"Funny Guy with Little to No Brains"
Season Survivor: Malaysian Islands
Author AnitaG.
Episode Number 4/13
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: Malaysian Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

After a Tribal Council of the Minat tribe, Martin seemed to control the votes in his tribe. He blindsided almost all of his tribemates but no one was willing to do anything about it. 'I more or less control the votes.' Until Elyse was blindsided by the vote and did not want to risk being voted out too. 'Why Rebecca?' 'He blindsided all of us, you really shouldn't feel left out.' She tried to shake things up but in the end decided to go under the radar. 'I'll let them duke it out and then I'll make my move when I get the chance to.' The camaraderie at Akan was great when Sean made an apology to Ivane who accepted it but it still didn't change her mind. 'I still want him gone first.' The tribe got together and they were willing to win challenges. They lost the reward challenge though. Back at Minat, John said that only guys could use the spear. 'Girls don't have tight enough grips.' That pissed off Courtenay, a professional surfer that was taught to catch fish. 'I was waiting for a chance to go in the ocean and catch fish.' Colton used the argument between them to his advantage as previously being sick, he tried to get into the game. 'Would you vote for her?' 'Without a doubt.' He got John on his side but unluckily for him, Courtenay heard the whole conversation and told her allies everything. Martin saw Colton as a threat and wanted to take him out. At Akan, Sean was getting in good with everyone. But the whole camp wasn't all piece as Tim tried to shake up the game by trying to make an alliance with Susan who wasn't so interested. 'He is losing his mind. He needs a chill pill.' He then thought about it and agreed with her. Back at Minat, John went fishing and lost the spear which made everybody crack up. At the immunity challenge, Akan pulled off a win. Back at Minat, Martin still wanted to vote for Colton while everyone else wanted to vote for John who annoyed everyone. 'I need John to still be here so I'm not the target.' He got Elyse in on it, or he tried to, Elyse was still unsure whether she was going to vote with John and Colton or the youngins allaince as she held two votes, hers and Lisa's. 'Right now, I know I have Lisa's vote. We are going to decide the outcome of this tribe's game.' Before Tribal Council, Martin told John about the plan to vote Colton out. That pissed John off as he wanted to take out his old Nemesis, Courtenay. At Tribal Council, John tried to sway the vote on Courtenay, ending that with blowing up at everyone still in the game. In the end, Martin's schemes came through as Colton was voted out. 'Colton, the tribe has spoken.' Now John is left angry at the world as he comes back to camp alliance-free. Thirteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Not Such a Rafting
The contestants would start on floating platforms, and they must dive down to retrieve a raft on the ocean floor. Then they must transport the raft to the beach, and pass and light torches along the way. First tribe to light their torches and bring the raft to the beach wins reward.
Reward: Three pillows, a blanket, 3 chairs and a lantern.
Winner: Akan

Immunity Challenge: Shoot!
Three castaways from each tribe would assemble a wheelbarrow and then push the wheelbarrow around a series of obstacles. Along the way, they would stop at two stations and collect a load of coconuts. At the end of the obstacle course, the three tribe members would dump out the coconuts into a box. The three other castaways would then disassemble the wheelbarrow and reassemble it into a sling shot. They would use the coconuts as ammunition for the slingshot to knock down six targets. The first tribe to do that would win immunity.
Winner: TBA


Night 9

The camera shows the members of the Minat tribe walking towards their fire that is burning a lot. The camera shows the fire. It then cuts to a scene where John is throwing sticks into the fire looking angry.

So those sucker-uppers voted out Colton at tonight's Tribal Council. Are you kidding me?!? What the f**k where they thinking? I am done with this tribe now. I thought I had some people on my side but they are now all against me. Surprise, surprise! Not.


The camera shows Martin, Courtenay, Elyse and Lisa sitting next to the fire as they are looking at John who gives them killer stares, one after another.

Martin: So, John, ...

John: Don't talk to me!

Martin (worryingly): Okay.

Courtenay: Seriously, what is wrong with you, John?!? You must suck at life, because you are the most impolite, inconsiderate human being I know!

John: Whatever. Coming from a girl with her ass hurting of all the sitting in the shelter. You are a useless load of crap, that's what you are.

Courtenay: I guess I should take it as a compliment from you 'cause this is the nicest you've spoken to me in the whole f**king 9 days!

John: Yeah, don't ever expect it again.

John is probably very nice in real life but he sucks in this game. I don't know why I'm still trying to find something good on him 'cause there probably isn't such a thing. He's an ass. I need to vote him out of this game. I will. I've promised this to you since day 1, I should probably stick to that promise and finally make it come true.


The camera shows John breaking a tree to get some fire wood.

Courtenay (annoyed): What are you doing?

John: I'd say I'm doing somethin' you've never even heard of. It's called working!

Courtenay just blabs something and rolls her eyes as everyone is around her.

I just can't believe what stupid asses I have to play this game with. Voting out one of the strongest members? But I know why they did that. Colton was too much of a threat to Martin. And everyone's stuck up Martin's ass. God, please, help me!


The camera shows John for a little more as he is looking very pissed off at the fire. The camera cuts to one of the trees.

(intro plays)

Day 10

The camera appears on the morning of the next day at the Minat camp. John is around the shelter that they've built on the beach. He is looking angry as he is at the fire with Martin next to him.

It was a brand new day so I thought I'd try to change John's opinion of me because I still kind of wanted him in the game just so, you know, I can move myself further in the game. But he is just an old stuck up geezer.


Martin (in a nice way): Wanna talk it through, John?

John (raising his voice): Talk what through? Your stupidity? Don't waste my time, please! I honestly don't want this all to be all about you even though you'd probably like that, you attention-seeker!

Martin: Are you kidding me?!? You are the one who needs everything to go your way or you're pissed off!

