"Free Agent"
Season Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 8/13
Date Uploaded April 4, 2014
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Free Agent is the eighth episode of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons.

Previously on Survivor...

After losing Amy, the Hidera 4 vowed to stay committed to each other going into the merge, hoping to recruit either Marcus, Joel, Sarge or Twila. Meanwhile, at Otono, Corinne set the plan in motion to blinside Twila by getting her new ally Rafe on board. Fearing Corinne was considering flipping Sarge encouraged Twila to be on her best behavior the next few days. Taking his advice, Twila tried to engratiate herself with Joel, Rafe, and Corinne, but Corinne still wasn't convinced of Twila's alleigence. At the reward challenge, the Survivor's were shocked to find out that the merge would be delayed...meaning the Hidera 4 would have to go head to head against the monstrous Otono tribe. In a blowout, Otono won reward enjoying an afternoon picnic. At the reward, the tribe enjoyed an array of foods, but betrayal was also on the menu. Corinne and Rafe filled Joel in on the plot to get out Twila. Meanwhile, Sarge and Twila revealed to Marcus that with Julie's help on the other side they could secure a solid majority, making Marcus nervous about their connections. At Hidera, it quickly became a battle of Ken & Colleen versus Julie & Cindy. Julie and Cindy attempted to sway Colleen to team up with them to eliminate Ken should they lose the next challenge, causing Colleen to break down due to her alliance's ease in turning on each other. Trying to bring the group together again, Colleen encouraged the four to stick together until the challenge was over. At the immunity challenge, Hidera pulled out a huge upset, sending Otono to Tribal Council. In an attempt to make amends with Marcus & Corinne, Twila and Sarge agreed to voting out Joel over Corinne's friend Rafe. Corinne then informed Marcus about the plan to oust Twila, leaving him nervous. Corinne and Rafe went to work on swaying Marcus, by Rafe lying to Marcus that Twila had attempted to recruit Joel to vote with her and Sarge to vote out Corinne. Knowing he would have to reveal where his loyalties lie, Marcus asked Corinne to be the decision maker this round. In the end, Marcus sided with Corinne and Twila was blindsided. 9 Castaways are left. Who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: A Leg Up
Survivors must balance a ceramic vase on the end of a balance beam with one leg. When they can no longer take the pain or they lose their balance, their vase will drop and smash, eliminating them. The last person left wins.
Winner: Julie


Day 22

Sarge Masters awoke before the crack of dawn, as he did every morning, only this time it was without his partner in crime, Twila.

Last night had come as a shock to the drill sergeant, he had put all his faith into Marcus and the handshake he had made with them. Had Corinne swayed him over? Or did Marcus strike a deal with him knowing that he was going to screw him over the first chance he had. This was something he had to find out. What the reason was couldn't make much of a difference, Sarge was outright disgusted at Marcus & Corinne's behavior.

Losing Twila wasn't just losing an ally, it was like losing a little piece of home. Twila was someone I knew I could rely on this time, we just had a mutual understanding. Now, I certainly don't have anyone who values my word or my loyalty as much as she did. I'm officially flying solo from here on out.

–Sarge Masters

Sarge sat by the fire, tending to it as it began to burn. He would sit and wait until Marcus was up and about so he could confront him about the situation.

Marcus really betrayed my trust. When I make a handshake, it means that I intend to stay loyal to that person to the end. I gave my word to Marcus, and in return, I get the shaft. So now, I'm going to sit and wait for an explanation. For what it's worth, I need to see where he was coming from, or at least where he claims he was coming from.

–Sarge Masters

Corinne Kaplan was next to awake. She peeked outside the shelter, seeing Sarge seated by the fire, watching and waiting for Marcus to emerge from the shelter.

Corinne ducked back down into the shelter as Sarge looked away. She looked down at a half-asleep Rafe and whispered, "Ok he's not even working right now, somethings up."

"What?" Rafe said yawning and rubbing his eyes.

Corinne put her finger to her mouth in an attempt to shush Rafe.

Rafe nodded.

"Sarge is just sitting out there," Corinne said.

"And?" Rafe asked.

"When does Sarge just sit around camp and do nothing? Laziness is like the plague to him." Corinne pointed out.

"He's not tending to the fire?" Rafe asked.

Corinne shook her head.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say he was looking for Marcus..." Rafe said observantly.

"Oh Shit..." Corinne said aggravated.

Blindsiding Twila last night was such a rush, but that was totally ruined when I woke up the next morning and realized Sarge was still here. That's the problem with this game, you vote people out for being annoying and then every other annoying person annoys you about voting out the annoying person. It's a vicious cycle.

–Corinne Kaplan

Joel Klug got up out of the shelter, and began walking.

"Joel, where the f*** are you going?" Corinne asked.

"To pee," Joel said acting antsy-like.

"Ok maybe you should let him go do that," Rafe said.

Sarge sat laughing. Nothing amused him more than Corinne trying to keep a grip on Rafe and Joel.

"How's it going Sarge?" Joel asked as he ran past Sarge, into the woods to take care of his business.

"Just peachy," Sarge said sarcastically.

"Glad to hear it," Joel said, not paying attention anymore.

Now that Twila is gone, Rafe, Corinne, Marcus and myself have the numbers. We don't have to play Sarge's game anymore, we run this tribe. It's our game now.

–Joel Klug

Corinne and Rafe awkwardly sat in the shelter, looking at one another, waiting for something to happen, anything to happen. They couldn't say anything or Sarge would hear them, and the last thing either one of them wanted to do was talk with Sarge the morning after a big decision such as this one.

Last night Marcus and Corinne sided with us, and you'd think the tension would have ended, but right now it's at an all time high. Corinne & I are actually afraid of leaving the shelter it's not a good situation for anyone right now.

–Rafe Judkins

"Maybe it'd be best if you just woke Marcus up," Rafe suggested.

"I knew I kept you here for a reason," Corinne said with a wink.

"You have me for brains, Joel for his rugged good looks..." Rafe began to say.

"And Marcus for both," Corinne said gleefully. "Let me wake him up."

Corinne Kaplan shook Marcus lightly back and forth until she began to hear more apparent breathing.

Marcus eventually opened his eyes, letting out a huge exhale as he did so.

"Hey Corinne," Marcus said grinning.

"Thank you," Corinne said exchanging a smile.

"No problem, you were right, it was the right decision," Marcus said encouragingly.

"Well about that..." Corinne said, keeping the gigantic grin on her face.

"Oh no," Marcus said putting his hand on his head.

