"Give Us A Chance"
GiveUsAChance2Carly on the zip-lining reward.
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 9/13
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This is the 9th episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Outnumbered 6-3, Antonia, Elsa and Julian were despereate for a chance to stay in the game. Antonia won reward which was a secret mystery to the rest of the tribe. She got an extra vote at the next tribal and shared that with her alliance. Antonia tried to use Julian to flirt with Corey and get him to flip. But Bobby kept Corey from flipping and Antonia was eliminated 6-4.


Reward Challenge: Simmotion
The castaways would drop a ball into a metal chute. The ball would travel down a spiraling metal track and exit out of one of two points. The castaway would have to catch the ball and drop the ball back into the chute at the top. Every few minutes, an additional ball would be added to the track until six balls were simultaneously going around the track. A turnstile gate in the middle of the track would rotate, causing the balls to alternate exiting out of the two exits. If a ball exits the track and is not caught, the castaway would be eliminated from the challenge. The last 3 survivors standing win reward.
Reward: A tour of the jungle canopy with zip-lining and a barbecue feast.
Winners: Carly, Corey and Drew

Immunity Challenge: Log Jam
The castaways would compete in a logrolling contest. The castaways would match up against another tribe member. The castaway who stays on the log the longest would advance to the next round. In the next round, the remaining four would again compete head-to-head in a single elimination. In the final, the last castaway standing on the log would win.
Winner: Drew


Night 24

The 8 remaining sims returned to their cave. Nicholas was boasting.

Nicholas: "Ho Ha! Tried to get rid of me did ya? Didn't work out! HAHAH"
Elsa: "Please Nicholas, can we just go to bed. I don't want to deal with you now."
Nicholas: "Too bad girly! I am going to bask in my glory for the rest of the night!"

What a turd! I really just wish he'd leave!


I beat them. They should've got rid of me long ago! But they missed their chance. Julian and Elsa should feel really sorry now!


Day 25

The survivors wake up and Nicholas is still gloating his presence around Julian and Elsa.

Nicholas: "I'm hungry. You know what would be good right now? Chicken! Let's go get Antonia. Here girly! Cluck, cluck!"
Elsa: "Grow up!"
Julian (whispering): "Quiet down! Don't let him break you! I think he might be annoying some of the others too..."

Julian was right, the other members of Orb looked annoyed at Nicholas. Nicholas wondered off and killed another chicken, leaving just 3. He returned with it and tossed it at Elsa.

Nicholas: "Skin it girlie!"
Elsa: "Ew, Nicholas! Please! I don't want to! I'm not even hungry."
Nicholas: "I don't care!"
Jessica: "I'll do it!"

Jessica snatches the dead bird from an upset Elsa and goes off to pluck its feathers.

As much as Elsa's whining annoys me and most of my teammates, that was not a nice thing for Nick to do. He was ordering her around and upsetting her. It's not ok. So I took the chicken to help out.


Elsa was crying a little as everyone ate the cooked chicken. It was a quiet morning. Not one Baobab seemed to want to speak. After breakfast, Julian and Elsa walked off alone.

Julian: "Elsa, listen. The next week isn't going to be fun for either of us, but we have to suck up the insults. If Nicholas breaks either of us, he will be even more elated. We have to ignore him and make him look dirty."
Elsa: "I know Julian. Your right. It's just difficult. He is so rude. And I feel like this all could've been prevented had we just played the idol."
Julian: "Well we didn't know who they were voting for, it might've been wasted."
Elsa: "That's true. I just worry that I will be the last Fossa left to deal with Nicholas, and I can't take it."
Julian: "Don't worry. There will be much worse guys than him in the world. And I think we might get lucky in a few days."

The others are keeping quiet this morning. I don't think they are happy with Nick's behavior. And if my instincts are right, he might get the boot at the next tribal. All I can do to try and make that happen is make him look bad.


After Elsa and Julian left, Jessica excused herself from breakfast and asked Drew to join her. They also went on a private walk.

Jessica: "Drew, this isn't fair. I want Nicholas out."
Drew: "We can't turn on him, he is with us."
Jessica: "I know and I don't care. He is a d***. "
Drew: "Still it doesn't matter. How will we get his vote at the end if we betray him now?"
Jessica: "If we all betray him he won't have a choice, he will have to pick us! He is out next! That's it!"

Nicholas was an original Fossa. He won't get anyone's vote if he made it to the end. He is a perfect goat. But I don't want him to get to the end just because he is a s***face!


