"Giving a Killer a Gun"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 8/13
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This is the 8th episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

Leo made a fake promise to Haley that he would stay loyal to the Croix tribe after the merge. At the merge, the Croix members moved to Thomas, and Justice returned from Exile Island, with the Double Immunity Idol in his possession. The tribe was named Lionel by Leo. Samantha overheard Leo and Harrison talking about voting out the Croix members. In the Immunity challenge, Tiffany was victorious. Samantha attempted to convince the Croix members to vote out Leo, while Leo convinced Mark to align with Thomas and vote out Samantha. At Tribal Council, Samantha learned the risks of revealing secrets, and was voted out. Nine are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Rock the Boat
In teams of three, the castaways must take 100 coconuts from their bin and place them into the others’ boats, then row theirs to a floating crate, grab a flag and net, return to shore, and use the net to haul the coconuts back to the bins.
Reward: Breakfast foods served on an island.
Winners: Felicity, Octavia and Tiffany
Exiled: Haley and Justice

Immunity Challenge: Roller Ball
Each castaway would have to stand on a small wooden log while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. At regular intervals, a ball would be added until the castaway would be balancing three balls. Should any of the balls fall off the disk or if they step off the log, the castaway would be out of the challenge. The last castaway to not drop a ball or step off the log would win.
Winner: Harrison


Night of Day 21

After returning from Tribal Council, Haley is infuriated by Leo.

I am so angry at that little weasel, Leo. I will take him out of this game, I swear. He broke our promise and betrayed us! He's not going to get away with this. He was lucky to have survived last night, but he will meet his fate at my hands!


Meanwhile, Justice is angry about the fact that he is in no power position currently.

That previous vote proved that I am one in this tribe. I have no allies, whatsoever. This is going to be tough on me.


Day 22

Katrina, who is depressed, believes that she may have to join Thomas in voting. Otherwise she will be voted out along with Haley and Mark.

With Leo joining Thomas, Haley and Mark are on their own. It may be best if I side with the Thomas tribe. After all, I was on both tribes.


Meanwhile, Mark feels that he'll have to side with Leo for the rest of the game. He believed Leo to be running the show. Mark then reminds Leo that he has the idol, and attempts to strategize with it.

Showing anyone that you have the idol is a bad move. Even if they're your closest ally!


Tiffany knew that the game was getting serious. She decided that she needed an alliance. Harrison and Octavia were both sitting at camp, so Tiffany suggested the idea to them. Octavia thought it sounded good, but Harrison was evasive. He personally didn't have any plans to go to the end with Tiffany. Harrison told Tiffany that he'd think about it.

I need an alliance with people I trust. I know I can trust Octavia, but Harrison is a stubborn one.


Felicity notices Haley being quiet. Felicity asks Haley what is troubling her, and Haley tells Felicity that she is sure that she and Mark are going to be out soon. Felicity, not wanting to change her strategy, suggests to Haley to step up her game. That way, she just may be spared.

Haley's a good girl. I don't want her to go out this way. But she has to go sometime. We have no room in the finals for her.


While everyone else was away, Justice was alone at camp. He had decided that the tribe needed to pay for making him an outcast. To make them pay, he knocked over the shelter, which took days to build properly.

This tribe doesn't need to sleep in a shelter. On Exile Island, I slept out in the open! They don't deserve a shelter. Especially after the way they have treated me.


When Haley and Felicity returned to camp, they saw the shelter. Haley angrily asked Justice what had happened. Justice told her that a strong wind knocked the shelter over.

I have never trusted Justice. But I trust him even less now. One thing's for sure, we are never leaving him alone at camp ever again!


Day 23

The Lionel tribe met Probst for the first individual reward challenge. The teams for the challenge were:

Team #1: Harrison, Leo, Mark

Team #2: Felicity, Octavia, Tiffany

Team #3: Haley, Justice, Katrina

In the challenge, team #2 started out running the game. Team #1 was right behind them, while team #3 was having trouble thanks to Justice. However, team #2, Felicity, Octavia and Tiffany, won reward. They also were able to choose two people to exile. Without question, they chose Haley and Justice.

A boat picked up Felicity, Octavia and Tiffany, and brought them to an island for the feast of breakfast foods. While enjoying it, Tiffany brought up her idea for an alliance. Felicity and Octavia mutually thought that it wasn't a bad idea. Felicity then told Tiffany that they were in. So the three girls formed an alliance, of which Octavia named the "Breakfast Alliance".

An alliance of three on a tribe of nine probably won't work out that well. But I'm always ready to abandon ship if I have to.


After twenty-three days I finally have an alliance! I'm so happy! I didn't think I was capable of being in an alliance.


On Exile Island, Justice goes off to sleep under a tree. Haley goes far away and begins crying.

Out of all people, why did I have to get exiled with Justice? And why me? What did I do to make them want to exile me? I thought everyone loved me.


Day 24

The Lionel tribe once again met Probst for the Immunity challenge. But first, Haley and Justice returned from Exile Island.

In the challenge, Octavia began having trouble early on. She was then first out, followed by Tiffany. Justice then gave up and stepped down. Mark was next out, then Haley. Felicity was next out. Then Leo, leaving it between Katrina and Harrison. Katrina was beginning to have trouble, while Harrison was staying steady. Then, Katrina stumbled and lost. Harrison won Immunity.

Back at camp, Leo went to have a strategic discussion with Mark. Leo told Mark that Mark didn't need the Immunity Idol, for everyone liked him. Mark, who felt that Leo was right, agreed that he didn't need it. Due to him believing that he and Leo would stick together until the end, Mark decided to give Leo the idol. He told Leo to use it when necessary.

Leo is the villain out here, most definitely. Giving him the idol is like giving a killer a gun. But I think I made the right move, for now he trusts me.


Hahaha. Mark gave me the idol. I'm now the most powerful person in this game!


Knowing that the former Thomas members had the majority, Katrina decided to side with them and Mark. Felicity's plan was to vote out Haley, the last outsider.

Haley is the only one not with us in voting. I think her time is up.


At Tribal Council, Haley attempted to send the votes toward Leo. Before voting, Probst reminded everyone that the person voted out would become the first Jury member. In the end, Haley was unanimously voted out in an 8-1 vote. Probst then reminded the remaining castaways that the jury stage has begun. The Lionel tribe then returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Lukep (1)
Haley (8 votes)
Lukep (10)Lukep (11)Lukep (12)Lukep (3)Lukep (13)Lukep (4)Lukep (14)Lukep (15)
Felicity, Harrison, Justice, Katrina, Leo, Mark, Octavia, Tiffany
Lukep (13)
Leo (1 vote)
Lukep (1)
Haley Mason

Voting Confessionals

Leo, I want you gone.


We've been friends since day one. Now it's time to cut it loose.


Final Words

*Sigh* Well, I made the jury. That's an accomplishment, I guess. I wanted to win, I really did. I suppose that there's a bright side to being eliminated. I don't have to put up with Justice.


Still in the Running

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Lukep (4)
Lukep (10)
Lukep (11)
Lukep (12)
Lukep (13)
Lukep (14)
Lukep (15)

Next Time on Survivor...

Katrina makes a move to put herself in power.

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