"Look at me right now and do not talk too loudly," Corinne said seriously. "Sarge is out there and wants to talk to you, he's been out there for like an hour just starring at Rafe and I, I don't know what you're going to do, but you need to get him to go away," Corinne said bluntly.

"I'll get on that, good morning by the way," Marcus said jokingly.

"Well I'm not having a good morning, so neither can you!" Corinne jeered.

"Ouch!" Marcus said.

I wake up after a stressful tribal council to find that Sarge is extremely eager to talk with me this morning about the vote last night. I knew I was going to have this conversation eventually. I was just hoping I had a little more time to think things over before I jumped right back into this.

–Marcus Lehman

"I'm gonna go see where Joel ran off too," Rafe said excusing himself.

There are times when you know a situation is about to get intense. Marcus, Corinne and Sarge had quite an interesting history for the ten days we've been on Otono. It's best that Joel & I remove ourselves from the situation as much as possible. The last thing we need hanging on the edge for days is to get right back where we started.

–Rafe Judkins

Rafe ran off into the woods looking for Joel, while Marcus took a deep breath, and emerged out of the shelter, taking a seat next to Sarge by the fire.

"Corinne, would you mind if I spoke to Marcus in private?" Sarge asked politely.

"Anything you say to Marcus, you can say in front of me," Corinne said with a shit-eating grin on her face.

"Because we don't keep secrets here right?" Sarge asked, aggravated with the clinical consultant's antics.

"Well Marcus and I certainly don't," Corinne said smiling.

"Maybe you should stay then," Sarge said.

"Oh I will," Corinne said furiously nodding her head.

Sarge is a man's man. I mean he's a fifty year old man named Lea who's got a beer gut and he calls himself Sarge. That's just military code for little wiener. I'm sorry I had to make his life worse by informing him that not only does he suck at life, but Survivor too!

–Corinne Kaplan

Corinne is the most disrespectful woman I've ever encountered in my entire life. She has no manners or respect for people who aren't her "friends" she's crude, rude, and just a burden to be around for so long.

–Corinne Kaplan

"Do you wanna explain your decision?" Sarge asked paternally.

Corinne rolled her eyes.

"Sure," Marcus said, appeasing Sarge.

"Look, the fact that you were so tight with Julie, and we knew so little about it really made us nervous with the merge only being a few days away, and Corinne just had much stronger relationships with Rafe and Joel, so we took a risk in taking out someone who had been so awful to us the first few days after Joel was gone. It had very little to do with you, I know we had a deal, and I'm sorry to have broken that, but it's a game," Marcus said.

"Do you believe it's just a game Marcus?" Sarge asked.

"With all do respect sir, I think your word only goes so far out here," Marcus said firmly.

"That's not what you said to me when you and I swore we'd keep our partners in check," Sarge added.

Corinne furiously rolled her eyes. Just the sound of Sarge's voice was agitating her at this point. She cupped her hand in the shape of a mouth and moving it up and down to emulate a jabber jaw.

The left hand side of Marcus's lips turned upward as he saw Corinne mocking Sarge.

"I know," Marcus said. "I have to take accountability for my actions, and I completely own up to it. I'm sorry man," Marcus said.

"I appreciate that," Sarge said smiling.

"I'm sorry that I kept you out of the loop," Marcus lied.

"You better be," Sarge said widening his eyes and pointing at Marcus.

"I don't know where this leaves us, but I hope it won't permanently effect our friendship with one another," Marcus said.

"Outside this game, water under the bridge," Sarge said.

Marcus leaned in, expecting to hear more.

"In the game...I can't guarantee anything to you guys anymore, especially not to her," Sarge said nodding to Corinne.

Corinne smiled and waved her fingers.

Sarge looked away in disgust.

I did everything I could to convince Sarge that it wasn't personal, but at the end of the day Joel and Rafe have more connections and connections I can count on more than Sarge's. If we merge and have to go it alone without him, it's his loss.

–Marcus Lehman

Kissing ass isn't going to keep me alive at this point. It's merge or bust for ol' Sarge. If we merge, I got a new lease on life. If we don't, merge, I'm done, and I go out with my head held high. Which is more than I can say for my tribemates.

–Sarge Masters

In the woods, Rafe and Joel were discussing where they go from here. They had just saved themselves at least one round should the tribes not merge, and if they did both felt confident they could secure their allies once again.

"Dude," Joel said ecstatically.

"I know!" Rafe said jumping up and down.

"I cannot believe we're both still here right now," Joel said, scratching his head in awe.

"Corinne is totally done with Sarge too, so it's even better," Rafe said grinning.

"So we just gotta stay chill," Joel said.

"Ice cold," Rafe said.

The two fist bumped.

It took a lot of hard work to get Corinne and Marcus to come around, but now that they did Joel & I are in a perfect position. We just need to take it easy for the next few go arounds and we could find ourselves in an optimal position late into the game.

–Rafe Judkins

"So this means we made jury right?" Joel asked.

"Hell yeah buddy," Rafe shouted.

The first time I played, I got gipped. I tried to play the game and I got my ass handed to me. This time I'm playing the game, I've made it even further this time, and I don't see that stopping anytime soon. This whole go with the flow strategy has done wonders, I think i found my rhythm in this game.

–Joel Klug

"So you're sure you got Colleen?" Rafe asked.

"Dude, we were the last two on Verano, relax," Joel said calmly.

"Ok, I just wanna make sure, cause I have Cindy locked for sure," Rafe added.

"Sweet," Joel said.

"But let's not do anything crazy," Rafe added.

"Like what?" Joel asked.

"Like going over board to get them with us or just flip willy nilly, we gotta trust that they'll take care of us if we take care of them," Rafe said smiling.

"Got it dude," Joel said, giving him a thumbs up.

As excited as I am to be here with Joel, I'm a little nervous to be here with him. He doesn't understand the game as well as he thinks he does, and I don't want him flying off the handle if we reach the merge. I need to keep him on a tight leash. We've come too far to let a silly mistake screw us up now.

–Rafe Judkins

Rafe and Joel headed back to camp, feeling a lot better with where they stood today than they had in a long time. Though it was going to take a lot of work to stay there for long.

At Hidera, the four friends sat in the shelter enjoying their time off, waiting to hear from Otono about the results of their tribal council.

"Wouldn't it be fantastic if they got rid of Corinne or Marcus for us?" Colleen said optimistically.

"I'd love it," Ken said grinning. "Though I'd love to do it myself too."