John: I do want it my way, yes. As much as you do though! That wasn't a mutual agreement last night. It was your decision and the chicken just followed the rooster!

Martin: What the heck?!?

John: I'm right I know.

Martin: It was a smart decision last night!

John: Smart decision?!? What the f**k? You mustn't know what smart means, 'cause if you did, you'd change the statement you made to a stupid decision. You only took Colton out because he was too much of a threat to your ego!

Martin: You're just digging yourself in deeper.

John: Of course I am because no one can say a thing to Princess Martina, the queen of this island. If somebody crosses you, they go home.

Martin: Stop mumbling nonsense!

Martin walks away as John is pissed off. Lisa that is sitting next to the two of them is very tired and half-asleep, yet she shakes her head.

He's a stuck-up jackass who's stuck up his own ass. I just can't belive what a selfish and narcistic piece of bullsh*t that boy is. He thinks he's the coolest guy in the world, but he is just a funny guy with little to no brains. That was pretty accurate description of his persona.


Lisa is seen walking towards the water where she washes her clothes.

This morning, the game got to a new level of personal game as the argument this morning was very childish from both guys but I'd say we can't do anything about that. The reason they fought to me was because they are pretty much of the same temper. They are too similar to get along. They both would like to control everything but that's not how life works. I can't believe such a wise man as John has said some of the things he did. Martin is just a kiddo and I hope he can grow, though he is a 30-year-old young man, he still has some of the young stuff. We need to stop the arguments when we have the chance to.


The camera shows a conversation between Lisa and Elyse.

Lisa: So, let me tell you, we need to vote for either Courtenay, Martin or John the next Tribal Council because they are too loud and that destroys the tribe itself.

Elyse: I completely agree with you, though I like that they're fighting 'cause it gives us a chance to really work with what we have and not get voted out ourselves.

Lisa: Yeah, that's true. So, who would you say?

Elyse (deeply in thought: I'd probably say Courtenay because the guys are strong and we still need to win challenges.

Lisa: Yeah, I agree with you. Let's take the clothes and head back to camp.

They grab the clothes and head back to camp around a huge rock. The camera switches to Martin and Courtenay walking through the forrest to get wood.

Martin: John is a lunetic. I can't believe he thinks he can talk to people like that. He's just sealing the deal for himself.

Courtenay: I always told you to get rid of him immediately, yet and still you didn't really listen to me on that. I think we should take him out.

Martin: Yeah, definitely.

John pissed me off so much today. I couldn't believe the person that he turned me into. I was just furious, but then again, that's John. I can't be mad at him, I know him. I should've kept my mouth shut. But now I might have to start turning on my alliances.


Courtenay is trying to tear a piece of wood from a tree while Martin is walking along a small creek that they have in their camp. He looks in it and sees fish.

Martin: Did you know there were fish in the creek?

Courtenay: No, but we can certainly work with that.

Martin: Let's head back to camp and tell everyone. I think we can get a lotta food from that little water source.

Courtenay (jokingly): Sure. You've gotta teach me how to use the fishing pole and line in case you're gone.

Martin shows a worried expression on his face.

Martin: What was that?

Courtenay: What?

So we were walking back to camp and I made a joke about him having to teach me how to catch fish with the fishing pole because I can only catch fish with the spear. And I said 'in case he's not here' and I regretted it immediately because I know how it must've sounded.


Courtenay (explantion-like): No, I didn't mean it that way. I just really wanted to make a joke, honestly.

Martin: Okay, that's what I was hoping for.

She didn't mean it that way but the fact that she even said that makes me believe that that's just the anxiety coming up. I know Mr Freud pretty well. And that was the exact showing of what he studied. I may have to turn on my allies before they do so. Because this is where people make mistakes in this game, they wait too long to make a move against their alliance and get taken out by that alliance, that's hopefully not the case with me.


The camera shows everyone at the shelter then. They are all sitting around the fire as Lisa is standing next to the shelter, the time flew by and it's already afternoon.

Lisa: So, what shall we do about the fights? I don't want to go to the immunity nor reward challenge when we're this seperated.

John and Martin just roll their eyes as Lisa just continues to boil water. The camera goes across the ocean to the Akan camp. Everyone is happy and working. The camera then shows Susan and Mika going to get tree-mail.

Susan: So do we have something?

Mika: Hopefully.

The two find two pieces of wood. The two grab them and get back to camp where they read what's written on the wood.

Susan: Drawer sniw... yeah, that's upside down. Sorry.

Everyone laughs.

Susan: Fireworks and sparks fly by the water, you'll have to push as you roar, try to make it through as fast as possible, light it up and win reward.

Dean: Something to do with fire, I guess.

We need to win today's reward because we have simply not had the best of luck in reward challenges. We have won none out of two. We need something that'll make us comfortable, not just immunity, that is pretty nice to have, but that extra something special wouldn't hurt either.


Dean: Ready to win today, Mika?

Mika: Absolutely.

The two give each other a high five as the camera switches to the challenge course. The castaways are brought by a boat. When Akan sees that Colton was voted out, they are very surprised. Probst then explains the challenge mechanics and then shows the reward. Everyone is excited when they see the blanket and the pillows. Akan then sits Sean out of the challenge. Everyone gets in their position as the challenge starts. Everyone jumps into the water as Ivane dives down for Akan and Courtenay does for Minat. Ivane gets the rope out quickly and Akan is off to an early lead. Courtenay, however, gets it too and Minat is right behind. Akan lights their first torch as they continue to swim quickly through the water. Minat lights their first one too as they continue to be catching up to the Akan tribe. Akan lights their second and quickly their third as Minat is colse behind them. John, however, screams at Lisa to be moving quicker because she is costing them a lot of time. Akan light their fourth one as there is only one more in the water, three out of the water and only one at the end. Minat lights their second as they try to catch up. Akan lights the last in the water as they get out of the water. They are really making up a lot of time for themselves. John is getting irritated as he starts to scream at everyone. Minat lights the third one but their torch that they light the other torches with, falls into the water. They luckily have one more but they have to light that one. Akan lights the last few torches as they light the final one to win reward.

