"Girl Power"
Season Survivor: The Jungles of Kenya
Author Wafflefreak
Episode Number 2
Episode Chronology
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This is the second episode of Survivor: The Jungles of Kenya

Previously On Survivor...

  • First impression's prove their importance as the castaways have one night to prove they have what it takes to cut it in the game, and be chosen during the tribal selection. Rachael and Corinne are both given the power to select the two tribes, and in the end they fail to pick Jedediah and he is eliminated from the game.
  • Both Lynsie and Johnathan's paranoia levels run high as they question whether or not they stand at the bottom of the totem pole.
  • Despite having a physically stronger tribe, Luhya fails to beat Elgon in the Immunity Challenge, and is sent to tribal council.
  • Frist impressions continue to show how exactly important they are, as Brock and Stephen target Esther based on her age and what they think she can contribute. However Dana and Esther decide it would be in their best interest to team up and talk to Corinne and Dan about forming and Elders Alliance.
  • In the end Corinne and Dan go back on their word to Brock and Stephen, and join Esther and Dana in blindsiding Daryl at the first tribal council.


Reward Challenge: By The Numbers
One at a time, each tribe member must maneuver past the other players standing on a balance beam and get to the finishing platform. If one of them falls or touches more than one other player at once, they must start over. First tribe to get all eight members on the platform wins.
Reward: Hammock, Blankets, and Pillows.

Immunity Challenge: Free Fallin
Each tribe starts the challenge on a raised platform. One at a time, tribemates drop from a three-step structure down into a net. After all players from a tribe finish the net drop and assemble on a tribal mat, they proceed to the next stage, climb stairs to another platform, and perform a balance beam walk.


Night 3


It's a dark, peaceful night. Everything lies seemingly still, including the clouds in the sky. The Luhya tribe slowly stumbles back into camp using only the light from the full moon to guide their way. Upon resting her torch against a nearby tree, Esther wanders toward the shelter and plops down her bag of belongings.

Oh boy I dodged a big one today baby, I know that. I am so thankful to still be here, I owe a lot to both Corinne and Dan. They saved me big time tonight, and I can only hope a situation arises where I can repay the favor to show my appreciation.


Both Stephen and Brock have a quiet distance from the rest of the group. Stephen looks to Brock almost as if to want answers to no doubt the many questions he has, but Brock just raises both his hands as if to say, "I don't know."

Stephen: Did you flip?

Brock: What?! No!

Stephen Well Daryl didn't vote for himself, so it had to be Corinne and Dan.

Brock: I have no idea why they'd do that. To intentionally weaken the tribe, like?

Brock motions a 'bye-bye' with his hands at the thought of Corinne and Dan's betrayal.

I don't get it. I. Don't. Get. It. It's so early to give someone your word and already go back on it? What the hell does keeping Esther in the game benefit anyone on this team? It doesn't!


Stephen: I'm going to confront her.

Brock: Go for it, I wont stop you!

Stephen: I will! (he says with a laugh)

Starting an argument with anyone wont help me, or get me my answers. I'm just going to pull one of them aside and just ask what happened. Initially I thought about asking Corinne, as I see her as more of the head of the snake. BUT, I decided to ask Dan just because he's less inclined to lie to me, and if he does it'll be way more transparent than if I was talking to Corinne.


Brock and Stephen eventually rejoin the others who have all settled into the shelter for the night, while Brock crawls in for some sleep as well, Stephen pokes Dan's leg and asks if the two can talk for a second. Dan agree's and the two walk away together.

It's not that I don't trust Dan, it's just that he's a little more weak minded than me, and I know that's why they pulled him aside and not myself. I'm afraid that if they get him alone he could expose the Elder Alliance that we have brewing with Dana and Esther.


Stephen: What happened man?

Dan doesn't know what to say, and all Stephen can really get from him as an answer is a shrug.

Stephen: Well, you've got to know something? I mean you did switch your vote.

Dan: I thought you would have known the plan changed.

Stephen I didn't. Neither of us did. (he says as he motions back to camp, refering to Brock)

Dan: I'm sorry, I really am. I don't know what you want me to say.

Stephen So who changed the plan?

Dan: I... I don't know who changed it.

Stephen Okay well who approached you about changing your vote?

Dan: Corinne.

Stephen Okay, that's all I was asking man. I'm not trying to pick a fight or be difficult, I just want you to understand the frustration. Not being filled in on something like that is a little scary.

