"Get at Me!"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 3/14
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This is the 3rd episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

Amends were made on the Litoral tribe while the Selva tribe split more apart. Litoral, now united, won both the Reward and Immunity Challenge, sending Selva to their first tribal council. There a majority of Cooper, Laurel, Julianna, Lukas, and Ralphie voted off Emma, who wasn't working as hard at camp.


Reward Challenge: Losing Your Marbles
5 players from each tribe must jump off a 20 foot platform into the water to collect 5 bags of marbles, each with 50 marbles each. Once they collect all five bags, they must run back to the beach and give their bags to the other two tribe members. The two tribe members, once untying all their bags, pour them into a funnel which dumps the marbles into their maze, which needs to be tilted to move the marbles. At the end of the maze there is a bucket. The tribe needs to get all 250 marbles into their bucket to raise their flag, winning reward.
Reward: Three roosters and a pen.
Winner: Litoral

Immunity Challenge: Tangled
Each tribes starts in a glass tunnel, with ropes dangling all over the place, some in the air connected by two walls, others just dangling there. If a tribe member hits the ground, they are out. If all 7 tribe members fall, the other tribe wins immunity. But the tribe with the most members across or in the fastest time (if all 7 on both tribes make it across) win immunity.
Winner: TBA


Rose and Dover come back from Tribal Council discouraged as Cooper didn't stick to his word and voted out Emma. Rose sits in the shelter, now upset that her closest ally is gone. Dover goes to confront Cooper.

Quote1Why did you do that.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Because I'm not playing your game Dover, it's my personal move to survive.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Whatever, it's your risk.Quote2- Dover
Wow. Just wow. He thinks that the game is for him, and that everyone should be shaped around that. Really bothers me how he tries to control us. He better lighten up and calm down.


Day 7

The Litoral tribe wakes up to see a bird taking some of their fish. Joel quickly comes up from behind it and snatches the bird. Soon, it becomes their breakfast.

I feel our tribe is just awesome. It's been a couple days. But you never know. But let's have our good spirits up for the challenge.


Meanwhile, Chip is off collecting firewood. When he gets to the well to collect some water, he finds a stone budging out a little. Making sure no one is around, he pulls the stone out and there's a clue. Chip pulls out the clue and reads it.

Quote1"If you seek 3 extra days.
Go where the water lays.
It's out of reach, but really wonder.
Or your chances are six feet under.Quote2
- Note
Quote1Now...what does this mean?Quote2- Chip

Chip walks away from the well, putting the stone back, to go bring back the supplies.

On the Selva tribe, the 7 remaining are sitting there, eating rice and some fish. Lukas is off by himself, sitting on the beach, but everyone thinks he is going after the idol.

Quote1Hey, Luke has been gone for awhile, do you think he...?Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Went after the idol? Possibly, it can be anywhere in this camp.Quote2- Dover
Quote1But he wouldn't, would he?Quote2- Rose
Quote1He's a really suspicious character, no one really knows.Quote2- Laurel
Quote1But he possibly couldn't, he just couldn't, not Lukas.Quote2- Julianna
Lukas being quiet and away from the rest of the tribe brings up attention and red flags. But, unless he's stupid or playing us, he can't just be away that long.

Lukas is in big trouble if he keeps his loner act up, and I need to save him from that.


The two tribes meet for the reward challenge, where the Litoral tribe is not very surprised to see Emma gone. They get to the challenge, where Celeste and Skylar are working the maze for Litoral while Cooper and Laurel are working the maze for Selva. The other 10 jump out into the water and swim down to get their bags. Chip and Ralphie are first out, followed by Joel and Lukas. Chip is the first to get across onto the tribe mat, and Ralphie gets to the Selva tribe mat. Now Dover and Brady are out of the water, with Julianna close behind. Dover has outpassed Joel and him and Lukas are on the mat. Carmen finally grabs her bag and is running our of the water. Joel gets onto the mat with Brady close behind. Julianna steps on her mat first and they start pouring their marbles through the funnel. Carmen, though tired, gets to the map, and Litoral starts pouring their marbles out. Even though Cooper and Laurel are leading, they lose direction and get most of their marbles stuck in dead ends. Celeste and Skylar, on the other hand, work out a system and get more marbles down the right path. It's only a matter of time before Litoral overpassed Selva and eventually won the challenge, giving them three roosters and a chicken pen.