Probst: Akan wins reward!

Minat tribe is pissed off as they are still in the water. The tribes collect at the beach and they stand in front of Jeff.

Probts: Akan, great job! Come bring your reward and head back to camp. Minat, got nothing for 'ya. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. See 'ya.

The tribes do what Jeff told them to do and they head back to camp. The camera cuts to break. It then cuts back to the winning Akan tribe. Everyone is excited because they have got comfort. Mika jumps into the shelter as she lies on the pillow.

Mika (in a sense of comfort): This so lush!

Ivane (jokingly): Yeah, you and Dean will now have a more romantic place to cuddle in all night while the rest of us are freezin'!

Everyone laughs as Mika pretends to be angry but in the end smiles with everyone else.

Mika: Don't be jealous!

Ivane: I'm not. I can at leats cuddle with myself. Oh, I like doing that oh so much!

Everyone smiles again as Dean lies in the shelter next to Mika.

I don't know what is going on there between Mika and Dean but somethin' is goin' on, let me tell you. Those two cuddle at night like they're dating. Lovebirds! Sounds of the lush jungle! (smiles) It's so cute and it kind of keeps all of us to be in a good mood. You feel bad, you look at them and you can feel the love. (laughs)


Ivane: Just, please, no babies!

Mika is laughing hard when Ivane says that as Dean is getting a little angry.

Dean: Why do you make such a big deal of it? It's not like we're making out or dating or something. She's just my friend. Just like you.

Ivane (jokingly): Cuddle with me then!

Everyone laughs hard at that comment.

The whole camp is now making this big deal out of me cuddling at night with Mika and they make jokes of us being dating or whatever. But it's not like that. I mean, she is a pretty cool girl but we are just really close friends. We made an alliance and we are sticking with each other. I like her but that doesn't mean I'm in love.


Susan: You know, you wouldn't be defending if you felt like there was nothing. So there most definitely is something happening.

Everyone is smiling as Dean lies down.

Being a psychologist, I know that when people are defending themselves in siruations like this one, they try to cover something up. And I think that's exactly what is going on with Dean. He may not want to admit it to his own at this point, but he'll find out eventually. I just hear the bells ringing. (laughs)


Louis: But you look cute together, I wish I had a camera so that I could capture this.

Everyone is smiling besides Tim who is looking at it from a different perspective.

Everyone is going a little too crazy about all of this romance going on between Dean and Mika, but I see it in a different light. They are too close for my comfort. I am here to win a game, and that's unachieveable if those two remain together because they will never write each other's names down. I can't believe no one else sees it that way.


Tim takes Susan and Louis away and tells them what he thinks.

Tim: Do you see what I see?

Louis: What?

Tim: An alliance that won't break. I've spoken about this with Susan a few days ago but she wasn't interested so maybe you've changed you mind.

Susan: I haven't. Tim, chill out. We don't need all of this chaos. We need a cohesive united group of people.

Louis: I agree. They are both valuable and besides, if we go to Tribal Council, it's Sean no matter what.

Susan: Exactly.

Tim is once again trying to be the strategic mastermind and he is trying to shake things up too early. And we ain't even going to Tribal Council. He wants to break Dean and Mika up. What are we supposed to do? Tell them to not talk to each other? It kinda made me want to get rid of him, just so we have less havoc.


Louis: Buddy, I like you, but just sit back and relax.

Tim: Okay.

I'm not a hundred percent with Susan. I do agree with Tim that the split needs to be done at some point. But not right now, that's where Susan's right. We already have a dark sheep that's heading to the slaughter. We don't need chaos.


Susan and Louis walk away as Tim is shaking his head and is seen very angry.

When I came out here, I wanted to play a strong game. But it's so hard trying to make moves when you don't have people willing to roll with you. So I'll definitely have to play at their speed because if not, it could cost me the game.


Tim heads back to camp as well. The camera shows a shark in the ocean, catching fish and it then appears on the destroyed faces of the Minat tribe members as they are walking very angrily back to camp. John starts to talk his gibberish once again.

John: So, we lost. I knew it, I knew that that decision was going to come back on us as soon as we go to a challenge. Are you happy now wise guy?

Martin: John, would you stop being such a negative Nancy all the time?

John: You and your sucker-upper voted out a huge part of this tribe. And we are losing? Are you happy hoe-girl? (at Courtenay)

Courtenay puts her hand up and gives John a slap. Everyone cannot believe that she did something like that. John is angry and walks away from camp.

Elyse: Wow.

John was being his negative himself this afternoon and I was already down thanks to our loss, and I couldn't take it anymore. So, I slapped him. And I felt horrible after I did it. But I can't take the time back. If I could, I would.


Everyone is looking at Courtenay as the bad guy.

Courtenay (on the verge of crying): I can't believe what I've done.

Martin: Courtenay, that was a little bit over the top even if it was John.

Courtenay (having an outter body experience): I know...

Courtenay sits in the shelter very angry at herself. Everyone is feeling something that is not very describeable.

So we get back to camp after the loss and Courtenay slaps John and I just felt like I was a part of it. We could've stopped this a long time ago, voting one of them out because something like that was bound to happen. But when it happened, I felt so bad for John. I saw on his face that that hurt him. And I think there is some story behind that. Problem is, John never talks about himself. Maybe something like what Courtenay did is the reason for that.


John is seen at the water well, crying and sitting very angry. He is holding his head in his hands and he is saying some prayers.

