tree Mail, when Rashad brings up another strategy: taking one original Nagar left. Though Rashad says he's not implying that Donna and Zach are likely to flip, he states that with five original Nagar members, it is easy for them to pick the former Magans and Sar Mayees if they wish. Rashad proposes that either Francesca, Danny or Nigel should go home next. Molly ponders on his words, while Kendra agrees.

Quote1Are you guys really going with Marshall at the next vote?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1Well, we talked last night, and Mars is our tentative target.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Look at this. We have five former Nagars here: Donna, Zach, Danny, Fran and Nigel. Not that I distrust them, but I think we should deny them a chance to get the majority to really secure Zach and Donna's loyalty to us. That way, we keep our six strong, and also take the big guns out. and to think of it, we have five of the new Sar Mayee here: Molly, Conway, Danny, Fran and Zach. Marshall can't win a damn challenge to save his life, but we can't afford those strong people to stick around.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1You have a point right there, Rashad.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Let's tell Conway, Zach and Donna; but we should never tell them we have to vote a Nagar because they are the majority.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Maybe we should talk this over the afternoon before Tribal, we're not quite sure if it's the new tribes, or if the original Nagars will take this game over.Quote2- Rashad
Strategy is really serious business. Like, we are not sure if the five Nagars will stick together or if the new Nagar with the new members will Pagong the Sar Mayees. It's crazy. We have to make a move ASAP.


The Galone tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. Jeff hands them eggs with colored paint inside which will determine the teams. One member would receive an egg with grey paint. the yellow team consists of: Kendra, Rashad, Donna, Nigel and Jolanda; while the green team consists of: Danny, Conway, Molly, Francesca and Zach. After receiving the unfortunate egg with the grey paint, Marshall will not participate in the challenge, but he is given a choice. Marshall must predict which team will win the challenge. If his bet team wins, he would join them in their reward and he would also send one member from the losing team to Exile Island; otherwise, Marshall himself will be sent to exile. After a long and hard deliberation, Marshall picks the green team. Kendra delegates herself as the caller for the yellow team, while Francesca becomes the caller for the green team.

Kendra sends Rashad to the course for the yellow team while Francesca sends Conway for the green team. Conway struggles to reach his tower by constantly hitting several obstacles. On the other hand, Rashad avoids the obstacles and reaches his first tower, thanks to Kendra's calm and composed instruction. Donna goes out next for team yellow, whilst Conway is merely halfway through the course. Donna makes it to her tower and retrieves her bag, but she loses her bag when she tripped by a log. Conway finally brings his team their first bag, prompting Molly to go next for team green. Donna makes it back with her bag, allowing Nigel to run for team green. The race gets even by the second, as Molly, Danny and Zach catch up to the yellow team, when Nigel and Jolanda struggle during their turns. With all number tiles completed, Kendra and Francesca race to decipher the winning combination. After multiple wrong guesses, Kendra finally gets it right, retrieving the hatchet and raises the yellow team's flag, winning them the challenge. Since Marshall's guess is wrong, he will be sent to Exile Island. The winners ride the motorboat while the defeated green team goes back to camp, empty-handed.

Conway's one of the bigger threats because no one will likely bring him up in a conversation. Like, if anything, it's in their best interest to vote Conway out. He's smart, he's not athletic, he's clumsy, and he's a persuader. He has to go, pronto.


Upon reaching the resort, Kendra, Nigel, Jolanda, Rashad and Donna hug each other for their win. They are welcomed by the hotel personnel, who leads them to a buffet with all the unlimited food. Nigel states Donna needed to win the challenge the most because she lost the most weight among all of the 11 remaining survivors. The group agrees that they should take a bath before they start eating. Nigel sees himself in front of a mirror; and to his horror, his beard grew tremendously. Donna looks at the mirror to see how her hair went since she shaved her head at the first temptation reward. Donna is elated to see her original platinum blonde hair grow back.

When I was on Exile Island, I was completely horrified when I saw my pink hair faded like that. At least my bleach blonde hair is back.


Nigel approaches Donna, while swimming in the pool. Nigel brings up an all-Nagar final five.

Quote1Donna, are you open for an all-Nagar top 5?Quote2- Nigel
Quote1As in, you, me, Danny, Fran and Zach in the end?Quote2- Donna
Quote1Yeah. We'll just pick of the Sar Mayees and the Magans. We'll leave then in the open, while us five vote as a strong five. That's foolproof.Quote2- Nigel
Quote1I'm a little nervous about this, as this is just sudden.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Think this over Donna.Quote2- Nigel
Nigel's starting to play. I have to tell Conway and the others about this.


Back at Galone camp, Molly and Conway converse if it is in their best interest to vote Nigel out, since he is arguably the most observant of the tribe. Molly tells Conway about Rashad's plan of voting one of the original Nagars first.

Quote1I really think it should be Marshall.Quote2- Conway
Quote1Con, Rashad told me his idea. He said that the former Nagars will likely band together to pick the Magans and Sar Mayees out.Quote2- Molly
Quote1What?Quote2- Conway
Quote1You see, we entered the merge with four Magan, three Sar Mayee and five Nagar. If we take one of them out, we can deny them of any chance of taking the majority.Quote2- Molly
Quote1So, who will we vote out then? Do you think we must surface now?Quote2- Conway
Quote1Probably not surface, but we have to vote Fran, Danny or Nigel before anything.Quote2- Molly
Good news, we are the majority and no one knows it. Bad news, we don't know who to vote out, or which tribe lines are still intact. All that beef with Kyle left us burdened on who to vote out next. We have to figure this out until tomorrow.