"Is Corinne really as terrifying in person?" Colleen asked.

"Worse," Ken said bluntly.

All three girls cracked up laughing.

"She seriously just looks like a bitch," Cindy said trying to contain her laughter.

"I would be too with an ass like that," Julie said grinning.

"Her ass may not quit, but I'd like to see her do it," Colleen said grinning.

"If Marcus left, do you think she'd quit?" Julie asked curiously.

"Well she didn't last time..." Ken said.

"But she didn't know he left last time, I mean if she really, really didn't see it coming," Cindy pointed out.

"Being a bitch doesn't make her a quitter," Ken said laughing.

"We're just trying to think of a way to get these kids picked off even faster," Julie said.

The anticipation about Otono's tribal council is killing all of us. It's all we can think about. Whoever goes home is gonna shape who we end up working with come merge time, so the more we get a feel of their tribe's dynamics, the better we can plan to conquer this game.

–Cindy Hall

The more we talk about Marcus and Corinne over her, the antsier I get. I want nothing more than to take them out. Nieve was miserable because of them, they have no idea what I'm capable of, this is my chance to show them.

–Ken Hoang

"You guys, about the other day," Julie said regretfully.

"Relax," Colleen said giggling, giving her a playful push.

"Honestly Julie, it's ok, I'd of done the same thing," Ken said smiling.

Julie is extremely crafty. That's not something I'm just going to forget, but at this point we have to stick together or we're all going to get picked off one by one.

–Ken Hoang

"We have to stick together," Cindy said.

"One of them will break, I just know it," Colleen said.

All of us are willing to work as hard as we can to make sure someone on that tribe is going to come over to our side if it's the last thing we do. The Hidera 4 rides or dies together.

–Cindy Hall

I'm trying to keep it under wraps, but I'm extremely nervous about Sarge and Twila. If they're still here I think I can get them onto our side, but I cannot let the four know how close I am to them, or I'm just asking to be blindsided! I know how that feels and I don't want it to happen again.

–Julie Berry

"I'm so hype for the merge!" Colleen shouted.

"If it ever comes..." Cindy said cynically.

"It's gotta come eventually," Ken said.

"And we'll all be here when it does," Julie said putting her arms around everyone.

"This is our time guys," Colleen said excited.

This is our story, four outsiders who came together when it looked most grim for all of us. How great would it be for the four of us to take out everyone who was so sure they had this game won? I can't think of a more fitting end to our season together.

–Cindy Hall

Day 23

Rafe Judkins and Corinne Kaplan went on a walk toward treemail, awaiting information about their next challenge or merge or....whatever it could be?

"You nervous?" Rafe asked.

"Please, this isn't my first rodeo," Corinne said rolling her eyes.

"This is your third merge isn't it?" Rafe asked.

"Please don't remind me how long I've been playing this game," Corinne said, rolling her eyes.

"Well, I think it's pretty impressive," Rafe said sweetly.

"You're such a kissass," Corinne said laughing.

"It's what I do," Rafe said blushing.

"You're so cute," Corinne said giggling.

"I just wanted to let you know, I'm really grateful that you and Marcus kept Joel and I here. You really stuck your neck out for us, and I hope I'm gonna be able to repay you at some point," Rafe confessed.

"Aw Rafe," Corinne said touched, "I would've kept anyone over that nasty bitch Twila, you're nothing special," she jeered.

"WOW!" Rafe said shocked.

Corinne tilted her head sideways, and smiled.

I'm so glad I kept Rafe. He's absolutely loyal to our alliance, because he had nowhere else to go. The two of us get along so well, and I'm excited to work with him in the future. Of all my gays he just might be my favorite....I'm totally kidding I could never chose between them, they're all my babies!

–Corinne Kaplan

I really wanted to let Corinne know how much I care about her and how grateful I am for her keeping me. Friendship isn't always what to base an alliance off, but it feels really genuine with them and I'm honored to be a part of it.

–Rafe Judkins

The two grabbed treemail and began walking back to camp in order to deliver the news of their next event to their tribemates.

"So, if it's a merge today, you solid Joel?" Marcus asked.

"Hell yeah dude," Joel said, pounding Marcus's fist.

"Sweet," Marcus said grinning.

"How bout you Sarge, if we're merging you gonna roll with the big dogs?" Joel asked.

"I'm not sure," Sarge said.

"Oh?" Joel asked.

"I mean, no offense Joel, I just don't have much to gain from being the 5th man in a five person alliance," Sarge admitted.

"Isn't it the same if you go with the other side though?" Joel asked.

"That's why I'm not sure bud, I really gotta find out what I got going on for me," Sarge said honestly.

I can't sit here and lie to these people's faces telling them I'm going to be with them no matter what, that's not my style, but I'm not gonna be that big dummy that flat out tells them I'm going to flip to the other side.

–Sarge Masters

Sarge is going out of his way to "not promise anyone anything," which I know is just a jab at me for breaking my word with him. Honestly, I'd be surprised if he stuck with me after this, but I'd also be surprised if he didn't regret making that decision, because our group is solid.

–Marcus Lehman

"We have mail," Rafe said cheerfully.

"Merge?" Joel asked.

"I'm not sure," Rafe said.

"I guess we'll have to just wait and see," Corinne said.

Everyone is so ready for a merge. Let's get over there with Hidera and start kicking those losers to the curb. I'm tired of just sitting here day after day having Rafe braid my hair, I wanna make things happen, I wanna make nice people cry, shatter dreams and take names!

–Corinne Kaplan

The Otono tribe walked toward their next challenge, the map had led them to a nearly isolated beach, with only a gigantic box sitting halfway between the jungle and the shore line. As they arrived, the Hidera tribe began to appear on the opposite side of the beach. They all walked closer and closer toward the box, unsure of what was going on.

When all 9 remaining castaways were standing around the box, Sarge picked up the note sitting on it, saying read when everyone is here.

"Merge?" Colleen squealed.

"Don't get your hopes up sweety, this entire game is just one gigantic mind f***," Corinne said rolling her eyes.

"She's nice," Colleen muttered to Ken.

Ken put his hand over his mouth trying to stifle his giggle.

Corinne looked over to Marcus and rolled her eyes.

"What's it say Sarge?" Marcus asked.

"It says, welcome to the old Verano camp, it is here where the 9 of you will begin a brand new journey together, you've been together on separate seasons, new tribes, and now all of you will come together as one tribe..."

Rafe's jaw dropped.

Joel began to grin widely.

Julie and Cindy jumped up and down excited.


