"Fueling the Fire"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 2/14
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

16 people were stranded on the coasts of Portugal, split into two tribes, Selva in yellow, Litoral in purple. They immediately started their first challenge, Litoral winning. Conflicts arised on both tribes between Chip and Brady and Emma and Julianna. At the Immunity Challenge, Selva etched out Litoral in a close battle. Chip told Brady to pack his bags, but to his shock, other tribemate Audrey was sent home 6-2.


Reward Challenge: Taste Tests
Facing off against each other, members of tribes will taste a mixture of foods. The first to swallow and drink the whole mixture wins a point for their tribe. First tribe to 5 wins.
Reward: A feast with soda and sandwiches to wash down the awful drinks.

Immunity Challenge: Balance Beam Blocks
The tribe will all run out at once across a web of balance beams to collect blocks of their tribe color. Fall off a block and you have to go back to start, and you have to drop the block if you had it. Once a tribe gets all 7 blocks, they must stack them to reach a rope. Once they pull the rope, their tribe flag will raise. The first tribe to raise their flag wins immunity.
Winner: Litoral


Day 4

After last night's Tribal Council, the Litoral tribe woke up to find that Chip was still angered at their decision to vote out Audrey over Brady.

Honestly, Audrey would've done much better than the rest of them. I respected her, and it's just gonna go downhill.


Holy crap get over yourself. You being bitter is just fueling the fire for self-destruction.


Chip goes to talk to Skylar about the vote.

Quote1Hey Skylar.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Hi Chip, are you still annoyed.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Uh, yeah. Brady is of no help to our tribe, Audrey was of much more use.Quote2- Chip
Quote1She manipulated you. Because of that social skill she would've pulled a Natalie and won.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I still believe Brady has to go soon. He's really shady.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Watch how he does in the next challenge, then I'll think.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Chip
Chip needs to get his head in the game and take out the weak this early.


Over at Selva, the tribe wakes up. Speculation about who got voted off, but the emotions are cold as Emma and Julianna are still annoyed with each other. Ralphie and Lukas get Julianna away from the camp to go fishing some more.

Quote1Look, if we lose, we'll vote Emma out.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Thank you, she's getting on my nerves.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Yeah, she's kinda annoying and bossy.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Yeah, and we three survive the first tribal we go to, I say we go to the end, us three.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Agreed.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Yeah, let's do it. I say we try and get Laurel and Cooper to vote with us if we lose.Quote2- Ralphie
We gotta get the tribe back on its feet and it can be done by voting out Emma.


Lukas and Ralphie go back to the shelter and start talking to Cooper while Dover and Rose are with Emma on the beach.

Quote1Hello guys.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1'Sup. We want to talk about any future Tribal Councils.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1You're the two strongest guys, you're not going anywhere.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1We know that, I meant by Julianna or Emma.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Oh, well, Julianna's a lot more stronger, so I guess Emma would go.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Good, we can't have a tie.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Yeah...hey, Lukas, you've been quiet this whole time. Any thoughts?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1No, I was just listening to you.Quote2- Lukas

The three continue to work on their camp shelter. Meanwhile, Julianna gets done talking to Laurel about possibly voting with them.

Day 5

The tribes meet for their second reward challenge, with Selva seeing Audrey voted out. Jeff explains the challenge, with Selva sitting out Julianna.

Challenge Results
Selva Challenger Litoral Challenger Smoothie Mixtures Winner
Emma Brady Squid and Seaweed Brady
Rose Skylar Balut (Fetrilized duck embryo) Skylar
Ralphie Casey Fish eggs and coconuts Ralphie
Lukas Carmen "Mystery Drink" (Really just chocolate milk) Carmen
Laurel Celeste Fish guts Celeste
Dover Chip Shrimps, fish guts, and mangoes. Chip (Winning Round)

Both tribes head back to their camps after the challenge. At the Litoral camp, the tribe arrives to see their reward there. They all start eating, Chip and Brady start talking.

Quote1Thanks for drinking that drink in the first round. You chugged that drink down!Quote2- Chip
Quote1Yeah band camp is more interesting than you think.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Uh...okay...say, sorry for being harsh before, with you know, trying to vote you out.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Yeah...whatever. We cool?Quote2- Brady
Quote1Sure we're cool.Quote2- Chip
I think I can now stick around for a couple days safe.