Dan: You're right, an I apologize. I thought information was being passed along, and it wasn't. I'll personally do better in the future to make sure we're all unified and on the same page together.

It was like pulling teeth! The man was obviously lying to me. I don't know what happened, but I can just tell by how antsy he had gotten that something's up.


Day 4


It's a new day, and with the exception of Dong and Natally, the entire tribe was up bright and early with the sunrise. The morning is filled with many laughs, and Shaun is cooking everyone up some rice and corn for breakfast.

Spirits are high over here, and our stomachs are well.. at least a little bit fuller than the other teams.


It's true, after their canned food reward the Elgon tribe has been able to ration bigger servings for each of it's members.

Johnathan: This right here could even be the difference between winning and losing again.

He said as he shoved another stick full of food into his mouth.

It's great because the little bit of extra energy this is going to give us, could be just enough to take down Luhya in any future challenge.


Nessa, being a yoga instructor, decides to take Lynsie, Rachael, Natally, and Shaun down near the lake for a lesson. Nessa hopes staying limber could also help when it comes to the challenge portion of the competition, and that giving the lessons could help her in the social aspect of the game. Nessa gives an up close and personal class, correcting some of Lynsie's poses, and giving praise for Natally's efforts, who no doubt was attempting to show off.

It's stuff like this that really makes me feel like an outsider. Myself and Dong are the only two who didn't take part, and that's because neither of us are in the shape to be able to do so. It makes me feel kinda of down on myself, of course. But I'm used to that, It's fine, I'm okay. I just don't want to be singled out because of things like this, that's all.


After the class, everyone, including Dong and Johnathan, head into the lake for a swim. The lake itself is a little swampy, but everyone has held off long enough that the lake isn't grossing them out.

The lake is so disgusting, which is why it took four freakin' days to get into it. But the heat our here is gnarly. A person can only resist for so long.


Natally is first to leave, and she's soon followed by most of the tribe. Shaun notes that the sun is in the middle of the sky, and it's probably time to begin cooking lunch. However Lynsie, Nessa, and Rachael stick around in the water a little longer. The three eventually circle together and begin talking about the only thing there is to talk about on Survivor, game.

Nessa: The way I see it, we're probably the three strongest girls on this tribe, if not the strongest people on this tribe. I think if we could stick together and start kicking off a few weaker members, we could really stand a good chance in this game.

Rachael: I totally agree with that. I'd hate to see anyone go but, it's obvious Dong and Johnathan aren't holding up too well.

Nessa: And as much as I'd love to say, 'lets vote off Natally!', she's not necessarily the weakest.

Lynsie: She'd definitely be a third option to go after the two boys.

Rachael: I think if we could pull her into the whole girl power thing, we could use her for the time being. Even if we stick together we don't hold a majority.

Nessa (making a gagging motion): Ugh, I can barely stomach the girl.

Lynsie: Would she even work with us? After Nessa called her out on leaving during camp construction, I saw her shooting some rotten looks back at you.

Rachael: We don't have much of a choice. I don't trust her, but I'd much rather have her on my side than not. If we have to we could even pull in Shaun for security.

If we pull off this all girls alliance thing, than I'll feel a million times better about where I stand than I did this time yesterday.



The day has been an unproductive one for the tribe over all. Stephen managed to gather some fire wood out of morning boredom, but aside from that everyone has been in "slug mode" as Esther refers to it. Dana sits alone on the stump stool near the fire, just staring. Lost in her thoughts, motionless, almost as if she's in a zombie-like state.

I've been thinking about my students a lot today, actually. Back home I'm a music teacher. I love it, it's not even a job to me. I've always had a passion for the outdoors, but my real love has always been and will always be music. It's driving me crazy out here not having any.


Dana eventually breaks her trace, and grabs the machete that had been jabbed into the ground a few feet away from her. She heads over to a nearby tree and hacks off a low, thin branch.

Nobodies having fun around here, I thrive on fun. These people can just vegetate out here if they want to, but not me. I need to keep my spirit uplifted.


Dana grabs the empty cooking pot and sits back down on her stump. Holding the pot in one hand, and the stick in the other, Dana begins to beat on it as if it's a drum. She then sets down the pot, breaks the twig into two pieces, and uses both of them as drum sticks. After a while of beating the pot, she begins to add her own humming and singing into the mix.