I don't know what I keep doing. This is not me. I mean, it is, I am that negative in my normal life as well but I'm not such a bad person. But that all happened because nobody there knows me. There was never a time when they would ask me about my life, I never told anyone any story about me. But when she slapped me, it was a reminder of high school. I was always the weirdo, I was smart, and I got bullied for that. And this was exactly what I felt and it kinda shows me that I should maybe back off and try to change the name that I've made for myself in this game.


John is seen crying for a little more. The camera then switches to Martin and Parke sitting in their boat, trying to catch fish.

Parke: Fishy, fishy!

Martin: So, what did you think about that?

Parke: Well, I think slapping him was a little too much. I love Courtenay, don't get me wrong, but she went a little too far.

I needed to talk about the situation with Parke, because he is my right-hand man. This time, I actually thought about John as the victim. And I thought that this may be the only time where voting out Courtenay wouldn't be seen as breaking her trust but voting her out because of her behavior, but I need Parke in on it.


Martin: So, I thought that maybe we should vote Courtenay out?

Parke: What?

Martin: Think about it. Everyone is angry at her and if we vote her out, I'm sure it secures us that the others will stick with us in a merge situation. Though, if we vote out John, Lisa and Elyse will feel on the bottom of the barrel because they'll see us as a threesome and then the two of them, and they'll flip.

Parke is having a worrisome expression on his face.

Martin: I don't want to rush you into anything. But that's what I've been thinking about ever since that incident happened. We need the others to trust us.

Parke is unsure of what to think of it.

We sat with Martin in a boat, catching fish and he came up with an idea to take out Courtenay. His reasoning was pretty accurate, we secure ourselves three votes when we get to the merge phase of this game. However, Courtenay is in my allaince, and turning on her would be hard, since I grew very close to her out here. I just don't think I'll be able to do that to her.


The camera shows confused Parke as he is looking at Martin. The camera then goes across the ocean as Mika and Dean are in their boat trying to catch fish with their own-made fishing poles.

Mika and Dean went to catch us some fish this afternoon because we're all hungry as heck. We made our own fishing pole out of a stick and then Dean took his shoelaces out of his sweatshirt. We tied it onto the stick and as a fish line we used a part of Ellis' glasses that she left here. Thanks, Ellis! (laughs) I hope they can catch something.


The camera shows Dean and Mika tying the fishing lines.

Dean: I hope there is some fish there.

Mika: Yeah, it would suck to sit here for a couple hours and not bring back anything. They are counting on us back at camp. I don't even know how to fish.

Dean: I'll teach you.

Me and Mika, we were in the boat catching fish and I needed to talk with her about what the tribe thought of us. I didn't want to be pushy but I wanted to know what she thought about it.


Dean: What do you think about what they're saying about us?

Mika: As far as I'm concerned, it's all fun and jokes. I mean, you are my best friend out here and it's normal for a human to search for body warmth.

Dean (ashamed): Exactly. I was just a little afraid, because, you know,... I have never been intimate with anyone.

Mika looks at Dean with a really caring expression as she realises that this is a touchy subject to him.

Mika (in somewhat a concerned way): Oh, really? That's okay, you don't have to be ashamed of it. I thinks it's a really nice thing when you are keeping it for somebody who you love. I think it's very admirable actually.

Dean: I guess. I was always the geek, you know. No girls were ever even a little bit interested in me. And I am worried to tell people that I'm a virgin most of the time. I just feel like that's embarrassing.

Mika: It's not. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Dean is such a beautiful person on the inside. He is just so clean and pure and that I admire about him. And for him to share that with me, it shows me how much of a friend he is. And I now have an even closer bond with him. I have been through some tough relationships and I concieve hatred for love ever since, but with him, I feel like in heaven.


Dean throws the line in the water as he tries to catch some fish.

Sharing all of that with Mika, it was hard for me. It was like giving a piece of me away. But if that actually happened, then I would've at least known that I've given the part to a good place. I have a special bond with Mika and that will never disappear. Never.


Mika is seen trying to throw the line in but doesn't exactly know how to do it. Dean sees that and he smiles.

Dean: Do you need some help?

Mika: Yeah, I guess so.

Dean smiles at Mika as she gives him a cheeky smile as well. Dean comes to her and stands behing her. He takes her hands and it means that he's giving her somewhat of an embrace. He then helps her throw the line in. The two look each other in the eyes and smile.

Mika: Thank you.

Dean: It's nothin', you're welcome.

The two sit at each of their poles and suddenly the camera shows like six fish that they catch. They are very happy.

Suddenly, the fish started to almost jump all of a sudden into the boat. We caught eight small ones and one huge one. We are going to eat! (laughs and claps) We aren't going to die in the jungle. I was just so excited because it was my first time fishing and I caught six fish.


Dean and Mika are seen still stitting in boat as they start paddling. The sky behind them is getting really dark and really cloudy.

Dean: I think we should head back, it looks like a storm.

The camera shows Dean and Mika's boat ride away from the screan as it goes to the other tribe's beach where everything is already settling down for a night. John comes back after 3 hours in the jungle. Everybody else is getting stuff to hide before the storm comes.

Courtenay: John, I would like to apologize to you. It was too much. You've been driving me nuts and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. So I just let the hand go...

John: Listen, it's all okay. I have an announcement to make, everyone. I would like to apologize for my behavior, though don't expect for it to change. It won't. That's just me and I can't change that. I'll still be bossy and negative most of the time but I promise to all of you that I won't say the mean stuff anymore. I realise that it's not a respectable way to treat people. So, I apologize.

Everyone claps for John as he ends his announcement.

I knew that I needed to make them relate to me a little. Everything I said was true. I am going to change a little bit. I'll still want them to work and bust their asses but I won't be nasty to them because I realised that I was doing the same stuff as the bullies did to me. And that's not acceptable.