All 9 castaways began jumping up and down screaming and hugging one another frantically.

"I can't believe I'm here," Joel said bewildered.

Corinne and Rafe hugged him simultaneously.

"In this box is a flag and paints, which you will use to name your tribe and build a new flag and..."

Everyone else leaned in.

"A little housewarming feast!" Sarge finished.

"OH MY GOD FOOD!" Colleen shouted.

The three ex-Hidera girls all began crying and fanning themselves over the sight of cheese, crackers, wine and fruit inside the box.

"It's so beautiful," Cindy said, burring her face into Julie's shoulder.

Underneath the plate of crackers were nine beautiful black buffs. They were the average black buffs, but tinted with purple, yellow, green and orange streaks to honor the four seasons.

Don't get me wrong, the merge and the black buffs were cool and all, but FOOD! Food is the only thing that can make a merge even better, this is so awesome, I can't believe I'm here...again...but with food!

–Colleen Haskell

The 9 members of the newly formed tribe all sat around enjoying the spread they had been given to celebrate their merge, sharing stories about their personal life and previous season.

"We didn't get jack last time, only Jenna and Sean got to go eat stuff," Colleen said, talking about the first time they'd merged.

"I had plenty of food in Ponderosa," Joel joked.

"Booo!" Colleen yelled.

My god, I've known Colleen for all of two seconds and I already can't stand her. The bitch likes to remind everyone that everything is "so awesome" and "so cool" and we're all so lucky to be here. Bitch, I'm not lucky, I'm f**king brilliant, that's why I'm here!

–Corinne Kaplan

"This is a great beach," Sarge said, walking around getting a lay of the land.

"Sarge is such a worker," Julie said giggling.

"He's never stopped over at our beach," Rafe said smiling.

"Aw some people never change," Julie said sweetly.

Sarge blushed.

When Sarge arrived at the new camp, without Twila I was upset, but also kind of excited, because unless something crazy happened that means Sarge is looking for an alliance to call his own, and I know just the crew for him to lead!

–Julie Berry

Julie glanced at Cindy and nodded.

Cindy smiled and turned back toward the conversation.

"We should probably come up with a name before we get too far ahead of ourselves," Ken suggested.

"I got a name," Marcus said grinning.

"What is it Marcus?" Julie asked excitedly.

"Well seeing as this is the battle of the season, and we're named after the about Epoca?" Marcus proposed.

"What's that mean, Marcus?" Joel asked.

"It's a Spanish word for a season," Marcus said grinning.

"I dig it," Sarge said.

"That's excellent," Julie said flipping her hair.

"Epoca it is then," Rafe declared.

Marcus loves the spotlight, the minute I propose coming up with a merge name, he's already wooing everybody. He's a smart, charming guy, but I see right through it, but it's obvious not everyone else does. The sooner I can send him out of here, the better I'll feel.

–Ken Hoang

The second the merge began, the game was starting all over again. I've never made it this far before, so I gotta be cool, I gotta make a good first impression, or I'm going to be out of here faster than I can say oops.

–Marcus Lehman

"Is anyone at all artistic enough to actually draw this flag?" Corinne asked.

"I'll do it!" Rafe volunteered.

"Me too," Cindy said.

"So the Guatemala kids will do the flag, while the rest of us start working on the shelter," Sarge said taking charge.

"Just tell us what to do," Julie said sweetly.

"Great to see you again Jules," Sarge said smiling.

Right away everyone noticed that Sarge was rekindling with Julie pretty quickly. If things keep going this way it looks as if Sarge is going to be jumping ship, and we had better hope our allies are willing to pull through.

–Joel Klug

Sarge split the remaining seven castaways into two groups. Joel, Rafe and himself would grab bamboo, and logs to use for the shelter, while the women and ken will gather and weave palm fronds.

The men set out deep into the jungle, machete's in hand ready to start hacking out a new shelter.

"You're gonna wanna go down the path to the left, that's where Sean and I got most of our lumber when we got here fellas," Joel said, showing the guys around his old camp.

The three boys began looking for an area with lumber they would want to use for the shelter, when the talk of the future began.

"You and Julie certainly still have a good thing going, eh?" Marcus said.

"Jules is a sweet kid," Sarge said smiling.

"She's cool," Joel said.

"Yup," Sarge said.

The three stopped talking, as the awkwardness grew more and more with each moment of silence.

"Sarge, I know you two are close, and we had a rough past, but if you're willing to put that past us, this could be the final three," Marcus proposed.

"You'd betray Corinne?" Sarge asked.

"If you do it right now, I'm all in," Marcus said.

"Me too," Joel said, looking to Marcus for reassurance.

"Well I..." Sarge said, thinking as he spoke.

"I'm gonna need more reassurance from you guys," Sarge said honestly.

"What exactly do you need us to give you?" Marcus asked.

"Time," Sarge said.

Joel and Marcus nodded.

"Sure thing," Joel said, flashing one of his grins.

"Take all the time you need, the offer still stands," Marcus said.

"Called your bluff," Sarge said grinning.

"You got me old man," Marcus said, laughing.

I'm sure Marcus, Joel and their crew would love for me to pretend like the past two days never happened, but they did. This is a whole new game and I don't have any loyalties. I'm a free agent.

–Sarge Masters

The three began chopping down trees they could use for shelter, placing them in a pile where they would be lugged back to camp once they had enough to start constructing a shelter.

Back at camp, Julie, Corinne and Colleen got to work making the roof for their new shelter, while making small talk.

Colleen Haskell sat with her back facing Corinne Kaplan. Truth be told Corinne terrified Colleen. She'd never encountered someone as brutal and blunt before.

"So Corinne, you're a clinical consultant?" Julie asked, making conversation.

"Yup, I just got a new job a few years ago, thankfully they don't mind me making Survivor my side-job," Corinne joked.

"The kids I mentor love seeing me out here," Julie said.

Corinne rolled her eyes.

"You talk about your kids a lot?" Corinne asked.

"I mean, not a lot, but they're kind of like my kids in a way, I see them all so often," Julie said proudly.

"That's...nice," Corinne said trying to force her way through this conversation.

Colleen giggled at Corinne's attempt to play nice.

"Why's she laughing?" Corinne asked.

"I'm sorry," Colleen said laughing. "It's so don't care!"

"Wow she's smarter than I thought...who are you again?" Corinne asked.

"Colleen," Colleen said introducing herself...again.

"Smart kid," Corinne said to Julie.

"She's just ok," Julie said grinning.