This chick is (bleep)ing annoying, okay? Nice woman, but come on now. Everyone's laying around, freaking Esther was sleeping for god sakes, and she decides to start pounding on the pot as if it's an instrument.


Corinne doesn't do a very good job at hiding her look of disgust as she stares down Dana. Dana, oblivious to how her actions were beginning to rub her tribemates the wrong way, eventually stops and laughs it off. "That was fun!" she exclaims. Corinne knows better, and knows herself just as well. To avoid biting her tongue off, she gets up and decides to take a stroll through the woods.

God love the woman, but Corinne's just like an immature child. Relax! I'm so thankful she's on my side and burned both Brock and Stephen, if not I might be sweating a little bit for my girl Dana (laughs)


Day 5

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in!

Elgon first enters the field and piles onto their red colored mat, followed by Luhya.

Jeff Probst: Elgon getting your first look at the new Luhya tribe, Daryl voted out at the first tribal council.

The reactions of the Elgon tribe more so read of shock than anything else, which was enough to bring a smile to Esther's face.

I was so surprised! Deep down I was hoping they'd vote out Corinne, but I knew it wouldn't happen. But Daryl?! I didn't see that one coming.


Jeff Probst: Time for your next reward challenge, here's how it works. One at a time, each tribe member must maneuver past the other players standing on a balance beam and get to the finishing platform. If one of them falls or touches more than one other player at once, they must start over. First tribe to get all six members on the platform wins. Everyone understand? Castaways: Yes!

Jeff Probst: Here's what you're playing for... A hammock, blankets, and pillows. No doubt something that'll make life around camp at least a little better. Elgon you have one extra member that you must sit out, reminder that you cannot sit out the same person in back to back challenges, who's sitting out?

The tribe mutually agrees on Dong to sit out of the challenge.


Jeff Probst: Luhya wins reward!

Every member of Luhya screams, cheers, hoots, and hollers as they throw their hands up into the air and give each other one big group hug.


The tribes assemble back onto their respective mats. Corinne, Stephen, and Dana all step forward to retrieve their reward. Once the three of them return to their mat Jeff reveals there's one more thing he has in store for them.

Jeff Probst: This season, whichever tribe wins reward will have to select one member of the opposing tribe that they wish to kidnap and bring back to their tribe camp where they will stay and live as a member of that tribe until the immunity challenge. At that point, the kidnapped castaway will be faced with a decision of their own to make. They can return to their original tribe. However if they wish, they can mutiny and continue in the game as a member of the other tribe.

Eyes widen and jaws drop at this news.

This could literally change the game. It could most definitely be used as a way out for someone who finds themselves on the outs.


Jeff Probst: As the winners of this reward challenge, Luhya take a moment to deliberate and decide on which member of Elgon you wish to take back to your camp.

The Luhya tribe huddles together and they quickly come to a decision.

Jeff Probst: What have you decided? Corinne: We've decided on Lynsie, Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Alright Lynsie, grab your stuff and say goodbye to your tribe.

Lynsie hugs her teammates farewell, and joins the Luhya tribe on their mat.

I'm definitely worried about where this puts me in the game. I'm paranoid enough as it is (laughs)! I just don't want people to think that this means I'm going to be over on the other tribe making deals and alliances.



Returning to camp Lynsie finds things a little uncomfortable, although the Luhya tribe tries their hardest to make her feel at home. Lynsie looks around, taking everything in. Her eyes fixate on their shelter, and she praises the work that the tribe had obviously put into it.

Little things like Lynsie complimenting our shelter, tells you that they're not nearly as organized as us. Stuff like that is always nice to know, because a better camp life will eventually lead to better performances in challenges.


The reason we picked Lynsie is because aside from Stephen, she's the youngest person in the game. Along with that we view her as being a little bit on the immature side of things, and little naive. I think that if anyone would leak their tribal information to us, it would be Lynsie.


With a laugh, Dana announces herself as the welcome wagon. She quickly begins to boil some rice as a welcoming gift to Lynsie. This doesn't go over well with Corinne, as she had hoped they'd skimp out on their rice servings.

This woman is an idiot. We only have so much rice, and it has to last. We don't need to be wasting it on an extra mouth! On top of that Lynsie's tribe has the extra food from the reward they won, she doesn't need to be feasting on ours as well.