Martin: That's the man I know.

John apologized to us and felt like what Courtenay did touched him so deep. I see a new John already and I am excited to see what comes next from him. I feel like we are about to see who he really is.


Parke: Great! Now let's get all of this done before the storm comes.

Lisa: Yes, let's!

I apologized to John about what I've done because what I did was disgusting. And John apologized for his behavior too. Did it change my mind about him? Absolutely not. I still want him gone. For Rebecca, for the viewers, for me.


The sun settles as the clouds come. The camera shows a scene of a tree breaking in the strong wind that is a coming. We can see stuff flying in the air as everything is dark already. We hear thunders and see lightnings and the sea is getting very wild. The camera shows a scene of all the members of the Minat tribe in the shelter, cuddling and freezing, but since they have a tarp, it's not as bad. However, in Akan everyone is freezing. The camera shows everyone literally hunched and scrunched into a shape of a ball. The camera shows a few ocean scenes again as it cuts to break.

Day 11

The camera appears soon in the morning of Day 11 in the Akan camp. We can only hear the wind whistling and we see the huge waves that are happening. Susan is the only one who woke up and she is sitting at the corner of the shelter as everyone else is wet but sleeping. Dean and Mika are cuddling as Ivane, Sean, Louis and Tim are sleeping close to each other.

What a day today! It doesn't seem like it's going to end. I don't see any breaks in the sky. It looks like it'll be cold for a few more hours, if not for a few more days. I have never been this cold in my life. I am just drenched. I have to go back to the shelter or I'll literally freeze.


The camera shows Susan walking back into the shelter as a few people are already awake. She starts to shiver a little.

Susan (frustrated): God, what is this supposed to be?

Sean: This sucks so bad!

Tim: It does.

Everything is drenched and waterlogged. Literally, the roof of our shelter is soaking wet and we can't do anything about it. Nobody has any energy left in them. We can't cook, therefore we can't eat or drink. This is what I call Survivor.


Mika: This is not how I envision a paradise.

Susan: Heck, this isn't even how I envision the hell to be like. It looks like Ivane is liking it though.

Ivane: I am. Let me sleep for God's sake!

This little comment gives everyone a little smidgen of happiness.

I don't care what the weather is like. I am used to these conditions, I was trained to be able to get through all of this. I work in this most of the time, so I knew coming here that the weather couldn't get to me. I am a firefighter, I am trained to work in abnormal conditions. This is nothing to me.


Ivane looks out of the shelter and sees the rain and the ocean getting very wild. She opens her eyes wide and then gets back to the shelter where everyone is seen sitting completely spent.

But I know that the others don't work in this. I have to keep the energy up and be positive because if the ambience dies, everything dies and that's not what we need. We need to be positive. So we can get through all of this.


The camera shows one more scene of the Akan tribe as the camera shows the sky. The time flies by, but no change is seen. We see a few scenes of the wildlife as the camera shows a scene later that day in the evening in the Minat tribe. Everyone is sitting in shelter except for John and Parke who are trying to cook rice.

Lisa: Guys, you should get in! We don't want you to get ill or something!

John: It's okay, honey. We got this!

We are basically trying to keep a little ember alive the whole day. This is like the worst day I've lived in my life. I hope this stops soon because if it doesn't, we may starve for a little bit.


John: Cooking in all of this crap is not very useful.

Parke: Tell me about it, my hair is just so done after this.

The worst thing is that my long locks are completely falling apart now and that's not good. I sometimes get money from haircommercials, but after this, I don't think I'll get any work with having a hair that just looks like a big wet chihuahua that's been placed on my head.


The cameras show the rest of the tribe wet in the shelter.

Martin: So glad we got this tarp.

Lisa: Oh, absolutely. It would've been a whole lotta worse to be sitting here without that tarp.

This should be called the 'Hell Day'. That's literally what this is. It hasn't stopped raining ever since yesterday evening and that's pretty much almost 24 hours since it's probably about the same time now as it's been yesterday when the storm started. This sucks so bad!


The camera shows John and Parke running to hide with a few scoops of cooked rice. They give it to the tribe as everyone gets about half a spoon of rice. The camera then shows everything go dark once again as it's night already. The camera then shows the Akan camp where Mika is hugged by Dean, but she's not sleeping as she is feeling too cold to do so.

This is the worst day I ever experienced. I am just waterlogged all over my body. I can't even speak anymore. I can't sleep too. I am just lying there and looking at the raindrops. I am not strong enough, I'm afraid. Please, stop. (cries)


The camera shows Mika trying to get more warmth from Dean as she tries to sleep. The camera goes to the ocean as it gets to another break.

Day 12

The camera appears in the next morning as the storm is still happening but at this point the rain is not as intense as it has been before. We see the Akan camp as Louis, Susan and Ivane are looking around camp.

Susan: Is the knife okay?

Ivane (disgusted): No, it's almost falling apart as it's wet as heck. This is like the apocalypse come now.

Susan: That's true.

We were just looking around the camp today to see if there is anything missing or if anything got destroyed by the storm. We found everything so there is not much of a damage. This sucks though. We are stuck in one of the biggest storms of the year, I guess. But we are in a rainforest, so...


The camera shows Ivane as she is walking to Mika who is sitting on the edge of the shelter.

Ivane: Are you okay, sweetheart?

Mika: Kind of. I feel spent but I am okay. Where is everyone?

Ivane: We are just here, at camp. We are trying to get everything in place. Dean and Sean went to get tree-mail. Just keep holding on is the mindset now, I guess.

Mika: Completely. I'll come help you, guys.