Jessica has been my ally from the start. But it seems like she is more in charge of making decisions. This isn't good. If she is to bring me to the end and have more of an impact on the game, I won't get recognized for squat. I am going to have to make a big move soon.


Drew heads back to camp after conversing with Jessica and takes a hike with Nicholas to the well for water.

Drew: "So are you set on going to the end with anyone?"
Nicholas: "Me? Well no. I was thinking I'd be on the chopping block once it got down to the 5 Baobabs and me. I was banking on winning immunity to get to the finals!"
Drew: "That sounds difficult. Here's this for a plan. I'll take you!"
Nicholas: "What? Why me? I thought you were set with Jessica!"
Drew: "I was, but things changed."

Hahaha, this is great! Drew is willing to throw his Day 1 alliance with Jessica out the window! Why? Beats me! I took his offer! But all I plan to do with this information is kill one of the strongest alliances of this season!


So it's not usual for me to hastily align with someone. I need to build trust. But it's day 25, and there are 6 other people here who I can choose to take to the end with me. I don't have much of a selection or time to build trust. Nick is nothing more than a goat and I'm taking a huge risk to align with him.


Its the end of the night when Carly and Nicholas go and collect 3 chicken eggs.

Nicholas: "How are you girls?"
Carly: "What are their names again?"
Nicholas: "Oh, Elsa, Julie and Nikki."
Carly: "Haha, cute, Nikki even looks like you!"
Nicholas: "Oh you be quiet! So guess what! Drew wants to take me to the end!"
Carly: "Why would he say that? He is set with Jessica right?"
Nicholas: "That's what I thought, but now I can tear that alliance apart!"
Carly: "Haha, your evil!"

This is great news. I didn't think Nick and I could last after Julian and Elsa left. But with the help of Drew, we might have a shot. Then when its the end, we can just cut him off! What a fool!


Carly and Nicholas return with the eggs and the tribe of 8 split them for dinner.

Day 26

The survivors go compete for reward in the morning. Jeff Probst explains the easy rules and it gets underway.

Starting with just one ball, the game is easy. No one drops the first ball. Jeff orders a second ball to get added into the circuit. Still, the balls are easy to follow in the circuit and everyone is ok. After 5 minutes, Jeff Probst orders a third ball to be added. Jessica and Elsa almost drop a ball, but recover. Julian is the first to drop the ball and he is out.

A fourth ball is added into the circuit. Jessica and Elsa are still shaky after missing a ball, they continue to stumble with four, almost dropping. Corey nearly misses a ball as well. Nicholas drops a ball and is out.

A fifth ball is added. With the addition of the fifth ball, Elsa and Jessica both miss one. Now Bobby, Carly, Drew and Corey are left, Corey is the only one who is alittle shaky. The other 3 seem very concentrated but out of no where, Bobby misses a ball. Carly, Corey and Drew win reward!

The three take a helicopter ride to a higher mountain in the jungle and take their zip-line over the canopy.

The zip-line over the jungle top was awesome. It was great just to take a breather from the game.


I liked the reward, but all I could think about was what was going on back at camp in my absence.


This is my 3rd challenge win! I am really enjoying winning!


After the zip-line the three winners enjoy a big barbecue feast!

Back at camp, Nicholas spills the beans about Drew to Jessica in front of everyone.

Nicholas: "So I had an interesting conversation with Drew yesterday."
Jessica: "Did you now? What did he say?"
Nicholas: "He said he'd rather take me to the end than you because you were calling all the shots."
Jessica: "Haha, Nice try Nicholas, but I don't but into your crap!"
Nicholas: "Whatever, but don't say you didn't see it coming when your ass is blindsided!"
Jessica: "Whatever Nick, whatever!"

She doesn't buy it! I flat out told her she was going to get sneaked and she didn't care. When she gets ousted, it will be hilarious!


Nicholas is trying to scare me. He can't. He thinks as soon as Elsa and Julian are gone, he will be next. He's wrong of course, because he is next!


Drew, Corey and Carly return to the cave at sundown. Bobby fills them in on what they missed.

Bobby: "You just missed it! Nicholas made up some wild story about Drew taking him to the end and now Jessica is off pouting!"
Corey: "Haha! She can't be."
Drew: "Oh shit!"
Drew runs off to talk with Jessica.

