Giselle Lange
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 10, 1971 (1971-09-10) (age 46)
Hometown St. George, Utah
Occupation Retired US Marine

Survivor: The Sahara

Tribes Kufra
Placement 15/20
Alliances Outsiders Alliance (affiliated)
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 14
Giselle Lange is a contestant on Survivor: The Sahara. She placed 15th.


Survivor: The Sahara

Name (Age): Giselle Lange (41)
Tribe Designation: Kufra
Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah
Occupation: Retired US Marine
Personal Claim to Fame: I'm one of the few women in the front lines of battle, something my family and friends never expected a female soldier to do.
Hobbies: Jogging, Swimming, Racing
Pet Peeves: Anything out of order, chivalry
3 Words to Describe You: Orderly, Comic, Surprising
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Bill Posely, we're former military personnel and are great comics.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I will have my tribe running like a military platoon, we will be in sync.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I've survived many battles in the front lines, I can survive thirty-nine days of any location.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I've have the physical capability of making it to the final tribal council.

Survivor: The Sahara

On Day 1, Giselle, along with the other nineteen castaways, competed for individual immunity. She didn't win, but was chosen by Jo to be on Kufra. Giselle and Felicity began to bond at Kufra's oasis. On Day 2, Giselle was targeted by Devin for being lazy. On Day 3, she rode in the chariot to untie bags. She did not work on the puzzle. Because of crucial mistakes, Kufra lost immunity. Jo threw Giselle and Felicity under the bus. Later at tribal council, she defended herself and Felicity. She voted for Ira. She received votes from Devin, Kurt, and VJ.

On Day 4, Giselle, along with Felicity, were forced to help finish the shelter with Kurt. He proposed and alliance to the two, and both agreed to it. She later at the reward challenge had to eat a vulture eye. She refused giving Katniss the point. At the immunity challenge, she was in the first group of rollers. She did help move the crates to make the staircase, but Jo's lack of clear directions caused to Kufra to lose again. Before tribal council she told Felicity they weren't voting with Kurt, and voting against VJ. She voted for VJ and didn't receive a vote against her.

On Day 7, Giselle competed at the reward challenge, at one of the corners of the table maze. Kufra lost the reward challenge. On Day 8, she was in the shelter fearful of Jo's tantrum she agreed to vote with the Outsider's Alliance to vote her off. She later competed at the immunity challenge, which was to rip chunks of meat off a pig. Kufra lost again, sending them back to tribal council. Giselle voted for Jo, and didn't receive any votes against her.

On Day 9, she got her tribe together to vote for a leader. Eventually Drayden became leader of the tribe. Later at the reward challenge, she was a against Judas to find the fourth bag. She found it, but Judas yanked her bra back, and dropped the bag. Judas got the point. On Day 10, she and Felicity made plans for the vote, depending on who won. She competed in the immunity challenge on Day 11 for individual immunity. She lost the immunity, but VJ won. Because of VJ win, she and Felicity went on to vote Lilly-Bo. She did question if she could string Felicity any further. She later voted against her best friend and received zero votes against her.

On Day 12, she regretted her decision to vote against Felicity, but knew that she was dead meat any way. Later at the tribe swap, Giselle got a purple disc, staying on Kufra. On Day 13, she decided to align herself with VJ, because both at that point had no allies. She tried to convince Aleskan and the other Scorpios to vote with her and VJ. On the Day 14 immunity challenge, she was up against Montana, and won. Kufra, didn't get enough points to win, sending them back to tribal council. Giselle voted against Drayden, but received votes from Aleskan, Katniss, and Jeremy, sending her home 3-2-2.

Voting History

Giselle's Voting History
Episode Giselle's
Voted Against
1 Ira Devin, Kurt, VJ
2 VJ -
3 Jo -
4 Felicity -
5 Drayden Aleskan, Jeremy,
Voted Out, Day 14


Since the show, Giselle and her boyfriend are expecting their first child. Giselle also plans on being the maid of honor for Felicity.