"Hey now!" Colleen said.

These people are insufferable. Hence, why I'm suffering!

–Corinne Kaplan

Meanwhile, old tribe mates Rafe and Cindy were catching up while painting the new Epoca tribe's flag.

"We're gonna wanna use all four colors, I was thinking we could use all four of our emblems and combine them into one giant mosaic, then write the name on the top," Cindy proposed.

"And we could all write our names around it, in our original tribe color," Rafe added.

"That's excellent," Cindy said smiling. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too! Things were crazy over there," Rafe said.

"It was over here too," Cindy said.

"So what exactly happened?" Rafe said puzzled.

"Well..." Cindy began.

"I'm not mad Cindy, just tell me what's going on, catch me up," Rafe said smiling and reassuringly.

"Well we got over here and they were making all kinds of crazy deals like secret alliances and stuff and to be honest Rafe, I really got to know these new people and I love them, and I know you will too," Cindy explained.

"So are you working with all three of them?" Rafe asked.

Cindy nodded.

The first person I wanted to talk to after we merged was Cindy because I needed to know what went wrong with keeping old Hidera strong, and it seems as if the four members of the new Hidera are incredibly tight, which is obviously a problem for me, someone who was not on the new Hidera tribe.

–Rafe Judkins

"Don't worry though, I told them that you and I were cool, they're not coming after you," Cindy said laughing.

"You're the best," Rafe said exhaling.

"And I told my crew the same thing he added," Rafe said.

"Wait, you have a 'crew' over there?" Cindy asked.

"Can I trust you?" Rafe said cheekily grinning.

"Rafe, I don't care, I'm not going after you," Cindy said.

I was so convinced that Rafe was just going to jump over to the Hidera 4 I didn't even stop to think about if he had any deals over there. I don't want to have to chose between Rafe and my own alliance.

–Cindy Hall

"If we're not on the same side...I don't want to just talk candidly about who I'm working with, unless we strike some kind of deal," Rafe said sheepishly.

"We have a deal, don't we?" Cindy said grinning.

"You and I do, but neither of us have a deal with the other's group," Rafe pointed out.

"So?" Cindy asked.

"So, I don't want you to use my information to screw me over," Rafe said nervously.

"I won't, if you won't," Cindy said with a wink.

"Corinne, Marcus, Joel, and myself," Rafe said.

"So that's why Twila and Joel are gone," Cindy said beginning to understand.

"Not exactly, Otono kind of cannibalized themselves as well," Rafe said.

Cindy nodded.

Just talking with Rafe, we both got so much information that could help us down the road if we use it carefully. We both hold a lot of cards right now, it's all about seeing who will fold first.

–Cindy Hall

I definitely gave up some important information to Cindy, but by giving her just a little bit of information, I'm hoping to keep myself safe long enough to dig myself out of whatever craziness is about to transpire.

–Rafe Judkins

"Still you and me?" Rafe asked.

"Count on it," Cindy said smiling.

"No matter what happens," Rafe said sternly.

"We'll always have a place for you," Cindy said gleefully.

The merge couldn't come at a better time for me, I have my closest ally looking out for me on the other side, and my alliance backing me up on my side. I've reached a happy middle!

–Cindy Hall

Ken and Colleen had decided to go on a water run to help aid the thirst of the tribe after vigorously working on the shelter. The merge had sent everyone into a whirlwind of emotions and the two allies were looking to compare notes.

"It was seriously the most uncomfortable conversation I had since I've been here, and I had to talk with SEAN for nine days!" Colleen exclaimed.

"She's just jealous of you, you and your successful acting career," Ken said grinning.

"She does love attention," Colleen said rolling her eyes.

"Then stop giving it to her," Ken said.

"Oh I'd love to give her something," Colleen said, playfully throwing up her fists.

"You're gonna beat her down, aren't ya?" Ken said joking.

"Amy O'Hara style," Colleen said, giggling.

"But seriously, her and Marcus have to be the most dangerous pair at this point," Ken said.

"You think they're gunning for you?" Colleen asked.

"I'd be shocked if they weren't," Ken said.

"Then let's get them first," Colleen said raising an eye brow.

"Now's the time to get him," Ken said.

"Joel next, please," Colleen begged.

"Absolutely, those two don't have as many adversaries as we do, we got to look out for ourselves," Ken pointed out.

Colleen and I aren't going to go very far with people here who have been targeting us since we got here. Cindy and Julie are resting easy at this point, right now my only concern is making sure I get rid of Marcus and Corinne before they get rid of me.

–Ken Hoang

Am I concerned that there are new people here going after my closest ally? Umm yeah! I've known them for less than 24 hours, but Corinne has been absolutely miserable to live with, and Marcus well I don't actually know Marcus, but he's not going to be here long so why bother right? Haha!

–Colleen Haskell

"So how's Joel?" Ken asked laughing.

"He keeps giving me this look, and I'm not sure if he's incredibly constipated or he wants to go talk game, I'm just going to pretend that he's constipated until I absolutely have to talk to him," Colleen said laughing.

"Show me the look," Ken said amused.

Colleen walked a few feet away, then puffed out her chest, and sucked in her gut, then raised her eye brows up and down quickly then began nodding furiously.

"How has nobody noticed this?" Ken said dying of laughter.

"BECAUSE WHY WOULD YOU CARE WHY JOEL IS SPAZZING!" Colleen said, unable to stop laughing.

Ken tried to emulate Joel's spastic head movements.

"I didn't think that could get any creepier," Colleen said, raising her eye brows as Joel did again.

I've been really stressed out about the Marcus thing all day, it's really nice just to enjoy some time with my best friend out here.

–Ken Hoang

I kind of understand Corinne, I mean, I don't like anybody out here either. I would lose it out here without Kenny, I would absolutely lose my mind.

–Colleen Haskell

"Hey guys, we've been looking all over for you," Julie said, as she and Cindy appeared just around the corner.

"What're you kids doing?" Cindy asked.

"Just making fun of Joel," Colleen said giggling.

"Just imagine the look on his face when he finds out I'm not with him," Colleen said grinning from ear to ear.

"Have you talked to him yet?" Julie asked.

"No, he wants me to, but I've been putting it off," Colleen said aggrivated.

"You should probably do that at some point, I'm sure he'll give you the dirt," Cindy said smiling.

"Did Rafe tell you anything? Julie asked.

"Only that Sarge was on the outs over there," Cindy said.

"So nothing?" Ken asked.

"He said he'd consider coming on board with us anyway," Cindy offered up.