Drew: "Hey, whats wrong?"
Jessica: "Nothing. Why?"
Drew: "Bobby said you were pouting."
Jessica: "No. Just walking. Did you make an agreement to take Nicholas to the end?"
Drew: "What? No? No I didn't."
Jessica: "I didn't think so. All is good then!"

I believe Drew. We have been set since the start. He wouldn't betray me.


Being an interrogation specialist has taught me a few tricks on lying. I hate having to lie to Jessica, but this is a game or deception. I hope she couldn't tell.


Day 27

Everyone rises early before the immunity challenge. They get some fresh water and split 3 eggs and finally make their way to the challenge.

Carly gives back her immunity. Jeff explains the challenge and splits the group of 8 into groups of 2.

First up is Nicholas and Drew. The two square off. Nicholas tries to run on the log to make it spin quick enough to stumble Drew. Drew runs along with the speed. When Nicholas goes to reverse the log rotation, Drew keeps running the first direction and Nicholas trips and falls. Drew wins the first round.

Carly and Elsa are next. Elsa tries to jump on the log and make it bounce, Carly just starts to spin it and when Elsa lands she looses her balance and falls. Carly moves on.

Bobby and Julian are up. Elsa cheers for Julian and Corey overpowers her by cheering for Bobby. Julian starts to run on the log and Bobby falls, but he recovers, and rolls the log until Julian falls off. Bobby advances.

Jessica and Corey are last. Jessica preforms very similar to Bobby. She falls but saves herself before Corey can throw her off, and runs across the log quickly switching directions until Corey stumbles over. Jessica proceeds to the next round.

Round 2. Carly against Jessica. Jessica falls just like she did the last round, but saves herself, but this time as she tries to get up Carly rolls the log and she falls off. Carly advances to the final round.

Bobby and Drew compete last. Drew moves quickly and catches Bobby off guard. Drew starts to run in one direction and Bobby simply can't keep up and he falls off the log.

Carly and Drew are fighting for immunity. Carly runs before Drew can, but he keeps up. He shouts something funny and she twitches. But she gets caught off balance and Drew rolls the log. She falls and Drew wins immunity. Jeff gives him the immunity necklace and the tribe heads back to camp.

Damn! I was so close to winning immunity a third time in a row! I wanted that win! Three times in a row might've been a record!


With that close call with Jessica, I'm glad I won immunity. I didn't want to be a target.


When they get back to camp, Elsa and Julian head on a short, private walk.

Elsa: "So who do you want to ask and who do we target?"
Julian: "I'm fine with asking Corey again, I really think he will work with us, and lets target Nicholas again! Second times a charm right?"
Elsa: "Yeah, let's do it."

I know I am good looking. And still, I will try to use this to my advantage when talking to Corey. Surely I am better eye-candy than Nicholas! Seriously, I think we still have a shot with him.


Elsa and Julian head off to talk to Bobby and Corey. Meanwhile, Nicholas is quickly chatting with Drew and Carly.

Nicholas: "Carly, Drew is with us now, aren't you?"
Drew: "All the way!"
Nicholas: "So Drew, we were thinking things over, and the best move now is to get rid of Jessica. What do you say?"
Drew: "Wait? Why now? Why so early? We still have to boot Elsa and Julian!"
Carly: "We have to do it now because she won't see it coming! Plus, she probably has the idol!"
Drew: "What makes you think that?"
Carly: "Well I don't have it and judging how starving Corey and Bobby were to find the second one hidden here, I don't think they do either. So it's probably Jessica, or its you! Do you have an idol?"
Drew: "No, and neither does Jessica, or that's what she told me. We think Jasmain had it when she was eliminated."
Nicholas: "Fair enough. Still, she is a threat because she is so good with puzzles."
Drew: "In case you haven't noticed, there hasn't been one puzzle immunity challenge yet."
Nicholas: "Why are you so stuck on keeping her?"
Drew: "I just don't want Elsa or Julian to make it to the end. I want to vote for Julian tonight."
Carly: "No Drew, this is a test. You are either with us or not. If you're with us, you'll vote for Jessica, if not, you show that you are still tied to her. Vote for her and you'll be with us until the top 3. The choice is yours."
Carly and Nicholas leave Drew to think.

Drew is with us. If all goes well, Jessica will be out tonight. Then it's smooth sailing to the finals.


Like I said, this is Drew's test. He has to show us that he isn't aligned with Jessica.