I have to keep reminding myself constantly that I'm doing this for the kids that I love, but this is such a hard game. I have to stay but then I feel like crap and I don't know. I am just waiting for evetyhing to get better. (smiles) Positivity is the key.


The camera goes across the ocean to the Minat camp. We can see Martin and Elyse going to get tree-mail.

Elyse: What do we have here?

Martin: Tree-mail!

I went to get tree-mail today with Martin and I needed to talk with him about the next vote if we go to Tribal Council. It had to be quick though because I know for a fact that neither of us wanted to get wet.


Elyse: So,... about the vote. It has to be Courtenay next. Hear me out,...

Martin: No, I agree with you. We need to vote Courtenay out. Her attitude and behavior are starting to get a little unacceptable.

Elyse: Okay, then.

He said yes and that's kind of fishy to me. I feel like by saying that he just wanted to calm me down. But I have to trust him now. If he really wants to turn on one of his allies, it just helps me get further in the game.


Elyse: So you really have no problem voting for her.

Martin: No. She made a snarky comment to me that really got me thinking.

Elyse: Well,...

Saying all of that to Elyse, I basically secured her trust in me and I am glad that she came with the idea to me so that I don't look like the big backastabber but just the follower of a great strategic move made by Elyse. But the problems are: a) I like Courtenay and I feel horrible going against her, and b) Parke is unsure of what to do. So, now it's fifty-fifty between John and Court.


Elyse and Martin get back to camp as everyone is in the shelter.

Elyse: We got tree-mail, guys.

Courtenay: Let's read it then.

Elyse is reading the mail as everyone is looking at her.

Today's immunity challenge is going to be very importanz because we have to win in order for us to not fall behind even more in the numbers. This game is all numbers and we don't have many at this point. So, let's win the challenge!


The camera shows the challenge area that takes place somewhere inland between two huge hills. The tribes come as Probst takes the idol away from Akan. He then, while it's still raining, explains the challenge mechanics. Akan sits Mika out of the challenge and everybody gets to their spots. The people at the wheelbarrow station for Akan are Ivane, Susan and Louis, for Minat it's Lisa, Elyse and John. The slingshot users for Akan are Dean, Sean and Tim and for Minat it's Courtenay, Martin and Parke. Probst throws his hands in the air as the challenge starts. Akan starts to assemble their wheelbarrow but they don't really know what to do. Minat gets in the lead thanks to Lisa and John's methodic approach. Elyse just helps them put a few pieces together. They wuickly have their wheelbarrow and head out onto the course. Ivane, Susan and Louis are losing a lot of time. They are putting the upside on the bottom and they don't have many pieces put together. Minat is already at their first coconut station as they got through all the obstacles on the fisrt part of the course. They have most of their coconuts in as John puts the ones that have fallen out back in. Akan is still trying to assemble something. Minat gets to some logs that they are having a hard time going through. John is pushing the log forward as he lets it go on his leg. He screams out of pain but gets up as pushes the log away. Their tribemates are cheering them up. Louis finally gets two pieces together for Akan as Susan places another. Minat gets to their second coconut station and they have all of their coconuts in their wheelbarrow. They are pushing through the rock section as there is a lot of mud because of the rain. Akan suddenly has their wheelbarrow together and they are on the course. Minat gets to their other three members that are doing the slingshot. Courtenay tries an misses. Akan has their first bunch of coconuts and they are heading to the end of the challenge. They are pushing through logs. Martin launches one of the coconuts for Minat as he takes down the first target. Courtenay is next and she launches the coconut close to Probst. That, however, isn't even merely close to where the targets are. Akan is already at their second coconut station. They get all of them and are going through the muddy rocks. Courtenay launches another one and misses by a lot. Parke launches one and takes down the furthest target. Akan is at the coconut station as Tim is first and takes down one of the targets right away. Martin takes down the third target for Minat and Parke takes down the fourth as Courtenay misses hers which pisses off John who is shaking his head. Dean takes down a target for Akan as Sean doesn't by just a milimeter. Tim launches another coconut and takes down the third target for Akan. The girls are cheering as Mika is jumping up and down on the bench. Tim takes down the fourth as they are letting him shoot all of the ones for Akan. Parke takes down a tree stick as he can only launch far and doesn't know how to launch at the closer targets. Martin takes down the fifth for Minat as does Tim for Akan. It's coming down to the last target for both of the tribes. Tim takes down the final one for Akan in an intense scene.

Probst: Akan wins immunity! Incredible comeback!

The tribes collect themselves in front of Jeff as Akan gets immunity from him. The immunity goes straight to Tim without whom the challenge could've gone a different way.

Probst: Congrats on the win Akan. Minat, got nothing for you except a date with me at tonight's Tribal Council where one of you will be voted out. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. See you.

Everyone grabs their stuff as they head out of the challenge area as Probst seems excited to see what will happen at the Tribal Council. The camers shows a few fish jumpong up and down in the water as it goes to the Minat tribe's beach. Everyone is unhappy but they keep a good sportsmenship attitude. The weather got a little better as it's raining only a little bit.

John: Well, that sucks.

Elyse: Yeah, it does. Good job though.

Well, we lost the challenge today and it sucked bad. We had a huge lead but the shooters lost all of it. I hope everyone finally saw that Courtenay can't do a thing as she was a big part of why we lost today. However, I think I'll vote for Martin just to give him a heads-up.


Martin: I think I'll go get water.

Courtenay: I'll come with you.

Parke: I'll go too.

Me and my alliance already agreed to vote out John if we go to Tribal Council tonight and since we do, I think there won't be any questions as to what will happen.


The camera is showing a scene of the alliance of young talking about what they are about to do at the Tribal Council.

Courtenay: So, the plan is still the same, right?

Martin: Nothing changed here.

Parke: Neither here.

Courtenay: Okay.