On Exile Island, Marshall is left alone. With the Temptation Reward retired, Marshall is basically alone with nothing else to do. To alleviate his boredom, Marshall decided to collect crabs for dinner.

I'm forever alone at this point. No temptation, no companion, it's lonely to be here.


Evening at the resort, Donna tells Kendra and Rashad everything Nigel plotted. With an all-Nagar plot brewing, Kendra resorts to an idea she would like to save for later: make all members of the three tribes' alliance to finally vote as a group.

Our plan was to take the alliance to top six undetected. But since Nigel's thinking ahead, we have no choice but to surface.


Day 22

The Galone tribe is reunited for their next Immunity Challenge. Jeff hands each contestant a questionnaire about their tribemates. After the everyone has answered, Jeff then proceeds with the challenge. When Molly is eliminated, she whispers to Kendra "Do not let Nagar win." Kendra nods.

The Galone tribe returns back to camp ,where Molly lashes out. Angry about her tribemates' poor perception of her, Molly goes to the far end of the camp to cry and meditate.

That challenge was kinda gnarly. I never thought I was that poorly received. I'm a bitch, and I loved it, but this was like a cold slap in the face.


Kendra rushes to talk to her friend and ally, telling her that their answers were what the challenge required, and they are not conclusive. Kendra states she liked her a person. Molly smiles. Molly then brings up strategy.

Quote1With you wearing that necklace, we are sure we can pull this thing off. A Nagar has to go, or else, if those five make it far, we're toast.Quote2- Molly
Quote1I'm telling Donna and Zach we're gonna vote for Nigel, but we won't tell them your fears about that Nagar top five.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1I actually could care less about Nigel. He's not gonna win all the time. I'm more worried about Fran.Quote2- Molly
Quote1What about Francesca?Quote2- Donna
Quote1That lady's intuitive and outspoken. If she sticks around, she might have a social game enough to take her in the end, and she's good in challenges too. Nigel's all muscles, but Fran's a dual threat. I think it is a must if we get rid of her immediately. And yes, you shouldn't let Donna or Zach know about our Nagar talk.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Kendra

Long and behold, Donna shows up, telling the girls she heard everything.

Quote1A-ha! You really think i will side with Nigel. For one, I don't my odds against him. If anything, I will vote him out tonight if you wanted to.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Sorry. We just thought. How long you've been there?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Long enough. You see, at the reward, Nigel had talks with me about an all Nagar final five, and I must say I'm very much fine with my alliance with you guys.Quote2- Donna
Quote1I really apologize. You know we trust you and Zach, but we just wanna make sure your loyalties will stay with us.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Okay, whatever. I have a plan.Quote2- Donna
Quote1I'm listening.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Use your idol tonight, we'll vote a Nagar tonight. We'll make it look like the Nagars are gonna take you out, but in truth, we are still keeping our alliance a secret.Quote2- Donna
Quote1Brilliant!Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Let's do this then.Quote2- Molly

The three goes back to camp. Molly goes deep in the jungle to talk with Conway, and Rashad. Meanwhile, Kendra and Donna goes to Nigel and Francesca, saying that the old Nagar, plus Kendra, Jolanda, Rashad and Morrison are into his plan of voting Molly out.

If the cards fall into their right places, the old Nagar five will come back dominating this game. Using Kendra and Jo from Magan and Rashad and Marshall from Sar Mayee, we're gonna take Conway and Molly. After then, it's us five original Nagars til the end.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Francesca warns Nigel, that his plan of taking all five Nagars in the end is somewhat obvious. Nigel replies that his plan is fool-proof, since after the next Tribal Council, half of the ten surviving castaways will come from Nagar, and it will be easier for them to take the Magans and Sar Mayees out. At Tribal Council, Nigel barks at Molly, saying that the challenge reflected Molly's true self, and straightforwardly tells her he will vote her out. Molly snaps back, saying he doesn't know a thing about her and her struggles. Nigel stands firm to his statement, but Molly merely raises her eyebrows. After the vote, Molly uses her Hidden Immunity Idol, thus negating all nine votes the tribe throws at her. With Molly's votes out of the equation, two votes remain countable, both of whom against Francesca. Blindsided, Francesca becomes the second member of the jury. Molly snaps at Nigel: "I'm gonna vote you out my ass!"

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Molly (used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Danny, Donna, Francesca, Jolanda, Kendra, Marshall, Nigel, Rashad, & Zach
(votes not counted)
Francesca (2 votes)
Conway & Molly
Francesca Hogi

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • It's the loved ones challenge! But one castaway is not pleased about who came for him/her.
  • Nigel tries to smell if there is a plot that he is not aware of. Will he uncover the Three Tribes Alliance?
  • With athletic players getting the boot for the second time running, Jolanda freaks out.

Author's Notes

  • This episode's Reward Challenge is a combination of the Ow Pairs challenge from Survivor: One World (the only difference is that the blindfolded players were tied in pairs) and the puzzle solving part of the Lake Launch challenge from Survivor: Gabon.

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