Corinne finds herself to be wearing thin with Dana, and wonders if making the move to align with her and Esther was the best move.

Dana is a nice woman, just in this environment we don't get along. I'm trying to convince myself that the lack of food is making me irritable, and that I am able to tolerate Dana but that the situation is making it hard. I don't think that's the case, but I need to justify working with her one way or another.


Lynsie has no interest in talking game whatsoever when it comes to the Luhya tribe, she feels it would be in her best interest to play dumb. Therefore she has decided to treat the kidnapping like a mini vacation. Lynsie decides she wants to go for a swim, and asks if anyone would like to join her. Dana quickly agrees, which causes Corinne to pass on the opportunity. Esther, Stephen, and Dan all decline the offer, but Brock does decide to join them. After a brief swim afternoon turns to evening, and Dana decides to head back to camp to dry off before the temperatures drop for the night. A few minutes later Lynsie suggests they do the same because she finds it cold enough once the sun goes down when she's dry. In reality, she doesn't want to be stuck alone with Brock as she knows this could put in peoples minds that they could strike a deal. However, Brock wants to talk a little before they leave.

Brock: I have a request for you. I'm not going to try to get information, if anything this might be giving you some that I might not necessarily should be giving out.

Lynsie: What's up?

Brock: I need a favor. I want you to promise me that if we lose the next immunity challenge.. any immunity challenge and we come back to the reward after voting out Stephen, please convince your team to pick me for kidnapping. If Stephen goes, then I'm in trouble. I'll opt to mutiny, and I'll swear on whatever you want that I'll have your back on your tribe.

I'm banking on people seeing me as an asset to the tribe, and would take Stephen out before they would me. Letting Stephen approach Dan after the last tribal was a planned move on my behalf. I want him to look as aggressive as possible.


I don't know if I trust what Brock is telling me, he could be feeding me a bunch of lies. But if I read between the lines then.. I guess he's basically telling me that Corinne, Esther, Dan, and Dana are together? I don't know what truth there is to it, but any information I didn't have before but I have now is always valuable so, I'll take it.



Returning to camp Natally is visibly the most frustrated about the loss of the comfort items than anyone else on her tribe. She sits in the shelter and lays back, using her elbows to prop up the top half of her body. Rachael suggests that the only challenges that matter are the immunity ones, and that the last time she checked they were 1-0 with the other tribe for those.

Natally: I know, I'm just tired of laying on this (bleep)ing wood all the time. We could of had pillows, PILLOWS!

Johnathan (sitting in the mouth of the shelter, looks back at her to say): Well look at it this way, it's a hammock, blankets, and a pillow. Give it 3 days of dirty heads laying on them, and they'll all be gross and stinky. After it rains they'll be garbage anyways, once they're wet it would be more comfortable to lay on nothing at all.

Natally: I don't care, I would still use them soaking wet. Like, I don't get how I'm the only one disappointed.

These people like to pretend like everything's awesome, and okay, when it's not. Like when I return to camp they'll probably all be holding hands singing kumbaya. It's ridiculous.


I don't think I've ever met someone so negative in my entire life. It eats me alive that these people would vote to keep her over me. She clearly doesn't even care about this game!


*face palms*


Day 6

Immunity Challenge

The two tribes shuffle in, and stand on their respective mats.

Jeff Probst: Before we start, Elgon I need to take back Immunity.
Jeff takes the Immunity Idol back from Elgon and places it back on its pedestal.
Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs. Today each tribe starts the challenge on a raised platform. One at a time, tribemates drop from a three-step structure down into a net. After all players from a tribe finish the net drop and assemble on a tribal mat, they proceed to the next stage, climb stairs to another platform, and perform a balance beam walk. The first tribe to successfully get all their members across the balance beam wins. Now, before we get started there's one important thing left to get to. Lynsie after being kidnapped you have the option to return to Elgon, or mutiny and become a member of Luhya. What have you decided?

Lynsie: Well Jeff, as welcome as these people have made me feel, they still aren't my survivor family. So I'm going to rejoin Elgon.

Lynsie is careful not to hug any Luhya members goodbye, but does turn to wave to everyone so that it doesn't seem as if they're getting a cold shoulder. Lynsie rejoins her tribe.

Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs! survivors ready? Go!


Jeff Probst: Luhya wins immunity! Elgon you'll be seeing me tonight at tribal council where you'll have to vote off one of your members.