Sure, Jessica is a threat. But to be fair, everyone is a threat. I want Julian out, Jessica can wait.


While Drew, Nicholas and Carly are talking, Corey and Bobby are approached by Elsa and Julian.

Corey: "What's up guys? What are you gonna sell us tonight?"
Julian: "We still want Nick out."
Bobby: "Why should we keep you guys over him?"
Elsa: "Because he is a bigger threat than both of us. Obviously, we have no shot with any of you but he is promised in the top 6. Plus, he is an original Fossa. Voting him out won't hurt you guys."
Julian: "Please guys, just give us a chance!"
Julian winks at Corey and he leaves with Elsa. Leaving Corey and Bobby unto themselves.

Bobby: "What do you think?"
Corey: "He makes a good argument, that's for sure!"

Julian is sooo good looking! Why does this have to be so hard!


In the end, it's all about who I can beat. I think I have a better chance against Nicholas. Everyone hates him. Still, he could beat me in challenges and oust me.


Jessica finds Drew and Corey and Bobby.

Jessica: "So guys, I've been thinking, we have to split the vote."
Corey: "And why is that?"
Jessica: "Because one of them has the idol and is likely to play it."
Corey: "Good thinking."
Jessica: "Anyone talk to Carly and Nicholas?"
Drew: "I did. And they are voting for.... Julian. I will too."
Jessica: "Ok, so Corey, Bobby and I will vote for Elsa. Everyone good?"
The others respond with a "yes" and head separate ways.

I forgot about the idol factor. Better split the vote and be safe than sorry! And if neither plays it, 3 and 3 is still stronger than 2!


Shit! With this idol in factor my brain is going crazy. I don't know what to do.


Jessica goes and reminds Carly and Nicholas to vote for Julian.

I wanted to tell them myself. Just because I am iffy with Drew.


Ha! She doesn't even know what's coming!


Right before tribal Elsa and Julian go have one last chat.

Julian: "We ask this every time before tribal, but what are we going to do about the idol now?"
Elsa: "Same as always. They will probably split the vote, so it would still be wasted. We can't play it."
Julian: "True, so this really will be for the last of us."
Elsa: "Yeah. I hope we don't get a split vote. I don't want a tie breaker..."
Julian: "Don't cry Elsa, it will be ok. If I don't come back, keep fighting!"
Elsa: "Same for you!"
Elsa and Julian wrap up the idol and hide it in a secret spot, so just in case one of them returns without the other, they will know where it is.

I wont count myself out. But seeing how things have been going, I think one of us will be alone tomorrow.


If it is to be one of us tonight, I hope its me. I wouldn't be able to function if I returned alone without a friend.


Tribal begins with Jeff welcoming Antonia, the first jury member, into the council. She is dressed nicely. At tribal, Jeff tells the remaining survivors that they have eliminated half of the competition now, only 8 are left. The word "Threat" is tossed around. Jeff reminds people that a threat can be a strong physical, mental or social player. And since they've all made it halfway, they are all threats to each other. Then voting begins. Just about everyone is shocked with the votes. Jessica is stunned to see her name read twice. Julian and Elsa are surpised they both only got one vote. Nicholas is the most surprised because he recieved 4 votes and had his torch snuff. Carly drops her head as he goes. Julian and Elsa are smiling and so is Antonia on the jury. Before they leave Jeff finishes by saying "And so the blindsides begin!"

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Nicholas (4 Votes)
Bobby, Corey, Elsa & Julian
Jessica (2 Votes)
Carly BNicholas
Carly & Nicholas
Julian (1 Vote)
Elsa (1 Vote)
Nicholas B&W
Nicholas Landwehr

Voting Confessionals

When Jessica told me to vote for Elsa, I made my choice. You are a bigger threat than her.


You are a mastermind. You don't fool me.


I let you stay last time. Then you got on my nerves. This time, your going!


My alliance with Jessica was from the start, I shouldn't betray her.


Fingers crossed!


Wonder which one of you will play an idol?


Second times a charm!


Drew, your word is riding on this vote. Don't screw me over!


Final Words

Wow, I was not expecting that! What a cluster-f*** that tribal council was! Did anyone expect that? I want to spit! Those fools Elsa and Julian beat me! Well, good luck sticking around now that I'm gone! I can't wait for the Final Tribal!


Still In The Running

Antonia B&W
Bella B&W


Hanson B&W


Kamila B&W

Nicholas B&W

Sammie B&W
Carly B


Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

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