I am so excited for the Tribal Council. We will finally get rid of the biggest jerk of all time and this is the best thing of all the 12 days that I've been out here. I can't wait to see his face when he's blindsided. (laughing) God, I can't wait!


The camera shows Lisa and Elyse sitting at the fire as John is working around camp and the two are talking.

Lisa (whispering): So, what about tonight?

Elyse (whisering back): Martin agreed with the whole thing. He thinks that Courtenay wanted to turn on him, so he'd rather do it to her before she can do it to him.

Lisa: That's great. But, let's try something.

Elyse: What do you mean?

The three, Courtenay, Martin and Parke, are obviously in an alliance and if the three are lying to us, then it could be me or Elyse going home tonight. But that we can't let happen. So why not try to secure our place in the game by us three on the outs joining forces to break the alliance up.


Lisa: John, what are you thinking about tonight? I mean, the other three are obviously in an alliance.

John: They'll probably vote for me, won't they?

Elyse: Well, that's not certain but they probably will.

Lisa: So, what about this. Would you be willing to join forces with us and vote for Courtenay tonight? That way we can ensure our safety in the game and break the alliance up as well.

John: Not for Courtenay. My vote tonight is going to Martin because he wants to control this game.

Lisa: Shall we vote for Martin then?

John: That would be a deal then.

Lisa and Elyse look at each other and they head out to the beach.

Lisa came up with this amazing idea to secure our own safety in the game. I have to give her credit because I didn't think she was this strategic. This may be the move that I've been talking about. The problem is that John wants to vote for Martin.


Elyse: So what do you think about voting for Martin?

Lisa: If we have to do it, I don't have a problem writing his name down. But I'd say, you go find out what Martin wants to do. We can vote for Courtenay if that's what he's doing. If it's not, we vote for him.

Elyse: That's a good thought. I'll go right now.

The thing about the plan to work is John. He wants to vote for Martin and I'm not sure if voting him out is the smart way. He is the strongest male on our tribe and we could lose a serious amount of challenges, but what am I supposed to do then? I'm not gonna sit here and get voted out.


The camera shows Courtenay as she is walking away from Martin and Parke. Elyse appears suddenly.

Elyse: Hi, there!

Parke: Hey!

Elyse: So about the vote tonight?

Martin: To me, it still has to be Courtenay, the problem is Parke has a problem with it.

Elyse: So, Court.

Martin says that he still wants to vote for Courtenay and I think that we should do that. If that's true though, because I am still kind of fishy about what Martin really wants to do. I have to talk it through with Lisa though.


The camera shows that Elyse is walking away from the coversation. It shows that Martin and Parke are still talking.

Martin: So do you want to do it?

Parke: I don't know. Man, I'm not sure. It's like going completely against my morales and that's what I hate the most.

I don't know what to do tonight. Going against Courtenay is like going against my little sister. This game is really hard. You have to face so many obstacles and most of them are all in your head. What shall I do? That is the question.


Martin is looking at Parke as Parke is stepping from one spot to another.

I am completely unaware of what will happen tonight because Parke is still not comfortable with blindsiding Courtenay. And I am relying on him. I'm not doing it if he's not doing this because I don't want to vote a different way than him. He may get angry at me and that's the worst thing.


Martin and Parke are seen making a decision. We are taken back to the beach where Courtenay and Elyse are both coming back from the jungle.

Elyse: Lisa, could you come here, please?

Lisa: Yeah.

Lisa and Elyse are seen walking away from camp to have a consultation on what to do tonight. Courtenay sees them and gets a little paranoid.

Courtenay (softly at John): Where are they going?

John: I don't know.

I thought that tonight was a done deal but then I see people walking away from camp, talking about something. I started to get paranoid because I wanna know what they are talking about. I needed a reassurance of what will actually happen.


Martin and Parke come back from the jungle and Courtenay goes to them right away. Parke goes to swim in the ocean.

Courtenay (whispering): It's John, right?

Martin: Of course it is. Why?

Courtenay: If it's John, tell me why they're talking there?

Courtenay points at Lisa and Elyse.

Martin: I don't know.

I thought I knew how the vote was going tonight but it seems to me like I am completely out of whatever's happening right now. I see people talking everywhere and that's weird because I told everybody how to vote tonight. What is there to talk about now?


Everyone is seen taking their torch as they are heading to the Tribal Council. They are seen walking across the beach and suddenly they appear walking to the Tribal Council. They all place their torches as they sit right across from Jeff Probst.

Probst: Welcome once again. Elyse, this is the third time in a row you guys have went to Tribal Council. Do you feel like you know why it's happening?

Elyse: I don't know, Jeff. We are a cohesive group, ...most of the time. At camp, everyone is working hard. In challenges, we ususally lead and then we lose in the end. I am starting to feel like this tribe is cursed a little bit.

Probst: John, at the very last Tribal Council, you have expressed your hatred towards certain things happening. You didn't vote with the majority. How have the things changed?

John: A lot, I'd say. I was moaning when we came back and I screamed at everyone because I don't think voting out Colton was smart. However, after the reward challenge, Courtenay slapped me and after that, I apologized because it woke me up.

Probst: Courtenay, what does he mean by you slapping him?

Courtenay: That I gave him a slap.

Probst opens his eyes wide in shock.

Probst: Courtenay, your vote seems evident to me. Is that what is going to happen?

Courtenay: Yes, I am voting for John. That's not a secret. I apologized to him for slapping him and he apologized for his behavior. We both came out of it as winners. Now it's time to play the game again.

Probst: John, where do you think all of your frustration, dare I say, and the hatred towards you is coming from?

John: I'd say, because nobody knows me. No one ever came to me to ask me about my life. They don't know what hardships I've been trough. They just don't know.

Probst: What are those hardships?

