Gerardo Guzman
Gerardo Guzman
Contestant Profile
Birth Date March 8, 1980 (1980-03-08) (age 38)
Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Defense Attorney

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Rioni
► Alazani
Placement 7/20
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 33

Gerardo Guzman is a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


Being a Defense Attorney from Las Vegas, Nevada, 32 year old Gerardo Guzman believes he has the traits needed for a Survivor winner. Involved in the business of having to persuade people in his favor, Gerardo believes that these skills are necessary for someone to control the game, which is what he plans to do. Having a charismatic and jubilent attitude, this only further proves his claims of being the next Survivor winner.

Survivor: Caucasus

Gerardo started the game playing under the radar. He sided with Hazel Quezada, Rachel Hudson, and Yessica Chang after the altercation Hazel had with fellow tribe member Heather Villegas on Day 2. On Day 6, the alliance was ready to eliminate Heather, but instead chose to vote out Max Fisher who was the weakest in the tribe.

After losing the next Immunity Challenge on Day 8, the foursome alliance was finally ready to vote out Heather, but swing votes Agatha Christenson and Martin Bowell decided to side with Heather and Hazel was voted out.

With Gerardo, Yessica, and Rachel left to fend for themselves, they were shocked to hear that a double Tribal Council was coming up. Yessica then came up with an elaborate plan which kept all her alliance members safe and sent Winston Grant packing. A surprise tribe switch then occurred, pitting the men against the women, sending Gerardo, Martin, and Aaron McCarthy to the all-male Alazani tribe, separating Gerardo from him alliance.

I'm in such a dire situation right now. My real allies are still over at Rioni, while the ones I have here barely want to work with each other. I have no idea how I'm going to make this work, but I'll give it a try.


Gerardo took charge after noticing the four original Alazani members making a pact and decided to assemble the three original Rioni. He tried to find any cracks in the Alazani alliance and was able to discover that Van Stevenson was the odd man out.

I'm sure the four men can't be that close. There has to be some sort of crack and it's my job to find it.


After losing immunity on Day 19, Gerardo tried to get Daniel Marvin to flip on his alliance but was unsuccessful, and Martin ended up being voted off. Things began to look grim for Gerardo and Aaron, but Gerardo attempted to make a last ditch effort by making deals with the Alazani men, even going as far as selling out Aaron.

I don't know if I'll be able to protect Aaron from now on. I'm trying to keep him in this game longer, but he's not helping me. If I need to sell him out in order to keep myself in, I'll do it.


After losing the Immunity Challenge once again, Gerardo tried once more to get Van voted out of the tribe. This time, he managed to get Daniel and Derek Phu on board with the plan and Van was blindsided at Tribal Council.

On Day 22, Gerardo was added as a replacement to the Alazani alliance and later became part of the new Kura tribe after both tribes merged on Day 25.

Upon entering the merge, Gerardo seemed to be covered from all sides. He was aligned with the Alazani men, was reunited with Yessica, and unbeknownst to everyone was still aligned with Aaron. A majority alliance was then formed which included Sebastian Hibbard, Daniel, Derek, Amy Corazon, Yessica, Gerardo, and Samantha Marino. Their target was Heather, but after she won immunity, it quickly switched to Aaron. However, Gerardo was able to convince everyone that Samantha was secretly working with Heather and she was voted out unanimously at Tribal Council.

There are many ways I can approach this. I can vote with the majority alliance in taking out Aaron. Or I can flip my vote and convince Heather and them to vote out Samantha. To me, neither is an acceptable option. I need to get the whole tribe to vote for Samantha. That way, no one gets suspicious of me and my intentions at playing everybody's game.


With the only person he wasn't aligned to out of the game, Gerardo finally had to choose a side, his alliance with Yessica and Daniel, or his secret alliance with Heather and Aaron. After Sebastian's evacuation from the game, many possibilities opened for Gerardo, especially after winning immunity on Day 29.

I literally have all the power this week. At first, I was unsure if I was going to side with Heather and Aaron, but Sebastian's departure opened up many doors for me, so joining up with them has become a possibility. However, if I side with them, Yessica and the others will so pissed at me.


At Tribal Council, he ended up voting for Aaron along with Yessica, Daniel, Amy, and Derek, but unknown to them, he told Heather and Aaron who his alliance would be voting for, which allowed them to use the Hidden Immunity Idol on Aaron and send Derek to the Jury.

Before Tribal, I told Heather to use her idol on Aaron. I felt bad betraying my alliance, but in the end I realized that I have a way better chance at winning if I'm sitting next to those two.


After coming back from Tribal, Gerardo pretended not to know anything about what happened, but Heather later ratted him out to his alliance.

I can't believe Heather sold me out, especially after I've been busting my ass these past couple days, trying to protect both her and Aaron. Some damage control needs to be done now!


Upon finding out about Gerardo's betrayal, Amy, Yessica, and especially Daniel targeted him for elimination. His only saving grace was winning immunity, but even after an advantage he'd bought at the Survivor Auction, he lost out of immunity to Daniel. Even though Gerardo was sitting comfortable in his new four person alliance consisting of himself, Heather, Aaron, and Agatha, he was still feeling nervous, especially about Agatha, who'd just found that Heather had been using her since the beginning of the game.

I definitely know that I have Aaron and Heather's vote, but I feel like Agatha's a wild card. Ever since this morning, she's been giving Heather the cold shoulder. This better not have anything to do about me.


At Tribal Council, Gerardo was being attacked for his sneaky gameplay, and in the end, Agatha voted against him out of spite for Heather, sending him to the Jury in a close 4-3 vote.

Voting History

Gerardo's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Rioni Tribe Immune
2 Max -
3 Heather -
4 Rioni Tribe Immune
5 Winston Heather, Aaron,
Heather, Aaron1
6 Alazani Tribe Immune
7 Van -
8 Van -
9 Alazani Tribe Immune
10 Samantha -
11 No Tribal Council
Aaron Individual Immunity
12 Yessica Daniel, Yessica,
Amy, Agatha
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In She Can't Blame It On The Alcohol, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Gerardo and Winston, forcing a revote, where the only eligible for elimination were Gerardo and Winston. At the revote, Gerardo did not have enough votes to eliminate him.


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  • Gerardo's Luxury Item was a Frisbee.
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