Julie bit her lip, she knew Cindy had hit a dead end with Rafe, or so she thought.

"Well if Joel's with them, I don't know if Colleen is going to convince him to flip," Julie said nervously.

"Hey, I talked him into keeping me over Sean before," Colleen said laughing.

"I really think I can get Sarge with us," Julie said confidently.

"I mean if he's on the outs of the four, I think it's our best bet," Ken said.

"It's just hard to pull him aside, the four of them have been watching him like a hawk," Julie said disgruntled.

"Is he up early, usually?" Cindy asked.

"Before dawn," Julie said instantly.

"I'll get up earlier and I'll wake you up to chat with him first thing in the morning," Cindy said smiling.

"Work it," Colleen said giggling.

There's a lot of pressure on myself to make sure that our alliance recruits Sarge onto our side. This vote is going to set the tone for the rest of the game. The side that wins this first vote is going to control the rest of the game!

–Julie Berry

I'm feeling a bit uneasy giving Julie so much power. I don't doubt she's going to help our alliance this round, but in the future I'm worried Julie's just going to become more and more powerful and kicks us to the curb whenever it suits her best.

–Ken Hoang

Julie is a lifesaver. If she makes sure Sarge is with us, Rafe and I can keep doing our own thing, and I don't have to worry about losing out to the other side. It's the best of both worlds!

–Cindy Hall

The four friends put their hands in and cheered, then dispersed on their way back to camp.

Later that night, members of the new Epoca tribe all crawled into the new shelter. It wasn't as solid as their old shelters had been, but for now it was home. After a long day of scheming and plotting all nine castaways settled in for the night, all of them except Marcus and Corinne.

Marcus and Corinne sat outside the shelter, next to the roaring fire, looking to compare notes before heading off to bed.

"So how was your day?" Marcus asked, after he was certain the rest of his tribe was asleep.

"Awful, I had to hear about how rewarding it is to mentor obnoxious teenagers, and listen to that awful laugh of Colleen simultaneously.

"I'm guessing Colleen's the one you hate the most," Marcus said laughing.

"I can't f**king stand her Marcus, oh my God, she never shuts up!" Corinne said resting her hand on her forehead.

"Well I talked to Sarge," Marcus said grinning.

"And...?" Corinne said.

"He's coming around," Marcus said grinning.

"Shut up, no he's not," Corinne said excited.

Marcus nodded.

"You're sure?" Corinne asked. "The last time someone told me someone was solid I ended up getting blindsided, OK?"

"Corinne, he's not solid, I said he's coming around, you gotta trust me here...because you certainly can't talk to him," Marcus said.

"Damn right I can't, I tried that once it was awful," Corinne said jokingly.

Marcus grinned.

"Has Ken said anything to you?" Marcus asked.

"Not a word," Corinne said shaking her head no.

"I figured he'd be gunning for us like this," Marcus said.

"You'd think he'd at least pretend to rekindle something with us," Corinne said rolling her eyes.

"I think he knows that'd only make it worse," Marcus said truthfully.

"I wanna oust that little shit," Corinne said grinning.

"Payback's a bitch," Marcus said smiling.

"You helped me take out Sugar, now it's time to go after Kenny," Corinne said grinning.

Marcus and I have been the Survivor Mafia thus far. We've taken out anybody who's even thought about taking us out. We've made a few kills, got a few practice rounds in and now it's time to go in for the kill, you messed with the wrong gang Kenny!

–Corinne Kaplan

I've got a lot of things going against me right now. Ken, his crew, and maybe even Sarge. I'm going to have to work the next 24 hours like I've never played before if I wanna stay here. I've been sitting back letting things happen for too long, it's time to get a lot more aggressive!

–Marcus Lehman

Day 24

Sarge Masters woke at the crack of dawn. He may have been a part of a new tribe, but his work ethic wasn't going to change one bit.

He began walking through the jungle looking for firewood. He'd made sure that they'd never run out at Otono, but with a new tribe and all the strategy that began to ensue yesterday, there was almost no wood available for the fire this morning.

"Another lazy tribe, of course," Sarge mumbled to himself.

He still missed the days where Twila would wake up along side him and help ease the burden of camp life, but now he was on my own. It was probably for the best strategically, but not having someone to enjoy around camp everyday was going to be difficult for Sarge.

Half an hour later, Cindy Hall rubbed her eyes until she was awake enough to wake Julie.

"Jules, he's out there now," Cindy said.

Julie stretched out her legs, rose to her feet, and emerged from the shelter, and began frantically chasing Sarge into the jungle.

Sarge was bent over collecting several branches he had found next to a winding tree. Julie crept up behind him, waiting for the right moment.

"Hey stranger," Julie whispered.

"Whoa!" Sarge said, dropping his sticks at the sound of her voice.

"Relax, it's just me," Julie said giggling.

"Well long time no see," Sarge said, embracing Julie in a hug.

"How are you? Everything ok?" Julie said concerned.

"Ah," Sarge said scratching his head. "The last few days have been rough."

Julie's smile had turned upside down, she looked at him silently, with pity.

"I'm sorry," She said.

"It's ok, I'm a big boy, I can handle it," Sarge said grinning.

"I know you can Sarge, but you don't have to do it alone," Julie said.

The best thing I could've done before that swap, was making that deal with Sarge! He's on his own right now, but I know I can reel him back in, after all, we're the only two Vanuatu cast members left right? We're all eachother has!

–Julie Berry

"Are you still with me?" Julie asked.

"As long as you have my back, I have yours," Sarge said grinning.

Julie exhaled. "Thank god," She said relieved.

"I know, I've been stressing too," Sarge said smiling.

"So, anyone over there you're itching to get rid of, cause Ken is telling us that Marcus has gotta go the first chance we get," Julie said.

"Marcus is trouble," Sarge said.

He began telling Julie the story of he and Twila's alliance with Corinne and Marcus, the handshake, Twila's attempt to befriend the tribe once again.

"Geez," Julie said.

"That Corinne is vile," Sarge said.

"Colleen and I were talking with her yesterday, she's miserable out here," Julie said.

"She's ALWAYS miserable," Sarge articulated. "You and your new possy sure have quite the eye."

"We're a dangerous bunch, and we'd be unstoppable with you," Julie said sweetly.

"Aw C'mon, y'all don't wanna just use me as a vote do you?" Sarge said.

"Well our deal still stands, and I sure know we could use a leader," Julie said grinning.

"Alright," Sarge said enthusiastically.