We lost the challenge today, and we have to go to tribal council. I really hope that nothing has changed since I've been gone. They could easily say, 'hey she now has ties with the other side, lets get rid of her', and I could be gone like that!


The Elgon tribe returns to their camp, and the expressions on everyone's face says it all. Everyone is in a panicked state. Johnathan and Dong feel the most vulnerable, while everyone else is just worried about who to vote for and making the right decision.

If I go tonight, I go. This has been fun, but there's nothing I can do to change the outcome.


Johnathan however is not so excepting of his potential fate. Nessa, Lynsie, and Rachael all gather down by the lake's shoreline to talk about the upcoming vote.

Nessa (as she hugs Lynsie): Aaah, I'm so glad you're back!

Lynsie: You have no idea, I'm glad to be back.

Rachael: So we're doing Johnathan tonight, right?

Really it's a toss up between Johnathan and Dong. However Johnathan is a lot more out of shape than what Dong is, so therefore we kind of feel that at this point Dong can contribute more than Johnathan.


Nessa: Yeah Johnathan all the way, he'll do nothing but hold us back.

Rachael: Okay we'll have to spread the word to Natally and Shaun to make sure we're safe and it works.

The afternoon seems to drag longer than any day thus far in the game, with the humidity at it's all time high so far too. Natally lays lounging in the shelter, and comments about how hot she is as she swats away a mosquito.

Natally: I'm getting tired of all these (bleep)ing bugs, they're ruthless!

This girl doesn't care, all she does is complain! It's heart breaking to me that they'd want to keep someone like her in the game here longer than what they would myself.


This is the moment a light bulb goes off in Johnathan's head. As a last stitch effort, he could attempt to use Natally's emotions against her. He could prompt a conversation with her about the things she has complained about like hygiene, the heat, hunger, the bugs, anything! Knowing Natally would obviously react, and knowing Natally she would do so loudly, and maybe her constant complaining before tribal council would be enough to get people to switch their votes. He knows it could be a long shot, but knows he potentially has nothing left to lose.

Johnathan joins Natally in the shelter.

Johnathan: I feel so gross.

Natally: Ugh, me too.

Not quite what Johnathan was expecting, so he decides to try a little harder to gain a reaction.

Johnathan: God, your legs are literally caked in bug bites. You're going to scar so badly.

Natally: Don't even get me started, It's the worst

Okay so I need to go to the head of the snake, because this just isn't working. I personally see it as Nessa or Rachael have the most power in camp. Nessa can be a bit stone cold, so I think I'd definitely have the most luck with talking to Rachael. She's a nice girl, and if I wear my heart on my sleeve I could appeal to her.


Johnathan pulls Rachael away from camp, and does his best to make an emotional plea to her.

He (Johnathan) pulls me away, and he has these tears in his eyes.Internally I'm like no, nooo, NOOOOOOO. Because deep I know what he wants to talk about, and there's nothing I can do for him.


Johnathan: I mean, there's not really much that I can say. You guys really want to keep that girl (Natally) over me? You really think she deserves to be here over me?

Rachael: I... (sighs), I don't think she deserves to be here more than you, no.

Johnathan: Than why are you doing this?

Rachael: Johnathan this isn't a personal attack. I just have to do what's best for my game, we need to build tribe strength.

Johnathan: So I couldn't sway you to vote Dong?

Rachael: I'm sorry sweetie, it would be just cruel of me to drag you along. We decided as a group it would be best to write your name down tonight. I adore you, and I wish I didn't have to, but I do. I'm not going to convince you that you have a chance, because you don't. I really hope I'm not coming across mean, I just want you to understand.

Johnathan's making me feel about thiiiiiiiiiiis big right now (she says as she barely holds her thumb and index finger apart)


The castaways file out of camp in a single file line, heading toward tribal council.

I guess unless something crazy happens at tribal, then I'm done for. But mark my words, if I survive the night, I'm going to make some big changes for myself in this game!


Tribal Council

The Elgon tribe files into tribal council. As they do, Jeff instructs them to grab a torch from behind them, approach the flame and get fire.

Jeff Probst: Fire represents life your life in this game. Once your fire's gone, so are you.

After lighting their torches, everyone places them back in their stands behind their seats, and sits down.