The tribe continues to enjoy their feast, not caring about the game they are in. On the Selva tribe, the 8 return without anything. Emotions are running low.

I could've helped if they didn't bench me. But Litoral was just ready to win.


Quote1Guys c'mon, we can win the next one.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Yeah, I guess.Quote2- Rose
Quote1What do you mean you guess. Show some initiative! We can win this!Quote2- Dover

The rest of the tribe sit their in silence as Dover tries to give them a speech about winning to stay majority when merge comes around.

Honestly, no one can really take Dover's speech to heart. Unless your the godly Tandang, you can never go into merge with all your members. Koror, the supertribe, couldn't even escape Tribal. It's almost like there's no hope that some of us don't make merge.


Quote1Dude, we all knew Julianna could have done better than Emma.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Yeah, but Julianna is such a downer that she would've yelled at Emma or something.Quote2- Dover
Quote1If she messes up again, than she goes.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1No. Julianna will go, Emma is a free vote.Quote2- Dover
I'm trying to keep Emma but it makes it harder to.


Day 6

The tribes meet for the Immunity Challenge. Rose sits this one out for Selva. All 14 run out to collect their blocks. Emma takes a long time to reach her block, falling over multiple times. But its dead even because Chip turns the balance beam to another platform, blocking off Cooper's exit and delaying the Selva tribe for 5 minutes. Litoral gains a lead after Laurel misses a jump but Selva quickly comes back. The two tribes are stacking the blocks. Litoral's strategy was to hand Joel the blocks as he stacks them by twos. This does way better than Selva's pyramid strategy as Joel pulls the rope first, winning Litoral immunity.

Back at the Selva camp, the tribe comes back from losing with low spirits. Ralphie, Lukas, Julianna, Cooper, and Laurel meet up at the water well.

Quote1Emma's going right?Quote2- Laurel
Quote1Oh yeah, she's a goner.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1She needs to go.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Finally she can leave.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1She messed up royally today.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Quickly, before they see us.Quote2- Julianna

The five disperse before Rose can show up. Dover then goes over to Cooper to talk.

Quote1Hey.Quote2- Dover
Quote1'Sup. What do you want to talk about?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1The vote, as usual.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Of course.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Look, Emma, she didn't fall, at all. Laurel, she messed up. She needs to go.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Your making it like Emma's the idol.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I just don't want her to go. She's better for the tribe.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I'll think about it.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Dover

Better for the tribe! What is he thinking for the tribe? But, I mean, do we take horrible at challenge Emma, or useless Laurel? This will be somewhat of a hard decision.


At Tribal Council, the Selva tribe talked about the challenge and the divisions between the tribe. Everyone knew it was either Laurel or Emma going home. Cooper was once again persuaded by Dover to flip back and tie the vote and send to purple rocks. The vote came and Cooper stuck to the original plan, and Emma was vote out 5 to 3, with Dover, Emma, and Rose voting for Laurel.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Emma Selva
Emma (5 votes)

Cooper SelvaJulianna SelvaLaurel SelvaLukas SelvaRalphie Selva
Cooper, Julianna, Laurel, Lukas, Ralphie

Laurel Selva
Laurel (3 votes)

Dover SelvaEmma SelvaRose Selva
Dover, Emma, Rose

Emma Selva BW
Emma Carter

Voting Confessionals

Well, I can't go to rocks on the first vote, plus Laurel can be for another day.


Please, please, please Cooper, follow the right decision.


Your just useless around camp and in challenges, so leave.


Thank god I am finally voting you off this beach.


It's either you or me, and I'm sticking around much longer.

–Laurel hard feelings?


Your weak, and if we want numbers going into the merge, we need to cut the weakest.


Laurel, you don't have enough to play this game.


Final Words

Well, Cooper is an idiot scumbag that can't see he's being played by Laurel, Ralphie, Julianna, and Lukas. I really hope to see him gone soon. Good bye.


Still In The Running

Cooper Selva
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva
Laurel Selva
Lukas Selva
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time On Survivor...

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