Jules absolutely made my morning complete. We were on the exact same page. She and I both know what trouble Marcus is, she has a group of kids rallied and ready to go to battle, and she wants me to help take the driver's seat! After spending the last two days entirely alone, this is the best thing I could've asked for! This game really does change minute by minute. I went from zero to hero, just like that!

–Sarge Masters

I'm exactly where I need to be right now, Colleen, Ken, Cindy & I are solid, and Sarge is on board to ride it out with us until the final five! If everything goes according to plan, all the cards will be in my hands going into the end game.

–Julie Berry

"Good talk today," Julie said with a smile.

"Thanks Jules," Sarge said, giving her a hug as they parted ways.

As everyone awoke, and breakfast was served, Joel did his usual head bop trying to signal Colleen to tag along with him for a walk along the beach.

This time Joel pointed to Colleen, signaling her to come with him.

Colleen nodded, and the two began walking down the beach with a coconut bowl of rice.

The two original Verano members walked along their old beach for the first time since it had been just the two of them before the swap.

"It's so weird being back here right?" Joel asked.

"It's certainly something," Colleen said trying to act interested.

"So how have you been?" Joel asked.

"I've been great," Colleen said honestly. "Everyone at old Hidera was super fun, you missed out!"

"I'll bet haha," Joel said dismissively. "Though, I think I have just the thing for us."

"Oh?" Colleen said, taken back.

"Well you see, we've both had our fun, but the thing is Rafe & I have a good thing going on, and he's tight with Cindy, so if the four of us work together, that's a final four right there, solid!" Joel explained.

"Oh wow!" Colleen said giggling, pretending to be interested in Joel's schemes was so much fun.

"So, do Rafe & Cindy know about this?" Colleen asked.

"It's not something we've talked about at length yet, but we really are serious about doing it," Joel said.

Colleen laughed, looking down so she could roll her eyes without Joel seeing.

"We're thinking about voting Kenny out first, Marcus says he's a real trouble maker," Joel said.

"Really?" Colleen said acting shocked.

"I know, he doesn't look like it, but he seems a lot smarter than he looks," Joel said.

"Well he's a total geek," Colleen said taking a jab at her friend.

"Exactly, so I mean, who needs him really?" Joel said.

"Apparently not us," Colleen said laughing.

The benefit to having Colleen as an ally is that we could both go our separate ways before the merge, then come together again and be on the same page. Ousting Sean was risky, but having Colleen as an ace in the hole may be the best thing I did on Verano. Everyone is on our turf now.

–Joel Klug

So I really was planning on pitching our case to Joel, but he just started talking about his master plan to take over this game by taking people from his tribe and our tribe and taking out KENNY, aka the only person here I like! I mean, it was just so funny, I couldn't help myself. Hopefully Julie got Sarge on board cause this loser is hopeless.

–Colleen Haskell

Cindy walked into camp with news of their first immunity challenge. The tribe gathered their gear and began walking to their next challenge.

When they arrived, they saw nine vases balanced on top of nine boards, each with a platform next to the boards.

Today each castaway would place their foot on a board, when they did so they would have to balance their foot on the board in order to keep the vase balanced. The last person with a vase on their board will win immunity and a one in eight shot a million dollars.


All 9 castaways placed their foot on the board, releasing the board below that kept it balanced. All 9 managed to find their balance quickly, but it wouldn't be that way for long.

Ten minutes had elapsed, and most people were still holding strong.

Sarge, the largest man left, began to wobble. Keeping his balance was becoming hard and his board began to fluctuate up and down every once and a while.

One small loss of balance and...


Sarge's vase had fallen to the ground, 8 left standing.

Fifteen minutes passed, the sweat began to fall onto everyone as the temperature began to rise.

"Whoa!" Rafe said completely losing his balance. SMASH!

7 left.

Marcus stayed focus looking ahead, the men were dropping fast.

SMASH! Joel had dropped his.

6 left.

Marcus and Ken were the only guys left. Cindy, Colleen, and Corinne were still holding steady.

As the lightest guy Ken also wasn't having a problem.

Marcus began to shake, he kept his hands gripped on his knee to prevent his leg from shaking as much.

Ken nodded to Colleen.

It was only a matter of time before he fell.

"Oh shit!" Corinne said, easing up on her leg, flinging the vase up and dropping it down.

5 left.

"Come on Marcus," Corinne said cheering.

She knew Marcus was fine, she just hoped to psych out the rest of his competitors.

"You're doing a great job, some of them are already struggling," Corinne said smiling.

Colleen and Ken both began to shake.

Marcus's shaking was only getting progressivly worse.

Both Cindy and Julie were solid.

"Ahhh," Colleen said as her vase began dangling on the edge, regaining her balance.

SMASH! One little movement and Colleen's vase had come crashing down.

4 left.

Marcus began shaking uncontrollably the hand on his knee was no longer helping, it was only a matter of time. He looked over at Ken who was beginning to struggle and then to Julie and Cindy who had yet to shake, back and forth he looked until...


Marcus was out, no shot at immunity.

So excited at Marcus's elimination Ken had lost focus and his vase toppled off. It was now a battle of two allies Cindy vs. Julie, one winner, one loser.

"We're good," Julie whispered.

Cindy nodded.

"You wanna fight this out?" Julie asked.

"Bring it," Cindy said.

Corinne rolled her eyes.

Another hour and a half passed until both girls began to shake, it was going to be a battle of will.

Cindy struggled and kept focused.

Julie began breathing, channeling her yoga abilities.

After another ten minutes it looked inevitable.

Cindy began shaking heavily while Julie was almost as solid as she was when the challenge began. She had no problem.


"Ugh," Cindy said annoyed.


Julie ran over to Jeff, excited about her first immunity challenge!

Today has been one hell of a day with me, I reunite with my old ally, Sarge, I win immunity and once this vote is over and done with, this could be my greatest day out here!

–Julie Berry

Back at camp, Julie had pulled Sarge aside with the rest of their group to discuss booting Marcus once and for all.

"That could not have gone any better," Colleen said excited.

"Congrats Jules, you're the lady of the hour," Sarge said grinning.

"Sarge, welcome to the team," Cindy said smiling.

"Well when I heard Kenny had been gipped by them just as much as I had, I knew this was a group I wanted to be a part of," Sarge said grinning.

"How'd you hear that?" Ken asked.

"You came up quite a few times at old Otono, apparently you're a diabolical super genius," Sarge said sarcastically.

Colleen burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Sarge asked confused.