Litoral returns with high spirits as they come back with their roosters and the pen to keep them in. But after that's all set up, Celeste goes to talk to Brady and Carmen about strategy.

Quote1Hey, so I want to talk about getting rid of Chip.Quote2- Celeste
Quote1Why, he's our strongest.Quote2- Brady
Quote1But he's creating so many friendships out here, and people can just take him to the end for it.Quote2- Celeste
Quote1I see, but how do we do it?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1We try to convince Casey or Joel to flip.Quote2- Celeste
Quote1It could work, I guess.Quote2- Brady
I need to get started, because my days are gonna be numbered.


Wow, she's really trying to dig herself from the bottom.


Meanwhile, at Selva, Dover and Cooper are being bitter towards each other for the performance in the challenge.

Laurel messed up, but Dover is blind. He thinks I did it.


Ugh, Cooper is being such a jerk over the challenge. He can't commit to his own fault!


Quote1Look, I wasn't the only one that was working the marbles.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1You still had a big part of navigating them.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I messed up a couple times, get over it, it's not like the challenge was for immunity.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Yeah, you would be screwed.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Really, do you have that power. Not really.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I can get the votes together.Quote2- Dover
Quote1All you have is Rose.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1Will you shut up you arrogant jerk?Quote2- Dover

They continue bickering for a little longer before Dover walks away from the conversation.

Dover, get at me!


Day 8

At the Litoral Tribe camp, Chip pulls Skylar aside.

Quote1Hey, guess what?Quote2- Chip
Quote1Um...what?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I found the idol clue!Quote2- Chip
Quote1What! You did! How!Quote2- Skylar

Chip explains the whole incident and shows Skylar the clue.

Quote1I think I know where this is.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Really! What are we waiting for?Quote2- Chip
Quote1Yeah let's go, everyone's at the beach.Quote2- Skylar.

The two walk off to the watering well. There, Skylar pulls up the bucket until it is out of the well. She turns it upside down and there, wrapped around the bucket, is the Hidden Immunity Idol. Both of them celebrate for a little bit about their accomplishment.

Chip seems to be a key player this season, I guess I have to stick around with him, he'll prove his liability.


Quote1Should we tell anyone?Quote2- Chip
Quote1Who do we trust the most to tell?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Not really anyone.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Well, I trust Joel, but we have to see.Quote2- Skylar.

The two walk to the beach after putting the idol in Chip's bag.

At Selva, Lukas, Ralphie, and Julianna are sitting on the beach, while Cooper is sitting in the water.

Quote1You know we can't take him out, he's one of our strongest.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1I don't know, Lukas is like all beef and Ralphie is huge. Dover, he's got his speed and his agility, but this is Survivor.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1And you're a twig.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1Ha!Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Shut up.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1It's either Rose or Laurel. She might've helped us last time, but she's just sitting there at camp, doing nothing but eat our rice.Quote2- Julianna
Quote1Well, we're sitting here on the beach doesn't that make us useless?Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Really, your logic is not needed.Quote2- Cooper
Quote1It depends on the next couple of challenges, whoever does the worst from the three is going home.Quote2- Lukas
Quote1What if they find the idol?Quote2- Julianna
Quote1I don't think anyone has gone for that at all.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Yeah, we have nothing to worry, we'll go look around when Dover and Rose disappear from camp. Let's just focus on the next challenge.Quote2- Cooper

The four continue relaxing at camp. Meanwhile, Laurel is sitting alone at the shelter, very emotional.

I don't know where I stand in this game, and it worries me that I might not last longer. I know I wasn't really fit for this game after Emma left, but I have to keep fighting.