John: When I was young, I was probably five, I think, I got diagnosed with testicle cancer. I was so young and already then I thought that I was done, I thought I was going to die. I became clean however. Then I went to school and everybody knew that I had cancer and they were really nasty to me. They thought that they'd catch the cancer from me and so they bullied me and automatically didn't like me. That continued throughout high school as well. I got bullied for being a nerd, if you will. At that point, I felt the worst. There is no other feeling that's worse than feeling alone. I had no one. No one was willing to talk to me, I felt alone. And then I met the sunshine of my life, my wife. She was the first person ever that I felt liked me and it's so great having someone like that. I thought that I was going to be okay ever since. Then once my doctor called and he said the worst words I could hear: 'There is a high chance of the tumor reappearing.' When I heard that, I basically concieved hatred for living. I am negative ever since that happened. And I can't change that.

A few people show real emotion as Courtenay doesn't show anything. Elyse, however, starts crying.

Probst: Elyse, why are you crying?

Elyse: Because I adore people that endured so much in their lives. He must be such a strong human being. I mean, if they told me those words, I'd probably die just from hearing those words. There isn't a worse thing to hear.

Probst: Courtenay, you don't seem touched by the speech.

Courtenay: Because I'm not. I don't wanna seem cold-hearted but if you think about it, this is what a person, who is about to go home, would say. I didn't believe it. And my mom has cancer, but this story I don't believe. We are playing for a million dollars, of course he's gonna wanna stay.

Elyse rolls her eyes at that comment, John is shaking his head.

Probst: John, what do you make of her not believing what you said. Does it hurt a little bit?

John: Of course it does. If she doesn't believe it then that's okay. I think it's only because she wants to get rid of me. But I just wanna let you guys know, she is the weakest link in our tribe. If you vote me out, she'll lose more challenges for you.

Courtenay: As if all of the challenges were lost by me.

John: They were.

Courtenay rolls her eyes.

Probst: Martin, what do you base your vote on tonight?

Martin: Strategy. That is all I'm thinking about at this point. I need to make a move that prevents us from going to Tribal Council ever again. Even if that means making a move that I may regret future on in the game.

Courtenay looks confused by Martin's statement.

Probst: Parke, is there such a decision?

Parke: Of course there is. And that's the hard reality of this game. I can't keep playing this game clean all the time. Sometimes you have to take someone out without thinking about it twice. And I'm struggling with that, I am. I guess I just have to do what I have to do and suck the morales.

Probst: Lisa, how do you divide this tribe? There isn't a clear majority here. Or is there?

Lisa: I think there are some alliances and I think that they are going to be exposed after tonight. I don't feel comfortable being in an alliance because when you are in one, you always have to look for the loose ends. Because if there are people on the bottom, they are going to try to shake things up for themselves. And they get a chance to do so at every Tribal Council.

Martin's face turns to worrisome.

Probst: With that, it is time to vote. Elyse, you're up.

The castaways make their way one by one into the voting cinfessional room where they all cast their votes. After the votes are cast, Probst goes to tally them. The camera shows a few worried expressions on the faces of the castaways. Probst comes back with the urn and starts talking.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: John (1)

John nods his head when he sees his name come up.

Second vote: Courtenay (1-1)

Courtenay nods her head as she thinks the vote is from John.

Third vote: Martin (1-1-1)

When Martin sees his name come up, he opens his mouth and has a surprised expression on his face. John smiles and Elyse and Lisa are looking to the ground.

Fourth vote: Courtenay (2-1-1)

Courtenay is shocked when she sees her name come up again but she is still calm.

Probst: Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Malaysian Islands... Courtenay. Courtenay, I need you to bring me your torch.

Courtenay looks at Martin with a 'You bastard' expression on her face as she gets up. She gets her stuff and brings her torch. Martin is breathing heavily and Parke has a sad expression on his face.

Probst: Courtenay, the tribe has spoken.

Courtenay is looking pissed off as she gets her torch snuffed. She walks away on the verge of crying. She gives the castaways a finger as she walks away from the hut. Martin shakes his head. Lisa and Elyse look at each other and they smile as they are happy. John is happy too.

Probst: Well, that was certainly a blindside. You guys are good at that because everyone voted out from your tribe has left with the expression that Courtenay had or at least with that feeling. Only if you just knew how to win challenges. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good luck!

The castaways grab their torches as they head out from the hut and they are seen paddling their way back to the camp. The camera cuts to break.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #4:
Courtenay (4 votes)
ElyseLisaMartin Ces ShmahaParke
Elyse, Lisa, Martin, Parke
Martin Ces Shmaha
Martin (1 vote)
John Farande
John Farande
John (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

General consensus.


I am sorry, Court. I love you but you are a potty mouth. ... And I'd say a potty hand too.


Ding Dong, the Jerk is Dead.


Final Words

(wiping of tears) So, here I am. Those... ******. I am done, sorry, Mommie, I wanted to win for you but unfortunately those bitches took the chance. I had an amazing time unless this one Tribal Council. I think that Martin and Parke voted against me and I trusted them. I can't believe what rats I played the game with. I wish all of the members of Akan good luck and win against those sucking Minats. I am glad I don't have to embarrass myself by losing another challenge. Bye.


Still in the Running

John Farande
Martin Ces Shmaha
Ivane wilkins
Louis van Blanc
Mika chang
Sean Foster
Tim Sanason

Next Time on Survivor...

  • The storm continues as Mika is losing her spirit. 'I can't anymore.'
  • And one castaway is surprised by other contestants ability. 'How did she do that?' 'Don't ask me!'

Author's Notes

  • The title of the episode was said by John Farande when he was describing Martin.
  • The reward challenge is from Survivor: Borneo and it's the first original challenge that ever happened on Survivor.
  • The immunity challenge is from Survivor: South Pacific.