"Joel just told me the same thing this morning," Colleen said unable to control her laughter.

"Joel was talking to you?" Sarge asked.

"Yeah, they have no idea what you're doing so he's trying to get me on board," Colleen said.

"They move fast," Sarge said shaking his head.

"But not smart like we do," Ken said.

I felt right at home with Julie's alliance. It's a group that knows how to effectively communicate with one another and know eachother's strengths and weaknesses. They don't need much supervision, but I think I certianly will be of use to them in the future.

–Sarge Masters

Everything is coming together for us right now, Sarge is in, Julie has immunity and there is nothing Marcus can do to stop us. It's our game now.

–Colleen Haskell

"You guys have my word that I am with you all, and that's something I don't take lightly, I'm not like Marcus who's going to break a handshake like that," Sarge said taking a dig at his new adversary.

"Marcus won't have a hand you can shake after tonight," Ken said smiling.

This is the turn around I've been waiting for. On Day 4 I never would have pictured being here ready to take out my biggest threat in the entire game, with nothing he can do to save himself, it's incredible, really.

–Ken Hoang

While the Hidera 4 - or now Hidera 5 were having their meeting, Marcus, Rafe, Corinne and Joel were having their own.

"Colleen said she would be willing to vote Ken!" Joel said.

"Really?" Corinne said taken back.

"Cause she's kind of over their strategizing with Sarge and Kenny," Marcus pointed out.

"Well she said she was," Joel said defensively.

"Sweety, I think she's lying," Corinne said nicely.

Joel sat awkwardly.

"Look you guys, I don't wanna sound selfish here, but it's my ass on the line tonight and I'm gonna go talk it out with Sarge. Rafe talk to Cindy one more time and try and get something out of her ok? Cause if I go, you guys are next, old bonds won't mean much after this vote. Those four have clearly bonded over something. I don't wanna mess with that and I know you guys don't either," Marcus said begging for his life.

Rafe nodded and walked over to the shelter to wait to chat with Cindy.

The clock is winding down and I don't have much time to save myself. I've been the first juror before, I don't want to repeat that. I'm here to rewrite my story, and I'm going to have to be the one to make that happen.

–Marcus Lehman

"So have you thought about my offer?" Marcus asked when he pulled Sarge aside.

"Well a little birdy told me I've been replaced by Colleen since I wasn't willing to give a decision," Sarge said.

"What?" Marcus said confused. "Who told you that?" Marcus asked.

"Where I hear things doesn't pertain to the matter," Sarge said.

"Look, I know that Joel pulled Colleen aside and chatted with her, but that's the extent to which I know of the conversation, he just told ME a few minutes ago," Marcus said.

"Just look at this from my perspective, you betray me by blindsiding my closest ally, then Joel tries to betray me by pulling in Colleen," Sarge pointed out.

"Sarge, I don't control what Joel does I can only control what I do - and to some extent to Corinne, and I will not betray you, I am with you Sarge and you know how I know that? Because I don't have anyone over there I can cling to. That's why I was scared of Twila, that's why I'm scared of Rafe and Joel now. All Corinne and I have is eachother and if you join us I will repay you, I need you now more than ever and I'll be indebtted to you if you save me here," Marcus begged.

Sarge nodded.

I have done and said all I could to Sarge, it's up to him to decide what to do. I've put everything into this game, I put myself in the perfect position and to watch it all fall away right now would just be unbearable.

–Marcus Lehman

Marcus is a sharp kid, but also one who has proven himself to be untrustworthy. I have no safety in the Hidera tribe other than Jules, but I don't have much safety here either. I have to trust my gut, I can't rely on what people say to me anymore, that's hurt me enough already.

–Sarge Masters

Rafe Judkins and Cindy Hall sat in the shelter for a quick catch up before tribal council.

"So what's the plan?" Cindy asked.

"Look, Marcus wants me to talk to you about voting Kenny tonight," Rafe said.

"I'm sorry Rafe, you know I can't do that," Cindy admitted.

"I know," Rafe whispered.

"So?" Cindy asked.

"Do you trust me?" Rafe asked.

"Totally," Cindy said. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," Rafe said. "So here's what we do, you and I vote our own ways, let's play this out but no matter how it works out we need to look out for each other," Rafe said.

"I'm game Cindy said smiling.

A cross-tribal alliance is exactly what Rafe and I needed to keep ourselves in the game. No matter what we're sitting pretty, it's the perfect situation for us.

–Cindy Hall

Part of me feels like I'm throwing Marcus under the bus, but I can't save him, only he can do that. I have to worry about myself if or when he leaves, and the only way I can do that is let Cindy do what she wants as long as what she wants includes me in some capacity. It's a really selfish game.

–Rafe Judkins

"Good luck tonight," Marcus said to Ken.

"I'd wish you the same, but I kinda want to be here," Ken said.

"Good game," Marcus said shaking his hand.

"Well played," Ken said.

The rivalry was about to come to ahead. Their time at Nieve, their squaring off in challenges, the merge drama, all of it was going to be decided right here right now. One by one everyone voted and Jeff returned with the was time.

First vote...

"Ken," Marcus had cast the first.

"Marcus," Ken had returned the favor.

"Ken," Corinne stayed loyal to her partner in crime.

"Marcus," Colleen stayed true to her best friend Kenny.

"Ken," Joel had stuck with his plan.

"Marcus," Julie had stuck true as well.

Everyone had voted like they said they would...thus far.

3 votes Ken, 3 votes Marcus.

Next vote,

"Ken," Rafe voted in line with his alliance, in order to keep both sides happy.

"Marcus," Cindy had done the same, it was up to Sarge to decide the fate of the game.

Corinne crossed her fingers.

Colleen shut her eyes nervously.

Ken and Marcus looked at eachother out of the corner of their eye, hoping they'd get to watch the other carry their torch

"8th Person Voted Out and the First Member of the Jury,"


Ken grinned as Colleen exhaled.

Corinne rolled her eyes and covered her eyes with her face before hugging her best friend goodbye.

"Good game guys," Marcus said smiling before going out.

"Marcus, the tribe has spoken,"

Marcus waved goodbye to his friend Corinne, wishing her luck and then left.

Marcus had payed the price for his decision. The only question left was, would Sarge pay for his?

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:

Marcus (5 votes)
Cindy, Colleen, Julie, Ken & Sarge
Ken (4 votes)
Corinne, Joel, Marcus & Rafe
Marcus Lehman

Still In the Running

Verano Otono
Hidera Nieve