Day 9

The tribes meet up for the immunity challenge. From the start, Chip and Lukas use their strength to get across most of the ropes with ease. Rose falls a couple feet into the course, knocking Selva down a member. After 30 minutes, the number of teammates remain the same, but only Chip and Lukas have complete the rope course. Ralphie is almost done, Dover and Laurel are having trouble, and Cooper hasn't even started. All of Litoral has gone onto the course. But Carmen fell, leaving them dead-even. Joel completes it next, almost falling off the final platform. Brady and Celeste are having trouble, and Skylar is almost done. Casey is slowly making his way across. Julianna almost slips, but Ralphie grabs her and pulls her back up onto the final platform, bringing Selva's completed total to 3 to Litoral's 2. After an hour and 12 minutes, Laurel falls, giving Litoral hope. Casey has finished and Brady is almost there with Skylar. Celeste is still struggling. Cooper starts now, quickly swinging across, waiting for the path to clear after some Selva members made it across. Now it is 4 to 3. Dover makes it across, and all the Selva members that could have finished. All they need to do is hope that either Brady, Skylar, or Celeste fall off. Brady finishes, followed by Skylar, making it even. Celeste is stuggling, it takes her almost a half hour to get to the end. But as she's about to leap, she slips and falls, ending the challenge and winning it for Selva. Selva celebrates while Litoral walks away defeated, now having to vote someone off.

Back at Litoral, the tribe quickly gathers after Celeste goes to search for the idol, not aware it is in Chip's possession.

Quote1She's gone, right?Quote2- Chip
Quote1Totally.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Yeah, it's best for us to move on without her aid.Quote2- Joel

After that, Celeste goes up to Carmen and Brady to talk a deal.

Quote1So, are we ready to cut Chip's throat?Quote2- Celeste
Quote1Sure, but it's gonna take a lot of convincing of Joel or Casey.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Yeah, we need to start talking.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I'll try to talk sense into Casey. You guys got to go to JoelQuote2- Celeste.

The three disperse. While, Celeste walks away, Brady and Carmen talk to each other as they walk to the camp.

Quote1She's trying so hard, but she's gone.Quote2- Brady
Quote1Yeah, but you do realize we might need to cut Chip's throat soon?Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Like, before the merge?Quote2- If we can, yeah.
Quote1CarmenQuote2- Cool, let's do it.
Quote1BradyQuote2- {{{10}}}

Celeste goes to talk to Casey before Tribal.

Quote1Hey, do you want to change the game?Quote2- Celeste
Quote1Not really at the moment, but explain.Quote2- Casey
Quote1We could get the votes to take out Chip.Quote2- Celeste
Quote1Why would I do that?Quote2- Casey
Quote1To bring down him, Skylar, and Joel. Your obviously their fourth.Quote2- Celeste
Quote1Hmm...I'll think about it.Quote2- Casey

Do I stick with the majority, or try to make a power play?


At Tribal, the Litoral tribe talks about how they need to strengthen up against Selva and how they need to win more Immunity challenges. When the votes are revealed, no one votes with Celeste as she is unanimously voted off 6-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Celeste Litoral
Celeste (7 votes)

Brady LitoralCarmen LitoralCasey LitoralChip LitoralJoel LitoralSkylar Litoral
Brady, Carmen, Casey, Chip, Joel, Skylar

Chip Litoral
Chip (1 vote)

Celeste Litoral

Celeste Litoral BW
Celeste Darano

Voting Confessionals

Yeah, sorry, we can't just start cutting the throat of our strongest just yet.


Kudos for the attempt though.


I just wasn't convinced enough.


I have to try to take you out, hopefully everyone else listens.


You're a weakest, enough said.


This is for the better of the tribe.


This wasn't hard to choose, sorry.


Final Words

Well, no one listened, and I got the boot. I wish I could've lasting longer, but this was the experience.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva
Laurel Selva
Lukas Selva
Ralphie Selva
Rose Selva
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Selva starts to implode
  • More idol madness

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