Jeff Probst: Welcome to tribal council. Lynsie lets start with you, what do you think of the whole kidnapping and mutiny twist?

Lynsie: I think it's crazy! In just a matter of seconds if the right person flips, someone's whole game can be put upside down!

Jeff Probst: Did you consider joining the Luhya tribe?

Lynsie: Not once. This is my tribe, and I'd have it no other way. The members of Luhya don't know how to enjoy themselves. They're not excited to be apart of this experience, they just all seem miserable.

Jeff Probst: So everyone here is enjoying themselves?

Lynsie: As far as I know.

Johnathan: Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Yes, Johnathan?

Johnathan: Not everyone's enjoying themselves, and it's no secret. They're all being driven crazy by the same evil.

Jeff Probst: Go on..

Johnathan: From the time she wakes up in the morning, until the time she goes to bed, Natally finds something to complain about!

Natally's jaw drops, she goes through a moment of speechlessness due to the shock of being called out.

Jeff Probst: Natally those are some big accusations, what do you have to say about all that?

Natally: I think it's ludicrous. Obviously I have my lows, but so does everyone else. To paint me in such a negative light I think is completely unfair.

Johnathan rolls his eyes.

Jeff Probst: Johnathan if you had rolled your eyes any harder, they would've fell out of your head.

Johnathan: It kills me, Jeff. I want to be here so badly, and this girl could care less. Yet they want to keep her in the game due to her assets.

Jeff Probst: So you think you're in trouble?

Johnathan: I know I am, and it's because I've had a bit of a hard time thus far. But you know what? I pushed through it!

Rachael: Jeff if I may, we love Johnathan. We really, really do. Unfortunately he doesn't bring as much to the table as the rest of us. It's part of the game, it's unfortunate but as big of a fan as he is, he knows that.

Johnathan: I know it is, there's no need to be condescending. It just kills me that someone like that (as he motions with his hand to Natally) will outlast me. It's sickening.

Jeff Probst: Wow. I really don't know what to say. You guys are already so heated.

Natally: Give us twenty minutes, Jeff. Things will cool down once we get passed the vote.

Jeff Probst: Okay, so, on the topic of voting out liabilities, that would mean that I assume Dong would also be in the hot seat?

Rachael: Jeff, you know it's all about contributions. We don't try to think that far ahead, if by the time next tribal rolls around Dong proves he's more than able to provide around camp or in challenges, he'll dodge the bullet.

Johnathan: That's B.S. We both know that when this tribe loses again you're voting the man out.

Rachael: Johnathan, relax bud. There's no need to get nasty with me.

Jeff Probst: Okay well what do you have to say about all of this, Dong?

Dong: I think that I'm incredibly lucky to have these people not write my name down, and uhh, I think that the next time we come here that they'd write my name down. I honestly don't think I could prove anything to earn my stay.I chose to do this for the adventure of it all, because who knows how many more I'll have! I want to inspire my grandkids. With that said, this is hard, really hard, Jeff. I'm 70, my body has a hard time with the heat and the not eating. I chose to come for the adventure, and I got an adventure. Truthfully, this game doesn't mean to me what it does for Johnathan. He hasn't gotten closure on the experience but you know what? I have. Jeff, if it's okay with you I'd like to have you snuff my torch tonight in order to allow Johnathan to stay. I think it would be the right thing to do.

Johnathan, who's slouching, perks right up at this news, while everyone else around him is visibly shocked.

Jeff Probst: So you want to quit?

Dong: More so closing this chapter.

Jeff Probst: Alright, bring me your torch.

Dong stands and before he can grab his torch, Johnathan shakes his hand and says "thank you".

Jeff Probst: Dong, your tribe has certainly not spoken, but you may go

Jeff snuffs his torch, and Dong leaves the game. Johnathan breathes a sigh of relief as Nessa, who's sitting behind him, shoots him a dirty look.

Jeff Probst: Well if any lesson as been learned tonight, it's never give up hope. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Tribal Council 2:

Final Words

I did the right thing, and that's okay by me. I don't care if I'm looked at as a quitter, because Johnathan wants to be here way more than I ever did. I got my experience, and I'm happy with every minute of it. Now I get to go back home to a wonderful family, and share my experiences. I wish everyone left in the game the best, and I can't wait to see how this whole thing turns out!


Still in the Running


Next Time on Survivor...

  • Johnathan has new life in the game, and is ready to make a big move.

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