"Go for Broke (Part 1)"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 14/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "Fool's Gold"
Next "Go for Broke (Part 2)"

This is the first part of the season finale of Survivor: Couples' Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

Believing that the Tala alliance was strong, Kevin proposed to Martin and Talia vote out Andy; and to eliminate the problem of Martin's Cursed Idol, Kevin planned to give Martin the Immunity Idol he found. Little did Kevn know that Martin wanted him out because he was his biggest threat, while Talia wanted Martn out because he was unpredictable. To orchestrate her plan, Talia talked to Andy and Josh, not knowing Martin also talked to them. Andy and Josh promised both parties their support, but knowing Talia had a rougher journey, they forced a tie between Martin and Talia, and after a revote, Talia was blindsided, sending the last female standing to the jury.

Now, only four remain, Josh, Kevin, Martin and Andy. They will compete in their final Immunity Challenge, where one of them will rise above the rest and become the Sole Survivor!


Immunity Challenge: Flipped Off
The castaways would play on a grid of hexagons. They would start by standing on a hexagon and step to an adjoining hexagon. As they move, they would flip over the hexagon they were just on, indicating that the hexagon is no longer in play. Each castaway would continue to move until they could no longer make a move. The last castaway to be able to make a move would win immunity.
Winner: Josh


Night 36

After voting out Jacki, Martin feels he is in a precarious situation after having the Cursed Idol. Martin approches Andy asking him if he would be open in voting Kevin out because he is the mastermind. Andy agrees.

Jacki cursed me in more ways than one tonight. First, she gave me the Cursed Idol, then she told me I cannot hide from the necklace forever, implying that she was hoping that I will not win the next Immunity Challenge. If I don't win, that's just creepy.


Later, while Martin is already asleep, Talia and Josh decide to sit at the beach, for they cannot sleep due to the excitement that being in the final five brings. In the heat of the conversation, Talia brings up Martin and his Cursed Idol, and tells Josh that if there is a time she can make a move, this is the time to do so. Talia tells Josh she wants to vote Martin out because Kevin knows Martin would be easy to beat at the Final Tribal Council.

I've been Kevin's little girl all this time, now it's time to let loose from him and play this game on my own. At this point, there's no Bulan and Tala anymore. It's Talia, Kevin, Josh, Andy and Martin.


Day 37

The tribe meets Jeff Probst for their penultimate Immunity Challenge. Before Jeff officiates the challenge, he informs the survivors about another Hidden Immunity Idol which can only be used at the next Tribal Council. After the announcment, Jeff runs the challenge. Kevin goes first, followed by Martin, Andy, Josh and Talia. Talia corners Martin, eliminating him. Andy is out, leaving Talia, Kevin and Josh in the running. Josh blocks Kevin, and goes further to the left to Talia's direction. With no spaces left to move, Kevin and Talia are eliminated, winning Josh the Immunity Necklace.

As the Apolaki tribe returns to camp, Talia approaches Josh and Andy to hear their opinion about voting Martin off. Andy states that anybody can win against Martin. Josh agrees. The three then make a pact to vote Martin out, with Kevin going next. As Talia leaves the two, Josh is surprised by Talia's last minute politicking.

Josh: "Andy, Talia's catching up."
Andy: "In my opinion, Talia's the bigger threat now."
Josh: "Why do think that though?"
Andy: "Look, Talia's catching up you said; and I agree. But in my opinion, Talia can either win this because she waited for the right time to strike, or she can be a goat at the final tribal because she's terrible at challenges, and her last-minute playing will just not cut it."
Josh: "So it's Talia then?"
Andy: "Likely yes. But, should we tell Martin or Kevin?"
Josh: "I'd say Martin. He'll believe us. How about the idol though?"
Andy: "Split the vote maybe? I'm thinking about the Cursed Idol though. But if Kevin finds that idol, there's little to no chance he's giving it to either Martin or Talia. But what we want to happen is those three to turn on each other so their votes will be scattered."

While the two are conversing, Kevin looks for the idol, and finds it behind one of the bricks surrounding their water well. Unknown to Kevin, Josh and Andy are just behind the bushes, seeing his every move. Now knowing that Kevin has the idol, Andy and Josh limit their voting options to just Martin or Talia. Hours before Tribal Council, Kevin approaches Martin and Talia, telling them that Andy should be voted out, and he has an idol to protect Martin. Unknown to Kevin, neither Martin or Talia will follow him. Talia believes that Andy and Josh are on her side in voting Martin off, while Martin believes Andy and Josh will help him vote Kevin out after he gives the idol to him...not knowing what hit both of them.

I ain't your baby girl anymore, and you're not even my daddy!


At Tribal Council, Jeff asks Martin about the longevity of the Tala alliance. While Martin is explaining himself, Kevin is reading Martin's body language. Sensing that Martin might brewing a plot against him, Kevin chooses not to react at all. After the vote, Kevin plays his idol for himself as a failsafe, annoying Martin. Utilizing Jacki's Cursed Idol, Talia votes Martin, giving him two votes; while Josh and Andy vote for Talia. Knowing his vote will not count anyway, and wanting to look "loyal" in front of the jury members, Kevin considers his vote to Andy a throwaway, while the vote he received from Martin is negated by the Hidden Immunity Idol. This leaves a 2-2-1-0 tie vote between Talia and Martin, to everybody's shock. Kevin, Andy and Josh vote again, and after a 2-1 vote, Talia is sent home. Stunned, Talia gives her Cursed Idol to Martin before walking away.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 16:
First Vote (Tie) Revote
(Martin & Talia ineligible to vote)
Talia (2 votes)
Andy & Josh
Talia (2 votes)
Andy & Josh
Martin (2 votes)
(via Cursed Idol)
Martin (1 vote)
Andy (1 vote)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
(vote not counted)
Talia Kent

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • With four males left, it's really every man for himself!
  • The jury will strike back, before crowning the Sole Survivor!

Author's Notes

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